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  1. Sorry Siegfried but by canon feats and abilities I think Kazuya just barely takes this match.
  2. Just a reminder that Pack Fox has gone toe to toe with giant Gargoyles who can tear through steel and concrete and who dodge lighting attacks from literal Gods.
  3. Soul Calibur characters physicals are just as strong, if not stronger, then the Ninja Gaiden series. That plus Sophitia’s greater lifespan of experience plus her appearance in more games giving her more consistent feats make me lean towards her taking this.
  4. Ken wins this. His skills, ki abilities, and scaling feats far outclass Ash’s.
  5. I should remind everyone that holding up the sky wasn’t Heracles only badass feat: he’s wrestled with Apollo and stalemated him, he dragged Cerberus out of the underworld with just his bare hands (Hades had forbid him from carrying weapons into his realm), and in the Gigantomachy (the war between the Olympian gods and the giants born of Gaia) Heracles fought with Alcyoneus, a giant said to be larger then a mountain, and when Athena warned him that Alcyoneus couldn’t be killed in his own homeland big Herk grabbed the giant by his ankle and dragged him for miles until they were outside his homeland and then killed him. Moreover this scenario greatly favors Heracles cause it’s mostly about who can ring out the other first and with Heracles being the far stronger and durable fighter all he’ll need to do is get a good grip on Guts, drag him to the rings edge and then toss him out.
  6. As proud as I am of Ibuki for making it this far I think Mai takes this win. She’s just more experienced, stronger, and her spamming of fire and steel fans will give her too great an advantage.
  7. I think Siegfried can pull out a win. His strength and skills canonically are at least on par with powered up Ryu, who more often then not beats Bison in fights.
  8. Picking a winner between two characters who are so high tier in their own universes is always tough. But as much as I like Kasumi I think Kazuya takes this by virtue of having much higher canon feats. Their speeds are pretty even but Kazuya’s striking feats include stalemating Akuma in a special chapter in Tekken 7 where their final energy beam clash caused a volcano to erupt! Also given he’s durable enough to tank said volcano eruption (this would actually be his second time tanking a volcano eruption) then he’s also much tougher then Kasumi too. Sorry Dead or Alive fans but Tekken takes this round.
  9. Cool vid. I was leaning towards Momiji anyways, I think she’s got the feats and skills to take Zasalamel down.
  10. Yeah but the Preds live in the same universe as the Xenomorphs and it’s been shown that their armor and equipment is at least highly resistant to the acid blood, enough to hold up for a few minutes against it. Plus the Shock rifle won’t do her any good: guns can’t kill a Predator, that’s kinda one of the unspoken rules of the Predator universe.
  11. Sorry Ripley but I don’t see her surviving a tango with a Predator, who in my opinion are far more deadly and badass then the Xenomorphs. Plus since this Ripley is a clone and not the original Ripley then we can only give her the feats from Resurrection, which aren’t really that impressive.
  12. Good job with the write up @Twogunkid. Props to you! Cal and Rex got this. I’ve played Jedi Fallen Order and I know for a fact Cal can run through Purge Troopers and the like as easy as pie! Adding even an old Rex makes this an easy win!
  13. Ryu’s got this. He’s mopped the floor with Akuma and M. Bison! This tree hugging hippie Orochi got no chance!

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