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  1. Next batch of new characters making themselves known. The Kryptonians have come and solicited support from the people of Earth. Among them are Marissa Faireborn and The white Wild Force Power Ranger Alyssa. But there is opposition. The Bandeiras has been recruited to find out their true sinister plan and they have also sent the demon Jack Frost to irk the Kryptonians into showing thier hand. Lastly the Phoenix Unizord has been supplied in case things get violent.
  2. gadgets. Batman needs gadgets for a adversary like Hanma.
  3. Bass trumps Wolf (love him though). Hugo is large but if they keep trading places, Antonov and Bass can ware him down. Team 1
  4. I'm thinking the same thing. Hauzer is only like the size of a small vehicle not a 50 foot (or whatever) further evolved T-rex. The fire breath could be a problem though. Also I'm glad the Red Earth characters are getting some love. I never saw this game when it was new but it pretty nice.
  5. Looking for truly strong opponents, Zangief goes to Wakanda and finds a delicious opponent in M'baku the Man-Ape.
  6. Well let's see. These are guys that aren't afraid to go all out. So team 1 vs. team 3- I'll go with team 1. Spawn definitely beats Skeletor but I think Skeletor can trump him if he his him hard enough fast enough so I'll give it to him this time. Team 2 vs. Team 1- Skeletor again can beat Ghost Rider probably more decisively that we think. Ghost Rider tends to get this victory but I'll give it to Skeletor again. I like Kotal Khan but Kratos has his number. Team 3 vs. Team 2- team 3 (Spawn) Darth Maul would be interesting to see tackle Ghost Rider But if he can't Spawn will come in after he deals with Kratos (I know the more likely match ups is the other way around but team 3 is the winner regardless). Looks like team 1 wins overall for me.
  7. Got nervous but I was able to get something up. My submission.
  8. Megastory 27 The alert was noticed right away. Someone had broken the Decepticon code. The Autobots did this all the time, but this was something terran originated. The broken code went out into their primitive internet and had to be purged. Then they had to find the source. The human that had broken the code. Someone with that knowledge would be useful to the native population, creating even more enemies for the Decpticons to have to deal with. An agent was sent… Chip Chase knew something was wrong when he woke up the next day and found that his broken code had been destroyed. He didn’t know what code he had broken but if it was purged from the internet overnight, someone didn’t want this thing out there. Right after breakfast, there was a knock at at the door. Not the inventive type but liking the convenience of it, Chip activated the auto door opener. Two men- one a mean looking army type white guy. The other an older black guy who was obviously not combat ready. “Hi the white guy smiled like it hurt him to do so. My name is Captain Lennox. This is Agent Fowler. We’re here for a Mr. Chip Chase.” “That’s me.” This wasn’t the first time Chip had gotten the attention of the authorities. “What did I do this time?” Captain Lennox seemed relieved that he could get right to the point. “We picked up your code. This thing could be dangerous.” “It’s been destroyed. Totally purged from the internet.” Chip explained. “We know.” The black guy- Fowler- said. “That’s what really made us concerned. You’ve gotta have a hard copy or something right?” Chip withdrew his openness, not answering at all. Lennox came back. “I’m going to level with you. I’ve seen this kind of thing before. Somebody or something is going to be after this information. Hate to do this to you pal but we’re going to have to bring you in.” “What does that mean?” Chip asked. “That means we’re in for an adventure.” Lennox answered but he seemed interested in something beyond the two of them. “You see something?” Fowler tensed. “No. This is just the part where the bad guys attack.” Lennox was carrying was sidearm and his hand creeped in the holster’s direction. To satisfy his nervousness, a cassette tape laying on the Chip’s table suddenly transformed into a metallic condor. “Which one is that?” Lennox asked. “Laserbeak.” Fowler said. Lennox wasn’t new but he didn’t get the intelligence reports that Agent Fowler did. Individual Decepticons didn’t matter as much for Lennox’s roll. He just killed them. This Laserbeak was small by most Cybertronian standards. His bird form suggested a spy designation which probably meant he was not too powerful. Lennox attempted to test his sidearm to see if conventional bullets would penetrate Laserbeak’s metal. The bird was fast and evaded each round. It impressively maneuvered around in the small apartment circling back and returned fire with the cannons on its back. The cannons were overpowered for its size. Wisdom prepared them for this sort of thing. Fowler rolled Chip Chase out of the apartment while Lennox engaged the Decepticon. This is the real reason why he was here. When Laserbeak saw his target getting away, he pursued. Lennox took the opportunity to get a little better gear from the car as well as call for back up. But until they got there. Laserbeak was all his. Fight Parameters: Laserbeak is out to kill Chip Chase. Agent Fowler is helping Chip get away while Lennox engages Laserbeak. Laserbeak wins if he can get through Lennox. Lennox wins by killing or at least driving off Laserbeak.
  9. Next batch of new characters making themselves known. The Delmo Corporation is after a valuable artifact sunken in the sea. They have crossed the vampire nation and the Bloodpack is sent to kill them all. The Bloodpack is also instructed to retrieve the artifact that the Delmo Corporation is after. To do they must get past the Neverland octopus.
  10. They could have put him in the new game to make him relevant but then that would require changing his story and stuff. It's just a mess.
  11. Megastory 21.10 Previously: In an effort to gather the Thirteen Treasures of Rule, the crew of the RLS Legacy broke into groups to collect more treasures faster. Cracker Jack took Ioz, Cole Young and Spike to get one from a dangerous location. It was a sacrificial cave where people were brought to a demon so that he could eat them. A livid Ioz attacked the demon with extreme prejudic. Blood-raged as Ioz was, the human turned demon Kusaragedo was still too strong for him. Luckly his friends allowed him have his fury run and then let their bullets fly. Even then Kusaragedo met death grudgingly. “Okay,” Spike said, “That took a lot of bullets.” “Hope he isn’t faking.” Cole Young quipped. Ioz put two more rounds into the monster’s head to make sure. “So was it guarding the treasure or something?” Spike wondered. “Let’s look around see what we can find.” Cracker Jack suggested. Nervously, the group spread out. What they didn’t understand is that their small victory gave way to something worse. Beyond Kusaragedo was a portal. The sacrifices to Kusaragedo kept him there. Kusaragedo’s presence kept the portal closed. Now that the human turned demon was dead, the portal to hell was opened and a true demons was released. Cracker Jack caught a glimpse and shouted a warning to Spike just as the entity struck. Spike had been armored up with his overgrown bones so when has hit it simply knocked him over. But his attacker was relentless. It stabbed at him with a scorpion-like tail until the others opened fire. “What the hell is that?” Cracker Jack exclaimed. “You already asked that about the last one!” Ioz barked. At first it looked like the bullets were about to put the creature down. It jerked and twitched in reaction to the penetration but then it healed and stamped forward. No less than three people cursed. “I think we better get out of here.” Spike suggested. “Second!” Ioz agreed. “What about the treasure?” Cole tried to glance at them but the demon’s perpetual approached couldn’t be ignored. “I don’t think it’s here.” Spike guess. “I don’t think this thing is going to let us go!” Cole told the others. “I’ll hold it off!” Maybe the treasure is beyond it!” “Not on my watch buddy!” Cracker Jack objected. “Let me do this! I have the best chance!” “Don’t take it personally,” Spike said. “But I think I have the best chance against this thing.” He armored himself up with even more overgrown bones. “I’m not leaving you alone with this thing.” Cole argued. “I think it can get through your bones with enough time.” “It shouldn’t get that much time as long as you hurry up!” The argument said a lot about who Cole Young was. An American fighter on a level people only hear about. Captain Amelia discovered him in a fight club trying to carve out a living. She had seen his reluctance to truly hurt his opponents when he clearly could. The man was hiding from something. Captain Amelia invited him to travel with her and he bonded with the crew. He kept his cards close to his chest but he wasn’t the only one running from something and everybody respected that. Beyond all that, understanding the fallacy of coming here and leaving without even checking helped Cracker Jack decided on what to do. “Cole and Spike! Hold this thing off! Ioz and Danny! Let’s go around and see if we can find the treasure. Hurry up!” No sooner than Cracker Jack’s group went away did the Hellknight demon magically summon a pair of hideous axes. It’s powerful swings knocked Spike off of his feet and he lay stunned. “Okay buddy.” Cole said through gritted teeth. “It’s just you and me.” Fight Parameters: Cole Young battles Hellknight. Spike is stunned and won’t be able to help. Hellknight is out for the kill. Cole Young will try to kill Hellknght but will settle for the others coming back and they retreat. Hellknight will go after them anyway so he’ll have to be dealt with.
  12. Well it looks like Homura joined some evil ninja clan which would make you think she would gravitate towards Ichiro but Ichiro is possessed by a demonic force and that seems too for for her. Eric might actually be the better choice for her. Quite the surprise here.
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