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  1. Characters- Tifa (FF7R) and Predator (Jungle Hunter Clan) Setting - Ancient Forest Time- After the 2018 movie Victory Conditions- KO Death or Escape Both Combatants are in character
  2. Versions- KP(S1-3 Classic Outfit) CS(2019) Setting- Abandoned Middleton Fairgrounds Time- After Season 4 of the Netflix series Conditions- Victory by KO or Capture Scenario - Carmen Sandiego is spotted hiding out at the abandoned carnival in Middleton. Upon hearing the news someone sends an anonymous email asking Kim to Capture the famous thief. With Ron on vacation in Gatlinburg she goes alone to confront her. Unforutately for Kim when Carmen sees her arrive she realizes that she's gonna have to take her out in order to escape. What Happens and why?
  3. Versions- Kim Possible- S1-3, Wolf Man- 2010 remake Setting- Forest Victory conditions- Death, KO or being turned into a werewolf. Who wins this battle of beauty vs beast?
  4. Time- Season 1 of both shows Setting- Forest No knowledge or prep time Who wins this battle between the children of anime icons?
  5. The cluefinders come across a Sci fi themed board game and decide to play it at Owen's house. They decide to take turns playing it as it is only a 2 player game. When they start they discover the games awesome power. Will they reach Zathura or die trying?
  6. Leone(Anime) vs Sabretooth (Comics) Who wins this battle of beastly assassins?
  7. I know she's not but she's facing a guy with tubes in his head who can make himself bigger and stronger with a strange drug. How would you feel if you saw that for the first time?
  8. If Bane does hit the venom would his transformation shock and kinda weird out Tifa at all? Because I don't think she has seen anything like it. I could be wrong though.
  9. Versions- Remake Tifa and Arkhamverse Bane Time- Between Origins and Asylum Setting- Gothan Royal Hotel lobby Both have no prior knowledge or prep time. Tifa has all her normal stuff from the game. Bane starts off normal but can pump himself full of any amount of his Venom at any time he wants to. Who wins and why?
  10. But Garfield's suit is fireproof isn't it?
  11. Fighters- Bloom(Enchantix forum) vs Firefly(Arkhamverse) In the skies of Gotham two fire powered combatants have a duel to remember. Who wins this battle of Magic vs Technology?
  12. There are a few key differences though. Not only is Jumanji sentient, they wouldn't even be able to be themselves. They would have to be the avatars the game provides. And yes I was referring to the post.
  13. Time- After Ordinal Scale Setting- The Jumanii video game. Two of the best gamers in the world find an old video game and are sucked into it's world. They must return the jaguar's eye to the statue and speak aloud Jumanji. Can they accomplish this task or will they die trying?

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