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  1. Marvel vs. Capcom was the first thing that hit me when I saw this match. Nice that you mention it right off the bat.
  2. Still going with Hisako who is from an actual fighting game and has tangled with things far worse than either Sadako or Kayako have faced. Although it could end with Hisako standing victorious and then somehow all three entities merging lol.
  3. When I think of this Dante I think of this video. (A good series btw) I'm giving the edge to Maulkiller.
  4. Thinking the same thing. Such a weak link is Patrokolos that the entire Soul Calibur timeline was reset to avoid him, lol. Vergil obtaining Soul Calibur is an idea I can get behind. Overall cool matchup Nesh. Glad to see Raziel in a match and eager to see what other characters you have lined up.
  5. I was able to rate the match-up but was too late to vote I would have gone with Jay, Lark, and Raven so if we had both got to it in time I guess it still would have tied. Although you make a strong argument for the Kabuki Twins.
  6. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART 195 After a back and forth battle atop the rooftop of the G Corporation Millenium Tower, Jin had decided that he needed to transform into his devil form to properly deal with the Dragon Ninja, himself, Ryu Hayabusa. (REF: RYU HAYABUSA VS. JIN KAZAMA) Ryu did not give his opponent much time after the transformation and immediately struck him with a helicopter kick. The ninja went for another kick, but Devil Jin grabbed his leg and slammed him down. Jin fired off a Devil beam that Ryu avoided and caused a small section of the roof to collapse. Jin shot off a second Devil Beam. Hayabusa disappeared and reappeared above Jin, grabbing and tossing the King of the Iron Fist by his head. Jin quickly recovered and was then hit by a corkscrew attack from Ryu. Devil Jin fought back with a Tsunami Kick. Jin went for Ryu’s wrist to perform the Kazama style Wrist Chuck Slam, but was blocked by Hayabusa. Ryu spun like a top with his palms producing fire and knocked back Devil Jin. He rolled toward his opponent and summoned up his ki into a purple energy ninpo attack from his hands. At the same time, Devil Jin powered up with a burst of red electric energy that emanated from his body. The collision of the two powers resulted in an explosion that knocked both fighters off their feet. Ryu Hayabusa was the first one back to his feet and he charged at Devil Jin. Jin countered Ryu’s aggression with a Lightning Screw Uppercut. He then tossed Ryu in the air and juggled him for a few moments with Devil Beams searing across Ryu’s skin. The Dragon Ninja fell and did not get back up as quickly as before. Jin eased up slightly as confidence arose inside of him. “You are very, very good, but not good enough,” Devil Jin boasted. Ryu grabbed his chest where the Devil Beams had hit the hardest, destroying some of his protective gear. “I will purge the evil inside you,” he declared. Hayabusa again jumped toward his adversary, but this time he sidestepped Jin’s counter and launched the demonic fighter in the air with a two legged kick. Hayabusa attacked Jin while he was in the air with everything he had. Teleporting in and out with attacks all the while only appearing as a blur before finally holding onto Jin and driving him down with an Izuna Drop. The velocity of the move broke through the rooftop and the floor below it. Ryu planted Jin on the ground of the following floor. Devil Jin landed with such momentum that he bounced off the ground and crashed through a nearby glass wall. Ryu pulled out the True Dragon Sword and walked over to the slowly recovering Devil Jin who was covered in glass and debris. He made three quick slashes across Jin’s chest, putting the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu on his back. Ryu readied himself to plunge the Dragon Sword through the chest of Jin, then he hesitated as he was unsure of what to do next. Jin Kazama had caused a lot of suffering during his time as the head of the Zaibatsu and the Devil Gene inside of him was clearly an evil influence. Still, Ryu had heard many stories of the good man that Jin was and could still be and wondered if condemning the man to death was the right thing to do. On the other hand, if he didn’t finish Jin off, he was also the man to hold grudges and he had the power and the resources to bring fire upon the Hayabusa Village. Ryu’s moral dilemma was interrupted by a large explosion from below that caused the building to shake. A few floors below. Kazuya Mishima had launched his ultimate attack of multiple Devil Beams at Ayane (REF: RUGAL BERNSTEIN VS. RAIDOU) after having defeated her half sister, Kasumi, in a fight. (REF: KASUMI VS. KAZUYA MISHIMA) Kazuya was usually hesitant to unleash such a destructive attack inside his own building, but he had grown weary of fighting the kunoichi and currently desired nothing more than their destruction. Kazuya walked over in his Devil form toward the destruction that he had created to check and see if he had taken out Ayane. Suddenly an overwhelming feeling shot through his body. He had secretly ingested some of the Soul Edge shards before he had his scientists experiment with them and he was sure the sensation inside of him was coming from the shards. It took him a moment to realize exactly what was happening. It was Soul Edge, itself, calling out to him (REF: MOMIJI VS. ZASALAMEL), looking to become whole once more. Finally, his ambition to obtain the legendary sword was about to be realized. It was beckoning him like a homing beacon. Kazuya smiled and then flew out of the hole in the side of the Millenium Tower caused by his attack. Soon after, Ryu Hayabusa arrived at the same spot having decided to leave the injured Jin Kazama and investigate what was happening. Ryu tilted his head over his shoulder and saw Devil Kazuya flying away in the night sky. Hayabusa wondered if he had enough strength left to take on another member of the Mishima bloodline, but he also did not want to let the villain get close to Soul Edge. He decided he would follow Kazuya, but a horrifying image rearranged his priorities. Out of the corner of his eye, Ryu spotted his friend, Kasumi, battered and beaten, on the floor, with building debris falling around her. Ryu Hayabusa quickly scooped her up and exited the Millenium Tower. Outside the tower, Ryu placed Kasumi on a nearby bench for the time being with the intent of going back inside. However, that would not happen. A familiar purple energy erupted from the Millenium Tower and the entire building began to collapse. “Ayane,” Ryu whispered. —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was nearing dawn as Siegfried reached the forest where Soul Edge was residing. (REF: KEN MASTERS VS. ASH CRIMSON) As he got closer to the cursed blade, his own sword started to glow to an almost blinding degree. It was so bright that Siegfried had to stop and momentarily let go of Soul Calibur. When he did this, a spirit rose from the sword. It was the beautiful, blonde, living incarnation of Soul Calibur’s will. “Elysium!” Siegfried marveled. “You have not revealed yourself in centuries.” “Yes, I know.” “You must be truly worried about the emergence of Soul Edge. I swear that I will stop it,” Siegfried promised. “I believe you. You have always been my greatest champion, Siegfried,” stated Elysium. “Then why have you halted me this close to the goal?” Siegfried wondered. “I want to make sure you have the will to do what must be done. All that must be done,” said Elysium. “I don’t understand,” admitted Siegfried. “Aren’t you tired of this eternal struggle?” asked Elysium. “Aren’t you wary of always having to worry about the spread of the Evil Seed? Wouldn’t you like to eliminate Soul Edge once and for all?” “Of course, I would,” answered Siegfried. “I did not believe such a thing was possible.” “It is only possible if you become more proactive and less reactive,” Elysium informed. “You must obliterate evil in all its forms to eliminate the source that feeds into Soul Edge.” “I thought that is what I was doing,” Siegfried protested. “You have been defeating potential vessels to be the new Azure Knight, Nightmare, but that’s not enough. Destroying that wretched soul, M. Bison (REF: SIEGFRIED VS. M. BISON), and putting the fear and respect in that egomaniacal human, Gill, (REF: SIEGFRIED VS. GILL) were a good start but there are many more that need to be reckoned with,” Elysium explained. “I..I will strike down the major threats, but I cannot hunt down every evildoer in this world,” Siegfried retorted. Elysium paused before giving her reply. “Another pursuer of Soul Edge approaches. We will finish our conversation after you have dealt with him.” In a flash of light, Elysium disappeared and Siegfried picked Soul Calibur back up off the ground. Siegfried wondered who Elysium was referring to, but he didn’t have to wonder long as he soon felt the menacing presence of the Devil Gene. Devil Kazuya flew overhead and landed several yards in front of the knight. The race to the sword had begun. Siegfried was able to catch up with the head of the G-Corporation before he reached the neverending maze as Kazuya had paused to take in his new surroundings. “You will go no further!” Siegfried commanded. “Says who?” Kazuya responded. “Says I, Siegfried, weilder of Soul Calibur, and former slave to Soul Edge.” Kazuya eyed Siegfried and chuckled. “After the goof with the baseball cap (REF: TERRY BOGARD VS. KAZUYA MISHIMA) and the annoying ninja girl I should have expected that at some point in my journey to claim a legendary weapon I would cross paths with an actual knight.” Kazuya’s red eye sparked as he smirked. “How trite.” “Your pursuit ends now, at my hands!” Siegfried announced. “Wrong. I will crush you and then I will decimate every other living being that has Soul Edge shards inside of them so that the full power of the weapon will be mine to control!”
  7. I guess in my view it depends on the version of the character. I believe Riddler and Mad Hatter have a lower floor and a higher ceiling than the Two-Face/Penguin duo depending on which versions you are using.
  8. Fraternity Fox's best shot against Pack Fox is literally her bullet curving. Pack Fox hasn't seen anything like that before and she might not initally be ready for it if Fraternity Fox immediately went for the kill. Unfortunately for Frat Fox, Pack Fox has seen it now and would be ready for it. So it comes down to overall skill and Pack Fox has her beat. A good matchup for both lethal ladies. Also there is no way David hasn't rigged the ring to ensure his wife's victory if such a situation developed. Everything is accounted for, lol.
  9. Joker doesn't play well with other so I see a fallout between him and Dr. Crane. I think Mad Hatter and Riddler have the wits to overcome the mob boss connection of Penguin and Two-Face.
  10. I like Dante here. He is a variety of abilities at his disposable that should overwhelm Ultimate Wolverine.
  11. Very good fight and you make a strong argument for Tusk, but I think it's close enough to where I still feel comfortable going with Leo in a brutal battle.
  12. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART 194 Inside Millenium Tower, the CEO of G-Corporation battled against Mugen Tenshin’s strongest, Kasumi. (REF: KAZUYA MISHIMA VS. KASUMI) Kazuya attacked Kasumi with a Roundhouse kick that transitioned into Triple Spin Kicks. He followed up with an Oni Kick but connected with nothing but air and cherry blossoms as Kasumi teleported behind him and jumped into a trio of cartwheel kicks. After the third cartwheel kick, Kasumi teleported above Kazuya and stomped on his face like a stair master until the King of the Iron Fist winner fell to the ground. Kazuya quickly rolled through and tagged Kasumi with a Tombstone Crusher kick. He stood up, enraged and embarrassed by Kasumi’s previous move. He engaged the kunoichi and trapped her in his 10 hit combo, ending in a vicious uppercut. “Vile woman, how dare you…” Before he could finish, Kasumi was back on her feet and jumped on Kazuya’s shoulders with her legs wrapped around his head, she twirled slightly and brought Kazuya to the ground with a hurricanrana, Kazuya landed face first. Kasumi drove her knee into Kazuya’s face as he recovered, jumped on his back, rolled and launched him into the air. She teleported, springboarded off the wall, and smashed her elbow into the falling Kazuya. Through concentration, Kazuya managed to land on his feet. Kasumi went in close for another strike but was rebuffed by a Stonehead headbutt from Kazuya. Kazuya punched Kasumi with the Demon Fist that stunned Kasumi as electricity shot through her body. He followed with a flipping overhead kick, the Demon Scissors, to great effect In a burst of rage, Kazuya transformed into his devil form. “This place will be your burial ground!” he threatened. Kasumi quickly tried to jump over Devil Kazuya, but with his wings assisted jump he was able to catch her in the air and slam her to the ground. Kasumi attempted to teleport behind Kazuya, but the wisened warrior turned in time and stopped her with a Tsunami kick that hit Kasumi in the head. Kazuya then blasted her through his office window with a Devil Beam. Elsewhere in the Millenium Tower, Ayane had proven herself too quick for the Secret Agent, Crimson Viper and C. Viper was growing desperate to land a combination of moves. (REF: AYANE VS. CRIMSON VIPER) She attempted to land a fiery kick, yet Ayane spun away from the attack. She punched at Ayane with her electricity charged gloves, and Ayane ducked, grabbed Viper’s arm and flung her into a giant tubed cylinder. Viper emerged soaked from the cylinder with her gloves sparking. She discarded her jacket and went back on the offensive. Her kick was blocked by Ayane, who went back at her with a series of jumping kicks and twirling palm strikes..Ayane disappeared and reappeared above Viper smashing her with a sommersault strike. Ayane threw her butterfly kunai at Viper who used her rocket boots to jump away from them. Utilizing her hands, Ayane summoned some purple ninpo and blasted the vulnerable Crimson Viper at close range. Viper rolled on the ground, her suit in tatters. Ayane walked over to her and stepped on her yellow sunglasses. “If you want to keep your life then stay down.” Even if she wanted to continue, Viper did not have the strength. Ayane collected the Soul Edge shards and exited the lab. Ayane helped her clansmen out whenever she happened upon them fighting G Corporation Security and Tekken Force soldiers as she made her way to Kazuya’s office to confront him. Ayane arrived just in time to see Devil Kazuya deliver an Electric Wind God Fist to Kasumi’s chin. Kazuya’s office was destroyed and several pieces of furniture were on fire. Ayane’s sister was in worse shape than she had ever seen her before. Devil Kazuya picked up Kasumi by the throat and the proud kunoichi was too weak to fight back. Ayane was hit by a wide range of emotions as she saw her sister in such dire straits. They had a complicated relationship. Ayane felt resentment toward Kasumi when they were younger and hatred toward her when she ran away from the Mugen Tenshin clan in pursuit of their brother Hayate. In the past she had been sent to kill her deserter sister, but they had made their peace. Seeing her at the brink of death in the hands of a monster set off a certain rage inside Ayane that she didn’t know she had. “Put her down!” Ayane demanded. Devil Kazuya tossed Kasumi aside like a piece of trash and glared at Ayane. He outstretched his arms and wings and blasted multiple Devil Beams in Ayane’s direction causing a small explosion. Ayane lost consciousness for a brief moment When she awakened, Kazuya and Kasumi were gone. The fires were spreading further throughout the building, Unbridled anger erupted inside of Ayane. She would find Kazuya and make him pay for what he had done to Kasumi. But first, she decided she would destroy his precious tower. She would reduce it to rubble just as she had done to the DOATEC building years earlier. Ayane held two fingers close to her chin and concentrated as she chanted the incantation to perform her most devastating technique, A purple aura surrounded Ayane and she slammed her fist into the ground. The Art of the Raging Mountain God sent purple shockwaves throughout the building and the Millenium Tower collapsed. —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rugal Bernstein emerged from the darkness at the abandoned airport hangar following the departure of Ryu and Iori Yagami. (REF: JIN KAZAMA VS. RYU HAYABUSA) The voice of Orochi immediately spoke out to him. “I knew the allure of my power would be too much for you to resist,” “I came here as soon as I sensed it,” stated Rugal. “I witnessed your humiliating defeat at the hands of the man in the white gi.” (REF: RYU VS. OROCHI) “A momentary setback,” the voice of Orochi insisted. “Chris was not a strong enough vessel to truly display my power. You remember, you received but a fraction of my power from Goenitz and remember how more powerful you became?” Rugal’s red eye flashed and he smiled. “Yes… But I still lost. I need more.” “Only one that has my blood can become my vessel,” Orochi explained. “Who said anything about being your vessel? I just want your power,” Rugal clarified. “The power surge you seek comes with a price,” stated the voice of Orochi. “But so desperate am I to get my vengeance on the man who beat me that I am willing to offer you a deal.” Rugal’s ears perked up. “I will imbue you with my full power and work with you so that we may destroy the Three Sacred Treasures and obliterate the man in the white gi,” Orochi offered. “You will still maintain control of your body and your techniques so that we can assure the job is done.” “How do we do that?” asked Rugal. “A blood transfusion,” replied Orochi. “There is a member of the Hakkeshu being treated in a nearby hospital. He has the Orochi blood but has always been too unstable to be of use. It would seem we have finally found use for him.” “Well then let’s get going,” Rugal exclaimed. “I shall meet you there,” Orochi promised. Rugal Bernstein traveled to the hospital treating Ryuji Yamazaki after his fight in the building with the Yoga Master, Dhalsim. Before he could reach Ryuji, Rugal’s path was blocked off by a bald man with gray skin who also had a glowing red eye. “Rugal Bernstein!” the man announced. Rugal cocked an eyebrow, “Do I know you?” “My name is Raidou and I will be the one taking in the power of Orochi!” the man proclaimed. “What?!?” The voice of Orochi spoke up. “I needed to make sure you are the right one, Rugal, before I willingly chose you. Raidou, here, is also a strong candidate. He has also returned from the dead and he is also looking for a major power upgrade.” “Victor Donovan and his MIST organization revived me for a second time, hoping I could help them with their foolish plans,” Raidou explained. “Then I felt the power of Orochi and he spoke to me. He told me of the power I could receive if I proved myself a superior warrior. So I decimated Victor Donovan and his lab and here I am!” Rugal scoffed. “Such an annoyance that I have to prove my dominance. But, I am up for the exercise.” “I will have you wishing you stayed dead,” Raidou threatened. “Not before I turn you into another one of my statue trophies,” Rugal looked over his new opponent. “You already have the skin for it.”
  13. . GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART 193 “Sonic Boom!” Guile crossed his arms and sent another Sonic Boom projectile at Cassandra Alexandra as the duo did battle in an empty boathouse. (REF: GUILE VS. CASSANDRA ALEXANDRA) Cassandra used her Nemea shield to absorb most of the impact. It rattled wildly on impact and Cassandra felt it in her arms and body. She wondered how many more of Guile’ signature projectiles she would be able to successfully shield herself from after having to defend herself from three already. “Sonic Boom!” Another one came quickly at her. Instead of trying to block it with her shield, Cassandra instead tried to jump over the technique. She successfully dodged the Sonic Boom by leaping into the air, but unfortunately for her Guile was waiting for that and and hit her hard with a Flash Kick. Cassandra landed hard on the ground and held on tight to her sword and shield so that she would not lose them. Guile took a few steps back to keep a safe distance away from Cassandra and her Omega Sword. “Sonic Boom!” Cassandra had to think quickly. She knew now that jumping over the projectile would be a mistake, but she also couldn’t stay just on the defensive forever. Guile was already wearing down. Cassandra charged at the projectile shield first and the force of the collision knocked the Nemea Shield out of her hands. She quickly spun around and swung her blade at Guile. The army major ducked the slash from his crouched position, grabbed Cassandra from behind and delivered a devastating German Suplex. Cassandra again focused on holding on to her sword. She returned to her feet and was met by two punches from Guile followed by a back hand punch. Cassandra thrust forward with her Omega Sword. Guile jumped and hit Cassandra over the head with a double ax handle attack. Cassandra winced in pain. Guile capitalized with another Flash Kick to put the younger Alexandra sister on her back. Despite seemingly being outmatched, the determined Cassandra returned to her feet. Guile, still close, extended out his arms and charged a large and wide static Sonic Boom attack that surrounded Cassandra and rocked her from all sides. Cassandra felt as if an earthquake had erupted in her body. She dropped her sword and fell to her knees, dizzy and weak from Guile’s persistent attack. Cassandra was no longer able to defend herself and she braced herself for Guile’s next move. Unexpectedly, Guile’s next move was not an attack, but instead an extended hand. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he stated. “That has never been my intention. We are on the same side and need to work together.” Reluctantly, Cassandra accepted Guile’s assistance to pull her up back to her feet and even helped her steady herself as her balance was still shaky. “You have proven yourself a more than capable warrior,’ Cassandra admitted. “One that I will not have to worry about babysitting when things get tough.” “I’ve worked hard for many years to get to this level,” said Guile. “If we are to move forward, I need to know. Are you certain you can resist Soul Edge’s temptation a second time?” Cassandra questioned. “Yes. Your sister helped through a lot of the pent up anger that allowed Soul Edge to consume me the first time,” Guile explained. “A lot of it had to do with an old buddy of mine, Charlie, but that is in the past. And I am willing to leave it there to focus on the present.” “I hope for both of our sakes that you are right.” a half smile appeared on Cassandra’s face. “From what you just showed me, it would probably take a combined effort from Sophitia and I to take you down if we had to.” Guile also smiled. “And I know that you both wouldn’t hesitate to do so if needed, and I am good with that.” “I’m not sure we would be able to bring your friends along. After what I experienced in the village, I don’t know if they would be up to the challenge,” Cassandra said bluntly. “I wasn’t intending on bringing them. They are still recovering and not in fighting shape,” Guile informed. He then lifted an eyebrow. “Do you really think Sophitia has gone straight to Soul Edge’s location?” “Well I can’t be certain, just a feeling I have,” stated Cassandra. Guile contacted Helena Douglas to ask about Sophitia. Helena confirmed that the blonde braided warrior hadn’t been back or made contact since going to look for the wandering samurai, Mitsurugi. “Sophitia seemed so earnest in wanting to work together. Something strange is going on,” Guile told Cassandra after his conversation with Helena. Cassandra grabbed her chest. “Dang it! Soul Edge has been fully powered. It is calling out to the shards within me. It hungers for a reunion.” “If that is the case, then you are right about Sophitia. It is probably calling out to her too. Let’s go and put an end to this,” Guile declared. Cassandra nodded. “If you have a way to get there, I will show you the path.” —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a forest clearing close to the Soul Edge sword, Rachel slammed her warhammer into Sophitia’s Elk Shield. (REF: SOPHITIA ALEXANDRA VS. RACHEL) The force of the collision knocked Sophitia back a few steps, but the proud warrior held her ground. Sophitia deflected a follow up front kick from Rachel with her shield before getting in some offense of her own with a swing of her sword. The slash only delayed Rachel a few moments. Rachel went in for a knee strike, but again was blocked by Sophitia’s shield. Rachel swung her warhammer at Sophitia, who countered with her sword. The two weapons crashed against each other. Holding the lighter weapon, Sophitia was able to easier transition into an array of slashes, but Rachel parried each one with the handle of her warhammer. Rachel came back with an overheard downward swing which Sophitia held off by using both her sword and shield together for protection. Rachel leaned into the move utilizing her impressive strength. Sophitia’s defense began to break down so she shot out her leg to trip up her opponent. The desperation move succeeded and Rachel tumbled backward. Sophitia slashed upward to keep Rachel off balance. Her sword and shield were now glowing with divine energy. She charged at Rachel shield first and then performed an uppercut with her sword. Rachel took a wild unfocused swing to try and stem the assault, but Sophitia ducked and lunged forward with her sword, disarming the fiend hunter. In desperation, Rachel grabbed Sophitia and attempted to swing slam the Greek warrior as she had done to Chun-Li before. Sophitia slashed at Rachel’s feet while in her arms and was quickly let go. She launched herself off her shield and hit Rachel with a Guardian Spear Kick, Sophitia then wrapped her legs around Rachel’s arm and jumped downward with her Heaven’s Arch arm breaker. Rachel shouted in pain. Rachel mustered up the strength to knock Sophitia back with a shoulder block. She followed with a sideways double axe handle attack that knocked Sophitia to the ground. Rachel retreated to retrieve her warhammer as Sophita recovered and composed herself. The two blonde warriors clashed weapons again. They jousted two more times before pulling back. Each woman charged up for a final clash. A red aura encompassed Rachel’s war hammer while red lightning twirled around Sophitia’s glowing sword. They charged in for another bout and Sophitia successfully stuck first creating a small explosion and spinning Rachel out in the air. Rachel’s warhammer hit the ground first followed by her body. Her head tilted upward momentarily before it went back down and she lost consciousness. Sophitia stood over a defeated Rachel. She did not have much time to reflect on what had just happened before Momiji descended down from the treetops. “Rachel!?!” Momiji cried. The Dragon Shrine Maiden ran over to her friend. “What happened?” “I fought her. I didn’t want to but I had to,” responded Sophitia. “Why?” “She coveted Soul Edge and was possessed by a demon,” Sophitia explained. “Allowing her to even touch the handle of Soul Edge was something I could not abide.” Momiji studied her fallen companion carefully. “I do not sense any evil spirits within her.” “That’s impossible,” stated Sophitia. “It was there. I….” Sophitia moved closer toward Rachel and as Momiji had said she could no longer sense a possession of the leather clad warrior. Sophitia suddenly grabbed her head as a voice echoed inside. “A pleasure to make your acquaintance my new host,” The demon that had once possessed Shura and then Rachel (REF: NYOTENGU VS. ELIZA) and now Sophitia, whispered in her head. “For me only the strongest vessel will do and that vessel has proven to be you.” “Curses! I will not let you overtake me, vile demon!” Sophitia shouted. Momiji grabbed on to her naginata blade as the realization of the situation began to sink in. “Who said anything about overtaking? We are in this together,” the demon whispered. “No. I will not work alongside evil no matter what your motivations,” Sophitia retorted. “No one understands the manifestation of evil more than a demon. If you truly want to destroy Soul Edge once and for all you will need me,” the demon enticed. “Haven’t you fought long enough?” “No. I will not listen to you,” Sophitia protested. Momiji approached Sophitia carefully. “I can help you. I am a shrine maiden. I can cleanse your soul.I know the technique.” “It’s a trick,” the demon whispered. “Look at the blood splatter on her. A bit violent for a shrine maiden, don’t you think? She intends to kill you.” Sophitia took note of the blood stains on Momiji’s outfit. “What happened to Zasalamel?” “I had to kill him. (REF: MOMIJI VS. ZASALAMEL) He posed too much of a threat and I couldn’t let him continue knowing I was to blame for him getting so close,” Momiji answered. (REF: IBUKI VS. HONOKA) “You see, You are being viewed the same way right now,” the demon continued. “Why else would she have picked up her weapon?” “Perhaps I deserve death,” Sophitia said silently. “I foolishly let myself be compromised and am now as big a threat as Rachel.” “Rachel was a bloodthirsty fiend hunter with fiend blood pumping through her veins, you are a holy warrior burdened with glorious purpose. You are not the same,” the demon contended. Momiji could tell that Sophitia was having an internal struggle. “Do not listen to it,” she warned. The voice of the demon inside Sophitia’s head grew louder. “Think of your children. How much they suffered because of Soul Edge and the vow you made so no one’s children would suffer the same fate. Do you really trust this fighter to do the right thing. She was the fiend hunter’s friend. There is no goodness in them, only vengeance.” “Why should I listen to you?” “I am honest with my intentions. Utilize Soul Edge to give me corporeal form then I have no use for it. I will help you destroy it because then I will be on top. After that, we can have a proper battle, and the top warrior will claim victory,” the demon detailed. “I can’t believe you. “If you doubt me then tell me why I haven’t simply tried to charge up the shards of Soul Edge that dwell inside you. More shards then most, am I right? The answer is I don’t want you to turn into a mindless servant of the Evil Seed. That is not my goal. I only desire a proper battle of strength and skill to determine who is best and to achieve it I will help you with the one thing you desire the most, the destruction of Soul Edge. But, you will have to survive long enough first. And to do that you need to dispatch of the fiend hunter’s friend.” Sophitia stood up with sword and shield in hand. “Is the struggle over?” asked Momiji. Sophitia nodded. “Yes. I know what we must do.” “We can start the ceremony very quickly. You just…” “That is not what I meant,” Sophitia interjected. Without another word, Sophita launched an attack on Momiji.
  14. In Ash's defense he took out all of the top KOF contenders during his run although he hadn't got to Kyo yet. He was also the only KOF protagonist to fight the main villain of his arc solo. In tournament, both men have probably had two of the strongest runs of any contenders. Ken has defeated the 2nd KOF protagonist K', Kyo's main rival, Iori, and Dead or Alive finalist, Hitomi. Ash has beaten Edge Master's protege and eventual replacement in Soul Calibur V, Kilik, the ancient demonic soul eater from Street Fighter, Necalli, and the skilled assassin, Gen, who battled Akuma on and off all the way to Street Fighter V.
  15. Didn't get to this during its run, but it was a very cool idea. Nice matchup, broadwaybeyonder.
  16. I think Fox from Wanted versus Fox from Gargoyles would be a good match but Fox McCloud just brings too much more firepower to his team that Fox Mulder can't match.
  17. Definitely was not expecting an Ibuki victory. I'll have to rethink some of the final matches.
  18. . GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART 192 Inside the Yata Village, M. Bison had greatly underestimated the ancient knight that currently opposed him and it was costing him dearly. (REF: SIEGFRIED VS. M. BISON) He could not overwhelm Siegfried with his Psycho Power and the longer the fight went on the more desperate Bison became. The evil dictator slid across the ground in an attempt to trip up Siegfried. The knight held his massive sword like a pillar to block the sweep and then swung it at Bison with such force that it spun Bison like a top. An overhead swipe from Siegfried’s sword knocked Bison to the ground. Siegfried then dragged the leader of Shadoloo across the ground with his sword before flinging him into a nearby tree. Embarrassed, Bison quickly rose back up and levitated in the air. “I will crush you!” Bison jumped on Siegried’s head with his Head Press technique and followed up with a Somersault Skull Driver, but was unable to connect as Siegfried swatted him away with an upward slash from Soul Calibur. Siegfried slashed Bison across the face with his blade. He then juggled Bison with two forward kicks before impaling him through the chest with Soul Calibur, lifting him in the air, and slamming him on the ground. Siegfried pressed his sword deeper into Bison’s body before finally pulling it out. “I will vanquish your evil,” Siegfried proclaimed as he slashed downward aggressively at Bison’s body. With each slash, the blue light energy surrounding Soul Calibur became brighter and brighter to an almost blinding degree. The spirit inside Soul Edge thirsted for the obliteration of Bison’s evil power. Using some of his fading Psycho Power, M. Bison teleported away and appeared behind Seigfried. Bison’s body was breaking down and his movement was labored but he remained obstinate. “I will never lose to the likes of you!” Bison attacked Siegfried with his Double Knee Press technique. Siegfried interrupted the move with a mighty swing of Soul Calibur. This time, Siegfried launched Bison into the air with his sword. Siegfried dragged Soul Calibur across the ground, blue mystic energy and fire enveloped the blade, as Siegfried mustered up all his strength and power into one heavy swing that almost cut the falling Bison in half. The wicked warlord was sprawled out at Siegfried’s feet. He was dying and Siegfried intended to end his suffering with one or two more strikes. Suddenly, Soul Calibur began to act up and it flashed a dire warning. Siegfried regarded his weapon for a few moments and then the realization sunk in. “I am too late. Soul Edge has been restored. (REF: MOMIJI VS. ZASALAMEL) I must make haste to the never ending maze right away.” Without another word, Siegfried left the village. Luckily for Yata Village, the Shadoloo grunts had also already fled when they saw their leader being cut down by the imposing knight. Chizuru Kagura, who had to watch helplessly as the evil overlord, M. Bison beat down her friend and fellow Sacred Treasure, Kyo Kusanagi before Seigfried’s arrival (REF: KYO KUSANAGI VS. M. BISON), struggled to get back to her feet. She walked over gingerly and knelt beside the broken body of Kyo. “One nightmare is seemingly over, but the other is still ongoing,” she whispered. “I know you feel it too. The presence of Orochi.” An unexpectedly welcome sight in the form of Ash Crimson strutted his way into the village. He cocked an eyebrow at all the destruction brought about by Shadoloo before he found the battered heroes in the center square. “Chizuru, I had heard you had run into some trouble. But, this place looks like hell,” he remarked. “I never thought I would be so happy to see you,” Chizuru replied. “Does this mean Elizabeth was able to convince you to take the Yata Mirror to help seal away Orochi?” Ash was nonchalant in his response. “Well, I had my own plans (REF: GEN VS. ASH CRIMSON), but that crazy old demon could throw a wrench in things so better to take care of him now.” “Wonderful. Although now we have run into another snag since Kyo is in no condition to use his own Treasure,” Chizuru lamented. “I’m sure we will figure something out. First, you have to tell me what happened here,” stated Ash. Chizuru pointed at M. Bison’s body. “He did. It’s a long story, but the condition of my village is the result of him and his Psycho Power.” Ash turned to look at Bison and could feel the energy still emanating from him. “Interesting.” “Arrggh! I didn’t make it time!” The shout came from Ken Masters who had also reached the center of the village. (REF: IBUKI VS. MAI SHIRANUI) “Where is Ryu? Where is Bison?” Ken asked. “Ryu is not here,” answered Chizuru. “I can only assume you are one of his friends. As for Bison, see for yourself.” Chizuru directed Ken toward the defeated body of Bison. “Who did this? You?” Ken wondered. “I wish. Bison was defeated by a mighty knight. He suddenly left before finishing him off.” Chizuru paused for a moment. “It was a very confusing turn of events but we have more pressing concerns. The return of Orochi has occurred. That was what Kyo and your friend, Ryu, went to face.” (REF: RYU VS. OROCHI) “What is Orochi?” Ken inquired. Chizuru lost her footing and collapsed into Ash Crimson’s arms. “I apologize. I am still weakened by Bison’s attack.” Ash smiled. “No worries.” Ash then looked over to Ken. “Hey you, friend of Ryu, why don’t you take Chizuru here back to where she can properly recover. She can tell you all about Orochi. I already know the story. I want to stay out here for a bit and help clean up. It’s a mess.” Ken escorted Chizuru back to her bead while a couple of other villagers lifted up Kyo. Chizuru told Ken the story of Orochi and the three tribes who finally defeated him and the pact they made to keep him sealed away. She then detailed the Three Sacred Treasures required to restore the seal and the tenuous position they were now in. “You believe everything going on with Soul Edge damaged the seal?” asked Ken. “I know it did,” answered Chizuru. “I can’t feel Orochi’s presence as strongly as I did before so your friend must have done a good job holding him off. Ryu must be really strong to even momentarily slow down Orochi. Still, he can’t seal him without the Treasures. Last I talked to Iori, he was already in route to Orochi’s location. I asked the man you saw outside, Ash, to come and take my Treasure so that he could use it to help complete the seal.” Ken was confused. “Your sacred treasure is something you can just give away?” “Not really. The mirror is inside me. But, Ash has the ability, he has done it before, even when we didn’t want him to,” Chizuru replied. “His ability may be our only answer at this point.” “What do you mean?” “I am in no condition to face Orochi so I asked Ash to come take the Yata Mirror. Now, Kyo is out of commission as well so we need a strong fighter to take his Kusanagi Sword. I think you may be that strong fighter, Mr. Masters.” “Kyo has a sword inside him?” “Go and bring Ash back here. We don’t have a lot of time to spare,” Chizuru urged. Ken returned to the center of the village and looked on in horror as Ash Crimson phased his hand into M. Bison’s chest to absorb his energy. “What are you doing?” Ken demanded. “Taking his Psycho Power, obviously,” Ash replied. “You can’t do that,” Ken protested. Annoyance flowed from Ash’s retort. “And yet here I am doing it.” . “No. I mean you shouldn’t. That power is too dangerous. It is better off laying dormant with a dying Bison,” Ken explained. “Power is only scary if you don’t know how to control it,” Ash opined. “I know a pop star who utilizes a version of Psycho Power just fine.” “It’s not the same,” Ken insisted. “You don’t know Bison like I do. His soul is tied to his power. If you absorb his power, his soul will take over your body and we will have to deal with him again.” Ash scoffed. “He can try.” Ken hurriedly kicked Ash away from Bison’s body. “I said stop.” Ash brushed himself off. “I don’t know if Chizuru told you or not, but I don’t take too kindly to people telling me what to do.” “The fate of the world is more important than your authority issues,” Ken shot back. “Don’t lecture me about the fate of the world, I sacrificed myself to save the world….” Ash rubbed his chin. “Wait a minute, you're him aren’t you? The guy that beat up Iori. (REF: KEN MASTERS VS. IORI YAGAMI) It’s partly your fault that we are in this mess.” “There is nothing that I did that lead to the resurrection of Orochi,” stated Ken. “Keep telling yourself that. Fact is, Iori and Kyo would have still been together if it weren’t for you and we would be in a much better position to contain Orochi.” Ash placed his hands on his hips. “There is definitely no way I’m listening to you. Now step aside so I can finish what I was doing. M. Bison’s Psycho Power may be the key to controlling the power I was feeling off that other old man.” “No. Come with me back to Chizuru so we can be entrusted with the Sacred Treasures to seal Orochi,” Ken instructed. “Sure. After I am done.” “You stealing M. Bison’s Psycho Power is not an option,” Ken repeated. Ash sighed as he formed a green flame between his fingers, “There you go trying to tell me what to do again. You really can’t help yourself from making things harder than they need to be.” “Are you trying to fight me?” asked Ken. “We are all needed for this mission.” “Chizuru may think so, but I disagree. I’ve held multiple Sacred Treasures before and with them and Bison’s power I could probably take Orochi on solo,” Ash guessed. Ken was in disbelief. “Does your arrogance know no bounds?” “One man’s arrogance is another man’s well-earned confidence.”
  19. Didn't know we were halting new additions. I mean it makes sense at this point. I just submitted one last person I wanted to use for my arc. As for this match, I am going with Living Laser.
  20. Yeah, if it were just up to me this last group of fighters would be much different then how it turned out, but all in all it ended up being a strong group of fighters, some of whom are my favorite from their series. If Mai gets by Ibuki there are a couple of ninjas waiting in the wings with much more experience than the young street fighter.
  21. The fight as I see it: Two turtles fight 70s Hulk and Two turtles fight Shrek. 70s Hulk overpowers his two turtle opponents and Kaa recognizes 70s Hulk as possibly the biggest threat and thus hypnotizes him to use for his team. Lucky the Leprechaun snaps Hulk from his daze with a song and dance on a rainbow of delicious marshmallows. Lucky is then immediately killed viciously by the Leprechaun who is disgusted by his animated brethren's obsession over marshmallows instead of gold. Lucky's death and the disappearance of the Lucky Charms rainbow makes 70s Hulk very angry and he goes on a rampage. All four turtles engage him in battle to try and take him down. Shrek escapes the carnage and gets help from the animals of the deep jungle to make a trap because they worry about the Hulk destroying their trees and they hate Kaa. He springs the trap on Hulk and the turtles, incapacitating them and taking them out of the fight. The cowardly Kaa tries to slither away but he is caught by the Leprechaun who make a weird pun as he stabs the snake to death. Shrek just wants to return to his swamp. TEAM 1 WINS!!

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