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  1. I have not planned a single thing for this so I doubt I'll get anything out before the deadline. It's been a busy time.
  2. I know I have an existed on this website in a hot minute, But I'll throw my hat in the ring. God damn it I just can't resist a tournament
  3. I cannot in good conscience vote for Umbridge 😂
  4. So the prompt is either Romance or Betrayal, correct?
  5. I hadn't thought about that but yeah he is kind of straightforward. Then again I've only seen the movies...
  6. Yeah I think Professor Pyg is an underrated character and an interesting villain. I wanted to see how Aloy would fair against a villain, particularly one of Batman's. I think she gets the drop on him and gets Pyg to run. Then it'll be cat and mouse for a bit until she catches him. Combat wise, he doesn't stand a chance.
  7. I do think he could tank a few strikes, but Heracles will certainly shatter that armor if given the opportunity. I think it's just a question of range lol
  8. I feel that if Herc gets ahold of Bane, then it's probably over. Darth Bane has one way to win and that is at a distance and with full power of the dark side. Glass cannon situation here I think.
  9. League Project was designed to protect the whole of the omni-verse by putting together heroes from worlds near and far. Today, nearly a hundred different crisis units serve in Verse City, their central hub. In-between saving the omni-verse, the teams become restless and compete in battle to determine where their team ranks. Through a series of seven fights, each team competes against one another to win the best of seven. Now, we return to one of those battles- BEST OF SEVEN: TEAM Nightwing (1) VS TEAM American Dream (1) Nightwing Jonathan Joestar Thane Krios Ben Reilly Cat in the Hat Lemillion Kikaider 01 Spyro Hellboy American Dream Black Rock Shooter Shina/Marvel Annabeth Chase Cade Skywalker "This is where shit goes sideways," thought Hellboy, taking another puff of his cigar as the second battle unfolded before him. His teammate Thane Krios was kicking serious ass against the rival team's righteous man child, Joe or something. Thane was being methodical and probably taking his time so he didn't kill the guy. Assassins had a tendency to slip. But turns out, that wasn't the case. Despite Thane's quick hands and biotics, despite blows to press points and slashes in his joints, Joe kept getting back up. Then he countered Thane with a right hook that put the assassin on the floor. Apparently, Joe had the specific ability to affect oxygen. And Thane wasn't exactly versatile in that department. "He doesn't look good," the Android Kikaider liked to point out the obvious. Hellboy wanted to tell him 'no shit, Sherlock' but he thought it was better to save his breath. Androids weren't very smart. "He needs arid environments, too much humidity now-" said Nightwing, clutching his side as watched the fight from the bleacher. "But how did Joestar know that!?" Annabeth asked. "Every time he throws his fist, he puts more water into the air and it's fucking with Thane. Look at his balance!" She was right. Hellboy could see Thane's knees bend just a bit too much. Those big eyes of his were glossy like a Krispy Kreme donut and he was losing ground fast as Joe kept up the offense. "Submit! It is your only chance!" Joe cried, locking another right hook onto Thane's jaw. "You better get your boy, Grayson,” said Hellboy. “He ain't going to quit until his corpse gets dragged out.” The whole team got on edge after that. It was obvious the fight wasn’t going Thane’s way. Nightwing shouted, “Thane, that’s enough. It’s over!” But the assassin didn’t listen or he just pretended not to hear. He managed to get some distance from Joe but moved too fast and fell on his ass. He attempted to recover with biotics, but Joe returned with a boot to his chest and clutching his sword Pluck, pressing its tip at Thane's throat. "Thane!" Nightwing had to shout again. Hellboy supposed he saw sense because that's when Thane submitted. "Guess that's that," Hellboy finished his cigar and tossed it aside. His back was starting to get stiff with all this waiting around. Not built for that, he popped his back and brandished his trusty gun. "My turn boys and girls. Don't wait up on me." *** Joestar helped his foe return to his feet. "You gave me quite the challenge, sir Thane. I'm honored to have fought with you." Thane managed a smile as he relented to Joestar's help back to his side of the arena. "Your powers perfectly countered my own. And you don't miss much Mr. Joestar. It seems I have more to learn." The medic received Thane. Joestar bowed before the team before returning to his own. Scarlet Spider put an arm around him in celebration, "Why to go man! You really represented out there." "You were really awesome," said Spyro. "Please," said Joestar. "Let us celebrate once we've won thrice more. Captain, have you decided on which of us will go next?" American Dream answered by picking up her side and wielding it in her hand as she moved toward the arena. "You boys did us proud. Let your captain return that favor and put another win on the board." None argued as she walked to meet Hellboy face to face. "What are you supposed to be?" asked Hellboy. "The name's American Dream. And I carry this shield as a symbol for freedom and-" "Okay stop, that's too much. Let's just fight come on."
  10. The Grand Hunt Round TWO Capture or Kill the Target: (Professor Pyg) Outside Madison Square Garden Aloy wasn’t sure what to expect from this Grand Hunt, but she never imagined five foot reptiles trying to eat her alive. She finally caught her breath as she overlooked the grim site of Madison Square Garden now overrun with the hungry reptiles. She had killed plenty on her way out of the building, and killed quite a few more escorting the civilians that were stuck in there with her. But she didn’t have nearly enough arrows for that size horde. Aloy just hoped she passed the test. Just as the thought occurred to her, a message appeared through her Focus. CONGRATULATIONS ON PASSING THE FIRST ROUND. NOW FOR YOUR FIRST TARGET. BRING THEM IN DEAD OR ALIVE! “Dead or alive?” Aloy thought this was strange. She wasn’t a mercenary and if she was going to be forced to kill people… Below the message read details of the supposed target along with his image. Professor Pyg. Wanted for breaking from an asylum and the murder of several figures in the city of Gotham. His crimes also included mutilation and cruelty towards animals. His known location was a hideout that he was using as a workshop for his next move. “Well, if this is what it takes to compete then I guess I’ll have to take down a few criminals. Doesn’t sound too bad. It better not include anymore giant lizards though,” said Aloy, who accepted the mission and was magicked away instantly. Professor Pyg’s Hideout, Outskirts of Gotham City Aloy’s senses took a jolt. One second she was in a damp city in the rain, now she was in a dark and humid forest. Instincts taught her to immediately get low and stay out of sight. “Damn that stung. Guess the Commissioner does have a few tricks up his sleeve. Going to have to watch that,” Aloy said to herself as she hugged the base of a tree. After a few moments she got her bearings. She wasn’t in immediate danger but if she had a good guess, she knew where to find it. Just ahead she could hear some kind of metallic racket. Perhaps a saw? She wasn’t sure. Her weapons and supplies were instantly restocked. She didn’t even feel fatigued from the prior mission, which was a relief. More tricks of the Commissioner. “Okay well, let’s get this over with,” Aloy kept her bow at the ready and started towards the sound, staying low. It came from a wooden home just on the other end of the woods in a small clearing. Dim lantern lights shown from inside through its windows. Guess this was Pyg’s hideout. Aloy kept her crouch and circled the building as if it were a bandit camp. Her Focus gave her all the intel she needed. Entry points, exits, weapons, and Pyg himself. He was at his workbench… sharpening blades and saws with delight. Actually he was laughing under his breath. “This will show those bats that I’m not afraid of them…” she heard him say through her Focus. Hanging from the wall were pig carcasses and… one young man. He was still alive. “Oh shit. Okay then…,” If she needed more proof that this man deserved justice, she had it. Aloy climbed up the building. She needed to get this right to save the hostage. She found a hole to slip through in the roof and entered. Once inside, she kept to the rafters out of sight until she was above Professor Pyg. He was still unaware of her, just the way she planned. Aloy drew back her bow. It was time to catch her target.
  11. Oswald: What an upset folks! Hawkman has defied the odds and defeated Kharne! He will be moving onto the semi-finals! Excitement like this is once in a lifetime here at the GCGBT! *Replays of the previous match project onto the holo-screen as Oswald narrates.* Oswald: Here is the replay now. Hawkman had Kharne on the backfoot and worked most the match in the air. A strategy of driving his opponents to the edge of the ring isn't a bad one. But it didn't last long. *Replay shows Kharne finally catching Hawkman during another dive, gripping him by his wing and slinging him into the ring beneath him. Kharne quickly capitalized by putting the weight of his boot on Hawkman's chest.* Oswald: See here is where the trouble starts. That crushing boot of Kharne forcing the blood from the hero's mouth. I thought he was done for sure. *In a desperate move, Hawkman manages to throw his mace and strike Kharne's helmet. This gives him just enough room to get from under Kharne and tackle him at full force.* Oswald: It's here that you see the true desperation, he's throwing punches with little effect but the ferocity is uncanny. Kharne can't mount a defense until he pushes him away but by then it's too late. *The hulking space marine takes one too many steps back and his backfoot lands outside the ring. A gong sounds, signifying the end of the match. Kharne screamed in frustration as Hawkman's arm was raised.* Oswald: It all seemed over from there. A shocking win to a true superhero. But it looked as though Kharne wasn't having any of it! *In the final part of the replay, Kharne rushed back into the ring wielding his axe high to strike down his former opponent. But before he could make any aggression, he was teleported away.* Oswald: Of course the Betrayer wouldn't follow the rules. He wanted some revenge but I guess he'll have to find it back in his own universe. And with that out of the way and the ring repaired, let us move onto the next match! *A video package plays. Heracles and Darth Bane are voicing over edited footage of their past matches in the tournament.* Heracles: The burden of my labors have brought me this far. I have conquered foes from ocean to ocean, and from fields far and wide. Darth Bane: I'm told my opponent tonight is a man of honor. He fights for the glory of some gods he believes in. I wonder though, has he met a god? Because he will very soon. Heracles: I respect those that have fought me so far. Each one of them needed to best me and I could see it in their eyes. Alas, they didn't have my measure. Heracles has yet to meet his match. Darth Bane: Tonight, those in the crowd will bare witness to the true might of the dark side of the force. A power that has no equal. I will bury this champion of earth. Heracles: Bane will fall beneath the might of Heracles, whose destiny lies at the top of the mountain. I will not stop until I've earned my glory. *The video package ends. The arena goes dark for a moment, then the lights return to see Heracles and Darth Bane facing each other in the middle of the ring.* Oswald: Well folks, I say it's about time for a battle! _______________________________________________________________________ Heracles VS Darth Bane Each combatant will have respected powers and equipment that they can carry into the ring. No outside help or influence. Combatants have basic knowledge of each other from watching the previous rounds. Tournament standard ring from Dragon Ball. Ring Out, Knockout, or Death all count as elimination
  12. SSJRuss

    Verse City Crisis Units

    Collages of Seven member teams created by SSJRuss.
  13. I hadn't thought about that but you're right, Kharne makes a good enemy for Hawkman. Hawkman has the speed and flight advantage, but Kharne is a brutal warrior that I'm not sure anyone could handle one on one... I'm torn on a vote either way.
  14. Yeah it's pretty effective in combat. And it's something Joestar would have little ways to counter.
  15. I'm glad you all are enjoying it so far! And yeah, of course captain hook stood no chance. I was going to share Peter Pan's RT, But it wasn't very impressive. I think he could probably escape capture, but Cad Bane is an expert at the cat and mouse game. He gets my vote.

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