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  1. Versions- KP(S1-3 Classic Outfit) CS(2019)

    Setting- Abandoned Middleton Fairgrounds

    Time- After Season 4 of the Netflix series 

    Conditions- Victory by KO or Capture

    Scenario - Carmen Sandiego is spotted hiding out at the abandoned carnival in Middleton. Upon hearing the news someone sends an anonymous email asking Kim to Capture the famous thief. With Ron on vacation in Gatlinburg she goes alone to confront her. Unforutately for Kim when Carmen sees her arrive she realizes that she's gonna have to take her out in order to escape. What Happens and why?


  2. 14 hours ago, RakaiThwei said:

    This is kind of why I dislike Final Fantasy characters, as I believe that a lot of the battles in-game can have varying factors and equipment which doesn't necessarily reflect the canonical storytelling of the game, and certain feats in-game can likely be attributed to game mechanics such as Tifa withstanding a planet busting attack like Super Nova.

    There's even some debate within the Final Fantasy community as to whether or not the animation video is canon to the storyline or not. A quick Google search for "Has Sephiroth ever canonically used Super Nova?" does present some interesting links.

    Also, there is debate as to HOW Super Nova works but it's generally agreed upon that like the Summons in the game, which drag the enemies into their own personal dimensional space-- Sephiroth somehow manages to do the same as he transports the Avalanche Party (depending on who you use in the game but canonically, they all are fighting Sephiroth, Yuffie included despite her being a hidden recruit in game) to an alternate time and space rift dimension, and the Super Nova blast occurs there where Sephiroth, isn't even really in that dimensional space but it's an illusion in his likeness that's in the video. Some even attribute Super Nova to be a really sophisticated illusion that's in the realm of Sephiroth's powers.

    Also, a lot of stuff from the games might be game mechanics as well as the very feats of durability and power from them aren't necessarily reflected in other canonical media for Tifa, like Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, where Tifa was knocked out by Loz who had a electrical power gauntlet-- which is significantly much less powerful than Super Nova.

    Tifa is definitely superhuman but I don't think she's planetary busting level.

    So who do you think wins?

  3. 19 minutes ago, DSkillz said:

    Exactly how would Bane weird Tifa out?

    The version of Tifa you're using takes on threats that can wipe out solar systems. The KH version could probably demolish a building. She's not the dainty girl that she might appear to be to you.

    I know she's not but she's facing a guy with tubes in his head who can make himself bigger and stronger with a strange drug. How would you feel if you saw that for the first time?



    23 hours ago, leroypowell3 said:

    I mean she would have to surprise kill him and he won't get a chance to hit the venom. and the word I thought I typed was pound not bound (but that's probably just as bad if you have a dirty mind).

    If Bane does hit the venom would his transformation shock and kinda weird out Tifa at all? Because I don't think she has seen anything like it. I could be wrong though.

  5. Versions- Remake Tifa and Arkhamverse Bane

    Time- Between Origins and Asylum

    Setting- Gothan Royal Hotel lobby 

    Both have no prior knowledge or prep time. Tifa has all her normal stuff from the game. Bane starts off normal but can pump himself full of any amount of his Venom at any time he wants to. 

    Who wins and why?

  6. 8 hours ago, Pizzaguy2995 said:

    I agree. The Sword Art Online game does work a lot like Jumanji video game so Kirito and Asuna would definitely be right at home there.

    There are a few key differences though. Not only is Jumanji sentient, they wouldn't even be able to be themselves.  They would have to be the avatars the game provides. And yes I was referring to the post.

  7. In the middle of Vol 6 Team RWBY have just finished a big battle with some Grimm and they board the bullhead to leave. All of a sudden a freak transdimentional accident transports them to a strange island in the middle of the ocean. They are blown away at the vast landscape and strange wildlife they had never seen before. As they are trying to figure out what is going the racket caused the ship wakes up Kong and he catches wind of their arrival. Seeing the Ship as an invader he promptly causes their ship to crash by throwing a tree at it. The girls survive the impact and quickly try to recover when they see the giant ape standing in front of them. They then realize they must defeat him in order to leave Skull Island(Legendary Monsterverse) alive. Which side walks away from this confrontation? Battle takes place at the same time as Godzilla 2014.

  8. Time- After the end of the cartoon

    Setting- Heatherfield 

    Scenario- Cedric has escaped from prison and somehow arrives on earth in an attempt to conquer it. However he attracts the attention of the Winchester brothers who come to Heatherfield to investigate reports of a strange creature as well as the various paranormal incidents that happened throughout the cartoon.

    Conditions of Victory- 

    The Winchesters win if- They find out what is going on by any means necessary and defeat Cedric.

    Cedric wins if- There is no way for Sam and Dean to get that information and/or they are unable to defeat Cedric without W.I.T.C.H's help.



  9. 11 hours ago, Hugo Fowl said:

    Ruby discovers he likes to eat and shares her cookie stash.

    Cue some sudden, best friends shenanigans as they realize he's not just an animal and do a super team up.

    All seriousness, Taz isn't a bad guy. Just hungry all the time and he can be reasoned with if you appeal to his stomach.

    Good point. How do think RWBY would "appeal to his stomach"?

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