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  1. I haven't seen much of later Naruto, but I have a hard time seeing anyone besting Aizen. He can't die and was only defeated by plot (they had to tie him up and put him in a hole, but even then he got out.)
  2. I think the Monk gets overwhelmed, but he might clear out the Draug before falling to La Llorna
  3. I think the Spartans edge the victory for their team. If the Native Americans serve as bowmen, then I see the first team getting shredded
  4. My money is on Zeltrax. Dude was a beast, from my memory
  5. Damn, sorry I missed this. Shina is one of my favorites from Bloody Roar. I could have made it a draw
  6. I think Ghost Rider could probably take the whole of team two in a one-on-one fight. It would be close between him and Bleez though. Nebula could probably take Cat-man and maybe Werewolf. Warhead has a lot of power and that might tip the edge in the favor of team two.
  7. Who doesn't love tournaments? The creators of the Grand Cross-Galactic Budokai Tenkaichi bring you the next entertainment extravaganza... The 2nd Annual District Fight (formerly known as the Verse City League Tournament) Districts all across Verse City have chosen to compete in a tournament to determine the number 1 ranking district in our fair city. Teams of three have been chosen at random to battle it out and claim victory for their district. Before we begin however, let’s set the stage. Two teams of three fight the other inside our replica Khazan Battle Arena. A team wins when the opposing team is completely defeated either by KO, Death, or Submission. Team members will work together as a team and as always, each combatant will have their respective powers and equipment. No outside help or influence is allowed. And there is no prior knowledge of their opponents unless they’ve encountered each other prior in their canon. Now, on with the preliminaries! Comic Book District! [Team Nightstalker] - Cat-Man, Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) and Werewolf By Night (Jake Gomez) VS [The Furies] - Bleez, Nebula and Negasonic Teenage Warhead
  8. While waiting for their next mission, these three have a little sparing match. A three-way battle, no weapons just martial technique. Fight in a sizable empty room. Whose last standing?
  9. This is the kind of match I'd expect to see on CBUB. Feels classic, like it should have been made years ago. Bravo for the idea and for writing it. Good first match for Mufasa too. Good match, great characterization of Scar and Mufasa. I like the choice of location for the battle too, feels cinematic. It feels underused in the movie. Gaston is formidable and has advantage of weapons, but ultimately Mufasa takes the win. He is imposing and quick and, importantly, a big ass Lion.
  10. Looks like Vin and Greedo got sent to Suplex City with no return flight.
  11. I'm flattered really. It's how I'd like to be remembered
  12. Appreciate that! This was originally a different match but this one seemed like a fun idea. Plus I like both characters and want to add to their records.
  13. Great idea, I shoulda changed it to a steel chair. And I agree, Lesnar would totally F-5 those Machamps if they failed. We'll see if we get there.
  14. We use to have ties represented a long time ago. Maybe the code is still there
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