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  1. So I have something of an amendment proposal for when it comes to adding characters to the database. The rule clearly states that a Wikipedia article is needed, back in the old days you had to provide links to three websites. Later this was changed to just a Wikipedia page. However these days most fandoms have their own dedicated Wiki usually with way more facts and information on characters and locales etc. In fact these days you'll probably only get a name or brief mention on Wikipedia with some characters. So I propose we amend the rules to have a fandom wiki page link instead of Wikipedia as that would likely be better for looking at a character one isn't familiar with.
  2. Team Lightyear is added to the database now. Man I wish this show was on D+ CBUB Profile: Team Lightyear (magneticferret.com)
  3. I think Hunter has got this as long as he's not facing other fandom characters.
  4. Ahhh it's good to see Mira in a match, Sabine too. I added both of these ladies. This is a tough match, Sabine is pretty skilled but Mira has her ghosting abilities that Sabine hasn't faced before so that just might give her the edge she needs to win. Good setup. I might just add Booster and XR to the database
  5. Mercenaryblade

    Alt image gallery

    Just a place to post alternate images of characters.
  6. Added CBUB Profile: Bibbo Bibbowski (magneticferret.com)
  7. The recent rumble with Deathclaw made me want to pit these two against one another.
  8. Probably Mando and Legolas. Especially if Mando has that disruptor rifle.
  9. Nice to see Deathclaw getting a match, I definitely agree with the result.
  10. This is a great setup and match. Aloy has fought all manner of killer robots, I think some flesh and blood baby zillas will fall to her as well.
  11. I don't know if his armor can protect him from space it can probably withstand extreme cold. Yeah I agree Arbiter was a better choice.
  12. I think some people took comments in the drafts a bit too seriously. Interesting perspective. Though remember neither the Covenant or the UNSC has been successful in stopping The Banished.
  13. This fight could have happened if Chief was in the game instead of Arbiter
  14. I do consider the Banished and First Order to be similar but different. Both are splinters from a crumbled Empire. But the Banished I think are better executed. They broke away from the Covenant and did away with the religious dogma. Elites, Brutes, and all the other species fight together as a collection of mercenaries and pirates. The First Order just seemed like The Empire but with design tweaks. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy, I just wanted to actually do a setup like I used to. I spend most my writing energies on original content on other platforms. I know my names probably mud around here these days. But Enjoy the fight and let's have some debate.
  15. Unknown Regions: First Order Space The pair of Resurgent class stardestroyers hovered above the moon orbiting a gas giant, the capitol ships were symbols of the might and power of the First Order. One the First Order had been forced to operate in secret wary of the New Republic. But now no more. The Republic was destroyed much like its predecessor, and in much less time. The resistance had been decimated and scattered and planets were living in fear. General Pride smiled confidently as he stood on the bridge of one of the stardetroyers. The old general had seen his beloved Empire crumble, now after decades he was finally getting revenge. After all these decades the will of his emperor would once again dominate the galaxy. “General,” A comms officer spoke stirring him from his thoughts. Pride regarded the man, “What is it?” “Begging your pardon sir, but I think you would be quite interested in what one of our long range probes found.” “This had better be worth my time.” General Pride muttered. “I assure you it is general.” The comms officer replied. The officer pulled up the images on his screen, and Pride’s eyebrows narrowed. “What am I looking at?” The screens displayed a large structure floating in space, like a ring, but the surface was clearly supporting a biome. Such a structure had to be massive. “It’s an artificial world, near as I can tell. It’s further into the unknown regions, but based on the telemetry we should be able to plot a course. As long as we move carefully.” Pride looked thoughtful. The officer continued speaking. “Shall I send a scout craft?” “No.” Pride replied. The officer looked disappointed, but then Pride spoke. “We are going there ourselves.” “But sir, what of the rest of the order? Surely we should inform…” “No. It will be this ship and the Opressor no one else is to be informed outside of these vessels.” “As you command.” The officer replied. Pride had his reasons for secrecy. He did not trust others within the First Order, general Hux in particular had roused his suspicions, he seemed like more than just a bungler now. He seemed like a traitor. Besides, Pride was confident the discovery of a lost piece of technology would earn him much glory. ** Zeta Halo Eschraum coughed before he composed himself. The wizened Brute warchief stood tall once again as he fixed his guest with a cold stare. “You hide your illness well.” Harbinger said. The strange alien floated above the ground of the control room. “Mind your place. I do not seek medical counsel from you.” Harbinger did not reply, merely stared emotionless as ever. Eschraum continued speaking. “Excavations continue, we will soon have access to the Conservatory.” Harbinger inclined her head. “What of the humans?” Eschraum scoffed, “What of them? The UNSC is done for, their flagship fell, their demon dead, all that remains are a few pockets of resistance and their morale grows weaker every day. Hardly even a threat, they have no spartans among them. My spartan killers have seen to that.” Just then there was a proximity alert as two ships of unknown origin appeared over the halo ring. “What is that?” Harbinger asked. Eschraum bared his fangs. “Sport.” He opened a channel to the warships, “Engage those ships… bring me anything useful.” ** The stormtroopers clung to the rungs of the dropship as it rattled about entering the atmosphere of the halo ring. The helmets presented the soldiers as stonefaced, but beneath the helmets were a range of emotions, some as stoic as their helmets, some worried, others putting on a brave face. Their ships had come under attack shortly after arriving in the system, unknown warships had engaged. From the amount of debris above the megastructure it seemed a battle had already been fought very recently. Advanced teams were already moving to secure the surface. The ship shook as weapons fire struck it. “Hold on we’re coming in hot!” The pilot called. The troopers braced as the ship ploughed through the ground before finally coming to a stop. The ramp lowered and the stormtroopers rushed out, one fell immediately from a sniper shot, as the other troopers laid down suppressive fire. Kig-Yar and Unggoy returned fire the Kig-Yar catching blaster bolts on their shield and returning fire with Needlers and plasma pistols. More troopers fell, but they kept advancing and firing, cutting down a few grunts and jackals. One of the stormtroopers let out a scream as the needles embedded in his armor suddenly exploded and tore through man and armor alike. A heavy weapons trooper fired a barrage at their alien foes scything down several Kig-Yar and Unggoy. Then a plasma bolt from a jackal sniper went through her helmet and she fell to the ground. Two more stormtroopers laid down suppressing fire from where they saw the sniper fire, and no shots were fired back. But the battle was far from over. A stormtrooper was sent flying through the air as a Banished brute charged the troopers firing wildly with a shrapnel firing revolver. The brute took down another trooper before a stun baton armed stormtrooper struck him. The brute roared and anger and moved to retaliate but a hail of blaster fire cut him down. The stun baton armed trooper soon found an energy sword wielding Elite charging him. The trooper swung but the Elite caught his arm with a chuckle before lifting the man and ramming his energy sword through his sternum and tossing him aside. TIE fighters and Banshees flew overhead in dogfights to the death. All across the ancient ring was the din of battle, and high above in space the capital ships dueled. ** Fight is on, the Banished have several Covenant cruisers as well as their own warships, the kind we saw ramming the Infinity against two Reurgent class stardestroyers. The UNSC survivors and Sentinels on the ring will be just as hostile to the First Order as the Banished. Yes the First Order has walkers, and the Banished has Scarabs that was confirmed in Halo Wars 2, if you were wondering about Heavy Armor. This was hard to write for me as I did not like the sequel trilogy.

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