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  1. Don't mind at all, I didn't realize there was a new theme but I usually access in my phone so it doesn't seem much different
  2. I hope you all enjoy With the Kenobi show coming out this week and us just finishing a Boba Fett show, i thought that this would make for a great battle.
  3. From a Certain Point of View "Master?" A familiar voice echoed in the ear of the former Jedi Master. The eyes of the Clone War veteran shot open as he sat up from his bed. His eyes moved around the dusty synstone room that he grew accustomed to for the past 11 years. He let out a sigh as he realized that it was yet another dream of what once was. The Jedi rubbed his eyes as he took a couple deep breaths. He pushed himself off his bed and started wandering around the hut that had become his home. Shaking his head, Obi-Wan reflected on the voice that called him Master. The young boy from Tatooine who grew to become one of the best starfighters in the galaxy and a cunning warrior. For Obi-Wan, what hurt the most within him was that while he was a great warrior, he was an even better friend. His padawan was his brother. Obi-Wan quickly shrugged off his thoughts on the past as he knew that nothing could change the wrongs that were done. In a galaxy that felt hopeless once the Jedi fell and the Empire rose to power, Obi-Wan still held a glimmer of hope here on the sands of Tatooine. From afar, he watched the young son of Anakin Skywalker growing into a young boy. From afar, he could see the aspirations that this young boy had. From afar, he could see the hope. The day would come that this boy of hope would need to he trained but until then, he must remain hidden. "I HATE YOU!" Those words echoed in his mind as he rubbed his eyes. The words of his brother as he left him behind on that fiery planet. Obi-Wan took a sip of water and walked out into desert planet. All those years ago, he and his former Master came to this planet. He never would have thought this would be his home, but this is where the Force led him in his exile. The blistering heat of the Twin Suns beat down upon the planet. From the distance, a sandstorm moved along the Dune Sea. Obi-Wan Kenobi walked around his hut. He was low on supplies and needed to make the journey to Mos Eisley. The Jedi Master did not care much for Mos Eisley. It was a hive of scum and villainy that proved to be one of the most corrupt places in the entire galaxy. Despite his thoughts toward the corrupt city, he knew he had to make the journey there. The Jedi Master prepared a dewback that he had adopted and had become the closest thing he had to a companion in these dark times. Through the vast deserts of Tatooine, he had gone in several journeys with this creature. As he prepared his companion for the journey to come, he patted the creature's head and smiled. He reflected on the many adventures that he had shared with Anakin in past. They had seen creatures and races of many kinds. Now it just seemed all was lost. Those adventures were nothing more than a reminder of his greatest failure. Looking into the eyes of the dewback, Obi-Wan closed his eyes and sighed. His failures led to this, it led to the end of the Jedi. He walked into his hut and took another sip of water. Wiping his mouth, he thought about Luke. All throughout his life, he was trained not to be afraid. Deep within his heart, he did not know whether he was afraid or hesitant. He knew if there was any hope for the future, he must not make the same mistakes that he did with Anakin. When the time came, he could not fail Luke just as he failed Anakin. Gathering supplies, he prepared himself for the journey ahead. Before the journey, he sat down in meditation. With his eyes closed tight, he allowed the Force to guide him in meditation. All the memories of the past rushed through his mind as if they were a powerful storm. The memories of the Jedi and the galaxy before these dark times. He reflected on the times before the Clone Wars. His thoughts went to Anakin and what could have been. Then he thought about Luke and the hope that he had in Anakin's son in the future. Through his meditation, he heard a familiar voice from the Force. "Don't center on your anxieties, Obi-Wan. Keep your concentration here and now, where it belongs." The Jedi Master found comfort in the voice of his former Master. As his eyes opened, Obi-Wan stood up and took a deep breath. After his meditation, he knew that he would have to be alert in the times to come. The voice of his Master was not just a comfort, but a warning to trust in the Force. The here and now would be where he needed to keep his attention. He could sense that there was something dark at work. The Jedi Master had to be ready for the unexpected. He loaded the supplies on the dewback. Once again, he patted the creature's head and smiled. "Are you ready for another journey, my friend?" The dewback let out a calming sound as Obi-Wan hopped onto the back of the creature. They started their journey across the sands of Tatooine. With the Twin Suns and the scorching heat of Tatooine, the journey felt long. Obi-Wan had heard the Sand People. In his time of exile, he had come across many different groups of Sand People. They were all different in their approaches toward life. Some were more geared toward peace and wanting to be left alone, while others were more hostile toward different groups. The Jedi Master learned of their ways and sought to keep a distance from them. He did not want to stir up trouble in a place that did not need to be seen. Obi-Wan traveled a great while before finally making his way to Mos Eisley. As he made his way into town, a young boy caught his eye. He was filthy and looked as if he had not had a decent meal in ages. The boy approached an Imperial vendor that sold fruit from off-world. Obi-Wan let out a sigh as the boy was turned away as he had no Imperial credits. In his heart, he knew had to help this boy. With a gentle wave of his hand, Obi-Wan watched a piece of fruit move toward the boy. The boy's eyes widened with astonishment as he grabbed at the fruit. The young boy looked in all directions and then glanced at the hooded stranger. A warm smile formed across Obi-Wan's face as he nodded. The boy smiled and then turned to disappear in the crowd. In his mind, Obi-Wan knew someone should not starve for what they do not have. He also knew this was the kind of thing that could get him caught by the Empire. From different vendors and stores, he was able to obtain what he needed. As he was leaving, he saw a crowd gathered and heard someone yelling from within. At first, he was simply going to ignore it, but he felt something inside his chest telling him to look past the crowd. He glanced through the crowd and to his horror, he saw that same boy. He was being held by an Imperial officer. The officer yelled out at the crowd, "Thievery will not be tolerated! Thievery from the Empire will be punished severely! It does not bring us pleasure to do this, but this will be a warning to all of you sand rats!" Obi-Wan saw the fear in the young boy's eyes. "Stay hidden..." Obi-Wan said under his breath. "Blast..." He muttered hesitantly as he gazed around. The Jedi Master saw a transport vehicle holding several fuel cells. Obi-Wan shook his head as he quietly made his way toward the vehicle. One of the stormtroopers guarding the vehicle confronted the hooded Jedi. Obi-Wan waved his hand through the air in front of the Imperial Soldier. "You will forget everything and go rethink your life." The stormtrooper stumbled back and said, "I am going to forget everything and go rethink my life." The Jedi Master waited for the stormtrooper to disappear as he started to mess with the fuel cells and the ship's controls. Obi-Wan stood behind a building as the ship slowly started to move toward another building. "I have a bad feeling about this..." Obi-Wan mumbled as the ship collided with the building and the fuel cells exploded. The crowd scrambled as chaos was unfolded. Thick black smoke filled the air and with a wave of his hand, the Jedi Master pushed the black smoke over the crowd. Obi-Wan quickly walked through smoke and through the crowd. He made his way toward the boy, who was still being held by the Imperial Officer. In the blinding smoke, the hooded Jedi was able to knock out the Imperial officer without being seen by any of the other Imperial troops. The Jedi gazed down at the boy. "You should run away now." The boy smiled and nodded. He quickly darted off in the frenzy of the chaos. Obi-Wan disappeared into the crowd as the smoke started to clear. "I still have a bad feeling about this..." Obi-Wan said under his breath as he made his way to his dewback. He had to stay hidden if there was going to be any hope for this galaxy. Little did he know that someone was watching him from afar... A Simple Man Trying to Make his Way Staring in the mirror, all he could see was his father staring right back him. Day by day, he could see his face was that of his father's. He could see his eyes were that of his father before him. He glanced down at the Mandalorian helmet that once belonged to his father. At one time, his father wore this very armor and fought countless battles. Jango Fett had become the most feared bounty hunter in the entire galaxy. He had taken on the most dangerous of assignments with ease, only for him to be murdered by the treacherous Jedi. For Boba Fett, the legacy of his father haunted him every single day. Many in the galaxy had come to learn of the son of Jango Fett. Just as he had the face and eyes of his father before him, Boba had also taken on the legacy of his father. He became the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. With his father's staring him down, Boba Fett reached for that battered Mandalorian helmet. He covered his face with that same helmet and looked over the very armor that he had come to earn through countless battles of his own. The bounty hunter reached over for his EE-3 carbine rifle. He quickly made his way out of the room and into a crowded street. Boba glared upon the crowds and saw a small group from afar. With the scanners on his helmet, Boba saw his target within this group that he watched over. The bounty hunter started to make his way toward this group. He only had one target, but he knew that this confrontation was going to end in bloodshed. After approaching this group, they stopped and gazed upon the bounty hunter. Boba's target hid nervously behind his men. "You.... You are outnumbered, Bounty Hunter!" The man exclaimed as he hid behind his guards. The son of Jango Fett did not say a word as stood before the group that stood between him and his prey. "Whatever you are being paid, we can make sure you are more than compensated!" Boba steadily moved forward as he made his way closer toward the group. "IF YOU DO ANYTHING TO ME, SAW GERRERA WILL SKIN YOU ALIVE!" The bounty hunter stopped short of the group. Finally, he broke his silence as he stood before the group. Each one of these guards were armed with different weapons. All of them prepared to engage this bounty hunter in a ruthless battle. "I think I will take my chances." Boba muttered as he unleashed an attack from his knee rockets. Multiple guards fell in an instant as Boba blasted down several other henchmen with his EE-3 rifle. The bounty hunter blasted off the ground with his jetpack and shot down several more guards. Boba watched as his target ran into the crowd of pedestrians. Flying high over the crowds, the dangerous hunter shot down his enemies with precision and ease. Circling over his prey, the deadly hunter landed in front of his target. One of the last guards leapt toward the dangerous hunter with an electrical blade. Boba quickly dodge the attack and grabbed the guard's arm. With a swift movement, the bounty hunter snapped the arm of the guard. The guard let out a moan as pain pierce through his body. Boba quickly shot a wrist rocket into the guard's chest, killing him instantly. The hunter then turned his attention to his prey. Trembling as he watched the bounty hunter dispatch his guards one by one, he threw up his hands. "I will give you anything you want..." he begged as Boba snatched him up from the ground. In his youth, Boba remembered the bounties that his father had collected. These cowards would fight, and some would beg. The bounty hunter came to view all these bounties as the same pathetic scum. He dragged the target across the rough ground. Several individuals made a path and stayed clear of the fierce hunter. With his ship in sight, Boba could hear the whimpering coming from his bounty. The man continued to beg for Boba to set him free. He begged for the bounty hunter to release him, in exchange for whatever the bounty hunter desired. For the hunter, he had a code, and he was going to see this job through to the end. With his ship in sight, this hunt was nearly complete. He dragged the bounty into his ship and the cries from his bounty continued to plague his ears. As Boba grew annoyed with the cries of his prey, he threw him against the floor of his ship. He set his blaster to stun and shot his prey into unconsciousness. Finally, there was going to be silence until he could deliver the bounty. After traveling through hyperspace, the bounty hunter reached his destination. Boba Fett dropped out of hyperspace. Several massive Star Destroyers surrounded Boba's ship as he locked onto landing inside the largest vessel. The bounty hunter woke up his prey and dragged him through his ship. The man trembled as the doors to Boba's ship open. Several Imperial troops surrounded the bounty hunter's ship. In the center of the Imperial troops, stood Moff Tarkin. A cold smirk formed on the side of Tarkin's face as he looked upon the bounty. "So, this is the spy for the insurrectionist known as Saw Gerrera..." Tarkin said with a calm demeanor. The spy glared into Tarkin's dark cold eyes and trembled as he knew what was about to come. Tarkin nodded at some of the stormtroopers and ordered for them to take the spy to interrogation. One of the Imperial officers provided Boba with his credits. Before bounty hunter was going to leave, he was stopped by Moff Tarkin. "You certainly live up to your reputation." Tarkin said as he stood before Boba Fett. "Lord Vader would like to meet with you privately." "Is this about a job?" Boba asked he glared at the high-ranking Imperial. "I'm afraid Vader did not disclose that with me. I am sure whatever it is concerning, you will be rewarded adequately." Tarkin responded as he signaled two stormtroopers to accompany Boba to Vader's quarters. The dangerous hunter followed behind the stormtroopers as they led him down several corridors. They stopped short of a door that opened into a dark room. Boba sauntered through the door. The room was cold, and he could feel a sense of dread within this room. Then he heard a sound that many had come to fear across the galaxy. A mechanical breathing that filled the room as Darth Vader stood before the dangerous hunter. "Your reputation proceeds you, bounty hunter. You have certainly completed several successful assignments for the Empire. I have a job for you, Boba Fett." The powerful voice said as he glared down upon the bounty hunter. "What is it?" Boba asked as he glared up at the Sith Lord. "A Jedi Master known as Obi-Wan Kenobi." Vader responded as that mechanical breathing continued to fill the room around. "I heard he was dead." Boba responded as his focus stayed upon the Sith Lord "Not yet..." Vader replied. "Do you want him warm or cold?" Boba asked "Bring me his head and saber." Vader replied as the breathing continued. "If you want this job done, it will cost you 2 million credits!" Boba said sharply. "You will be paid accordingly, Bounty Hunter." Vader responded. Boba turned around and started walking toward the door. As he was headed toward the corridor, he stopped and turned his head back. "Consider it done." Vader watched as the bounty hunter disappeared out of the room. He then heard the door open once again and saw Moff Tarkin entering the room. "Your obsession with this Obi-Wan Kenobi may be seen as concerning to the Emperor." Tarkin said with his calm voice. "As long as Obi-Wan Kenobi still lives, he is a threat to the Empire." Vader responded. "What makes you so sure that Kenobi still lives?" Tarkin asked. "I can feel it within the Force." Vader responded. "Very well then." Tarkin said as he turned and left. The Sands of Tatooine Before he set his sights on searching for the Jedi Master, Boba Fett had business that he needed to attend to in Mos Eisley. The feared hunter collected the debts from different families throughout Mos Eisley. In the back of his mind, his thoughts centered on his newest assignment. He remembered the Jedi Master Obi-Wan in the days before his father's death. There was a fury that burned within the bounty hunter as he thought about the Jedi that took his father from him. He did not know where he was going to begin with this hunt. As he sauntered through Mos Eisley, he heard a noise that shook the city. Boba turned his attention to the chaos that followed. Black smoke filled the air as a mob started attacking Imperial forces after an explosion. At first, the hunter was going to leave as this matter did not concern him, but something caught his eye. He saw glimpse of a face that was truly a ghost from the past. A glimpse of a face that was mostly hidden in a hood. From underneath his helmet, a smirk formed across the side of Boba's mouth. "Could it really be that simple?" The hunter mumbled under his breath. He recognized that face from all those years ago. It was the face of Obi-Wan Kenobi. With the chaos that was ensuing in Mos Eisley between the people and the Empire, the hunter wanted to track the Jedi out of the area. He did not want to lose track of the Jedi in the frenzy, and he did not want to lose the bounty to someone else. Boba Fett tracked Obi-Wan as he rode on a dewback out of the town and toward the Dune Sea. While making his journey back to his hut, Obi-Wan reflected on the events that had transpired in Mos Eisley. He knew that he saved a boy, but he also knew that what he had done could have caused much trouble for him. He sighed as he knew that he had to stay hidden from the forces of evil. He pondered on the possibilities of being caught or worse if Luke was found out to be the son of Anakin Skywalker. He knew he had to overcome that worry and fear as that was what he was trained for as a Jedi. He then heard his old master's voice once again, "Don't center on your anxieties, Obi-Wan. Keep your concentration here and now, where it belongs." In the distance Obi-Wan saw what appeared to be a sandstorm beginning to form. He saw a canyon up ahead where he knew that he could take shelter and wait out the storm. As he came into the shelter, he sensed something that was approaching him. He heard a faint sound that fueled his memories. With a swift movement, Obi-Wan ignited his lightsaber and deflected multiple blaster shots. He leapt from the dewback and into the center of the canyon. He gazed up into the air as he saw a figure flying with a jetpack. The figure landed before him with what appeared to be war torn Mandalorian armor. Obi-Wan recognized that armor from all those years ago. "It would be wise of you to let me be!" Obi-Wan shouted as he glared upon the bounty hunter, "Boba Fett..." "You remember me." Boba said as he held his EE-3 Rifle by his side. "Then you must remember my father..." "I remember a child! A boy raised into this life! You do not have to continue this life! This legacy!" Obi-Wan roared. "The Jedi took my father from me! I am continuing his legacy and today, I am going to take my vengeance! Even if you were not the one that took his life, I will be the one to take yours!" Boba responded as he lifted his rifle. "I will do as I must!" Obi-Wan yelled as he spun his lightsaber into a defensive position.
  4. Awesome set up and definitely enjoy seeing the Supernatural characters getting some use I got to go with Cain on this one. While he may not have his full power; he is the first murder and has had a long history of bloodshed. He still has some tricks that I think will help him defeat Caleb
  5. I meant to comment but got extremely busy last week Clones were my choice. I do feel that we got to see more of the clones as there was a whole series about them. Even with that said, they seem to have more training and experience than either the Imperial Stormtroopers or First Order. As far as between Imperials and First Order, I'm not sure.
  6. That might actually make for an interesting story. Matt may be able to use his lie detector abilities and track the judge back to the mafia
  7. I think it is a cool idea. The site could probably use some more traffic, and get some more stories and set ups out there
  8. This was awesome! I've been wanting to use some GI Joe/Cobra characters for a while so it is nice to see them get some love
  9. I had this idea after watching the Batman this past weekend. I thought it would be an interesting match idea
  10. BREAKING NEWS GOTHAM TONIGHT THE BATMAN HAS BEEN ARRESTED! The Masked Vigilante known as the Batman has been arrested after he had a confrontation with the Gotham Mayor. The man behind the mask is none other than billionaire Bruce Wayne. It has been reported that the only thing that he has requested was his phone call with his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Sources close to Wayne Enterprises have informed that they cannot disclose any information, but they have looked into hiring the services of a defense firm known as Nelson & Murdock out of Hell's Kitchen in New York. District Attorney Harvey Dent has gone on record of saying, "While it is admirable what Bruce Wayne has done as the Batman. He has become an inspiration to many in standing up against the injustices of this city. While his courage can certainly be looked up with respect and admiration, it also comes with wrongdoings. No one has the right to carry the law into their own hands. My office will do whatever it takes to bring Bruce Wayne to justice." Court is in session
  11. I would see Raylan trying to look into the case further and eventually trying to help him
  12. Does the Deputy U.S. Marshall catch the Fugitive? Or will the brilliant doctor escape to prove his innocence?
  13. I may have to go back and watch it. Come to think of it, it was only the sounds of Mando firing off In the cave. He might have missed every shot and then got knocked out of the cave. And Jango was considered the best around in his time. He probably knew how to put in a kill shot with a great many of beasts.
  14. I'd have to go back and watch, but if I remember the mud horn was able to withstand most of the shots from Mando's blaster. Jango was able to take out the reek with relative easy with a couple well placed shots. I'm leaning more towards mudhorn, but I may go back and watch some clips to see how they both did in their scenes

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