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  1. Nice job trying to make this three way work. No doubt if this was a straight up fight, the Huxtables would curbstomp. Superior numbers, and all. XD XD Know nothing about BlazBlue or Martial Masters. On sight my gut is saying Huang, unless anyone has a case to make for Bullet.
  2. Commander’s log: Have followed orders of Undine Tribunal. Investigated quantum singularity on outreaches of fluidic space with Dahut-class frigate, accompanied by 3 Dactylus-class bioships. Used extreme caution mandated following the Borg incident. Pulled into singularity by unknown force. Frigate: severely damaged. Bioships: destroyed. Captain: killed. Pilot able to successfully land on surface of planet. Current Location: unknown. Hypothesis based on iconography found and cross referenced from acquired files: We have found Earth. The Commander looked out over the barren wastes that stretched out before him. He stood on the roof of a decrepit building and glared at the red sky, punctuated by the occasional flash of lightning. He heard the sound of the Scientist gingerly stepping across the roof to join him. <Make your report.> he said telepathically. <Engineer is having some difficulty restoring power to the frigate.> the Scientist replied. <He is attempting to repair the damage using elements from the crashed bioship. It is unknown how long the process will take.> <Take some Guardians off of watch to assist!> the Commander interrupted tersely, not even looking back his subordinate. <The sooner we leave this wretched dimension and return to our own the better.> The Scientist nodded then stepped up alongside the Commander. <Commander?> she asked. <Are you certain that this is Earth?> The Commander hissed and gestured towards the deserted streets below them. <Look around! The buildings! The signs! They all coincide with the data we have on this Federation!> The Scientist watched as signs spun and squeaked on their moorings against the cloud filled sky. <And yet, the Federation is supposed to be prosperous. There’s no mention of squalor like this.> <A result of their many world wars, no doubt.> said the Commander. <Perhaps. But there is… something else. Haven’t you sensed it?> The Commander let out a slight growl and looked back to the horizon. <I have sensed nothing.> <But I have. There is a telepathic presence here. Permeating this entire landscape. And it’s as if it is… watching us. Observing us.> <Enough!> The Commander spun and grabbed the Scientist by the throat. She clutched his arm and choked as the Commander’s eyes narrowed. <I will hear no more of this! There is nothing on this planet! Do you understand? And if I sense that you have told the crew any of this…> The air was suddenly filled with a howl of pain and the sound of laser fire. The Commander released his grip and hurried to the stairs, followed by the wheezing scientist. They galloped through the debris filled streets as fast as their three legs could carry them. The growls and mental screams grew louder. <It’s coming from the crash site!> the Scientist warned. <Arm yourself!> the Commander ordered. He tightened his fist and his gauntlet began to glow, ready to fire. They rounded the corner and saw the scene. An Undine Guardian lay dead in the street. On top of him was a monstrous figure. It’s emaciated body resembled a biped humanoid. Other Guardians opened fire with their gauntlets as the creature gnawed on the head of it’s helpless prey. The creature whirled around to see the Commander and the Scientist. It opened it’s flower petal like mouth and unveiled rows and rows of teeth as it roared at them. Two Undine leapt onto the beast and grabbed hold of it, trying to bring it down. But the creature threw them off it’s body. One managed to strike the beast with it’s claws, causing it to scream in pain as the Undine immune cells went to work eating at it from the inside out. <Fire! Kill it now!> the Commander ordered. The Guardians raised their gauntlets and fired at the beast. It gave one last howl of agony, then fell in a crumpled heap to the ground. The Commander marched past the creature. <Report!> One of the Guardians stepped forward. <It came out of nowhere, sir. We only picked up a slight telepathic disturbance before it attacked. It killed three of our crew.> <Have the files we’ve acquired on the Federation speak of creatures like these?> the Scientist asked wryly. <No, they do not.> the Commander coldly replied. <Get back to work on the ship! We must leave this dimension before the singularity collapses.> There was a piercing whine that rang out in the minds of all of the Undine. They could all hear the sound of a quiet, threatening voice. <I can see you. I can feel you. I’ve allowed you to see what I have made. But now, your time is over. In this place, this is where your story ends.> The Undine all struggled to their feet as the voice faded away. <What was that?> the Commander snapped. <It appears,> the Scientist said with a hint of sarcasm. <To be a telepathic force. And we have invaded it’s space.> The thunder began to get louder and the lightning flashed with even more fury. The air was becoming filled the sounds of unearthly howls. <Guard the ship!> the Commander ordered. <Engineer! Get the engines online! We will deal with these impure organisms until you are prepared. Stand ready!> All the Undine charged up their gauntlets and prepared for the first wave of Demogorgons to strike. OK: There are 10 Species 8472 (Undine). They are using gauntlet/laser weapons based on the Trek video game they appeared in. They must hold off the forces of the Upside Down long enough for them to make repairs and escape. Game On!
  3. THE BOTTOM LINE Hawkgirl dodged tree branches and swooped down towards Henery. The chicken Hhawk swung the mace over his head. “Come and get it, chicken!” Hawkgirl grabbed hold of the mace and took off into the sky, leaving Henery dangling from the leather strap. They cleared the treetops and Hawkgirl picked up speed as she headed back towards the barn. “Hey! Cut it out! Let me down!” Henery squawked. “I haven’t learned how to fly yet!” “Then let me teach you!” Hawkgirl shouted. She swung her arm and tossed the mace ahead of her. Henery lost his grip and was sent cartwheeling through the air. Hawkgirl expertly caught the mace in her right hand and the chicken hawk in her left. She hung suspended in mid-air for a moment, threw Henery above her head, and then swung the mace like a tennis player delivering a serve. The small chicken hawk was sent careening back down to Earth before crashing into Barnyard Dawg’s doghouse. Hawkgirl landed next to the pile of kindling, as Henery lay dazed on top of an even more confused Dawg. “Wha… what happened?” Dawg stammered. Hawkgirl gave a look of satisfaction as Henery gathered himself. “You’ve had enough, shorty?” “Haha! You gotta, I say, you gotta be careful of these chickens, son!” Hawkgirl, Henery, and Dawg turned to see Foghorn Leghorn leaning against the fence. “Yes, sir! These chickens sure are tricky fellas, aren’t they?” Hawkgirl raised her mace threateningly at Foghorn. “What’s the matter with you…um, people? I am NOT a chicken! I am Hawkgirl! I’m a member of the…” “Hawkgirl?!” Henery slid off of Dawg and gingerly walked over to Hawkgirl, eyes wide. “You mean you’re a hawk? Like me?” Hawkgirl glanced at Foghorn, who was looking more and more guilty, then back to Henery. “Yes, I am, in a way. You are chicken hawk, and I’m a Thanagarian hawk.” Henery whirled on Foghorn. “You told me she was a chicken!” Barnyard Dawg rose up onto his paws and growled. “You the reason this pipsqueak smashed my house?!” Foghorn chuckled nervously. “Well, you see, I say, you see there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this, boys.” “And what’s that…chicken?” Henery asked dangerously. “I’ll uh… have it for you a minute! Oh! Look at the time! Gotta run!” Foghorn sprinted for the barn. Barnyard Dawg chased after him barking furiously. Hawkgirl shook her head as the dog continued his pursuit of the rooster around the farm. She felt Henery tugging on her leg. “Hey! Hawkgirl?” She got on one knee next to Henery. “What is it?” “Um, could I borrow your baseball bat for a minute? I’ll give it back, and I won’t cook ya and eat ya. I promise!” Hawkgirl grinned and handed the mace to Henery. “Sure, kid. Have a ball.” Henery grabbed the mace and took off toward the barn. “I’m gonna have more than a ball!” he shouted back to Hawkgirl. “I’m gonna have me a chicken!” Hawkgirl chuckled and flew up to the roof of the barn. She observed as the dog and chicken hawk chased after the rooster. She’d step in to reclaim her mace and keep anyone from being eaten… after an hour or two.
  4. Be sure to follow broadwaybeyonder on Twitter. I'm trying to keep posting new content week to week. Check it out! broadwaybeyonder (@broadwaybeyond1) / Twitter
  5. Project: Rehab continues. Three teams face off in the X-Men's Danger Room. Who will be the last team standing? Choose wisely. Game On!
  6. Project: Rehab continues. Three monsters battling in downtown Chicago. Who is able to destroy/devour their opponents and reduce the city to rubble? Choose wisely. Game On!
  7. Project: Rehab continues. 3 forces of 30. Each with their basic weaponry, no ships. Battle takes place in a desert valley with mountains on either side, jungle to the east, and ocean to the west. Who wins? Choose wisely. Game On!
  8. THE BOTTOM LINE Andel Sanap: We are about to enter the fourth round of this contest and the tide may be turning in John Spartan’s favor. He came on strong in round 1, overpowering Cordell Walker early. But the Texas Ranger started to wear down the San Angeles sergeant in round 2. Al Rossi: I really thought Walker had Spartan on the ropes with those spinning kicks. Spartan just a managed to survive and came back swinging in round 4, keeping Cordell’s back to the cage and laying in body shots. Cordell weathered the storm, but he’s looking the worse for wear. Andel Sanap: And the bell rings for round 4! The combatants touch gloves in a show of respect but go right into their fighting stances. John Spartan charges forward again, but Cordell Walker dodges and gives a kick to back of the head. Al Rossi: Sends him crashing into the cage wall! Walker moves in to capitalize! Spartan turns and ducks just in time to miss that right hand from Walker! Andel Sanap: Kidney punch from John Spartan! The Ranger felt that one! He’s moving off, trying to get some distance! Al Rossi: Spartan closes the distance! A right! And another one! Walker blocks it and returns with a right of his own! Andel Sanap: Both men standing toe to toe in the center of the octagon! The crowd is going berserk! Al Rossi: Walker sweeps the leg! Down goes Spartan! Walker’s going for a submission! He’s trying to grab the arm but Spartan rolls through! He’s got the mount! Andel Sanap: Incredible resilience from John Spartan! Raining down punches to the head of Cordell Walker! The official checking to see if he’s able to fight back! Al Rossi: Walker’s busted open! He’s fading! Spartan is relentless! Wait! He’s out! Walker’s out! The ref is waving for the bell! Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner as result of TKO, 2 minutes and 12 seconds in round 4: JOOOOOOOOOOHN SPAAAAAARTAAAAAAN!! Al Rossi: The officials have managed to pull Spartan off of Walker! Mercy flies in to see to their injuries. Andel Sanap: Disappointed you didn’t get the weapons into the fight, Al? Al Rossi: Meh. We’ll just have to save them for the next one. Until then, stay strong, fight fans! The Bunker is still open for business! Dedicated to giving you all the best action in the multiverse! For all of us at the Bunker, I’m Al Rossi! Goodnight, everybody! Cordell Walker: Good fight, Spartan. John Spartan: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Chloe Bourgeois: Ugh. Could we get some better-looking guys for the next fight? Philippa Forrester: I don’t know. I got a kick out of this one. Chloe Bourgeois: … Huh? Philippa Forrester: … Okay, we’re done here.
  9. I guess it would depend on how you define magic. In DCAU, the mace can disrupt magical forces. Whether Toonforce would be affected would be up to the voters.
  10. Phase 1 of Project: Rehab. For the moment, 3 forces of 30. Each with their basic weaponry, no ships. Battle takes place in a desert valley with mountains on either side, jungle to the east, and ocean to the west. Who wins? Choose wisely. Game On!
  11. Phase 1 of Project: Rehab. For the moment, 3 forces of 30. Each with their basic weaponry, no ships. Battle takes place in a desert valley with mountains on either side, jungle to the east, and ocean to the west. Who wins? Choose wisely. Game On!
  12. Phase 1 of Project: Rehab. For the moment, 3 forces of 30. Each with their basic weaponry, no ships. Battle takes place in a desert valley with mountains on either side, jungle to the east, and ocean to the west. Who wins? Choose wisely. Game On!
  13. Foghorn Leghorn and Henery Hawk: Walky Talky Hawky - YouTube Looney Tunes "Walky Talky Hawky" Opening and Closing - YouTube Hawkgirl VS The Green Lantern Team - YouTube Justice League Female Action Scenes - Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl Part 2 - YouTube
  14. Foghorn Leghorn ran at a breakneck pace past the fields as Barnyard Dawg chased after him barking and snarling. Eventually the rope the dog was tied to reached it’s limit, and Barnyard was yanked backwards with a yipe. He strained and growled to reach Foghorn, who casually walked up to him and smacked him in the face with the back of his wing. “AHHHHHH SHATTUP!” Foghorn chuckled to himself as he left the enraged dog pulling on his rope. “That dog just never learns. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to get one up on yours trulEEEP!” Foghorn’s bragging was interrupted as he found himself yanked upwards by the leg. He looked up to see his foot caught in a rope slung over a branch of a tree. He followed the rope down to where a small bird held the other end with a determined look in his eye. “Now what’s, I say, what’s the big idea?!” Foghorn blustered at bird. Henery pulled on the rope to lift Foghorn higher off the ground. “Don’t try any funny stuff!” he grunted. “You’re a chicken, and I’m a chickenhawk! I’ve caught ya, and now I’m gonna take you home and eat ya!” Foghorn rolled his eyes, feeling the blood rushing to his head. “One of these days I’ll have enough stamps to put on this boy to make sure they don’t keep sending him back,” he muttered to himself. Henery tied the end of the rope to the tree, then marched over to Foghorn. “Now what do you say, chicken?” Henery said to his upside-down quarry. “Do you want to be fried, roasted, or fricasseed?” “Now, look here, son,” Foghorn said, his mind racing. “You don’t want some scraggly, old chicken like me. You want a bird with some meat on the bone. A chicken that’s good to the last bite. That sound good to you, boy?” Henery Hawk’s mouth watered as he nodded his head excitedly. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!” Foghorn looked all around him from his upside-down position. “Well, son, you are in luck. Luck, that is! I happen to know just the chicken you want. And they are uh, well, they are…” Foghorn looked up at the sky and his eyes widened. Flying over the barn, looked what appeared to be a woman with wings. She soared on a thermal and circled the farmhouse. Foghorn pointed excitedly. “There she is, son! One Grade A, cornfed chicken!” Henery’s eyes bulged at the sight of the woman as she flew towards the forest near the farm. “Holy Toledo! That’s the most amazing chicken I’ve ever seen!” “Well, than what are you waiting for son? Go get her!” Henery started off for the woods as fast as his small legs could carry him. “Here, chick, chick, chick, chick! Here, chick, chick, chick!” “Um, boy?” Henery turned to see Foghorn still hanging upside-down from the tree. “Would you mind untying me so I don’t have to wait ‘till autumn to fall?” Foghorn’s face brightened as he laughed. “Ha! Autumn! Fall! That’s a joke, son! MMPH!!” Henery swiftly untied the rope and let Foghorn fall to the ground headfirst. Henery then took off for the woods with the rope, leaving a dazed Foghorn behind him. “Joke…that is.” Hawkgirl landed on a sturdy branch of an oak tree to rest. It felt good to get be off duty and away from the Watchtower. The Justice League had been facing so many crises it was nice to have some time to herself for a while. She put her back to the trunk of the tree and closed her eyes, but still thoughts plagued her mind. She remembered her and John’s time on Kalanor and John’s struggles to re-master his ring. Try as she might, Hawkgirl could not deny that she was developing feelings for him. But she knew she couldn’t express them. There was someone else, and she had a mission to complete. One that neither John nor the League could understand or accept. Hawkgirl’s daydreaming was interrupted by the feeling something tugging on her leg. She instantly snapped awake, and pulled out her mace, the Nth metal crackling with energy. She looked down to see a rope looped around her ankles and Henery Hawk on the ground holding the other end. “Okay, chicken! I’ve got ya now!” Hawkgirl looked in disbelief at the talking bird. “And just who are you supposed to be?” “I’m a chickenhawk! I’m here to catch me a chicken, and you’re it!” “Umm, I am?” “Yeah! And now I caught ya, I’m gonna cook ya and eat yat! So are you gonna come quietly, or do I gotta muss you up?” Hawkgirl sat stunned with her mace held above her head. Then she burst out laughing. Henery glared up at Hawkgirl as she desperately tried to regain her composure. “Hahaha! Ahem! I’m sorry, kid. I’ve just…MMPH! Never been eaten befohahahaha!” Hawkgirl fell back against the tree trunk laughing, letting her mace hang loose from her hand. Henery tightened his grip on the rope. “So, a wise guy, huh? Well, okay then, chicken! You asked for it!” Henery gave a mighty tug on the rope, yanking Hawkgirl off of her perch. The sudden pull caught her off guard and sent her head whipping backwards into the tree. She saw stars as her mace slipped through fingers and fell to the ground, followed shortly by herself. She kicked her feet loose from the rope and started to feel around blindly on the grass for her mace on her hands and knees. “Alright, pipsqueak!” she said, no longer amused. “I’ve tried being a good sport, but now I’m done playing around with…” Hawkgirl’s eyes began to clear just as she turned around and saw Henery. The chickenhawk held the Nth metal mace, almost staggering under the size of it. “Hey, chicken! What’s this supposed to be? Some kind of chicken baseball bat?” Hawkgirl scrambled forward, hand outstretched to try to grab the mace. “Don’t mess around with that! You give it to me right now!” Henery Hawk thought for a moment, then nodded. “Alright then, chicken! Here it comes!” BOOOOOONG! Henery swung the mace and caught Hawkgirl right on the chin. She was sent careening through the upper branches of a tree before crashing back down to Earth in a pile of leaves and shrubbery. “OK! That’s it!” she fumed. She reached for her earbud communication device. “Watchtower! This is Hawkgirl! I could use some…” The tree she was hiding behind exploded into kindling with the strike of the Nth metal mace. Hawkgirl took to the air as Henery waved the mace in excitement. “I’ve got a chicken on the run! Here, chick, chick, chick, chick!” Hawkgirl looked down at the rapidly expanding clearing when she heard J’onn’s voice. “Hawkgirl? We lost your signal. Do you require assistance?” Hawkgirl thought for a moment. Surely she didn’t need the League’s help to deal with one, dumb bird. Besides, he stole her mace. Now it was personal. “Negative, J’onn,” she replied, spreading her wings. “I’ve got this under control.” With that, Hawkgirl dived back into the forest. OK: Both at full strength. Henery starts with Hawkgirl’s mace. Whoever subdues the other and claims the mace, wins. Game On!

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