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    Well, a few weeks ago, I had a nice long conversation with myself. Other than figuring out that conversations with yourself aren't as much fun as they used to be, I also came to realize maybe its time to actually try this blog-thing out. Now, I don't expect to have thousands of loyal followers, and I don't even expect to need an on-line store. No sir, I'm doing this just for the fun of it. What is IT, you ask?
    IT, well... THIS is going to be a place where I'll review CBUB matches and FPL Characters. So here's how its going to go down: I'll probably forget all about this, remember it a few months later and write a review; you promise to read it forget about it for a few months and then read it. That way we should be at the same pace. To be honest with you, this whole blogging thing is kind of frieghtening. Posting, updating, having things to post about... being entertaining... not going on and on and on... being original... knowing when to stop with the elipses before someone stabs their eyeballs... You know that sort of thing.
    With that lengthy introduction you're probably expecting a scathing review that leaves someone in tears, right? Well too bad! You see, I haven't reviewed anything. Oh sure, I've thought about it. I've wondered about it. One time, just once, I even clicked a link to a CBUB match I thought about reviewing. Of course, I didn't actually read it... but that's besides the point. Now, before you storm away and go on a murderous rampage, rest asured. There WILL be a review. In fact there'll be a nice hot review from the Tarv oven every Saturday.
    So, why isn't there one now? The biggest problem is that I need things to review in order to review. Sounds simple enough, right? The only problem is that I've promised myself never to review something if nobody asked me. That way I can avoid stepping over any boundaries. That's where you guys come in! The plan is to have people PM things to review; I'll read through them and if I decide that I have a lot to say about it I'll post a review of it and have it here on saturday.
    Now, get to it. Send me those suggestions. Send one, send five, send a hundred if you want to! The more suggestions, the better.
    *Note: I want "Finished" products only. That means no brainstorms, no "I just had an idea", and no rough drafts.

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