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  1. Well, if you mean actual gifs and clips like that other user did for Bowser...no, I don't have any of those ready. But in "New Super Mario Bros." Bowers Junior can jump just as high, if not higher than Mario, and is indeed capable of perfectly mimicking all of Mario's feats of athleticism in his "Super Mario Sunshine" debut. Bowser Jr is not as physically powerful as his father, nor are his flames as potent, but I think we decided that flame breath wouldn't be winning Bowser the Shrek fight anyway. Where they do vary a little bit are tactics. Bowser Jr is more prone to using his shell for defense than his father, and prefers discarded koopa shells as his secondary projectile over hammers or mecha koopas. He also makes more frequent use of machines such as the clown cars than Bowser. Bowser has a submarine, but Bower Jr, actually attempts to blow up Mario in his with sea to air torpedoes. Jr is also much more likely to hide behind minions, attack animals, robots or drones. Junior . is much less likely to use some method to turn himself giant or otherwise attempt to alter his physical body. Basically he knows he's not as tough as his father and is usually more careful to keep out of harm's way...
  2. Honestly I would be leaning towards Bowser Jr, but given this is an on going story, Shrek should probably win anyway, for consistency's sake. We'll just say Jr. is prone to making the same mistakes as his father.
  3. King Gidorah can travel at trillions of times the speed of light, but that doesn't translate to his combat speed, only to the form he takes while searching out new biospheres to extinguish. It still takes him at least a day to life wipe a seemingly defenseless Mars. Amaterasu isn't the softest nut to crack, but most of her higher end abilities, altering the orbits of multiple celestial bodies galaxies apart, do not directly translate into combat. Still still fast, capable of some forms of teleportation, able to directly manipulate and indirectly produce exited particles for fire or electricity. She can rob areas of energy, effectively encasing them in ice. She can stimulate life where it should be impossible and make impossible fast growing and sturdy plants out of basically any visible space to root. She can slow the flow of time and manipulate her size to an extent. She cannot be burned, although she can still be moved by flames and can drown in lava...though the strength to swim through a non Newtonian fluid is nonetheless impressive...I want to root for Amaterasu here. I know Okami and don't know Future Diary. But night omnipresence leading to an ability to appear pretty much anywhere in the universe at will as well as outright time stoppage? Those two abilities might just give Yuno Gasai the win. While no "realistic" human with a 35 MPH spring, an eight hundred pound bench press, low super sonic at best weaponry and few inch thick armor should have any chance against Amaterasu, while she really shouldn't have two much trouble with artillery, several mortals in Okami are able to give her a good fight, and Gasai seems like one mortal. Amaterasu's best chance to me seems to be simply abusing brush techniques, assuming Gasai has no real way of interrupting them while in progress, and hopefully finishing the fight before Gasai can use a time stop or banish her to a pocket universe.
  4. I will admit that while I am a Dragon Ball fan, I am a bigger fan of Kirby's games. I tried to make their verses equal but if any bias shows, you at least know why. If were to redo this I'd keep that critique in mind, maybe add a fourth round with Buu more on the attack, vary up his offense a bit. Since I have no plans to I'll just try to do better if I revisit the idea with someone else in the database. Also, if the transitions don't actually matchup with the music as you try to read or even recite the words, that's okay too. I just listened to a Source battle just to make sure I was getting his style right, typed the verses while listening to a beat I thought would be in tempo with what he would choose for these two, and then typed everything else after coming here to post the setup, which I posted under the assumption people would read it first and look at everything else later. I didn't actually use any of the lines submitted to Source and while aiming for something similar tried to use a beat I was sure he would not, to avoid stepping on his toes. Thank you for the feedback.
  5. I was just going to vote for Shocker, I am a Spider-man fan it extends to him. But reading the setup makes me think Kuma has a chance, especially after Shocker gave away what he can do. Then again it might be a tie. All Shocker seems to really want to do is get away, Kuma is carrying a meal, and he does have a job to do...
  6. My initial reaction is to just vote for Geese, because I like his character more, or maybe I just find his quotes more memorable, but I really don't have any idea how the characters match up with one another. I know Mishimas have some very impressive feats for people with no apparent super powers, but I don't know how to scale Geese against Heihachi...storyline wise. Gameplay wise Geese is a cheap boss type of the SNK line while Heihachi is balanced, so of course Geese would win, but as far as I remember Geese is beatable and Heihachi wins more than he loses...
  7. A good matchup and a good setup. I'm leaning towards Jason based purely on what was written here, however I just probably research Ra's some more before I vote...I know he's a Batman villain and all but I'm more familiar with his scheming than his fighting skills.
  8. I'm going with Annabelle for three reasons. It seems that she isn't alone and the others cannot even see what else is going on besides her. Those are two reasons, but I am counting them as one. The second is that the group is only suspicious, they do not KNOW they are in danger. Third, it's a group survival scenario, so I take it Annabelle only has to get two people and it's not longer a group, just a couple.
  9. The Infinite Source saw fit to announce a fan fueled rap battle involving Kirby and not notify me? I wasn't about to let that go unanswered obviously. No I may no longer by on youtube, but I'd email him it all for free. But I wasn't about to do anything damaging, just going to get my own version online first. But make sure your lines are ravaging, or don't type anything I want rhymes uncoerced. B.O.B. Infinite Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDIuJUb0qt0
  10. The camera focuses on rectangular black cassette player on an empty sidewalk underneath a partly cloudy sky at dusk. A light suddenly flashes on, revealing a digital clock reading 10:59 before changing to read the word "source" the instrumental to "B.O.B. " by Outkast plays. The camera zooms out past the unoccupied train tracks and empty warehouses, past the cloud and upper atmosphere, showing the Earth spinning on its axis as the music continues to play. The voice of a man soon accompanies the beat. "Residents of Kazan, it's time for a Source Rap Battle, fan fueled edition. This time we've got the elastic Majin Buu up against the versatile Kirby. Fighters, compose your verses from the fan provided bars. Choose wisely, and begin!" The scene transitions as if the page of a comic book is being turned, away from the shot of the planet to a much closer visual of another, to the back of the first rapper, Kirby, as he stands on the shores of the Orange Ocean before about facing to the camera and saying... "It's the end of a Majin, rejoice, for it's the final day of Buu! I've got abilities he can't imagine, he doesn't even have a clue. The fourth wall was breached, by that I devastated Drawcia. Buu's always asleep, he'll never catch back up with Vegeta. Anything Buu sends my way I'm sucking in and spitting back. Or maybe I'll take his power, though he'd hardly be a snack. We're at the eleventh hour, where I usually need something new. But Buu's no threat, a swing of Master should cleave him in two." Another page turning screen transition takes us away from planet Pop Star to a grassy hill on a blue mountain shooting up from the Sacred World of Kais, upon which stands Majin Buu. He replies: "At an end are Kirby's delusions, I've awakened Daikaioshin! I'm at a higher intellectual level, the puffball's got no chance to win. His eyes just can't keep up, I'm at the left, above, below, behind, He can try to suck some air but I blew down a city one time. He can't even stomach some worms dropped by the Twin Woods. I'll serve up Whispy's whole forest, fill Dreamland with baked goods! He struggles with a bee on beanstalk? Twice I beat a planet eater! While he was playing with megatons I was a solar system sweeper!" And back to Kirby. "Even though your generic goat wizard had his sights on a galaxy, Drawcia was warping time, space and matter, witch was altering reality. They should have sent in Uub, he'd have done better even as a baby. You say you're smarter now but you still have a porno picture for a lady. I've turned back an all world constant, and I know you're less than that. I should be on the mic with Infinite Zamasu, not this pudgy ball of fat! Galactic Comet Nova, Dark Matter, Void Termina, Necrodeus, Nightmare I've beaten them all, putting up against Majin Buu just isn't fair!" And back to Buu. "Training for two hours got me where you couldn't get in twenty years! Could obliterate five universal realms without trying, we are not peers. Yes the kai makes me stronger, but I can fuse with Uub if you wish. But I'd rather just absorb you or turn you into a treacle pudding dish! See even at equal levels, Kirby, your lacking mobility would do you in. And unlike Drawcia there wouldn't be enough you for round two to begin. I'm much more thorough than Necrodeus, don't believe it? Ask Dabura. I'd end you and Void Termina in the time you stumbled through Floria." Chanting and record scratches enter the background music as we return to Kirby. "Pulling away on my warp star, try to follow me, you won't get far. Dodging through portals from the crystal and quick drawing my pistol. Smacking you with my star rod, right back into your stasis pod. Forming the star chariot, a heavy responsibility, you can't carry it. I'd hit you with that Love Love stick, even for you it seems too thick. Have you seen my ultra sword? I'll cut down the entire Majin horde. I have seen how you propagate, I've seen that thing you call a wife. I must put an end to your inbred spawn, so I have to end your life." The electric piano kicks in as we go to Buu and his third verse. "I've got those healing hands, I can turn them on you by demand. I'll bring back Zero Two and then I'm just sitting in the stands. No it's not something that I need to do but it's something that I could do. And you know you'd be helpless unless unforeseen aid came through. One on one, nothing's saving you from me, you can call me Zero Three. I am going to make your death messier than I did the wizard Babadi's. Blood pudding should suffice, maybe with some sugar and a spice. See how I clapped up Basil and remember that's when I was being nice." A sliding door slams shut, and the man's voice is heard again yelling "TIME!" as the picture becomes Majin Buu gather energy next to the cassette player, his purple aura illuminating the area as Kirby is seen puffed up, flying over head. "Looks like Buzz is out of lines, but it's not to late to submit your rhymes. Kirby or Buu, the winner is up to you, so long as you vote of course. SOURCE! Team Source stand up!"
  11. This is 2002 Marzo and Soulcalibur IV Zasalamel. Count Marzo's giant rat beasts will not be helping him.
  12. That girl had no skill, no style, and no direction. Never before had he seen such a harmless banishing spell. There were hardly any hostiles here, the air was breathable, the temperature was tolerable, this would be a fine place to live in. There was no attempt to remove his weapon, no change to his clothing, she had even kept him and his pets together! This all established, Marzo recognized that the power she wields is incredible. Never before had he be been disoriented by a banishing spell. It took him a few hours to even deduce the spell in question. To brush him away like that, to fly above the knockout gas while doing it, keeping the pressure exerted by her magic energies suppressed all the while. Clearly not the result of skill, the surroundings and his condition proved that much, just raw, untapped, untamed, untested power! She would have to suffer for setting him so far back of course, but perhaps Marzo was conflicted. As much as he wanted to torture the wench, it might be in his best interest to kill her as quickly as possible, before she actually gets good... He would work out how to return to that gorgeous ball of water soon enough, but the salivating thought of conquest made him thirsty. The monster had not hurt him but being knocked off a roof and through a window always made Marzo thirsty. Complicating matters, the one hostile he had encountered, that red eyed metallic monstrosity, seemed to have spooked his pets beyond his recall range. Clearly the intent was to send him into a world of rat creatures more fearsome than his own. But she had not done her research, he was clearly far from any macrofauna's extant dwelling and anything else passing through had also been spooked by his little scuffle. His pets would calm, catch his scent and return in due time. They were so much better at finding drinking water than he though...and as their fumes dissipated the sun began to oppressively beat down on him. Every building seemed abandoned very long ago, not a single one had modern plumbing in any working form he recognized. If only he knew a spell for that. Marzo could not so much as find a well. As the decayed architecture became more spread out in his search and gave way to open air it also brought an end to shade, but then a soothing roar came rushing to his ears. This had been a river town. Count Marzo rose his sword, thrust out his amulet and began a chant which ended in his mouth open wide and a torrent of water flowing through the air into it. Further down to broken cobblestone road's end, near rivers edge, a hooded figure sat on the branch of a towering oak tree that rustled in the wind as he surveyed what was below him. Fifty feet up and still thick enough to support his weight! Soon plants such as these would tear apart what was left of the settlement, but the shape shifters had done his work for him, sucking up the volatile toxins that brought this town's end like water. Already the actual water was drinkable and supporting life again. The returning humans may never recognize the area was developed to begin with, but they would be able to live here, all will proceed as it should, his glorious utopia will be upon the world in a mere millennia. Zasalameland will be a beacon for progress and prosperity! He began laughing out loud but then he noticed a geyser shoot out from the river. That can't be good. The spout curved in mid air and shot out into the ruins. Zasalamel slid off the branches, landing with a stone cracking thud, and broke into a sprint, following the aerial trail. Marzo had drenched himself and the surrounding area, which was now blanketed by steam as the excess water evaporated and gave some relief to the sun. He reminisced about blanketing populated municipalities with more suffocating vapors and kicked back against a wall to relax until he saw the outline of a man taking shape and approaching him while appearing to ready a disturbing large sickle. "Do you fancy yourself a reaper!" he called out. "I'm afraid you're in the wrong place, as everyone here is already dead or has long since fled besides myself, the immortal Count Marzo!" even as he said this Count Marzo stood straight, then readied his sword and amulet, just in case. No response. Was it a language barrier? He knew he was heard, the fool could not be ignoring his greatness. "The powers of Miro's elders and of Grayskull together looked down upon me and still I stand. Could they not kill me, or did they recognize my genius and spare my life? Either way I repeat to you that I am now immortal! But rejoice, If you truly are a reaper you could be of service to me!" Zasalamel had stopped running for a while now at the realization he was simply dealing with one man wielding an external source of magic. This was much less worrying than the interstellar visitors that preceded. Still, this idiot would have to be dealt with, just in case. Deciphering human language was so easy as to be subconscious at this point, but he must have mistranslated if there was anything but pompous ignorance in those words. "Your abuse of magic has altered the time stream and potentially disrupted the return of humanity's golden age!" Zasalamel finally responded. "Thankfully this is a common beginner's mistake that is easily fixed. Hand me that trinket and you will be at your previous in space-time point before you realize it!" he continued. Beginner, mistake? The words made Marzo's blood boil. "Stop speaking as if you know anything! I have been a practiced magician longer than you could possibly wrap your balding head around!" Marzo defiantly informed him. "No you have not." Zasalamel said, his patience starting to give way to annoyance. "I am giving you a chance to go back to where you were with your dignity!" he continued. "And I am giving you a chance to study under the best and keep your miserable life!" Marzo retorted. Marzo already had some murderous thoughts in the back of his mind and now they were pushing themselves to the forefront and being redirected towards this man. Marzo's words reinforced Zasalamel's first impression, an idiot was before him. Still, that artifact seemed to be imbued with great power, taking it may in fact take some effort...
  13. I see I can log in again, I see user submitted match ups running, I see Callisto is still counting the votes and calling the official results, I see new characters in the data base, I even see new images being uploaded. Listed right there on the home page. I see the the five stars in the upper left hand corner, and that they light up when I click on them. I assume that's replacing the F-E-D-C-B-A grades, but is it really? Clicking on CBUB Control Panel just seems to send me to the forums. I don't seem to be able to make a match people can vote on, I don't seem to be able to upload new images for the contenders in the database, though I do see the option to upload one to my profile. That's something I guess. I stumbled upon this website's sudden functionality by chance, I hadn't actually planned to upload any pictures or post any matches, but something about not even knowing how to after finding my login still works after all these years frustrates me.
  14. It will probably have to be a knockout. Shrek's got a powerful motivation and Bowser's a persistent bastard. And unless this is one of the Galaxy Bowsers, which it clearly is not, neither one is really powerful enough to make the other fear for their life, based on past encounters. Bowser's clearly got the physical tools for winning a war of attrition. Horns, spikes, his claws actually seem to be more for utility than offense, given he still makes use of rather human like knuckles despite them, but a bear's claws aren't designed to rend flesh either and no one likes getting hit by those. What I would give Shrek is dexterity and mobility, on account of his familiarity with both wrestling and the ring, Bowser is more of a fortress and battlefield type guy...Paper Bowser has some combat sport experience but again, this clearly isn't Paper Bowser. Anyway, physically I have to say Bowser's advantages are greater than Shrek's, but I suppose Shrek could beat Bowser the same way Mario does. I suppose Shrek might be able to find a pattern and exploit mistakes. His biggest problem is that it's going to have to be knockout rather than ring out, but I suppose depending on how much cheating he can get away with he might be able to choke Bowser on the ropes, or with the ropes if undoes one, which he should be strong enough to do. I guess the possibility of cheating means Bowser could bite, but that's still out of character for him unless it's Super Smash Bros Melee Bowser(and again, this Bowser isn't a model placed on a table top by a glove...there are a LOT of Bowsers aren't there? It's been so long since I was on CBUB I haven't thought about characters in this manner for a while)
  15. Given this was/is 1980s WWF, I decided to go with Hulk Hogan. He wasn't unbeatable, but he had that whole "power of the Hulkamaniacs" thing and this was his most popular. If we can accept that the cheers of fans make him more powerful, or at least allow him to "Hulk Up", then I don't see Drago overcoming, as he clearly doesn't have anything similar. Drago is not a cheater, besides his use of steroids, which the 1990s would reveal Hogan was also on, so sorry, I just don't see him taking it unless he takes on someone like Bobby Heenan or Mr. Fuji as his manager.

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