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  1. It almost seems strange theorizing about things like this now. I mean, the site is a "blank slate" so to speak so talk of "we want this and don't do that but you can do this other thing," is really just speculation. I don't even know what my thoughts will be with all this stuff in the future let alone trying to control a site full of people. I'm inclined to take on a relaxed attitude and deal with continuity stuff as it's presented. Like right now I'd much rather prefer people bring new stuff to the table but if that's not the direction the site wants to go in so be it; I can adapt. That's the give and take of the new place for you and sort of what I meant by dropping your preconceived notions. There's going to be a bit of compromise and a bit of push and shove when it comes to establishing continuity. Like updatedude said it's a new sandbox and kicking sand at someone and knocking their sandcastle over isn't cool.
  2. You all give me headaches. I would like for most things to be new but I imagine that everyone is going to try and bring their ideas from the FPL into the new place. I would like to see them ingrained properly and rebooted rather than just copied over verbatim. At least try to be a part of the new continuity. Like I'd be cool if Ivan wanted to bring Marjus Voyce over but I'd really prefer if he rebuilt him from scratch to better fit the new place's collaborative continuity. So not just copy/pasting his old character sheet but making "new" Marjus Voyce to better fit this new place. Like he'd have Marjus' essence but he wouldn't be the Marjus Voyce that appears in his current character sheet. That'd be cool with me, but like I said I'd much rather have people bring new characters, new ideas and new stories to the place.
  3. Nah, I haven't really done anything except for agree with Landon and get too excited about things. Also, there's a group of us working on everything who all deserve credit as well. Although it's mostly Landon (especially if this thing fails, then it's definitely all Landon). Thank you for the compliment though.
  4. Just some friendly advice about the new place without revealing too much about it: 1. It's a blank slate. We're starting from scratch both in terms of continuity and in terms of site functionality from a technical standpoint. The sooner you drop any preconceived notions about what you think will happen in terms of story or how similar you want it to be to the current FPL and realize that we're starting fresh the better. 2. We're not moving the FPL. I can say with some amount of certainty that the new place is hardly anything like the current incarnation of the FPL. Like I said it's a new idea, yes we've carried over elements of the FPL but it's a completely new format. 3. Collaboration is key. With the new systems, open lines of creative communication are key to the sites functionality. Sure you can isolate yourself and just create for yourself and not worrying about anyone else but that wont help the site nor will it really contribute to anything. Besides I think you'll have a lot more fun if you work with other creators. 4. Give it time. We're trying a lot of new things here. Likewise we're working with new programs that we're not 100% familiar with. It's going to take time to get up to speed. Just give it a chance 5. Let Khazan die a noble death. Khazan has been picked at, probed, twisted, pestered, molded, and sculpted by the masterful minds of the FPL since 1999. It has had enough. (See advice #1) 6. Conceptual creativity is king when it comes to character sheets. This will make a lot more sense once you guys have a chance to see the new place.
  5. I'm in support of Landon's idea and am willing to help in any way possible.
  6. My last comment wasn't meant to stop anyone from discussing or resolving this issue. I'm obviously not going to stop people from going to other places or making other plans. I just meant to say that that's what I'm doing for the issue. I'm not even sure if anything I'm doing will come to anything. As for everyone else you have to make your own path with this issue. Just thought I should clear that up. Good luck to everyone
  7. I will do no such thing. Seriously though, the appropriate conversations with the right people will take place. No plans have been put into motion as of yet, just talking.
  8. We should just have a Goku vs Superman tournament.
  9. Was actually thinking about getting back into the FPL recently, if you're making changes it seems like an even better idea. I don't have suggestions off the top of my head but I'll use this as a placeholder in case anything comes up. [Placeholder for all the ideas Tarvius wont have]
  10. Seems like a pretty cool idea. I give you a thumbs up treacheroo
  11. Just some general information for all who are interested: Feel free to use this part of the board to create and conduct your own CBUB related tournaments, challenges, write-offs etc. etc. I can't imagine it'll see much use from me personally but if you want to battle it out with another CBUBer in the writing realm go right ahead.

How to support MagneticFerret

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