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  1. Imo, I think the turtles and rangers could definitely put up a heck of a good fight to try and stop the "Deadly Duo" but in the end they would pry be killed. What y'all think?
  2. Vader and Kahn are using Shinnoks amulet in efforts to merge Earthrealm and Netherealm once again. They have already managed to combine Spacerealm and Netherealm but are not satisfied yet. Greed has gotten the best of them both. Now the only hopes left are the Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles. They will now defend Earthrealm against the deadly duo. Megazord cannot be used. Who will win??
  3. Hmmm. That's awesome. I didn't know that SSJRuss!! As for my opinion, after many encounters and battles with the Xenos and Yautja, Kahn and Vader will clean up the entire pyramid eventually.
  4. Can Team 1 survive the pyramid. The pyramid is filled with Xenomorphs and their nests and a clan of Yautja. Both teams get all known weapons, abilities, etc.
  5. This would be a fun one! I'm going to say the Indoraptor has got this.
  6. From the album: CBUB Character Submission Images

    "Professional Soldier"
  7. From the album: CBUB Character Submission Images

    "The Mobile Defender"
  8. Let's say these two teams are stuck in Jurassic World scenario. Who would have a higher death count of dinos at the end??
  9. Could the heroes last 1 month or more on Pandora?
  10. The Mayor of Gotham, along with the GCPD, have aired on TV, and rewarding a 2 million dollar reward to help capture Riddler and Joker. They are to be brought in for the death of Dick Grayson. Murdered in cold blood by the two very dangerous individuals, Batman has yet to answer the bat signal in weeks. While fleeing the Police and escaping Gotham Joker, Riddler, and a dozen thugs in their hotrods come upon a giant Mansion in the middle of nowhere at all. The villains and the thugs see a perfect opportunity to cause some mayhem. What they don't know is the house is owned by some of the worlds most wanted killer families of all time. The Firefly Family and Sawyer family, now living together under the same household have indeed been watching the news and see the perfect opportunity to make a quick 2 million in cash, or so they hope. Riddler, Joker and the group of thugs (between them all) have rifles, handguns, limited joker gas, Riddler traps, bombs, blades, chains, bats etc.Both teams are totally unaware about each other's capabilities. Will the "Family of Fear" outdo the "Sadistic Psychopaths"?
  11. Selene and Alice are trying stop Joker and Riddler from committing crimes around Gotham. Both villains have made the city aware on live TV that after 48 hours the city will be gassed out if the GCPD won't abide by their wishes. After being led all over Gotham the heroes eventually find a Riddle. After being led to many more crimes and riddles throughout the city the heroes realize they have been on an even bigger hunt than expected. Can Selene and Alice somehow, before the 48 hour mark, capture or kill the two villains? Or will the villains stay alive long enough to wreck the city of Gotham? Both teams have prep. And anything goes. Vehicles can be used, guns, grenades, joker gas, traps etc.
  12. WeAreVenom88 Enter your Set-Up for the match here. This is your post - it belongs to you - and you may use the [b]EDIT[/b] function at any time in the future to update this post.
  13. Hopefully this gets a few comments before it ends. I'm going with Riddler and Joker

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