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  1. Kintaro? The guy who got beat by Stryker in MK9? Yeah, he gets his ass kicked by King Bradley. Possibly gets speedblitzed as well, as King Bradley reacts to bullets if I recall correctly.
  2. I don't think Shredder is powerful enough to stand being hit by Mjolnir, is he? I know Shredder becomes more powerful as the series goes on, but as far as I remember from that series he is not someone who can tussle with comic book heavyweights. With that being said, I do think Shredder is a LOT more skilled than Jane, but it shouldn't matter that much.
  3. I don't think Meilin Lee has it in her to be a Sailor Guardian. She is too headstrong. Sailor Moon, on the other hand, can just chill as a panda for a day.
  4. I am truly happy to see it continue.
  5. Maybe so, but Mini-Me is still evil. 80% of Middle Earth isn't dangerous as much as it is occupied by good people, who would fight back against Mini-Me if he were to be his normal self.
  6. She doesn't have plot armor as much as everyone that's evil in a Saturday Morning Cartoon show of the time has bumbling incompetence. I think she'd be murdered by the first Xenomorph that she comes across.
  7. He doesn't play poker, but the devs for the game have notoriously mentioned that the "health bar" that Nathan Drake has during the games is actually natural luck that runs out the more people shoot at him in game. It's stupid, yes, but I reckon luck is a pretty important factor in poker. With that said, I will always back the person whos willing to cheat over a person who is just naturally lucky, so I'm putting all my chips in Arthur Morgan's corner.
  8. I don't think he'd do that. Jack through all movies chooses to run first and then recoup with a plan later, but since this challenge would end the moment x combatant takes over the ship I think Raiden should do this well enough.
  9. Any ninja with a more human like appearance would have better hopes of disguising themselves when compared to a hulking, turtle-like being.
  10. Does Princess Atta even have a dress? I don't think she'd be willing to trash her exoskeleton.
  11. Gouken should have this, albeit I don't think Wildcat is that far behind. I do recall him training the likes of Black Canary, Mr. Terrific and some others but to what extent their training went is impossible to gauge. You think it would be rigorous as he is known for being able to punch people's lights out with one hit, and that's seemingly what he would be spreading to his pupils but you never know.
  12. Rocky single-handedly ended the Cold War and made the entire Politburo of the Soviet Union give him a standing applause.
  13. Mini-Me becomes a snack for any of the many animals which reside within the board game.
  14. Wasn't Shifu quite spiteful toward Po in the beginning? I don't know, Shifu has his understanding moments but he can also act bad towards his pupils at times. Eric Taylor is good all around (from what I've read).

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