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  1. I think these two are about equal in speed, but I don't know if Dante's weapons can withstand a lightsaber strike or not. Plus I don't know how he'll counter Bane's force abilities...
  2. Hercules has some insane strength feats but I don't know how durable or fast he is. He could destroy Jotaro if he caught him but luckily for Jotaro, Herc can't see his stand. That gives him the advantage, plus the fact he can stop time in short bursts. But none of that matters if he can't hurt Hercules...
  3. Looks like we got our first loss this round. Poor Kintaro, he was so confident. Nice win for the Babies tho
  4. I have to agree with Leroy. You take your time and it shows. I particularly like the dialogue you wrote. Good stuff. Boba is impressive (I guess) but he's nowhere near good enough to take on Obi-wan. Jango had the better chance due to the nature of the fight and location. Obi-wan wasn't as skilled then as he would be now imo. Boba may be cunning at times but I give this to Obi-wan for his ability and wit.
  5. Gex: Well well, the icons have finally come to play. This one's gonna get a bit twisty, don't you agree boys? Oswald: Not sure what you mean by that but I know that this match has the be one of the highlights for this round. Darth Bane and Dante have never come face to face in the multiverse until now! And we get the honor of calling this historic fight. J.R: And a fight it will be, gentlemen. Bane is not about games or flashy moves, he is going to go in for the kill. Dante will learn very quickly that he's going to have to be on his toes with this dark force user. I just have to say one thing, I'm glad I'm not in the ring with either of them. Oswald: Well said, J.R. Let's get the action! _______________________________________________________________________ Dante VS Darth Bane Each combatant will have respected powers and equipment that they can carry into the ring. No outside help or influence. Combatants have basic knowledge of each other from watching the previous round. Tournament standard ring from Dragon Ball. Ring Out, Knockout, or Death all count as elimination
  6. Oswald: Welp, we have two matches down. A surprise win for Hawkman and a brutal second match where Kharn came out victorious. I can't even imagine what we could see next. Gex: Probably Heracles versus Jotaro Kujo, I reckon. Oswald: Oh yeah. That is true. J.R: Well I for one am ready to call the action, fellas. Heracles bested the tournament veteran Guts in our first round whereas Jotaro slipped a win from the martial arts master Tao Pai Pai. These two megalithic men are finally going head to head and I'm sure the audience is waiting with anticipation to see who will win. Oswald: Well said, J.R. Let's get the action then. _______________________________________________________________________ Heracles VS Jotaro Kujo Each combatant will have respected powers and equipment that they can carry into the ring. No outside help or influence. Combatants have basic knowledge of each other from watching the previous round. Tournament standard ring from Dragon Ball. Ring Out, Knockout, or Death all count as elimination
  7. I like Jacob but he isn't in the same tier as Pyramid Head. That big sword yo
  8. Love me some dinos, but I agree with Leroy. Indominous is larger and has quite the high intellect for a raptor. It could be close but that high IQ puts I.Rex over the edge to a win.
  9. 228. The same number from the movie. Again that's throughout the entire Garden and he doesn't have to fight of them, just escape. But he might try and kill them all lol
  10. Baby Zillas are popular I guess 😅 But yeah, Kintaro will likely try to kill as many of the Zillas as he can. He could probably mow down quite a few but if doesn't retreat when he starts to get overwhelmed, I think he'll be in trouble. It's kinda 50/50 in my book
  11. I mean, that could happen. He already encountered some Stormtroopers so it's possible he could run into the likes of Batman, The Flash, Aloy, The Terminator, etc... But they won't have their person sets and are limited to using guns and melee weapons for combat so Hunter still has as much of a chance as most.
  12. The Grand Hunt Round ONE Challenge: ESCAPE MADISON SQUARE GARDEN This contest was meaningless. Why should he, Kintaro of the Shokan, be subjected to a hunter’s test when he had nothing to prove? Wasn’t it he who fought by Shao Kahn’s side? He who ruled aside Mileena when she took the throne? Kintaro was more than a simple hunter. And yet, here he was. Sitting among mortals in some uninspired hall of technology and sophistication. Kintaro felt a bile of fire in his throat. Among these mortals was one called The Commissioner. He took the floor and told them the details of this contest of hunters. The Grand Hunt, he called it. "This... game of sorts has been a project of mine for some time," he started. "I'm glad each of you answered the call." Glad? He should feel honored to have Kintaro in his presence. Kintaro is a champion hunter of the Shokan and second only to Prince Goro in power and prestige. He’s killed and tamed beasts far greater than what challenges lay ahead. The Commissioner gestured to a projection filled with icons of each of the hunter's faces. They surrounded three large maps, outlined in different colors. "Here is how this works," he explained. "Each of you must complete a challenge to move on to the next round. The game ends and a winner is crowned GRAND CHAMPION when the rest of the competitors have failed their challenges. These first few challenges will be solo for the moment, so don’t worry about anyone here trying to stab you in the back." Kintaro couldn’t help but huff at the Commissioner. "This game will take too long. I suggest we battle now and see who stands victor," he finished with a snarl toward the group of mortal hunters, daring them to make the first move. "This isn't a bar fight big man," one of them said calmly, not bothering to look in Kintaro’s direction. "This contest is the real deal, ain't that right Commissioner?" His voice was gravely, matching his roguish appearance. This one would have the honor of dying by Kintaro’s hand first, he thought silently as the Commissioner finished his briefing. The projection told Kintaro he was to go to some place called ‘Madison Square Garden’ to complete his challenge. “I have yet to face a challenge I could not overcome,” Kintaro stood, readying himself for combat. _________________________ The Commissioner transported Kintaro to this so-called ‘Garden’. What Kintaro found was a large building in disarray. His keen senses picked out the odor of blood mixed with the rain of Earthrealm. Hints of other creatures lurked in the dark halls. Kintaro was reminded of Reptile and his kind. Perhaps he’d face him for this challenge… Kintaro gripped his Saber Teeth gauntlets, one for each of his four fists. He stomped through the halls, leading down through an ajar door. He pushed past it and was met with the heavy sniff of a creature. No, not one but dozens. A hoard of lizards, hungry for their next meal. They screeched, jaws full of teeth. Kintaro met their roar with one of his own. Let the hunt begin! ___________________________ Kintaro must survive and escape Madison Square Garden, which is full of hungry baby zillas, to win the challenge.
  13. Good set up and I love the use of characters here. Don't see much of Mira but I always thought she was a cool character and I think this is a natural battle to make for her. I'm thinking Sabine for her experience will take this one but I'm not sure yet.
  14. Yeah I think he fits this challenge and his particular skills lend to this sort of tracking and hunting game. He can avoid and find other players rather easy I would say. Also, please excuse my chopping writing in this. I haven't been feeling well but I wanted to get this story out.

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