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  1. I don't know much about what reboot Dante can do so I can't really say much other than the writing is good.
  2. Vin quickly caught her breath as Korra struggled to get back to her feet. “I don't have anything against you,” Vin said, “I just need answers. If Aang knows what's happening with me, I need to know. Just let me talk to him.” Korra sighed and closed her eyes and her body changed into that of Aang at the time he died. “Hello, Vin,” Aang said. “I take it you know something about these visions I've been having?” Vin asked. Aang nodded. “I've been having them too, along with them came an inexplicable feeling of dread. I fear what would happen if we were to dig into this.” “I wish I could leave it alone, Aang, I want to. I'm happy, but the visions are getting worse. Then there's the girl...” Vin said. “Girl?” Aang asked. “I keep seeing this girl in the visions. I feel like I have a connection with her and a guy in the Sci-fi section, Starkiller. The girl isn't even in any of the Khazan database. The visions are getting worse. I...I need answers. Especially about the girl. Besides, how are you going to stop me? Are you going to babysit me day in and day out?” Aang sighed. “Fine, go. I just hope my younger self doesn't get caught up in this...” Vin nodded and took off toward the sci-fi section. Siegfried Schtaffen was afraid, though not of the man in front of him. That man could kill him without breaking a sweat, but there were worse things than death... “What do you want, human? I have little patience for your kind,” the white haired man in a long blue coat said. They were in a dsrk low-tech section of streets in their native video game section. “I'm well aware, Vergil,” Siegfried said, “but I also know you want to increase your demonic power. I know of a way you can do that. A sword called Soul Edge.” Vergil looked at him quizzically. “If I'm not mistaken you were possessed by that sword. I would think you'd want to destroy it, not see me get my hands on it.” Siegfried nodded. “I have no love for Soul Edge, but I have reasons for wanting you to have it. Reasons that involve your brother.” “What does Dante have to do with this?” Vergil demanded. “That's complicated. Suffice it to say I want him eliminated,” Siegfried said. “I have no problem with that. Where's Soul Edge?' “It's being guarded by a powerful wraith named Raziel. You'll have to deal with him as well as Dante who will no doubt try to stop you.” “I don't trust your motives, but this is a chance for power, and a chance to fight Dante, so I'll let you have your way for now.” With that Vergil left. A man stepped forward partially out of a nearby ally. All Siegfried could see of him was a golden mask. This man had put him up to meeting with Vergil. “You've done well Siegfried. Soul Edge has been placed, everything is working according to plan. Things would have been much simpler if Avatar Korra had stopped the Mistborn, but that's only a minor setback. If this works we can take two powerful pieces off the board.” “I don't like this, but I won't go back to that. I won't!” Siegfried had been getting flashes of another life. One of silliness and ineffectiveness, in it were people like Vin, Dante and Raziel. He feared that something was pushing him back toward that life. He would do whatever it took to prevent that. “I promise you'll never have to,” the masked man said. Dante parked his motorcycle outside a graveyard and slowly made his way inside. He'd received a tip that his brother was after Soul Edge, though how the cursed blade had wound up here he didn't know. He could hear fighting up ahead to he quickened his pace. He soon laid eyes on Vergil doing battle with some kind of skeletal blue creature. “You attack me with no provocation, that will be the last mistake you ever make,” the blue creature said with a posh voice. For some reason Dante found it familiar, but thinking about it gave him a headache. “I'm here for Soul Edge, you won't get in my way Raziel,” Vergil said. “Soul Edge, I do not know what you are talking about, but it does not matter. You shall pay, the blue being, Raziel said. “Is this a private party or can anyone join? Not that it's much of a party, most of the guests are stiffs, no girls, no pizza,” Dante said. “Dante, I was hoping to have dealt with this before you found me,” Vergil said, the battle having paused. “Someone gotta keep you in line bro. Say, Razzy, mind if I help you out?” “My name is Raziel, not 'Razzy', but if you help me deal wit this pest, I will let that slide,” Raziel said fending off another attack from Vergil. “I've finally found you, malfested!” a new voice said. Dante groaned. He thought he'd lost this bozo an hour ago. He didn't know who got this guy on his case, but whoever it was was due an unpleasant visit when this was all over. A blonde man in gray armor armor carrying a sword walked forward. “I, Patrokolos Alexander, will destroy you!” Dante rolled his eyes as the man swung his blade. Perhaps if he saw he could kill Dante, he'd finally leave him alone. The blade struck Dante in the side and the half demon felt a burning sensation The wound wasn't closing nearly as fast as it should have. “Damn, some kind of holy weapon,” he cursed “None other than Soul Calibur itself,” Patrokolos turned his attention away from Dante when he noticed Raziel. “Another malfested, after Soul Edge as well no doubt. Blue coated stranger. Allow me to offer my assistance in dealing with theses beasts you are fighting. “Do what you want,” Vergil said. Great now the idiot was helping Vergil. No doubt if Vergil got his way he'd kill him and Raziel, then Patrokolos and take Soul Edge before being on his way. Well, Dante wasn't about to let that happen. So we'll say this is Dante, circa DMC4 will all weapons and abilities from that game, with a wound from Soul Calibur and Raziel vs Vergil (Just sometime pre-DMC5) and Patrokolos with Soul Calibur. Win conditions are death or incapacitation.
  3. Weird, probably a glitch, oh, well, misspelling or no, at least I can write the match now.
  4. Patrokolos from Soul Calibur V, they've been added now, but for some reason the name isspelled even though I know I sumbitted it correctly.
  5. Sorry I haven't posted the next match yet; I'm waiting for a character to be approved.
  6. Well, that certainly was a close one. Happy to see it. I'll start work on the next one soon.
  7. Yeah, I have a plan to continue with my intended story no matter how the votes pans out.
  8. Well, if she had the Avatar State, it wouldn't be a fight.
  9. Yeah, it's a tough fight to call. Vin also got training from the best in her world and shown amazing prowess. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and couters to ach other's skill sets.
  10. Found a reddit respect thread. So super strength to the level that she can wield a five foot sword one handed so the sword is about as big as her and jump several feet into the air. Run the speed of a galloping horse and has reactions to match, same with durability. Fire coins like bullets, and pretty much fly. Electrum allows you to see your own possible futures in the range of the next couple seconds. Duralumin supercharges them but exhausts her ingested reserves.
  11. Thinking about making this an arc.
  12. If anyone needs any information to come to adecision, let me know.
  13. It'll be interesting to see how the votes shake out on this.
  14. The set-up was good, but you kept spelling Lucius' name wrong. As for who wins, I want to say Frank, but one false move and he gets Avada Kedavraed.
  15. Years ago, Khazan, the nexus of all realities, closed. It's denizens sent back to their own worlds with no memory of the place, locked into their stories as they were officially written. Then, one day it opened again, and it's peoples came back. Though they still had no memory of their previous lives here. That was how it was meant to be. A fresh start. However, not all forgot what was. The peoples of Khazan had been sent back to their own worlds, but there were some who had no world to go back to. Some characters came to exist within the nexus itself. Aberrations created by the mingling of worlds. Little thought was given to them when the nexus closed. The few of them there were would simply be forgotten languishing in limbo for all eternity. Even when Khazan reopened, these anomalies were not restored. A clean slate, the events of old were another era, but nothing is ever truly forgotten. One such aberration, Katie Marek fought to be heard from limbo. She fought to have a chance to be brought back from purgatory. At long last she made a connection. Vin Venture's eyes shot open as she woke from her sleep. She quickly took in her surroundings, she was in her apartment in Khazan with her husband, Elend Venture. It had been modeled to look like their rooms in Keep Venture back on their home world, albeit with more “modern” amenities. Vin had just woken up from a dream. In it there had been some rather colorful characters she'd never seen before. A white-haired man in a red jacket, some kind of blue thing... Most prominent of all were a pale young man wielding a sword made of light and girl wielding daggers that were like the sword and wearing a mistcloak. All of the figures seemed oddly familiar. Vin got out of bed and made her way over the computer. She logged into Khazan's citizenship database and navigated to the sci-fi section. Khazan was divided into several districts based on the kind of world you came from, she figured sci-fi was the right place to start looking for those light sword people. If she could find them, it would probably be a good place to start getting answers. It took a few minutes, but she finally found a match for the young man: Starkiller. She hadn't found anything for the girl though. Elend stirred. “Vin, what's wrong?” he asked. “Maybe something maybe nothing. I'm not sure yet Elend,” she said. His eyes moved to the computer screen. “Why are you looking up someone in the sci-fi section?” he asked “I've been having dreams about him, and other people I'm not sure why, but my gut tells me I need to at least talk to them and try to figure out what's going on. I know I probably sound crazy right now-” “Vin, stop, I learned to trust your instincts long ago. If you think this important, go ahead. I'll even come with you,” Elend said. Vin shook her head. “No, I think this is something I have to do on my own.” “Well, I suppose this is a bit redundant when it comes to you but be careful.” Vin nodded a grabbed her vials of metal and her glass daggers. Avatar Korra's eyes opened as she ended her meditation, only to find the ghostly figure of her predecessor, Avatar Aang in front of her. Hedre in Khazan she could freely commune with her past lives Korra had been getting visions of a strange group of people, visions that filled her with dread. “Aang are you the one who's been giving me these visions?” “Indeed, Korra. Something is stirring, something I knew in another existence. Something that centers around Vin Venture of the Fantasy section and Starkiller in Sci-Fi,” the bearded Air Nomad said, “Even now Vin is moving to make contact with Galen. She must be stopped. If she isn't I fear it may cause chaos for all of Khazan.” “Alright, that doesn't sound like a big deal, I'll try and talk her down,” Korra said. “I fear it won't be that easy, you will likely have to be... forceful­ with her.” That's not a problem either.” “Thank you, my younger self would not have been so understanding. Though I must warn you, I am blocking off the Avatar State, Vin was still a friend once, I don't want her to die.” Korra nodded and made her way toward the Fantasy section. Travel between sections wasn't exactly prohibited, but it didn't happen much outside matches. Still, no one batted an eye as she entered Fantasy, she may have been a Toon, but her universe was also a fantasy. It didn't take long to find Vin, but she waited until the Mistborn entered a plaza with a fountain so she would have access to Waterbending and then used Earthbending to place a stone wall in the flying woman's bath. “Sorry, but I can't let you go any further,” Korra said. “And what exactly gives you that right?” Vin asked. “My past live knows what you're doing, and sent me here to stop you,” Korra said. “If you've got answers about what's happening with me, I'll get them out of you one way or another and if that doesn't work, I'll continue on my way, through you if I have to.” in another section of Khazan a figure watched the two young women come to blows on CCTV. Hopefully Korra would win this fight and he wouldn't have to worry about this anymore. Notes: This is End of Series Korra, no Avatar State. Vin is from book 3 no mists, she has her coin pouch, glass daggers, and three vials of metal. She has access to tin, pewter, iron, steel, zinc, brass, electrum, and duralumin. These are the combat relevant ones anyway. Korra is trying to incapacitate. Vin will kill if she feels she must.

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