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  1. I'd accept being wrong in this case but I tend to put Kaiju above regular dragons.
  2. Seems like Kang has some measure of prep minus specifics. Seems like he should be able to eliminate this threat to his dynasty.
  3. Sounds like the Order got it then. A bunch of preaching can't compete with mind control and hypnosis.
  4. For a new guy you sure are doing well. Have to look up Anton before I can vote.
  5. I'm in the opposite position of Boratz. I know Winn but not the other two. I always thought Winn would never get any action in a match but here she is very appropriate. Goes to show somebody sometime can have a use of a character.
  6. The Chosen One easily. I tripped when I saw him added. I'm using him. That cow he fought has been in here for years and years though...
  7. This one could be pretty good. Elzar, I assume is some kind of Jedi vs. the first avatar. Then J and his tech could take out both of them especially if he gets the drop on them. Have to think about it for a bit.
  8. I would think that Hutch, with the right weapons, could do some damage. But yeah Keris would win this for sure.
  9. Next batch of characters making themselves known. The Machine empires sends Machine Beast Tamer Keris to Earth to stage an attack. Marina Del Rey, in an attempt to take over the undersea kingdom, leads a resistance against Keris She also contracts a surface dweller, Hutch Mansell, to kill Keris. But the message is jarbled and Hutch understands his target to be Marina Del Rey. He sees and obvious threat in Keris and her machine beasts so he takes it upon himself to kill her too. Who lives?
  10. Nice job. I never watched Alias so I don't know just how good Sydney is. I don't like her odds here but I'll take an argument in support of her.
  11. Easy win for Arion. I only know him from the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. Was kind of surprised he wasn't in here already.

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