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  1. NEW CHARACTER RUMBLE! Bumi leads the United force in an expedition into the tunnels, where goblins have been attacking the surface from, he gets cut off from the rest of his forces and finds himself confronted by 'The Great Goblin' Trilla's starfighter has crashed nearby and the inquisitor stumbles into the tunnels where the battle is taking place. Not having any patience for any of this nonsens the inquisitor attacks. Yes Bumi has his bending abilities.
  2. Thanks DS! Happy you liked it, and I'm glad I'm not the only one that remembers that commercial. I sort of miss the old commercials where competitors would actually take shots at each other.
  3. Mercenaryblade

    Alt image gallery

    Just a place to post alternate images of characters.
  4. Hey, it's nice to see others joining in on the fun! Let's see, both military pilots and special forces have to undergo SERE training, which is basically how to survive behind enemy lines. Maverick probably has a sidearm, and a survival knife, maybe some other survival equipment packed under his ejector seat. GI Jane would be far more armed and equipped though. Also more training for operating behind enemy lines. The canine demon things, flip flop from being a legit threat to being comedic villains. They did capture an island full of partying teens. But then they couldn't beat the Scooby gang. In the end I think I'll give it to GI Jane.
  5. It was tough for me to figure out too, but in the end I figured her basically saying 'This is a MgRonalds!" trying to get them not to fight would be the best option.
  6. NEW CHARACTER RUMBLE! Joe Smith, the retired superhero Samaritan is walking the streets, when he see's a mugging in progress. He may be retired but he can't let that happen, he beats the thugs and goes about his business to MgRonalds. However Brian Battler witnessed the whole thing and chases the old man down into the MgRonalds, demanding he fight him right there and then. Joe Smith just wants to eat his burger in piece. Chiho Sasaki meanwhile is trying to keep the peace and is trying to talk the two men down before they cause a scene in the fast food joint.
  7. I think Sydney has a chance here. Great work on the set up!
  8. The Videogame Character Bar Deep in the collective consciousness of gamers nostalgia and imagination, there lay a bar made of polygons. It was everywhere and yet nowhere at the same time, a place where game characters could go to take a break from the daily struggles and unwind. From bright whimsical characters, to gritty soldiers, all were welcome. The walls were lined with memorabilia from the old vets of the 80s to the newest franchises, and seated throughout the interior many characters minor and major took their leisure. Ambient music played from the speakers, and on occasion a character would smile when they recognized a theme from one of their own games. Seated at the bar, two old friends were sharing a laugh, a red furred bandicoot in shorts, and a small purple dragon. “Woah!” Crash shouted. Spyro laughed, “How does that noise not get old?” “It’s classic mate.” Crash replied. Spyro lifted his cup of dragon juice up with his claw. “Congrats on your new game, again!” Crash grinned, “Thanks. Been a long time coming, I wasn’t sure about a reboot. But it seems to have turned out well.” Spyro chuckled and looked away, “Hehe, yeah I know a thing or two about reboots.” Crash patted Spyro between the wings, his ears turned down in sympathy, “No worries, I’m sure you’ll get a new game soon! Reignited trilogy was a hit.” Spyro nodded, “I guess so, some of the fans didn’t like the changes.” Crash scoffed, “Ah, they’ll complain about anything these days, don’t worry about it mate.” At that point a blue hedgehog sat on the bar opposite Spyro. “Hey Sonic!” Spyro greeted. “You, a’right?” Crash asked. Sonic nodded, “Yeah, got a new game coming out soon.” The hedgehog looked distant, “Hope it’s good.” Spyro and Crash nodded in sympathy. “Things are different than the nineties, dats f’shore.” Crash grunted. Sonic sighed, “Yeah, my franchise has gone through so many missteps since the good old Genesis days. To say nothing of my fanbase…” Spryro nudged Sonic with a wing, “Cheer up buddy, we all have bad fans. Besides, it hasn’t all been bad. You got two movies, didn't you?” Sonic smiled, “Yeah, I did. In fact…” The hedgehog was cutoff as there was a loud howl, and a bermuda shorts clad thylacine entered, boomerangs at his side. “Allo, mates!” “Not this guy.” Spyro muttered. Crash regarded the newcomer. “Oh, if it isn’t Ty.” “Oh great.” Sonic rolled his eyes. Ty leaned against the bar and regarded the trio. “What are you lot gabbin about?” Sonic spoke up, “Our gaming futures.” Ty nodded, “Yeah? Did you know my game has been rereleased? It’s bloody brilliant!” “Oh boy.” Crash sighed. Ty grinned and then said what the three knew he would say. “Remember that commercial? You know where I put you three in the hospital?” All three scowled. “Dude, that was just a commercial!” Sonic shouted. “It wasn’t even us.” Spyro huffed, smoke coming from his nostrils. “Yeah!” Crash said slamming his fist down. Ty held up his hands, “Now, now, don’t be embarrassed because you lost to me.” The three looked at each other. Spyro spoke first. “Lost? Our franchises buried yours!” Sonic pointed his finger at Ty, “You only had three games, and then were forgotten until now!” Ty scowled, “Maybe so, but at least I didn’t have terrible reboots. Crash, mate, what happened after your third game?” “Don’t talk to me about that!” Crash shouted. Ty pointed at Spyro, “What about you? Insomniac gave you away to make Ratchet and Clank.” “Shut up Ty!” Spyro warned grounding his claws against the bar. “What was with that dark reboot mate? What were you trying to be Lord of the Rings?” “I said shut up!” Spyro roared. “Then you got replaced by a bunch of collectibles in your own franchise.” Sonic stood up, “You need to leave Ty.” “Don’t even get me started on you mate,” Ty smirked. “Anyway, I think I’ve made my point. If you got a problem, I’ll put you in the hospital again.” The trio looked at each other, then Crash spoke. “Wait, you actually think that was real?” Ty nodded. Crash growled. “A’right mate, let’s settle this outside.” Ty grinned, “One at a time, or all at once?” Crash puffed his chest up, “Me and you first, you’re not the first Tasmanian tiger I’ve fought. If you somehow get lucky and win, Spyro will fight you, then Sonic.” “Your funeral.” Ty shrugged as he headed for the exit. The bar was clamoring in excitement as characters filed out, a few fighting game characters were placing bets as Crash went to meet his rival.
  9. Ooh what's the theme this time? I couldn't come up with anything last competition that I liked.
  10. Whichever is more entertaining. I'm one of the few that has not seen the show on the site.
  11. Apparently Vee can swap between the Gen 1 Eeveelutions at will, that means Flareon...

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