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  1. I agree. The Star War fans are likely to have more in common and be able to coordinate more effectively than general fanboys, where pre-existing rivalries may exist.
  2. I'm never sure with Alice as to the extent of her powers. Didn't movie version once make someone bleed by looking at them through a screen from a security camera. She may just have enough whatever that power is to take this. And from what I recall Selene is fairly intelligent as well. I'm leaning slightly towards them at the moment, but really it depends on how obtuse the villains want to be! If they leave massive clues, as they tend to do sometimes, that leads to a big showdown then likely they'll lose. But if we take the absolute worst versions then they should be able to last the full 48 hours. I think I've changed my mind as I wrote that paragraph... so will revisit later. 😄
  3. The feats are certainly mighty for Heracles. However Hulk is almost the perfect match in terms of powers.
  4. I think Djarins weaponry counters quite a bit of Predators (such as his armour withstanding shots, or his helmet seeing Pred hiding), so he has a good chance of taking this. He'll certainly be battered and bruised by the end of it though!
  5. To defeat World War Hulk upon his return to Earth, Dr Strange sends him away to another universe. This so happens to be a world where Greek myths and legends are real. Having been denied his revenge, Hulk starts destroying everything he sees and soon faces an enraged Heracles, fresh from having returned Cerberus to the underworld. The two powerhouses clash in a battle that shakes the earth itself.
  6. Fun matchup. Unfortunately I don't know much about Master Chief but from what I've read on this site he probably takes it? Mandos armour strength and surprise weaponry may be a factor though.
  7. Agree with comments so far. I see Jigsaw and Riddler as near enough cancelling each other out, so it'll come to Joker or Hannibal to sway the fight. Now Hannibal is an expert on crazy and a genius in his own right, but I don't think he could manage the sheer level of lunacy that Joker would bring to the fight. Joker is smart, and far too unpredictable for Hannibal to properly diagnose and figure out. And finally, the Batman team have the financial and physical advantage which helps as well.
  8. Worlds collide in a crazy mix up of universes. Ant-Man and Atom meet up, recognising that they have shared knowledge of science and that by combining their tech they may be able to use the subrealms to reset the universes. However, someone is uniting villains and has despatched the two evil Force users to end them. Takes place in a makeshift lab the two have put together. To the death!
  9. I'm leaning towards Team 2 then. The potential supernatural abilities of 2 of the members of team 1 aren't, in my opinion, enough to counteract the sheer tenacity, will, skills and possible damage output of team 2. They may lose 1 or even 2 members, but I reckon they'll make 72 hours.
  10. Will need to check that out! I know he's a beast, although I know that some of Iron Man's suits are also OP as heck.
  11. In the end, this is what it comes down to. Man and his technology, against Nature with all her unbridled fury. Let's imagine the World has had enough. Pollution, extinctions, the tarnishing of nature. Enough! In a single moment, all the animals, the plants, nature herself, all turn against humanity. The mightiest heroes are brought down or torn apart, sometimes by those companions closest to them. It falls to Iron Man who has determined the source of this mass extermination of humanity is Swamp Thing so he immediately flies there to confront him. What would happen if these two behemoths clash in an all out battle for survival?

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