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  1. Nice job. I never watched Alias so I don't know just how good Sydney is. I don't like her odds here but I'll take an argument in support of her.
  2. Easy win for Arion. I only know him from the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. Was kind of surprised he wasn't in here already.
  3. That's what I's saying. If it were 2002 April or one of the later ones then definitely her. I'll vote 80's April as she had lots of adventure experience. She knows how to run and hide.
  4. I'm going with the Princess of Evil. She made Rita look weak.
  5. Hhhh... so much for catching up... We'll just let those other guys go Next batch of new characters making themselves known! Cuphead is out to kill Koyasha. Koyasha out to hone her skills is out to kill Cuphead. They are dropped in Neverland and it's dangers. Does Cuphead make his kill? Does Koyasha? Or Does Neverland claim them both?
  6. It's been declared a lot in Star Wars novels that force sensitive pilots can do stuff regular pilots can't Anakin wins.
  7. Another batch of new characters going at it. Court Gentry is almost to hit kill target but finds that the Chupacabra has already killed him Freaked out Gentry attempts to kill it. But they hideout is used by the Red Lotus and the most power full members are present. They come out and see the commotion and seek to exterminate both intruders.

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