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  1. Landon

    Video Games

    Street Fighter 6 will most likely be on the PS5, as will most other new iterations of the fighting games I buy, play for a day, then pretend I actually play regularly, so I'll be getting one.
  2. New story is up. https://theconspiracyclub.com/2020/05/30/rainbow-connection/
  3. Here's a project of mine that's been long-gestating and finally came to light this week. https://theconspiracyclub.com/ This is where I'll be posting my fiction and game writing stuff. I have a few things completed, a few things nearly completed, and a few more things in the works. I posted the site's first short story tonight. It features a familiar face, albeit a bit younger than usual in this particular story. Check it out. I'll be adding links to future stories to this main post. https://theconspiracyclub.com/2020/05/28/coolland-pizza/ https://theconspiracyclub.com/2020/05/30/rainbow-connection/
  4. This makes the most sense. Redux isn't finished, but it's functional at the moment for the most part. A few peeps have made characters, testing the waters and all that. It becoming the "new" FPL, with the boards directing peeps to it if they wanna do that thing, is probably the best situation. Maybe all it'd need on your end is a link on the FPL frontpage, something along those lines? And then we can keep the couple of subforums on here.
  5. This is a pretty good way to tackle a LOT of things about the site in general. Like, I had no problem using fanart for FPL pics back in the day, but nowadays I'd never just take someone's art-- especially something made by a fan-- and say "this pic represents my character, this is what they look like." Unless, you know, I had permission to do so. I shouldn't have done it in the past, but I'm more aware now.
  6. Looks like it's just the CBUB that's back as far as STUFF goes? I remember the FPL being a bit more resource and time intensive, so that might not be in the cards. But it's rad to have the joint back regardless.
  7. Well this is something I wasn't expecting.
  8. Landon


    Wrote a blog post about this summer's movies. I'm sure y'all will hate my rankings: http://mecha-guignol.com/2013/08/28/summer-movie-roundup-2013-flavored/
  9. Landon


    If Snyder's idea for Superman consists of him disregarding people in harm's way and snapping the necks of villains, his Batman will probably sit on the top floor of the Wayne Enterprises skyscraper and shoot jaywalkers with a sniper rifle.
  10. Landon


    Keaton is still the most interesting movie Bruce Wayne/Batman. He's just as much of a freak as the villains he faces, especially in Returns. Kimler and Clooney didn't get a chance to do anything worthwhile because their respective movies were so godawful. Bale was OK, but his Batman voice was *vulgarity*ing stupid. None of the Nolan movies were interesting due to his portrayal of the character, though. Begins is watchable only because of Scarecrow and Ras, Dark Knight is all about Joker, and Rises is good due to the operatic ridiculousness of everything. Considering how bad Man of Steel (and every other Zach Snyder movie) was, I have a feeling Affleck's gonna be tossed into the same camp as Kimler and Clooney. I just can't see Snyder and everyone else responsible for Man of Steel making a good Batman/Superman movie.
  11. Landon


    A bunch of stuff happens in the movie. Then Wolverine gets shot in the head and he forgets all of it. We spent two hours watching a kinda crappy movie, only for the movie to tell us none of it mattered. That alone makes the movie completely worthless. It's a meaningless, insignificant movie that TELLS US it's meaningless and insignificant. Thankfully the newest Wolverine movie chose to ignore Origins' existence. I can handle X3 still being relevant. It's also a pretty bad movie, but the new movie expanded on its events about as well as you could expect.
  12. Who is Penguin Hierarchy? Just curious.
  13. http://chronicle.mecha-guignol.com/forum/index.php It ain't fancy or anything. Everything's still in "beta," so to speak. But yeah, we're live. Check things out. Talk. Ask questions.
  14. I heard the CBUB didn't do well enough in the overseas markets, so there won't be a sequel. Can't make a sequel nowadays without hitting it big in China.
  15. That isn't a sandbox. It's a litter box.

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