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  1. Ecto-1 more like ecto-won amirite? *sweats*
  2. *looks at both mascots* *eyes pop out of socket when I see it's an underwear challenge* AUUUUGAAAA AUUUUGA No but for real, I think Tiger has a better chance cause I can't see this company making sexy/cute female underwear and I think Tiger will have an easier job rocking plain whities <----- not a furry btw
  3. Black spider big and strong. Red spider small and puny.
  4. Both of these men look stinky and I would not want to smell like them. However, I'd rather smell like citrus schnapps than cheap pizza.
  5. Yeah there's no way a robot can harm a ghost. Easy win. 😅
  6. I don't think Saitama is immune to suffocation, can't Ego just alter his terrain and stall until Saitama runs out of breath and dies. Plus having Saitama start on Ego or close to him feels too convenient for Saitama. If he's on Earth, Ego's projection can get to him, but I doubt Saitama can superjump to Ego.
  7. "My sweet child... this Christmas I give you... one lego piece". He's also a construction worker, which is the opposite of girly Fluffy cute toy all the way.
  8. This sucks neither of them held a screwdriver in their LIFE Mello will just tape two guns together and then shoot you with it (with the bullters) and Barnum will try to pawn off something from Barnum's American Museum™ as his own invention while rubbing his lil snake oil covered hands
  9. Both villains are proficient in art of manipulation and political games. They both have high status in their respective franchise. However while Jafar is a cruel narcissist, Claude is a delusional sadist. Through the movie Claude prosecutes good people all while thinking he is executing the will of God. And this man only works in ultimatums. Jafar will frame Hopps to further his agenda, Claude will assume she's an evil being who needs to be eradicated. Judy Hopps is also skilled enough fight back and while I can see Jafar bailing halfway, Claude will not stop. He will fully commit to destroying Judy Hopps. Human wickedness has no limits if the person thinks he's in the right. Claude would sacrifice his title, break every bone in his body, lose his life if it means he fulfills his duty to God.
  10. Soma: "Who are you?" Joichiro: "I'm you but after travelling the world, studying the culture, ingredients and recipes of different cultures" If this was Japanese/French cuisine which Soma already studied, my neurons would have to activate to decide who will wins this, but right now it's still old man Joichiro
  11. I can see Mandy just scribbling everything with red crayon. Not hard to beat that.
  12. Stryker's friendship fatality is blowing a whistle and holding up a stop sign while motioning for pedestrians to cross. I'm sorry swat man...
  13. I mean realistically being shot is a lot scarier than dying from poison in your sleep.
  14. They're both toys with human features. But Tiffany has better mobility and her clothes can be switched up, therefore more possibilities for imagination play. Kids will play with anything but she's basically a barbie doll and barbie dolls are one of the most long standing toy franchises
  15. Gaston rallies townspeople to raid Scrooge Mansion, convincing them that Scrooge is only rich because he is screwing over regular folk... plot thickens
  16. Clarence Odbody did turn a man's life around but he isnt much of a motivational speaker. All his arguments were revolving around showing rather that saying. Which is a good way to convince someone but isn't really the challenge here. Ak on the other hand is confident and has that air of intimidation to him? Basically I'd probably do what he told me to do out of fear of getting my ass kicked
  17. When Rock signed up to be in this match up he specifically said he is not allowed to lose. But in all seriousness it would probably go something like this: *Hobbs sits at a cafe with his daughter eating a comically large stack of pancakes with a comically small fork. Suddenly, the waitress screams, 20 gremlins burst out of the kitchen. Without reloading Hobbs shoots them all with his Smith & Wesson Model 629, not missing a single shot. "You need to get out of here!" He tells his daughter. He then walks out of the cafe and into the secret agent spy hideout that just happens to be a skyscraper next to it. Hobbs exists the elevator to see Shaw drinking a class of water. "What is this asshole doing here?" Hobbs exclaims, flipping the table 360 degrees. "I didn't sign up for this!" Shaw throws his full glass of water on the floor, another one immediately appearing in his other hand. Serious looking lady in a suit drops a pile of document on the table that Hobbs just flipped: "The Russian terrorist group is behind this probably... you need to work together." Hobbs and Shaw are sweating, Shaw takes another sip from his glass of water. Cut to the Russian terrorist layer. Our heroes sneaking past a bunch of gremlins speaking russian and/or british english. "You're sweatier than a cold glass of water" states Hobbs to Shaw. "Shut it ya wanker!" Shaw throws the glass at Hobbs but he evades and it shatters against a random gremlin. "Oh SHI-------------" Shoot out starts, grenades being thrown, the layers explodes and bad guys die, Shaw and Hobbs unwounded but covered in ash walk out. "More like greml-out of here". Credits roll. So yeah some bad guys will die. Jimmy is stated to be a detective so he will probably figure out gremlins' weakness and strengths faster, but he doesn't seem to have the connections and raw gun power that Hobbs has.
  18. asian kfc be like "yeah remember that krabby patty that can kill a health inspector" AKFC at it's core is mostly hearty southern dishes and deep fried chicken. Bob has shown to work with high quality ingredients before (like that special farm raised turkey), use exotic ingredients like black garlic and doing amazing turkey on thanksgiving holidays. Stuffing duck is probably somewhere similar? Meanwhile KFC man is here tie dyeing burger buns.
  19. I feel Jack has a better chance at this. Yeah, he failed to bring Christmas cheer to the masses before, but Grinch never even tried to do it (he was just a guest at one party if i recall correctly) and just because he never failed doesn't mean he's automatically going to be better at it. Jack is charismatic, extroverted, a natural born performer and he has a lot of experience organizing holidays (eeyore was sad cause everyone forgot his birthday, so a birthday party may be one way to win). By the end of the movie Jack is made aware that fright type parties aren't good for everyone. He's intelligent enough to do better second time. Plus Grinch is shy and likes to keep to himself even when he does get friends, he will probably not know what to do being the one to reach out to someone. I'm going to go with the guy that at least has experience for this one.

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