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  1. Been a minute. Putting my team together for this, can't miss it. Thanks for everything Fox!
  2. What's Emma's personality? Is she more likely to sleep with Bond, or kill him for waking her up?
  3. There's an official match between these two that came down to 1 vote, but I assume that used a relatively low power anti-monitor, and anti-monitor still won.
  4. I thought these matches were supposed to be like Marvel vs DC or Anime, DC vs Marvel or Anime, and Anime vs Marvel or DC. But it looks like Umpire drew people to compete against their own slot and not one of the others for the final round. Did I miss a memo?
  5. Doesn't DK use a cannon as a gun in the N64 game? I think he actually has decent enough firearms experience to win the shooting sports
  6. Definitely a scenario that would benefit from more context. Like, no weapons, I favor the Crazy 88. With weapons, I favor the grunts. I know KotH can get pretty rowdy, but is murder really allowed under any rule set?
  7. This is the weirdest rivalry I've ever seen.
  8. Sneaky, fast, and agile. I like the ninjas here.
  9. I think stormtroopers actually have a couple advantages here. They are both more accustomed to fighting in armor and to using formations more akin to medieval combat. Ninjas in general rely on surprise and mobility. Bog ninjas down in armor and make them act as rank and file troops and they lose their advantages. Pitched medieval combat favors the stormtroopers.
  10. I do appreciate that you saw this category where everyone would pick God tier characters and said "You know what? Fuck it. Squirrel Girl."
  11. Barry is running, circling this strange foe. He knows not her powers, but he finds her smile and cheery demeanor during battle to be off-putting. Suddenly, he feels a tickle in his armpit. Another tickle on his stomach. There's a scurrying within his costume. He feels a sudden weight on his head. His mask stretches out, and exposes a squirrel staring Barry in the face. Another pops up in his vision, and another. Soon, Barry's suit is filled with squirrels. There are more fluffy tails than man within the speedster's costume. Barry struggles to move under the weight of the fuzzy monsters. His throat clogs as he inhales the squirrel's hair. He can't move, can't see, can't breathe through the mass of varmints that have fully enveloped him. His world turns black. The last thing he hears is the woman giggling. She mocks his demise, saying in a sing-song voice "I'm the unbeatable Squirrel Girl."
  12. Was hoping Lara's image would be the 16-bit with pyramid boobs. I am disappointed.
  13. There are "Historical Accounts" from the end of the Zombie Survival Guide that chronicles how Romans used their tactics to put down a massive zombie horde with limited casualties. Shields up, poke the brains. There may be some additional difficulty in killing the infected if they have helmets, but if we take this to be well armored folks on both sides then weaponry will include anti-armor tools, like maces.
  14. Jumping or running events definitely go to Yoshi. I guess shooting sports (is that usually a part of track and field? my high school track team lacked rifles) probably favors Mario. Throwing sports are a toss-up. Yoshi does egg tossing, Mario throws fireballs. I think, since track and field has many running and jumping events, that's where I place the advantage. So I'm going with Yoshi.
  15. Diddy has a jetpack and those peanut guns, I think in a side scroller fight like this he should have an advantage.
  16. Any running or jumping event goes to Sonic. Sora can compete in Javelin/discuss/throwing sports, but even with those events it's at best competitive.
  17. Yep, I think a few people assumed these would be very combat based encounters, in which some of these undead/zombie characters do very well. But in an organized setting these types are screwed.
  18. Moriarty is a mental match for Holmes, who I think is a far better detective than Nightwing.
  19. Big question is if Monk can get the hostage away from Black Cat. And the answer is plainly no. Monk is not a capable combatant, Black Cat should have no issue dispatching of him if he tries to come anywhere near her hostage.
  20. Mojo is the kind of villain to explain his master plan to the Barista at Starbucks. A brick wall could expose this scheme.
  21. I have accomplished so much, and feel that my participation only takes away from the competitive nature of the season draft. After all, what's the point if everyone just knows I'm going to win? I've decided to retire and play professional baseball instead.

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