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  1. On 10/2/2020 at 5:10 PM, Macklemore said:

    Wasn't Carlton a bit of a coward in Fresh Prince? I don't think he'd be willing to KO Pee Wee from the moment the fight starts.

    In the early season, he was that rich boy nancy boy. But overtime he grew a pair and hardened up overtime whenever he hanged out with his cousin. I mean, in one episode, he saw Will get shot, decided to buy a gun off the streets for protection, and brought it to the hospital where Will was getting treated. 

  2. 18 hours ago, Hugo Fowl said:

    Corvo nodded to Komi and after a few moments he beamed and clapped his hands.

    "I have something special for today! So everyone if you please, come up on deck as soon as you're ready within ten minutes!" And with this mysterious bit, Corvo would get up and strode for the door. His tail flicking out briefly, the Tiefling much more relaxed about his fiendish parts at this point.

    Clara would make her way to the top of the deck, with curiosity, to see what Corvo has in store for everyone. "Alright, Corvo, what's the big news? We're not going to try fishing again, are we?"

  3. The week felt long; however, for Clara she made sure to make the most of the last seven days as she begins to go to work. Clara began by tinkering with her new herbalist kit as she makes as much potions as she could for the group. A couple of fumbles, here and there, but eventually she manages to get the job done. Clara would eventually come across the bed roll along with an anonymous note. She had no idea who brought it to her, but was a smitten with this nice gesture that someone on the boat was looking out for her. Clara would also use this time to get to know both Erine and their newest member Komi. Clara would share banter with the two, make jokes and talk about boys, and do whatever else young girls like to do. On one evening, Clara would also try her hand at fishing for the very first time with Muggy and Cliff. Needless to say, she had the patience down but didn't have a very good grip when it came to handling the fish itself as it slipped out of her hands at times. If there was a sleepless night or two, she would also practice some new magic from her spellbooks at the top of the boat in order to not wake any one else on board in the middle of the night. 

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