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  1. Yeah Iam using a phone with slow internet so I couldn't tell
  2. These poor monks will have a lot of rebuilding to do assuming they live long enough Apocalypse is a hulk level in strength and with a million other powers he will put hulk down long before he gets strong enough to damage him
  3. Iam not sure if iam signed in or guest but this is cbf subzero got took down by a bucket of water he has been shown in other canon that his power can be turned against him and he is up against quite possibly the best at this
  4. if billy uses telepathy against Apocalypse he will get a violent feedback also and can billy control his molecules on the subatomic level there is no real way for billy to win this every single power he has Apocalypse has a counter for telepathy Apocalypse is immune transmutation Apocalypse molecule manipulation counters that lightning thor's lightning only managed to stagger him i doubt billy's will do anymore than that if it hits him Apocalypse also has force fields and teleportation brute force Apocalypse has taken on the hulk and held his own against 2 thor's at once not to mention try punching something that can change from it's physical state at will billy punches him he can change to a liquid state forget wizdom Apocalypse is way smarter than billy not to mention if this place runs off tec Apocalypse could turn the whole battle field against him they both have the power of gods but one has the brain of a 12 year old while the other could figure out how to use tecnology hundreds of thousands of years more advanced than he should
  5. this is CBUB i remember us having a distinctively different debate style then comicvine i was hoping to use our old method of debate because i feel like it's more accurate it also massively helps me out but if we have to hash things out by feats are everything comicvine method i can do that too i await your response on how you want to do this if i get no response by tomorrow i will make my case using both styles
  6. define prep because Doom has fuctions in his armor at all times built to allow him to take on thor hulk ff he can spam the field with demons channel the strength of cytorak and he has the ovoid mind switch all stuff he can do in seconds and auto shields powerful enough to take shots from thanos this fight could go either way but i lean toward Doom because he is just too damn crafty say adam beats all of Doom's fail safe he has no idea about the ovoid mind switch and all Doom has to do is make eye contact then he has adam's body
  7. if this is to permanent death than doomesday wins hulk still has to breath and the that apparatus will be lost and destroyed at some point but hulk has a chance if doomesday loses after first death
  8. Apocalypse has teleportation powerful forcefields to prevent damage and even if he does get damaged he heals at pretty much will and has powerful adaptation powers and he is physically stronger and faster and has TK to guide ultron in
  9. nope Apocalypse is stronger but iam not sure how there going to hurt eachother if Apocalypse can't use tecnopathy to win
  10. but he is better with his powers and packs a enough of a punch to knock thanos on his ass and is still fast enough to keep up with manhunter this is a verry winable fight for either of them
  11. he has oliver beat in speed and strength while being a match for him in skill but even live action spidey greatly surpasses slade in speed and strength and his spidersense would do enough in warning him of traps or environmental threats and his un ending web gives him a effective range weapon that can't be taken away from him

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