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  1. Going Back here, he doesn't have to stand and fight. Just run/out smart. What amounts to baby lizards. Yes there are a lot of them, so it might be tough for him, but he's got the stats, skills, and equipment to fight a few if he needs to. Because of the environment. He's never going to be in a situation where he has to fight all couple hundred in an open setting. Also, I might be a bit bias. As Beck is one of only a couple characters I've added.
  2. This is probably the closest of these bat matches. Steve has fought the most dangerous enemies in the monsters he's thrown down with, but he is still the least experienced and trained. He is probably also the weakest. Negan is tough and experienced, but he doesn't have Baseball Bat Man's training. Baseball Bat Man is probably the winner with the right combination youth, stats, experience, and training.
  3. Sportsmaster is a street tier comic character who can fight folks like Bat Family. That should put him well above a couple of punks.
  4. Casey can hang with the Turtles in combat. That puts him on tier above the others here.
  5. Nothing here Indy hasn't dealt with before and he's got decent back up in Van Helsing. The horror movie antagonists routinely lose to untrained kids. Let alone a couple of near peak humans combat vets with a fair amount of fire power. Voorhees and Myers lost to high schoolers. Jones and Van Helsing have beat Dracula, monsters, Hitler's military. Also Jason and Michael are tough, but neither has walked off being caught in a nuclear blast like Indy did.
  6. Dax is a veteran of the Dominion War. With seven life times of experience. Who fights Klingons for fun. Seven might be stronger and physically tougher, but she lacks Dax's skill, experience, and mind set. Dax wins the fight, than takes Seven for drinks and makes her learn how to play tongo.
  7. Even with limited weapons, I figure Ripley or Dutch could do this on there own. Frankly I could see Dutch building an arsenal of make shift weapons and straight up hunting the horror team.
  8. Moffat said in Dr. Who Magazine( issue 482) in 2015. When speaking about the New Adventure novels that they exist in a separate continuity from the show. Also once again because the BBC doesn't own the right certain concepts and characters out right. Stories that share those characters or concepts with Dr. Who can be made with out the consent or approval of the BBC who hold the primary rights to the universe and originated the franchise. In other words no not everything is Canon. Even if Dr. Who Canon is a bit messier than some other franchises. What is the source for one Dalek ship destroying the Earth? Here is the battle in question. We see Dalek weapons impact with in a few meters of people and the effect is not instant vaporization. Instead Dalek energy weapons toss them around, like a Hollywood grenade. The length of the time war is not going to change the effect of those weapons. Weapons that broke through Time Lord defences and are wrecking a Time Lord city. Again when they attack Earth they do very little environmental damage And don't have the power to resist getting sucked into portal while a person can resist doing so by holding on tight. Remember the Daleks are empire that brought the Time Lords to there knees. Once again for all the big talk when we see these races in action. They tend to be underwhelming. So we are agreed than. That the Time Lords mental and emotional instability will make them ripe for indoctrination. Sure Time Lords can effect elements and technology native to there universe. That doesn't mean anything when dealing with franchises that operate on different mechanics. Nope the Time Lords can't go back and erase the Reapers. This is a simultaneous invasion of Earth. Going back in time before the Reapers arrived or attacking them before they arrive. Would not be simultaneous. It would also remove the Time Lords from the battlefield. Which could be considered a loss in itself. Also depending on which variation of time travel is in play. Removing the Reapers from the timeline may simply create a separate timeline where they win, but still lost in the original primary time line. Remember this is an artificial scenario with set parameters. That dictate that the invasion has to be simultaneous and the first to effectively take the planet wins, regardless of whether the Time Lords can call a mulligan and try again.
  9. The survivor slot specified live action characters. So we are dealing with Dredd from either the Stallone or Urban movie and any tie in material produced for the those iterations. I don't recall most of your examples from either film. Though they could be from tie in comics or the like. I guess my question is which movie are we using for Dredd?
  10. I'm not so sure the Time Lords take this. First we have to establish what is real for them as Dr. Who Canon is a bit muddled.n There are some statements that suggest that the novels don't share continuity with the tv show.bwe also have some non-tv material that has more or less been ignored or out right contradicted by the tv show itself. On top of that the right to some elements that have been in the show are no longer held by the BBC, so there canonicity is questionable. Further much of what we "know" about the Time Lords is hearsay and legend. The Doctor tells us something, but we see no visual evidence of it and it's not like the Doctor is always honest or straight forward. Truth is the few actual glimpses. Of the Time Lord/Dalek War we see are straight forward generic space combat with pew pew lasers and fairly mundane area effects. Such as broken masonry and people knocked over. Daleks have been slowed down by fairly conventional earth militaries and you know stairs:) Point is for all there big talk when we see the Time Lords and there peers fight. They are not rerouting black holes and freezing time, they are shooting Lazer guns at each other, like everybody else. Further I see no reason why Indoctrination shouldn't work. Pretty much every Time Lord we've ever met has been emotionally and mentally unstable to begin with. Whether they are dealing with PTSD or are narsessistic. There own pride and arrogance are often there undoing. Also even if we assume they are going to be lobbing time torpedoes or what have you around. They still have to get past the Reapers Kinetic Barriers. They are as far as I can tell physical objects with kinetic mass/energy I see no reason to assume they won't bounce off Reaper shields. However even if they work. Element Zero/Mass Effect fields allow for FTL travel as such they are already bending space and time. So they may well be able to simply fly out of the time bubble created by the afore mentioned torpedoes. Biotic using the base concepts allows for teleportation, through barriers. It's seems likely that the same could happen if a ship activated it's ftl drive inside a time bubble. The Time Lords home universe doesn't have Element Zero. So there is no reason to assume there temporal control extends to it. Infact it can't as it doesn't exist for the. In other words Reapers have a very real chance of winning this encounter.
  11. Yeah Carol has had a rough season. This match is no better for her. I just don't see her taking down the Big Blue Boy Scout.
  12. First off once again we know from the fact that the Bat Family has out performed some of those "applicants". That, they are not necessarily stronger or smarter than humans. Sure the Bat Family is made up of exceptional people, but you wanna know who else is also exceptional both in terms of physical and intellectual prowess. Indiana Jones that's who. Secondly even if he doesn't make the cut for the military, he is still likely to make the cut for gladiatorial or domestic work. Which again would allow him to survive the 24 hours, assuming he even get through selection in less then 24 hours. Here https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.supermanhomepage.com/new-details-on-warworld-characters-as-action-comics-1036-is-delayed/amp/ It says they have almost nothing in common under the hood and that some of them are in fact earth cars. Again this strongly suggests they changed out the power plant, but kept the rest of the aesthetic. Jones may be a hero, but he is smart enough and has seen enough war and suffering. To know when he can help and when he can't. He is going to know he can't over throw a planet in a day.
  13. I forget it wasn't ending today too. Warworld is making selections based on what "applicants" they have on hand, not on what might be in the galaxy. If they were doing it your way, there would be no warriors on Warworld below the level of Kryptonians and there clearly are. The intelligence selection is going to work the same way and Indy has more raw intelligence than most that make there way to Warworld. Scarred face beat up clothing. Aside from skin tone he looks like everyone in that picture. Well he has his trade market half cocked grin, but that only adds to the bad-ass factor. In the article the author says that some of the vehicles came from earth and that the others are different under the hood. Again he is talking out power supply etc. Steer wheels/shifter etc while inside the cab are visible from outside it. They are part of the exterior of the vehicle, when compared to what under the hood. What I'm saying is Jones is roughly on par with members of the Bat Family, both physically and mentally and has faced and defeated similar foes. The Bat Family does it through gadgets/tech Jones does it through improvisation etc, but the results are the same. Indiana also carries guns and is willing to use them to lethal effect, something the Bat Family doesn't generally do. Why the weird caveat about, if we accept Jones's feats than. Hun'Ya is an alien champion used to conquer worlds, via single combat in DC. He lost to a "regular" human, just like a lot of the denizens of Warworld. I didn't write that's just the way it is.
  14. We could do another round of 5v5. With the slots/characters competing in random matches/scenarios/stipulations from the jack of all trades slot a few drafts ago.
  15. What do you think those physical/intellectual chops are? Because what we see on Warworld is individuals who do not share Indy's intellectual ability and who can physically be put down by human level opponents. Indiana Jones is not rugged and scarred? Your reaching man. Indy is the epitome of rugged adventure hero. A cars controls, while inside the cab are still on the exterior of the vehicle compared to the engine/transmission. If you are going for a car aesthetic you are not gonna operate via touch screen. Also with two arms and legs there are only so many ways your going to set up controls to drive. What did the Bat Family bring, cause it looked like they largely had there regular gear. Gear they use to take down there regular enemies. Opponents that Indy can take down with wit and a whip. There were enough non-Justice League level ones that the Bat Family never faced a stray overly powerful one. Also the Bat Family had mission, places to go. Jones doesn't he can run away from and avoid conflict. The touch of added variation that Batman may have seen, isn't going to make huge difference on Warworld. It's stuff like time travel. Which isn't really pertinent to post apocalyptic survival. Also weird way to say Indiana Jones doesn't have the same experience as Batman. Wording wise it's seems like you're trying to suggest Indy's feats shouldn't count or aren't Canon. Hun'Ya's people had challenged the champions of other worlds before, not just rolled in with there armada. Clearly Dr. Jones fit into some of those criteria. And again even if he didn't there a good chance selection/transport takes longer than a day.

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