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  1. So I have something of an amendment proposal for when it comes to adding characters to the database. The rule clearly states that a Wikipedia article is needed, back in the old days you had to provide links to three websites. Later this was changed to just a Wikipedia page. However these days most fandoms have their own dedicated Wiki usually with way more facts and information on characters and locales etc. In fact these days you'll probably only get a name or brief mention on Wikipedia with some characters. So I propose we amend the rules to have a fandom wiki page link instead of Wikipedia as that would likely be better for looking at a character one isn't familiar with.
  2. Team Lightyear is added to the database now. Man I wish this show was on D+ CBUB Profile: Team Lightyear (magneticferret.com)
  3. I think Hunter has got this as long as he's not facing other fandom characters.
  4. Ahhh it's good to see Mira in a match, Sabine too. I added both of these ladies. This is a tough match, Sabine is pretty skilled but Mira has her ghosting abilities that Sabine hasn't faced before so that just might give her the edge she needs to win. Good setup. I might just add Booster and XR to the database
  5. Mercenaryblade

    Alt image gallery

    Just a place to post alternate images of characters.
  6. Added CBUB Profile: Bibbo Bibbowski (magneticferret.com)
  7. The recent rumble with Deathclaw made me want to pit these two against one another.
  8. Probably Mando and Legolas. Especially if Mando has that disruptor rifle.
  9. Nice to see Deathclaw getting a match, I definitely agree with the result.
  10. This is a great setup and match. Aloy has fought all manner of killer robots, I think some flesh and blood baby zillas will fall to her as well.

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