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  1. I agree this match seems to be debunked or something because the voters who voted Alexa doesn’t seem to know much about the ocean planet(which also includes the Mandalorian match too). But I’m still respecting them it’s just they didn’t seem to gives us reasons why.
  2. I’m going to say that Grant can survive this for 24 hours of hiding and manage to kill some zombies because even though this is zombies and not dinosaurs he’s still good at survival and make some good tactics in surviving( he can do the same with the other mutations by outsmarting them).
  3. Kate has the better advantage over Rambo even though he is a good fighter he doesn’t stand up to Kate’s better experiences.
  4. I’d say James Bond has the right motives to attract Dana into a good romance story.
  5. I’m going with Grifter because of his better experience than Leon’s.
  6. This is a tough one but I think I’ll go with Rick.
  7. I’m going with Marry Poppins for same reasons as the others in this round.
  8. I’m going with Rambo because I see him as the better fighter than Fox.
  9. To me too it does sound hilarious for Gomez trying to get Morticia back from Conan. Aside from that the thing is for this match is that Mariachi won’t be interested and quite fit in with Morticia background and dark atmosphere for in which Conan fits in well with giving a good dark romance story.
  10. I’m going with Midnighter because of DSkillz reasons too.
  11. I can see that Falcon can get along with Sarah very well more than Catwoman who is a burglar and a thief while Sarah is a good fighter trying to survive.
  12. I’d say Leon because he has the better speed and experience than anything Wick has done before.
  13. El Mariachi seems to have the mysterious and skills that can attract Dana into being together more than Ethan.

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