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  1. To be honest the majority of the core community has already moved on since 2013(when the site first shut down). The owner waited too long to revive the site in my opinion, if he were to have revived it by 2015 then maybe we'd see a resurgence but he waited too long. Now, I'm not saying that real life situations didn't impact the owner's decision/delay. Yea I'll try to donate.
  2. The Void


    Lol! Don't blame you because that 2018 movie was pure garbage. Such a shame that Hollywood doesn't take a good IP like Predator seriously. I still have faith in the Alien franchise.
  3. The Void


    @RakaiThwei Do you have faith in the upcoming Predator movie? lol.
  4. It was the Apocalypse Twins who were responsible for his return.
  5. You guys already know how I feel about that guy. God has answered my prayers. Thank you.
  6. The Void

    Video Games

    For some of you that are not so informed about getting into PC. I offer you this!!! ^^^Click to enlarge.
  7. The Void

    Video Games

    I have PS3 too. I sold my 360.
  8. What did I tell ya. @ Shockwave I disagree bro. ^^^That guy build a $500 gaming PC and he can play Battlefield 3 and most games on ultra settings. It just depends on your budget.

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