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  1. Clarifying: this is Netflix Trevor vs Arrowverse Deathstroke in this fight?
  2. Weird that these two don't have a showdown in the comics, at least that I have seen.
  3. Very true, that would have been a really fun debate. Oh well.
  4. Yep, too bad we couldn’t get in for the final one. Good season everybody, and good luck!
  5. -Nope, gave you the full narration and scans of both fights. Dunno why we’re stuck on this point, but there’s not much more I can write. Bill disarmed Thor despite not having any powers. Thor gets a punch in and calls Bill “one of the mightiest mortals he has fought” then is probably going to win before he reverts back. Bill then beats him shortly thereafter in a rematch without Stormbreaker. They’ve fought evenly before, both have won, etc. -I don’t know why the guardians are Skyfather level. They look like they’re more fourth tier than on Odin’s level. Forcing one to sacrifice to defeat Doomsday is impressive, but not much greater than a herald. -He’s clearly using them to teleport things in the midst of combat and others. It’s a strategy he would use. -I think we’ve both made cases as well as we can. Argument either way is clear, just waiting on the vote.
  6. I said multiple times he can BFR him away from the battlefield. I assumed that explained the wincon, Doomsday is no longer on the battlefield, that constitutes a win and is how Doomsday has been beaten multiple times. To address some other points: -I haven’t brought up the Bill/Thor fight multiple times, you keep insisting on arguing it. I brought it up initially because you dismissively called Bill a Thor Wannabe. He matched Thor in hand to hand combat without Stormbreaker or asgardian powers to the point that Thor says “never have I been matched by a mortal” in the scan you posted. Thor is disarmed by Bill in the fight and becomes mortal. They then Shortly have a rematch where Bill again fights Thor evenly and gets up first when they both get knocked out. Odín then seems Bill worthy and gives him Stormbreaker and grants him the power of Thor. Him matching Thor without those powers is incredibly impressive. Never have I been dirty on these events or misappropriated what happened. -Thor himself calls Bill his equal: https://m.imgur.com/bbdxKPR The Supes/Thor fight puts those two on the same level. It’s an even fight where Superman says “he might be the single toughest opponent,” then is quickly knocked out. Thor is on Supes level and there are infinite number of forum posts you can go through on this. Transitive arguing doesn’t work either and I’m not suggesting that Goku is a street level or whatever. I’m pointing out that Doomsday is wildly inconsistent and that the Darkseid fight feels like PIS. Darkseid is a character that should be miles beyond anyone subcosmic but ye has been beaten by weaker characters. Bill’s Galactus feat has him cut through one of Galactus’ blasts then chops through his armor. https://m.imgur.com/JOnneL7 It’s a high end feat that proves he can tank and harm some of the most powerful beings in his universe. -I’ve posted scans of Bill using portals in a fight. He absolutely will do that if it will win him the fight. Your Goku example doesn’t make sense because there’s no reason for him to know what Kryptonite is and why he could transmite him there. Bill used portals on the regular and can open them up from a distance to send Doomsday away. This is a likely thing for him to do. Here’s him using it against Ego: https://m.imgur.com/iutYUGW Here’s a funny one of him teleporting a black hole: https://m.imgur.com/CnSxBli Him creating a warp tunnel: https://m.imgur.com/eA8dE4u Used a similar ability to siphon power from ego: https://m.imgur.com/the7qbb Energy projection is enough to eradicate Asteroth/Omega Ray. Bill forced her into her non cosmic form, then blows her up: https://m.imgur.com/IMQLNX6 -Larger point still being that Bill has magic, battlefield destruction, and BFR as valid ways to win. The only way he should lose is if he just engages Doomsday in a hand-to-hand battle, which he doesn’t default to on a regular basis. Bill is a good matchup with Doomsday because he won’t just start chucking Stormbreaker and punching Doomsday.
  7. All true. Merry specifically has a sword from Bombadill that breaks the aura of the WK.
  8. Pizza guy, you need to relax. Not worth getting worked up or falsely accusing others of lying for an Internet forum debate. I’m not lying, he beat Thor without having Stormbreaker. I’m not making any personal accusations against you, I’d appreciate if you did the same.That’s what happened, you’ve given context, and I haven’t disputed it. Point remains that he has proved he is an incredibly powerful character in his own right. -BFR is a valid form of winning a fight, especially since he could just drop Doomsday off anywhere he needed. BRB has these forms of hax that he can use in a fight like this. He’s exceptional at leveraging his abilities in a given situation, which is why I think he’s well-suited to fight someone like Doomsday. -Comic characters have varied results. Not sure which Hulk fight you are referring to, at least I can’t find it, but he more often posts feats that are far above that level. He is an even match for Surfer, who is stronger any other character we’ve been arguing about. Cracking Galactus is an impressive cap for his feats and gives him a high enough damage output to hurt Doomsday. So does him fighting Stardust. -I don’t think Hunter/Prey is well written for the same reason I think Doomsday is rarely well written as a character. He just gets pumped to be more adaptable, though it rarely makes sense. If Doomsday was able to be punched to death by Superman, then there’s no way he should be able to beat Darkseid. By the same token, DC doesn’t keep Darkseid very consistent either. Point being, that’s the only instance where Doomsday has shown those abilities, and he’s been beaten by lesser characters since that comic. By your logic, if Doomsday is on a herald level, then BRB should be fine since he has proven to be on that level himself. -Everything I see claims Doomsday is kryptonian in biology. I guess if you don’t think he is, there’s not much more to gain from arguing the point. -I’m not undercutting anything. BRB has better energy manipulation and damage output than Superman, and leverages ranged attacks more. He’s much faster and more powerful than a lantern. Point being that BRB has a bigger toolbox than most heroes Doomsday has faced. Magic should work (don’t think he’s died to that before, certainly not ashardian magic), that’s why I think Bill’s flight matters. -You’ve described something Bill can do. Just open a rift and drop him somewhere nasty. He can also just planet bust.
  9. Follow-up: - BRB uses portals pretty regularly in combat to teleport himself, others, and objects to his advantage. Here's him doing that in a fight against Ego: Bill bodying Stardust hard, including casually tackling him through a planet: https://imgur.com/a/cj7sP Blasting Stardust: Fighting Surfer. Even until Surfer leverages his board, then Bill uses his Spaceship. IF he has access to this, then that's even more power that he brings against Doomsday: https://imgur.com/a/iilAU#0 Force fields as a defense. Enough to casually block blasts from Nova: TL:DR Bill is a very versatile and intelligent fighter that does a good job of finding creative solutions in his fights. I think he's the perfect combatant against a one-dimensional guy like Doomsday.
  10. BRB is on the level of the character that Doomsday is most often immediately compared against. Don’t think it’s an argument that should be dismissed.
  11. -He beat Thor without Stormbreaker. And in that fight proved to Odín that he was worthy enough to be an asgardian on Thor’s level. He’s consistently shown to be on par with the likes of silver surfer, etc. Calling him a Thor wannabe is misleading and you know that. -Why is being teleported away not a win condition? BFR has always been a method of winning in a fight like this. The Guardian specifically uses that ability and it’s been used several times to beat Doomsday. BRB opening a portal and sending him away or just blowing the planet is in character and works to win the fight. BRB is more resourceful and opens up his powers immediately more so than Thor. -Cracking Galactus’ armor and tanking a subsequent blast are in-line with BRB’s power. He’s a casual planet buster, I don’t know why being able to deal physical damage and surviving blasts from Marvel’s highest-tier threat is anything less than impressive. There’s no reason to dismiss this feat. Aside from that, he keeps up with Silver Surfer and beats Stardust in a fight. He’s over Herald of Galactus level consistently. -Doomsday is biologically kryptonian. He’s ancient kryptonian, but still has that biology. This, it’s very reasonable to assume magic is effective against him. -Sure Darkseid used the omega beams once, and the writers decided that for whatever reason Doomsday could tank that, but he literally then just goes to fighting him straight up, rather than just opening up a boom tube, etc to pull the fight in his favor. Hunter/Prey is the problem with Doomsday and his feats in that writers just dump new durability on him that’s wildly inconsistent. Each new story seems to have the writer just do whatever he wants in terms of scaling. -BRB can keep at range, his flight speed matches Silver Surfer so that should be a huge advantage against a combatant who has to leap. If Doomsday isn’t being wanked than someone who can keep at range and move faster should be a big factor in a fight like this. -BRB is easily on Thor’s level. Thor and Superman are a close fight. I don’t really have to prove much more than that to put BRB on Supes’ level. -BRB is versatile Thor with morals off right away. He consistently keeps up with galactic characters and is a solar system threat by his power output. His powers give him a whole toolbox of ways to deal with Doomsday in a way that most DC characters can’t. Again, I think he has more ways to win here and should be smart enough to leverage the advantages he has.
  12. I think Black Bolt stomps here. Pure melee characters, Battle Beast included,should get overwhelmed by Bolt’s voice.
  13. Summing up my main arguments: -BRB could absolutely beat Superman so the Death of Superman feat doesn't really help Doomsday here. -Doomsday is part Kryptonian, in the same sense that Superman doesn't have resistance to magic, neither does Doomsday. Given that BRB is dishing out magic damage, that will be a huge factor in this fight. -Doomsday doesn't have an answer for just being teleported out of the fight or BRB just busting Middle-Earth. -The Darkseid feat is weird. Darkseid forgets he has so many abilities and possibilities at this disposal and just tries to outpunch him, the Hunter/Prey series represents a complete anomaly for Doomsday as a character. -Flight is hard for Doomsday to deal with. Again, BRB beat Thor without the help of any Asgardian magic. BRB has a power output similar to the Silver Surfer, so blowing him out with magic and lightning is on the table. -Doomsday has one real wincon, while BRB has several. BRB wins 7/10 matchups.
  14. “Thor Wannabe” is incredibly misleading, given that BRB beat Thor without using Stormbreaker. Brb is strong enough to rank shots from Galactus and crack his armor, so nothing Doomsday throws is going to immediately overwhelm him. Brb also has a much better toolbox of abilities to deal with Doomsday than someone like Superman. He can probably just BFR Doomsday with a portal and more than has the capability of just busting the planet if it comes to that. Given this is more vanilla Doomsday, he’s more beatable. BRB should have advantages in mobility as well, flight is usually a good advantage against Doomsday, plus BRB should have speed and advantages with ranged attacks. BRB has more wincons here. He can take this.
  15. The Witch King thing is a bit misleading. Merry used a really specific blade to weaken him first, then Eowyn used another to end him. It’s also more “man” in more of a race idea than gendered specific. I think Alice is really loud and brash, and will draw a lot of Mordor on top of her quickly. She’s good, but Mordor is more threatening than your average Resident Evil situation and she can’t gun down an entire army, plus the Nazgûl.
  16. So I think Frollo has a more straightforward path here and should do well. Doesn’t Cipher have to be activated or something to be fully powered?
  17. Moon Knight has significant advantages in equipment and defense. Don’t think she’ll be able to get through adamantium. Moon a knight also has a SIGNIFICANT skill advantage, as Seras only has police training as far as I can see. I think he incapacitates her in a war of attrition.
  18. The Beyonder power theft is on the level of most PIS feats. The Beyonder feat was in a comic more concerned with selling toys than any sort of story. It’s a ridiculous and specific feat that doesn’t have a lot of bearing on a random encounter like this. I don’t know enough about Larflerze to argue either way here. Overall, I think power steal isn’t something Doom can pull off.
  19. Zerg are well coordinated usually, they love together and fats to overwhelm most opponents. They’ve been well-coordinated to the point where they win most fights against other civilizations.
  20. The question isn’t who would I rather see, but who would win the reenactment battle (for the record I would absolutely pay to see the Zerg in a reenactment). The Zerg are used to running coordinated attacks into the teeth of highly advanced military technologies. They are used to tanking gunfire, then ripping into armor and defenses far more advanced than what happens here. I don’t think it matters if the fire nation troops are more used to handling a spear or having quasi-military tactics, the Zerg are just going to run them over.
  21. Dunno what you mean by that. There are plenty of combatants that don’t fit strictly into a medieval setting, the point is how they would do when out into a medieval reenactment. Give the Zerg some armor, shields, and fake swords and they are still bullying the fire nation foot soldiers. They’re faster and stronger, which suits a medieval-style reenactment really well.
  22. Eli is good surviving a post-apocalyptic world by staying in the shadows, fighting to his advantage, etc. I think guerrilla tactics should carry pretty well over in this scenario.
  23. Alright, so I think the Zerg are going to have an overwhelming numerical advantage, along with speed and strength advantages. They should be able to toss around one he fire nation soldiers. They should also be able to control the battlefield with their speed.
  24. I think Ratcatcher is straight up more attractive for being the more powerful/useful of the two. Codpiece is funnier, but I don’t think they want him.

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