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  1. Nice festive match up and writing! I am leaning towards Krampus, just seemed overall a bit more powerful from what I recall of both movies.
  2. Across time and space, tales are told of tricks and feats that appear more than magical. Hidden behind these amazing achievements are beings who actually use their guile and cunning, alongside magic and science, to survive the worst the world can throw their way. But what happens when these two beings cross paths? Mayhem and chaos no doubt, but who will ultimately stand triumphant?
  3. Ra's is after Potter for some reason. As assassins attack Hogwarts, Harry finds himself alone in a room against Ra's. Potter has his wand, and Ra's a plan plus his normal gear.
  4. A match request by my kid. Full powered versions, all out battle.
  5. Bloodlusted fight at a power station on the edge of a large lake....
  6. Fantastic setup! Really entertaining and a great concept (which would be great to see more of). Leaning towards Robbie in terms of pure powers and durability - but unlikely the Corinthian will make it that simple and will undoubtedly find someway of escaping.
  7. Thanks Boratz! It's an arc I always had in the back of mind. I'm actually trying to find some of the more obvious fights that haven't been done to see if can attract more traffic to the website.
  8. Wow, thank all! Very unexpected given how many good stories there were. So glad these are back and looking forward to the next one!
  9. That was also one of the first scenes that came to mind. Wanda's powers are crazy strong, but it seemed that Thanos only really had his strength going for him in the MCU (inifity stones aside) - whereas Hela had a much more diverse power set such as summoning blades, portals and even resurecting people which I thought evened things out a bit. You could well be right though and this is more one sided than I originally thought.
  10. The Green Death - Part 3 Continued from: Part 1: Killer Croc vs King Shark Part 2: Zombie Spider-Man vs Vampire Batman --------------------------------------------------- When the apocalypse came, it came not from the skies or with a ranging fire as was prophesied. It came instead invisibly, transmitting from person to person, without any symptoms and without any pain until it was too late. The Green Death they called it; after the gentle hue of the skin of the infected, and our greatest minds could do nothing to stop or even slow it. Every mammal was infected, even the aliens. Human, Kryptonian, Amazonian, Asguardian or Mutant; they all fell. It spread quicker that we could have anticipated, seeming to transmit as quickly by water as it could by air or touch. Our leaders and heroes were gone before we even knew there was a danger, and the world seemed to turn on itself. Countries blamed each other, or pointed the finger at outsiders and what the virus had not ravaged, we destroyed ourselves. Nukes, lasers, and energy blasts levelled cities, and the skies burned red with the fires of destruction. And just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, it did. The Green Death wasn't finished with us yet. From the mass graveyards and condemned houses, the dead rose once again. They shuffled, walked and ran, driven by a primordial need to consume flesh. Mindlessly they hunted us down and dragged us kicking and screaming out of our hiding places and ripped us to shreds. About one in a one thousand of us was immune, and we banded together in small groups to see out this apocalypse. In the ruined husks of our great cities, we run, hide, forage, and die. This is our life now. --------------------------------------------------- Kyle ran. That was his life. Running from place to place, terror hounding his every step. Some terrors were real, like the endless waves of human and superhuman zombies that tore apart his friends and family. Or terrors of the mind, like the vision of the Batman's long fangs tearing into Terri's neck. An endless cycle of horror and sadness that refused to be pushed away from his memories, even as he confronted the new evils that awaited him. So he ran. Blood pumping and his limbs crying out in physical agony that drowned out the screeching in his mind. Eventually his limbs simply refused to carry him any further and he sagged to the ground. His bag dropped to the side of him and he lay there in the stillness, only his ragged breathing breaking the silence. He had come to a point where he almost didn't care if he lived or died. But something kept pushing him on; an innate need to survive, even if he didn't want to live. And so he eventually forced himself first onto his knees, and then onto his feet and he stumbled on. Onwards towards either salvation, or more likely towards certain death. Eventually he came upon signs of life. it wasn't much, but survivors such as Kyle had long since learned to recognise anything out of ordinary - the ordinary being the lifeless and soulless parody of what had once been civilisation. The signs were subtle; the hastily brushed over ashes of an overnight fire, the sweeping away of footprints, a discarded water bottle. More importantly, there was no dried blood. That would have been the clearest indication that what had once been life had been overcome by an onslaught of zombies, either human or superhuman. Usually there was a lot more blood if it had been the latter. Having already looked around, Kyle thought he may as well try his luck. "Hello?" His voice was tentative, trying to be loud enough to attract attention without spooking anyone close by. "Is there anyone there? I'm not infected." It sounded almost ludicrous to say it, but he felt it was important. "We know you aren't. But we're not sure you are friendly either" The voice was metallic, synthesised, as if spoken through one of the old supermarket tannoys. A figure suddenly landed in front of him with a solid thud. It shone in the sunlight like an angel, glinting metal from head to toe. Kyle smiled as his mind suddenly flashed back to a happier day, when he had been watching the TV in his small apartment with his wife Lucy and his daughter Veronica. They had all been huddled on the sofa, his legs stretched out onto the table in front of them, popcorn in his lap. The immortal words had been spoken and they had all gasped at the TV at the same time. "My name is Tony Stark, and I am Ironman." Kyle's smile turned into a laugh, then a sob as he remembered his family, then fatigue caught up with him and he pitched forward to land in a heap at Ironman's feet. ------------------------------- The darkness of sleep had been bliss, and for once no dark memories or nightmares had stalked Kyle's dreams. But the blaring alarm that woke him up had him swinging his feet over the edge of the bed in an instant. The years of the Green Death had sharpened his senses and reflexes, and he was already wide awake and pulling on his clothes when the young lady burst through the door. She couldn't have been more than 20, but she had obviously seen battles in her time. Scars criss-crossed the muscled arms that protruded from her tank top, and her lithe form spoke volumes of the strength that drove her. "Quickly, we need to go!" She spoke urgently, barely giving him a chance before she ran to the next room, leaving Kyle to quickly scramble after her. She was banging and calling awake people all along a corridor, and Kyle quickly saw why. Through large windows overhead lurked a massive spaceship, and from it was descending a metallic figure that Kyle had only seen once or twice in special Metropolis bulletins. Brainiac! The alien from a distant planet that Superman had had run ins with, and who had come close to destroying the Earth. Kyle almost felt numb to the horror. Just when things couldn't get worse - after all the pain of the wars, the Green Death, the zombies - now a horror from space itself. He ran through the corridors and out the back of the building, following the young woman and some of the others. He risked a quick glance behind, and saw Ironman rising through the air to meet Brainiac. He turned away as the first explosion went off. And on Kyle ran....
  11. [MCU Versions. Set before Infinity War - in an alternate dimension] Asgard has fallen, and Hela has killed Thor. Picking up her ancient ideas of conquest, Hela looks to Earth and comes with her armies. Asgardians, now aligned with the Frost Giants, invade and start tearing apart cities. The encounter happens at once such battle when both Wanda and Hela are seperated from their armies. There is no outside intervention, and is a pure battle to the death as each immediately recognises the threat the other poses.
  12. Reckon this will come down in the end to which versions of the characters. But with the overall high showings, and excluding power ups such as anti-life equation or infinity gauntlet, then I'm leaning towards the slightly more powerful DC side. As said though, really depends on power levels - with, if I remember the various comics correctly, Anti-Monitor and Tyrant both having fluctuated quite a bit.
  13. Damn this is awesome! Both are great characters, and there are so many similarities. I've got a (quite hard to find it seems) book about Silver called Long John Silver by Bjorn Larsson which is absolutely amazing and made me love the character even more. He's smart, ruthless, and always plotting the next success. I think the most logical outcome here is that The Black Pearl will win, but in the end Silver will outsmart/outfight Barbossa and become the new captain of the Pearl! Silver for the win.

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