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  1. Hmm... I suppose there there's an argument for any of them to win but a three way tie is kind of strange.
  2. Awww yeah! Next batch of new characters. We got us a what? GIRL FIGHT!
  3. Like I said, Dante has some strange durability. I've seen him take some stuff. Not his head getting chopped off but a brotha wonders. I'm going with Darth Bane though.
  4. Dante has some strange durability. He seems like he can take whatever Darth Bane can dish out but I just don't want Dante to win...
  5. That's kind of what I'm thinking. I think I'll go with Heracleas because I can see him getting his hands on Jotaro at some point.
  6. Now here's an interesting match. Hearacles won't be holding back but Jutaro is like nothing he has faced I don't think.
  7. Your stuff is always so well plotted out. I'll go with Obi Wan here.
  8. So Zerozuchi just put up a video of Bobby Nelson and yeah, he's a chump character. Think King of FIghters' Lucky but short like the Spud Webbs (remember him). Even his supers are like 'eh'. Outside of getting lucky he wouldn't even get through a Sea Devil.
  9. Unless the turtles get their powers they had in the Ninja Tribunal season, Vader hacks through them and Shao Khan would manhandle them too for the most part. The Power Rangers are the key here. Give them their metallic armor and they can definitely win. With some planning, they can even help the turtles survive. I'll give it to the good guys.
  10. Once again, I know nothing about Ice Bear. I'm actually looking at Persuasion. Power Rangers tend to be very vulnerable to mind control. I always say that their helmets protect them in my stories but that's not true in canon. Unless Ice Bear is resistant to mind control Persuasion takes it. Sarah would get taken unless she knocks her out first.
  11. Okay, cool cool. Nothing special though. Taylor can take two or three of them pretty easily. I'll leave it up to the voters to decide if they want to have her overwhelmed with them though. Bobby should be able to take one at least I assume unless he's just a total chump character.
  12. Thank you Moviebrat for reminding me who I missed in the new character list. Time to for them to make a name for themselvse in a brawl.

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