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  1. Buzz lightyear of star command the adventure begins pilot - YouTube Mira Nova to the rescue! - YouTube Art Attack - Short | Star Wars Rebels - YouTube Sabine vs. Gar Saxon | Star Wars Rebels | Disney XD - YouTube And no, Sabine does not have the Darksaber for this fight, but she has all the other tech featured in the Saxon clip.
  2. Mira Nova sat bored at the controls of her Star Cruiser and idly held the handle of her radar gun. The Cruiser was parked behind a giant billboard suspended in space alongside an interstellar star lane. An endless line of spacecraft trundled past the billboard, causing the radar gun to bleep out their speed. “2.3. 2.5. 2.5.” Mira slouched back in her chair and groaned. The whole situation was just completely unfair. Suddenly, there was a beeping noise from the communications console. Mira lackadaisically hit a button with the back of her hand. “Star Cruiser 33. Space Ranger Mira Nova here,” she said staring at the ceiling. “Do you require any assistance?” “Hi, Mira! How you doin’?” Mira sat up at the sound of the familiar voice. “Booster? Is that you? Craters! I had just about given up hope there was intelligent life in the universe!” “Ah, keep your chin up, Mira,” another voice cut in. “You only have to do traffic duty for another week.” “Thanks a billion, XR,” Mira said insincerely. “Are you guys and Buzz having a good time on Mahambas VI?” “Oh, you know what they say: Ranger’s work is never done,” XR prattled. “I was only able to go tanning for an hour or two before I needed to get back to the conference.” “But we really wish you were here with us, Mira,” interrupted Booster. “It’s too bad Commander Nebula ordered you couldn’t come with us.” “Now now, Booster, buddy,” said XR. “You know the rules. We can’t have Space Rangers who slug ambassadors getting away with it without paying their dues.” Mira tightened her grip on her radar gun. “The only reason I slugged that ambassador was because he wouldn’t stop bugging me about my mind reading powers. ‘Can you tell me what I’m thinking? Can you tell me what I’m thinking?’ I finally gave in and read his mind for him just to get him to shut up.” “So? What was he thinking?” asked Booster. “Let’s just say for what he was thinking, he deserved a lot more than a slap in the face.” An alarm began blaring on Mira’s console. “Now what?” Mira grumbled. “Somebody having a little space road rage?” asked XR. Before Mira could reply, the Star Cruiser shook as something slammed into the billboard. Mira fired up the Cruiser’s engines. “Sorry, fellas. Duty calls. Have a good time, Booster. And, XR?” “Yeah, Mira?” “I hope you get sunburn on your bumper.” Mira switched off the comm and turned on her thrusters to launch the Cruiser out from behind the billboard. Through the windows of her ship, Mira could see the star lane in chaos as a small vessel dodged and rolled through the traffic. Mira pressed some buttons on her console. “Computer, scan that vessel for identification.” The Star Cruiser took off in pursuit of the craft as it sped out of the star lane and into open space. “Unknown craft, this is Space Ranger Nova. You are in violation of space traffic laws. Disengage your engines. Repeat, disengage, or you will be fired upon!” There was no response from the ship, but the Cruiser’s computer readout it’s findings. “Vessel configuration: Unknown. Not registered in any system of the Galactic Alliance. Warning! Vessel is wanted in connection with the theft of 20 crystolic fusion cells from the planet Bathyos, and 50 Star Command Lasers from the foundry on the LGM Homeworld.” Mira moved the Cruiser right behind the craft. “Huh. Busy, little thief, aren’t you? Well, if you don’t want to talk let’s see if I can get your attention.” Mira fired a warning shot to the craft’s starboard side. The ship went into a climb and looped up and over the Star Cruiser. Mira looked open mouthed for a moment, then quickly grabbed a hold of the control stick to try to maneuver. But the craft had already gotten behind her. “Warning! Unknown craft charging weapons!” the computer blared. “You don’t say!” Mira snapped. “Evasive maneuver delta! Now!” The craft’s laser cannon’s fired, shaking the Star Cruiser and cutting through it’s hull. Mira was buffeted in her seat as she tried to regain control. “Ok. So he’s a good pilot, as well as a thief.” “Star Cruiser hull integrity compromised. Do you require assistance from Star Command?” Mira switched off the computer’s voice. “I require you to be quiet for a second! Alright. New plan!” Mira turned the Star Cruiser so it was facing the craft. Then, grasping the controls, she gave full power to the thrusters and launched her ship straight for it. Laser cannon blasts tore at the Star Cruiser, causing sparks to fly from the panels around Mira. Mira pressed the buttons on her suit to seal her helmet and open the wings on her jet pack. “Almost… there!” she grunted. The ships were only a few hundred meters away from crashing into each other. “Now!” Mira sent the Star Cruiser into a dive and activated the jetpack. She used her Tangean ghost powers to phase up through the hull of her ship and launch herself toward the craft. Mira closed her eyes tight as she ghosted again through the canopy of the craft into the cockpit. Mira could feel herself colliding into the pilot. She somersaulted through the air and landed on her feet, her wrist laser armed and at the ready. “Space Ranger! Stand down or I’ll be forced to…” Mira stopped short, as she finally got a look at the pilot. It was girl slightly younger than her, in strange armor. She groaned as she used a console to steady herself back to her feet. She gave a wry smile at Mira. “Neat trick. How’d you pull that off?” “You’ll have plenty of time to read about Tangean biology while your waiting for your trial.” The thief held up her hands and started slowly backing away for her ship’s controls. “Listen, ma’am, I don’t think you don’t understand what’s going on here.” “Stay where you are!” shouted Mira. “I don’t want to have to hurt you. But I happen to know of some people who want to talk to you about somethings you’ve stolen from them.” The girl looked around the ship. “Stolen? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “I’m really not in the mood for playing cute right now, kid. The crystolic fusion cells! The weapons! Where are they?” “If you’ll just let me explain! Okay, I stole a… couple things. But I wasn’t going sell them on the black market or anything. My friends are fighting for their lives right now. They need those supplies or were going to lose everything!” Mira could hear the tone in the girl’s voice. It didn’t sound like she was lying to her. “Listen, kid. If you’re in trouble, there’s a way I can help. Let’s just take what you stole back where it came from and get this ship to Star Command. Then we can see what we can do. What do you say?” The girl glanced out the window of her ship than back at Mira. “Sorry, Miss ‘Space Ranger’. But I really don’t have time right now.” Too late Mira saw the object the girl had palmed behind her back. The girl hurled the small, beeping object at Mira, who instinctively opened fired. The explosion sent Mira flying back into a crate in the hold. She tried to shake the cobwebs from her head and looked down to see her uniform was now covered with purple and orange paint. “You know, I think those colors look better on you,” the girl said, as she put on her helmet and grabbed her blaster. “I mean, purple and green? Really? Now look, how about you stay in that hold, and I’ll drop you off somewhere so you’re fellow bubble heads can find you.” Mira glared at the girl. “Let me think about that.” She turned her jetpack and flew across the ship into the girl, her blaster misfiring. The blast caused the control panel to explode and the craft began to spiral out of control. The two women continued their struggle as the Phantom started it’s descent towards the jungle planet of Karn. OK: Both Mira and Sabine are at full strength. Sabine has her jetpack and Mandalorian gear. They both have access to the weapons/equipment Sabine has ‘acquired’. Whoever beats their opponent one on one, while surviving the Karn terrain, wins. Game On!
  3. Ultraforce The Complete Series (1995) - YouTube WildC.A.T.S - Official Full Episodes - YouTube
  4. *THE FOLLOWING BROADCAST IS BEING PRESENTED BY THE TRANSDIMENSIONAL COMBAT COMMISSION THROUGH THE BENEVOLENCE OF THE 9. ALL COMBATANTS MUST AGREE TO FOLLOW TCC GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES. VIOLATION OF GUIDELINES WILL RESULT IN PUNISHMENT, DEATH, AND SUSPENSION. SAFETY OF ATENDEES IS NOT GUARANTEED.* Vince McMahon: Welcome everyone to TCC Arena! Alongside Andrew Ryan, and Crowley, I’m Vincent Kennedy McMahon, here to bring you a battle that only The 9 can produce! After having no fans allowed at our battles a few months ago, purely for health and safety reasons, we are all very excited to have the members of the TCC Universe with us here tonight! Over 20,000 fans have come from all over the Multiverse to see the action! Andrew Ryan: … I was fairly certain there were 10,000 people in attendance? Crowley: Oh, let him go. Vince McMahon: And we sure are going to be giving you action tonight! Now we were originally scheduled to have a multi-person bout between the Avengers and the Justice League. Unfortunately, due to contract disputes, they had to cancel. But instead, we’ve found two teams of superheroes of even greater power and renown: The WildC.A.T.s and Ultraforce! Andrew Ryan: Who? Vince McMahon: Ha ha! Come on, Ryan! You must remember the WildC.A.T.s and Ultraforce! Andrew Ryan: I can’t say that I have. Crowley: They were really big in the ‘90s. Well, marginally big. Vince McMahon: The point is they’re here now! And will do battle for our amazing fans! Fans who would never be caught dead in that ridiculous Bunker of Rossi and Sanap’s! For now, let’s go to the back for an interview with Ultraforce! Take it away, Pizzazz! Pizzazz: So, I said, “If you actually think Jem is a better singer than me, then you must be the dumbest DJ in the history of…!” Stormer: Um, Pizzazz? Pizzazz: Don’t interrupt me, Stormer! So, anyway… Stormer: But, Pizzazz! Pizzazz: WHAT?! Jetta: Don’t look now, luv, but I think we’re on the air. Stormer: That’s what I was trying to tell you! It’s time for the interview! Pizzazz: … Roxy: Psst! Pizzazz! Say something! Jetta: Ha! Should have a camera on her more often! Stormer: Come on, Pizzazz! Tell the fans who you are and who you’re going to be interviewing! Pizzazz: Tell the fans who I am?! They already know who I am! I’m Pizzazz, lead singer for the hottest band in rock n roll, the Misfits! And uh… I’m here… in this… hallway.. to interview… to interview… Roxy: Ultraforce! Jeez, Pizzazz! Ultraforce! Pizzazz: I know that, moron! I’ll just um… knock on the door of their locker room and… Prime: Yes? Jetta: Whoa! Now we’re talkin’! Look at the size of this one! Roxy: You’re nuts, Jetta. He’s looking at me! Jetta: In your dreams, Yank! Pizzazz: All of you shut up! I’m trying to run an interview here! Prime: Um, can Prime help you ladies? Pizzazz: Huh? Oh yeah. We were…. I mean, I was… I mean the fans were… Stormer: She means, is your team ready for your fight with the WildC.A.T.S tonight? Prime: Oh. Well, we will be. As soon as Ghoul gets here. He’s running late. Stormer: Ghoul? Pizzazz: Ghoul? Ghoul: Hey, big guy! Sorry I couldn’t get here sooner! Traffic was murder! The Misfits: … AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Ghoul: Huh. What got into them? Have they never seen a dead guy before? Prime: Don’t sweat it, Ghoul. Get in here. Hardcase is going over the strategy. Vince McMahon: Uh, ha ha. Thank you, Pizzazz and the Misfits for that… inspiring reporting. Crowley: I know what it inspired me to do. Find the nearest bathroom and throw up. Vince McMahon: Then come right back to your seat because it’s time for tonight’s main event! Take it away, Bruce Buffer! Andrew Ryan: Excuse me, Vince. Vince McMahon: What now? Andrew Ryan: We actually were unable to get Mr. Buffer to the Arena. Vince McMahon: Then who’s doing the announcing? Screech: Hey everybody! It’s me, Screech! The battle terrain’s chosen that these lucky contestants will be fighting in this farm map. Winner will be the team that takes down all it’s opponents. Unless they chicken out. Get it? Cuz it’s on a farm? Oh well. It’s time for us to start the fight! So uh…. Coming to the ring first, we’ve got those cool cats, the WildC.A.T.S! Crowley: Where did you find this loser? Andrew Ryan: I didn’t. He volunteered. Would you rather it were you down there? Vince McMahon: Moving along, here comes the WildC.A.T.S! Spartan flies over the fields as Maul, Voodoo, Grifter, Zealot, and Warblade move out along the map. Void takes her place in their corner. Screech: And here are the guys they’ll be fighting! From… somewhere. It’s Ultraforce! Vince McMahon: The lovely Contrary hangs back as Hardcase, Prime, Prototype, Topaz, Ghoul, and Pixx enter. With Contrary and Void both providing tactical support for their teams, who has the advantage here, Ryan? Andrew Ryan: I would say… Vince McMahon: Sorry to interrupt, Ryan, but the official is in position. This battle of ‘90s super teams is about to begin! Referee: Combatants ready? 3! 2! 1! Commence combat! OK: WildC.A.T.S: Spartan, Void, Voodoo, Maul, Grifter, Warblade, and Zealot. Ultraforce: Hardcase, Contrary, Pixx, Prime, Ghoul, Prototype, and Topaz. All are their cartoon versions at full strength. Location: A farm. Whoever immobilizes the opposing team, wins. Game On!
  5. THE BOTTOM LINE By the time Heatwave had made it to the plateau, the entire scene was chaos. Captain Cold fired his cold-gun at Speedy, leaving mounds of ice and snow in his wake as he dodged the blasts. Speedy sped up to Mirror Master holding a snowball. “Hello, Señor! It’s very nice of you to give us a nice snowfall! We don’t get much snow in Mexico.” “You just hold still, you miserable pest!” Mirror Master sneered, taking aim with his pistol. “One blast from this and you’ll be trapped in a mirror forever!” Speedy glanced back to see Captain Cold getting a bead on him again. “Sorry, Señor. Forever is much to long for me! OLE! EPA EPA! YEEHAAAAA!” Speedy took off back towards Captain Cold. “I got ‘im, now!” Captain Cold shouted. Captain Cold and Mirror Master opened fire at Speedy, but the mouse dodged again, causing the blasts to fly past him and hit the two Rogues. The Mirror Master was trapped in a block of ice, and Captain Cold was trapped in a pane of glass. “Boomer! What’s going on?” Heatwave called out. “Just find that blasted mouse and roast it!” Captain Boomerang shouted back. The snowball hit Boomerang in the mouth, making him cough and splutter. “Is that how snowball fights work, Señor?” Speedy shouted. Heatwave fired his flamethrower at Speedy, who nimbly leapt through the flames and ran up onto Heatwave’s helmet. Captain Boomerang drew a boomerang and armed it. “Hold it, Mick! I can’t miss this close!” “Don’t be stupid! Let me do it!” Heatwave raised his flame thrower, only for Speedy to leap down and disassemble it in a matter of seconds and disappear again in a cloud of smoke. Heatwave looked baffled at the cartridges that hung suspended in mid-air, before all exploding into a fireball and sending him headfirst into a rock formation. Captain Boomerang slowly walked across the plateau, boomerang still held up at the ready. “Alright, you little mousey. Where’d you get to now, eh?” Boomerang had just reached the edge of the plateau when Speedy ran up behind him. “YEEHAAAA!” The sudden shout sent Boomerang leaping into the air then falling off the edge of the cliff towards the ground below. Speedy looked down at the crumpled form of the Rogue. “Very easily startled, these banditos. Whoops!” A lighting bolt struck just inches from Speedy. He looked up to see Weather Wizard perched on the fallen meteorite. He sent another lightning bolt at Speedy who desperately tried to stay ahead of them. “It is past time for this farce to be brought to an end!” proclaimed Weather Wizard. Several small bits of rock and debris hit the back of his head. He turned to see a group of mice standing on an outcropping, hurling whatever they could at him. Felisa shouted out to them. “Quickly, Amigos! Señor Speedy needs our help! Rapido! Rapido!” Weather Wizard pointed with his wand and a gust of wind knocked the mice to their backs. “Enough of these games!” he shouted, raising the wand high above him. “I will take this kryptonite myself back to Central City. Just as soon as I’m finished with you!” “Oh, Señor Bandito!” Weather Wizard turned, then did a double take. On the ground below him was Speedy Gonzales, holding his wand. “I hope you don’t mind if I borrow this, Señor. But don’t worry! I’ve left you something in return!” Weather Wizard looked back up at his upraised hand. Where his wand had been was now a lit stick of dynamite. Before he could throw it away, the dynamite exploded, leaving Weather Wizard laid out unconscious in a cloud of smoke. Felisa scrambled down the outcropping and ran over to Speedy. “Oh, Señor Speedy!” she cried out happily, wrapping her arms around him. “You did it! You won!” Speedy puffed out his chest. “Oh, it was nothing, Señorita. It’s no trouble to help out a lovely mouse like yourself.” Felisa smiled. “Even so, I’m so thankful you came to help us. And it’s only fair I give you a special gift to say gracias for all you’ve done.” Felisa planted a kiss on Speedy’s lips. The other mice laughed and cheered as Speedy looked spellbound for a moment, then tossed his sombrero in the air. “YEEEHAAAAAA!”
  6. THE BOTTOM LINE Caleb grabbed the First Blade off the floor and swung at Cain. Cain leaned backward as the blade slashed past his face. He then grabbed a hold of Caleb’s arm and brought it down hard across his raised knee. Caleb grunted in pain as the First Blade fell from his grasp, only for Cain to follow up with another blow to the head. Caleb fell to a knee as Cain slowly picked up the First Blade. He could feel it’s power coursing through his veins, the desire to kill and destroy filling him again. Caleb leapt up and charged toward Cain, but Cain was ready. Gesturing with the blade, Cain’s telekinesis sent Caleb crashing into an end table. In an instant Cain was on him and forcing him to pull back his sleeve to reveal the false Mark. “This is not yours to bear,” Cain said coldly. Caleb howled in agony as Cain scrapped the First Blade across his arm, slicing the Mark off of it. Caleb’s eyes were wide in terror as Cain held the blood-soaked blade to his throat. “My master will see to you!” he babbled. “My master will send his forces to avenge me! My master will…” Cain held a finger to his mouth, and Caleb fell silent. “If your master is foolish enough to send more of his underlings,” Cain said. “I’ll be waiting for them.” The First Blade came crashing down. In the days to come, lost travelers who came across Cain’s home noted a new scarecrow amongst the beehives. Set on the wooden frame were the tattered remains of a priest’s uniform. And further off, if one looked closely, they could see the bees buzzing around their new hive, that almost seemed to resemble a human skull.
  7. I agree with @leroypowell3. Better to have some weird votes then have matches with only three people voting or ties. The whole point of adding the socials was to build up the site. Allow guests to vote, but have to sign up in order to create content and rate.
  8. Some more vids on these guys. Slayers & Potentials vs Caleb BTVS HD - YouTube Supernatural | Dean receives the mark of Cain | S9E11 | Logoless - YouTube Supernatural 1014 Castiel meets Cain - YouTube
  9. Speedy Gonzales Funny Mix Compilation - Classic Cartoons - YouTube Speedy Gonzales and Sylvester - Mix Compilation 😂 - YouTube Sylvester vs Speedy Gonzales - Mix Compilation Part II - YouTube Flash, Batman, and Orion vs. Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, and Mirror Master - YouTube Weather Wizard vs Superman & The Flash - Animation (DC Universe) - YouTube Heatwave on Justice League Unlimited - YouTube
  10. In a crowded cantina in Sonora, no one noticed the small, mouse girl in a white dress making her way across the floor. She carefully moved around the boots of patrons drinking their beers until she made it to the corner of the building, where a group of mice sat at a makeshift table playing cards. The mouse girl cleared her throat. “Por favor, señores,” she said softly. “Could someone please help me? I’m looking for Speedy Gonzales.” “You and every other chica in Mexico,” one of the mice snickered. The mouse girl bit her lip embarrassed as the other mice laughed raucously. “Please. I simply must find Señor Speedy. Won’t somebody please help me?” The mice all stopped laughing and looked in terror behind the mouse girl. She turned around to see an enormous brown furred cat licking it’s lips behind her. The other mice knocked the table over in their rush to escape, but the mouse girl was quicky caught in cat’s clutches. She struggled to free herself from his paws as he sneered at her. “Tell you what, mousey. I can’t help you, but you could sure help me… making my dinner!” The mouse girl closed her eyes tight as the cat held her up by her tail and slowly lowered her toward his open mouth. “YEE HAAAAA!” The sudden cry sent the cat leaping into the air in surprise, throwing the mouse girl loose. His claws got caught in the ceiling and left him hanging upside down. The mouse girl squeaked in terror as she tumbled through space, only to feel a pair of strong arms catching her. She opened her eyes to see the face of a mouse, dressed in white, with a red bandana, and a sombrero. He smiled down the girl mouse as she tried to catch her breath. “Buenas noches, señorita! Do you drop in here often?” “You… you… are you Speedy Gonzales? The fastest mouse in all Mexico?” “At your service, señorita. Now, do you have a pretty name to go with that pretty face of yours?” The mouse girl blushed as she replied. “Felisa, señor. Oh, Señor Speedy! I’ve been looking for you for days! I need your help! You see, I…” “Hold that thought, señorita!” Speedy interrupted. He dashed backwards just as the cat dislodged it’s claws from the ceiling and clattered to the floor. The cat quickly scrambled onto it’s paws, and hissed at the two mice. Felisa wrapped her arms around Speedy’s neck tighter. “What do we do?” “Simple, señorita. I think it’s time for us to vamos out of here. Never liked this cantina much anyway. Too noisy. OLE! ARRIBA! ANDALE! EPA EPA! ARRIBA! ANDALE! YEE HAAAA!” The cat pounced, but only resulted in slamming his face into the floor where Speedy had been. With Felisa still in his arms and holding on for dear life, the fastest mouse in Mexico zoomed across the floor and out the swinging doors of the cantina into the night. After dashing down streets and darting through alleys, Speedy finally ducked into the hole in the wall of a hotel that led to his home. He swiftly set Felisa down on a chair and started popping in and out of rooms. Within a matter of seconds, a pile of cheese, a jug of water, and cups had been gathered and placed on the table in front of Felisa. She stared wide eyed at the food. “Ah, go ahead, Señorita Felisa,” said Speedy as he plopped onto a couch. “There’s plenty more where that came from.” Felisa gingerly picked up a piece of cheese and nibbled on it, gradually allowing herself to eat quicker. Speedy chuckled. “Cuidado! You’ll give yourself the tummy aches if you keep going like that!” Felisa took a gulp of water to steady herself. “It’s just I haven’t eaten in so long! Ever since I left my… my…” Speedy could see the tears in Felisa’s eyes as she tried to hold back sobs. He offered her his bandanna and she dabbed her eyes and blew her nose. Speedy looked sideways at the bandanna, but then shrugged and raced to and from his room with a fresh one for himself. “Now, then. What did you come to Sonora to look for me for?” Felisa clutched the bandanna and took a deep breath. “I’m from a village 10 miles south of here. My family and our friends have lived there for many years. There was plenty of food and the humans there didn’t mind sharing what they had with us. But now the village is in terrible trouble!” “What kind of trouble?” asked Speedy, taking a sip of water. “Gatos? Vulturos? Loco ducks?” Felisa shook her head. “Banditos. Human banditos!” Speedy coughed and cleared his throat. “Oh. I see.” “There were five of them,” Felisa went on. “All dressed in strange clothes and carrying strange weapons. They used some sort of magica to call down fire and ice to destroy the villager’s crops and food. Then they took the villagers away into the mountains. I think they’re making them dig for something.” Speedy leaned back on his couch. “Any idea what it could be, señorita?” “I don’t know. But a few weeks before the banditos came, some of the villagers were talking about seeing an estrella fugaz crash into the mountains. Maybe the banditos want it.” Felisa rose from her chair and hurried to Speedy. “Oh, please, Señor Speedy! You’ve got to help us! The humans don’t deserve to be treated like this! And if they aren’t able to grow new crops, all of us will starve!” Speedy leapt to his feet and brushed away Fulisa’s tears. “No te preocupes, Señorita Felisa! You just leave those banditos to Speedy Gonzales! Just point me in the direction of your village and…” Felisa took a hold of Speedy’s sleeve. “No! I’m coming with you!” Speedy held her paws. “No, no, Señorita. It would be much too peligroso.” “I don’t care how dangerous it is! Please! I couldn’t sit here waiting, not knowing if my family are alright. Please, let me go with you!” Speedy looked into Felisa’s eyes and sighed. “Ok, ok. You can come along, too. But I must warn you, I’m going to need to run even more rapido if we’re going to get to your village.” Felisa gave a small smile. “It’s ok. I don’t mind. It was kind of… fun.” Speedy gave a whoop and lifted Felisa into his arms. “Now that’s what I’m talking about! ANDALE! EPA EPA! ARRIBA! YEEE HAAAAA!” Speedy and Felisa sped out of the house so fast the table and chairs went flying. Captain Boomerang looked over the rocky landscape that had been created by the meteorite. It had created a plateau where the villagers slowly slaved around the lump of rock that had been left behind. Armed with axes and picks, men, women, and children dug at and around the object, eyes straining in their search. Boomerang turned to Captain Cold standing next to him. “Now this is the life, eh, Cold? Get these galahs to do all the work for us, and we get the profits!” Cold wiped some sweat from his brow. “I’ll just be glad when we get back to Central City. Heatwave might like it out here in the desert, but the next job we pull better be in someplace not so… humid.” “Ah, quit your griping, Snart. You can handle a couple of days of fun in the sun. You aren’t going to melt!” The discussion was interrupted as one of the villagers, an older man, hurried across the plateau towards the criminals. “Señor! Señor! I’ve found another piece, Señor!” The man held up a small, glowing, green rock towards Boomerang and Cold. Weather Wizard and Mirror Master walked up to the group, and the villager dropped to his knees, still holding the rock. Mirror Master took the rock and pointed a handheld device at it. The device beeped and buzzed, then he turned to Weather Wizard. “Do you concur, Wizard?” Weather Wizard looked over his own device and nodded. “The readings check out. This is definitely kryptonite.” Mirror Master turned back to the villager. “But we need much larger fragments than this. Get back to work!” “Oh, por favor, Señor!” the man begged. “You said that if we find rocas verdes, you’ll let us have some food.” Mirror Master glared in disgust at the villager. “You want food? For this miniscule amount? Then work harder!” “Please, Señor! We can’t keep going like this! I beg you! Just a little foo…” Mirror Master slapped the villager in the face, leaving him crumpled up and groaning on the rocks. Mirror Master turned to Boomerang. “I think we need to find ourselves another hired hand. This one is getting too difficult to manage. Boomerang, if you would be so kind?” The villager looked up in fear as Boomerang pulled out one of his signature weapons and readied it to throw at him. “With pleasure.” The boomerang flew from the criminal’s hand. The villager held up his arms in a vain attempt to block the strike. Then suddenly there was a cloud of dust darting in between the villager and the Rogues that snatched the boomerang out of mid-air. The Rogues looked in disbelief as the dust cleared and standing on a pile of discarded stone was Speedy Gonzales, the boomerang held above his head. “Hola, banditos! I think this belongs to you!” Speedy sped around and around in circles to get momentum then hurled the boomerang back at the Rogues. The criminals jumped out of the way as the villagers stopped to see what was happening. “What is that thing?” Cold shouted as he ducked behind a boulder. “It looks like a mouse,” said Weather Wizard. “A talkin’ mouse?” Boomerang said incredulously. “Not just any talking mouse, banditos!” Speedy shouted back. “I am Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in all Mexico! And I’m here to ask you banditos to leave. And I really think it would be a good idea if you did!” “Unbelievable!” muttered Cold. “Everywhere we go, speedsters!” Mirror Master stepped out from cover and drew his laser pistols. “Allow us a moment to reflect on your offer!” He opened fire at Speedy who nimbly jumped and dodged the blasts. Speedy started racing around the plateau as the villagers ran for safety. “EPA EPA! ARRIBA! YEE HAAA!” Weather Wizard stared at Mirror Master. “You are wasting your powers on a rodent?” “A ‘rodent’ with super speed!” Mirror Master snapped. “I’m not going to let another speedster ruin this operation! Give us air support!” Weather Wizard sighed but thrusted his weather control rod into the air, causing the clouds to darken and lighting to begin to flash. Captain Boomerang and Captain Cold readied their weapons as Mirror Master reached for his earpiece. “Heatwave! Get off guard duty and get up here now! We’ve got some pest control we need to take care of!” OK: Speedy Gonzales: At full speed, strength, and has all of his tricks. He is able to call on the assistance of the other villagers (human and mouse) to assist him. Rogues: Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, and Heatwave. All DCAU versions. Full strength. Speedy wins by subduing or driving out the Rogues. Rogues win by catching and subduing Speedy. Game On!
  11. Hello all! Just letting you in on what the future holds for the beyonder. 1) Continuing the struggle between the 9 and the remnants of the old TCC. Maybe have the 9 start up another tournament event with some of them doing the commentary. Can Al and Andel free the TCC from their control? 2) I don't know how many of you are familiar with this, but while glancing through Linkara's videos, I came across this one: Batman and Elmer Fudd & Catwoman and Sylvester and Tweety - Atop the Fourth Wall - YouTube The idea of setting DC heroes against Looney Tunes/WB characters sounds like fun, so I'm going to give it a shot. Plus more battles with some of the overlooked characters in the Database. Stay Tuned!
  12. My broadwaybeyonder Twitter is up. Feel free to follow and share with friends, enemies, and total strangers. broadwaybeyonder (@broadwaybeyond1) / Twitter Will also be following the official CBUB account when it goes live.
  13. Cain VS Dean part 1 Supernatural S10E14 - The Executioner's Song - YouTube Cain VS Dean part 2 Supernatural S10E14 - The Executioner's Song - YouTube Supernatural//Cain Tribute// Bleeding Out - YouTube Buffy vs Caleb (Nathan Fillion) - Duel in the Guardian's Crypt - YouTube Nathan Fillion as Caleb {BTVS} // Friction - YouTube
  14. “I gotta say, it’s a real honor to finally meet you, sir.” Cain sat in his armchair and slowly sipped his tea as he gazed at the smiling man dressed as a priest sitting across from him. The bees in their frames buzzed under the sound of Caleb’s voice as he went on. “I’ve always had a feeling that I was one of your children. The Father of Murder, and all that. After all these years of bloodshed, this is really a dream come true.” “What do you want?” Cain interrupted, setting his cup on the table. “I’ve allowed you into my home because you said you have a proposition for me. What is it?” Caleb’s smile tightened and he nodded. “Straight and to the point. Very well. I have been sent here as representative of someone who would like to offer you a chance to get back in the game. The First Evil.” Cain looked nonplussed at Caleb and said nothing. Caleb rose from his seat and circled the room. “You see, my master is looking to make another play to unleash darkness and death across this world. However, they are a little short on manpower at the moment. You are the first Knight of Hell. If the demons heard that you were back in action and running with us? Well, it’s almost a sure thing that there would be some that would abandon that pompous Crowley and side with us. We could even make a move on Hell itself. Now, how does that sound?” Cain’s eyes narrowed. “Are you done?” Caleb nodded mutely, and Cain leaned forward in his chair. “Good. Now let me tell you the same thing I’ve told every other errand boy who has knocked on my door. I have retired. I want no part of whatever war or apocalypse your ‘master’ is concocting. I don’t kill anymore.” Caleb shook his head. “Do forgive me, sir. But I find that a trifle hard to believe. I’m sure you’d feel different with a knife in your hand again.” Caleb reached behind his back and pulled out a knife carved out of bone. Cain instantly rose from to his feet, glaring at Caleb. “How dare you bring that here?” he hissed. Caleb tossed the First Blade in the air and caught it. He examined it and smirked at Cain. “You really should of done a better job of hiding this beauty if you didn’t want it found. If you’re going to fight alongside us, it’s only fair you have your famous weapon.” “Get that out of my house!” Cain snarled. “I won’t fight for you and the Blade is useless to anyone who doesn’t have the Mark!” Caleb nodded. “You are certainly right, mister. But then again, when the Lord closes a door, he often opens a window.” Suddenly Caleb extended his hand and Cain was sent hurtling backwards crashing into the bee frames. Cain collapsed in a pile of shattered wood as bees began to swarm angrily around the room. Caleb walked slowly towards Cain through the swarm, using the point of the First Blade to pull up his right sleeve. Cain looked up in shock to see an inverted, black version of his Mark on Caleb’s arm. “Never was much for tattoos,” Caleb said. “But this one kinda grows on you, doesn’t it?” Cain struggled to get to his feet only for Caleb to kick him in the head. Caleb put his knee into Cain’s back and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a smooth, silver bracelet and forced it onto Cain’s left wrist. “My master also made some jewelry for you,” Caleb said as Cain struggled to get loose. “Your own personalized devil trap. Just in case you had any ideas of smiting or pulling a Houdini on me.” Caleb turned Cain onto his back and held the First Blade to his throat. “I suppose if we can’t have the First Knight of Hell, my master will just have to settle for the man who killed the First Knight of Hell.” Caleb raised the First Blade high, but Cain struck him in the face with a backfist. While Caleb was stunned, Cain used his power to send Caleb flying into the wall of the cabin. The First Blade fell on the wooden floor between the two murderers. Cain reached to touch the bracelet only to grunt in pain and pull his hand back. The two men looked at the First Blade and reached out, attempting to use their telekinesis to pull it towards them. The Blade twitched slightly but remained in the middle of the room. Cain looked up at Caleb, his eyes blazing. “You better had come here ready for a fight, boy!” Caleb cracked his neck and smiled. “I’m sure you’ll find I’m ready, willing, and… well, I wouldn’t want to bring up old wounds. Let’s see if we can make some new ones!” The two men leapt for the First Blade. OK: Cain: As long as he wears Caleb’s ‘bracelet’, he is unable to teleport, or smite Caleb. Basically, he’s at the level he was fighting Dean in the clip below. Caleb: His bootleg Mark allows him the use of telekinesis and the ability to use the First Blade. The only way either of them can be killed is with the First Blade. The fight takes place inside Cain’s cabin. Whoever gets the First Blade and uses it to kill the other combatant, wins. Game On!

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