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  1. Sorry Siegfried but by canon feats and abilities I think Kazuya just barely takes this match.
  2. Just a reminder that Pack Fox has gone toe to toe with giant Gargoyles who can tear through steel and concrete and who dodge lighting attacks from literal Gods.
  3. Soul Calibur characters physicals are just as strong, if not stronger, then the Ninja Gaiden series. That plus Sophitia’s greater lifespan of experience plus her appearance in more games giving her more consistent feats make me lean towards her taking this.
  4. Ken wins this. His skills, ki abilities, and scaling feats far outclass Ash’s.
  5. I should remind everyone that holding up the sky wasn’t Heracles only badass feat: he’s wrestled with Apollo and stalemated him, he dragged Cerberus out of the underworld with just his bare hands (Hades had forbid him from carrying weapons into his realm), and in the Gigantomachy (the war between the Olympian gods and the giants born of Gaia) Heracles fought with Alcyoneus, a giant said to be larger then a mountain, and when Athena warned him that Alcyoneus couldn’t be killed in his own homeland big Herk grabbed the giant by his ankle and dragged him for miles until they were outside his homeland and then killed him. Moreover this scenario greatly favors Heracles cause it’s mostly about who can ring out the other first and with Heracles being the far stronger and durable fighter all he’ll need to do is get a good grip on Guts, drag him to the rings edge and then toss him out.
  6. As proud as I am of Ibuki for making it this far I think Mai takes this win. She’s just more experienced, stronger, and her spamming of fire and steel fans will give her too great an advantage.
  7. I think Siegfried can pull out a win. His strength and skills canonically are at least on par with powered up Ryu, who more often then not beats Bison in fights.
  8. Picking a winner between two characters who are so high tier in their own universes is always tough. But as much as I like Kasumi I think Kazuya takes this by virtue of having much higher canon feats. Their speeds are pretty even but Kazuya’s striking feats include stalemating Akuma in a special chapter in Tekken 7 where their final energy beam clash caused a volcano to erupt! Also given he’s durable enough to tank said volcano eruption (this would actually be his second time tanking a volcano eruption) then he’s also much tougher then Kasumi too. Sorry Dead or Alive fans but Tekken takes this round.
  9. Cool vid. I was leaning towards Momiji anyways, I think she’s got the feats and skills to take Zasalamel down.
  10. Yeah but the Preds live in the same universe as the Xenomorphs and it’s been shown that their armor and equipment is at least highly resistant to the acid blood, enough to hold up for a few minutes against it. Plus the Shock rifle won’t do her any good: guns can’t kill a Predator, that’s kinda one of the unspoken rules of the Predator universe.
  11. Sorry Ripley but I don’t see her surviving a tango with a Predator, who in my opinion are far more deadly and badass then the Xenomorphs. Plus since this Ripley is a clone and not the original Ripley then we can only give her the feats from Resurrection, which aren’t really that impressive.
  12. Good job with the write up @Twogunkid. Props to you! Cal and Rex got this. I’ve played Jedi Fallen Order and I know for a fact Cal can run through Purge Troopers and the like as easy as pie! Adding even an old Rex makes this an easy win!
  13. Ryu’s got this. He’s mopped the floor with Akuma and M. Bison! This tree hugging hippie Orochi got no chance!
  14. Betting my money on Cassie, like DSKILLZ said Darli will still be a little weak from her fight with B. Jenet and also Cassandra has canonically fought with and against far stronger opponents then Darli.
  15. I’m betting on Zangief. There’s nothing in the world more dangerous then a Russian with revenge in his heart!
  16. All versions of Ghostface are usually very unathletic, clumsy, and apparently have very little depth perception in their costumes, considering how many times they fall over or get blindsided when chasing their victims. And anyways their isn’t a single version of Ghostface that stands a chance against Jason freaking Voorhees.
  17. Donkey Kong definitely has the clear, overwhelming strength advantage going into this (he punched out a freaking moon out of orbit!) But sadly for DK, Grodd’s telepathy will render that advantage moot, so unless the Nintendo ape knows to go after Grodd first then I see Gorilla Grodd brainwashing DK into helping Grodd and Mighty Joe win this.
  18. Has Nathan ever killed something that big? Cause I can’t recall a time where he has.
  19. I’m not seeing how their smarter then the Raptors. As I’ve mentioned they all got tricked into watching the movie Snow White and got blown to smithereens by Billy. Sorry but I can’t recall a time when the Raptors were dumb enough to pause in the middle of killing the humans to watch a Disney flick. Also again the Gremlins are much weaker then the Raptors, like three Gremlin got slaughtered by Billy’s mom armed only with a kitchen knife. Owen’s four Raptors on the other hand slaughtered a small army of InGen mercs armed to the teeth with only poor Charlie as a casualty. Even if they have prep time I don’t see how the Gremlins could hope to handle the Raptors. Plus again the lights from the vehicles alone could kill the Gremlins, and if the sun comes out it’s a heavy stomp in favor of Owen and his Raptor Squad.
  20. Damn Reign of Fire was such a good movie. Honestly given how many flicks we got afterwards where the Dragons are just G rated pets for the main protagonist to ride, it was nice to actually see how dangerous they could be if they weren’t powered by the “magic of friendship” or whatever.
  21. I think they can, mostly cause the Critters were defeated by a 15 year old boy and a drunk mechanic whilst the Gremlins just have too many weaknesses Grady and the Raps can exploit: 1. Any form of light from the sun to a lamp can kill Gremlin exposed to it, that was one of the first rules of the first movie. If this takes during daytime it’s an instant lose for the Gremlins, meanwhile at night all you’ll need is a flashlight or the lights of Owen’s motorcycle or any other vehicle to kill them. 2. The Gremlins get distracted easily, especially by movies. Grady could honestly just do what Billy did in the first movie and trick the Gremlins into gathering around a tv to watch a movie, then plant explosives around them and blow them to kingdom come! 3. Again both the Gremlin and the Critters are very small and weak creatures who have been taken down by far weaker opponents then a military veteran and his four pet Raptors. As previously mentioned, the Critters were beaten by a 15 year old kid and a drunk mechanic. And a middle aged housewife killed three Gremlin all by herself: So again the Critters are too weak and the Gremlins just have too many weaknesses. Grady and the Raptors win.
  22. Ibuki’s main strategy going into this will likely the to close the distance quickly and try to overwhelm Eliot with a flurry of quick attacks. She might be a “light” character but she strikes very fast and can lead to punishing combos that drain a health bar very fast. On the other hand Eliot is what we call a “spear” fighter, or one whose gameplay is geared towards playing defense and keeping his foes at a distance and gradually wearing them down with short, powerful attacks that are especially devastating to lighter characters. So this could honestly go either way, it just depends on whether you believe Ibuki’s speed and movesets are fast enough to close the distance on Eliot and combo him, or if you think Eliot’s defense will be able to hold her off until he can take her out with several big hits.
  23. Chopper takes this easy. Even though the Young Blood suffered a pretty embarrassing death in AVP, the fact is he and his bros have been training to hunt and kill far more dangerous creatures then the Reek. One Shuriken to the face would kill off the Reek pretty quickly.

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