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  1. Here is a video on the Baby Zillas to help out the match.
  2. Well, it's working fine now. 🙂 Weird, I don't know why that happened? 🤔
  3. Hey! Another match with the Baby Zillas! 😃 I give the setup a 5.0. 😎
  4. So, I tried to upload an image to the Gallery. But when I hit submit, my virus protection blocked the page. Is anyone else having problems with the Gallery?
  5. Hey, a match with Evolver. But in the end of the movie, he got beaten by a normal guy. So, I don’t see Evolver beating a Power Ranger or an Anime character. Hope to see more Evolver matches in the future.
  6. I like the match and this arc. I give the setup a 5.0.
  7. So, for a while now, both the Rated and Rumble Matches haven’t been getting a lot of votes. So, I was thinking about that maybe the Guests should have the ability to vote on matches again. That way, not only matches would get more vote, but less chances of them ending in a Tie. But this is just an idea, and it would be something for @IKA to decide on.
  8. I don’t know if anyone remembers this, but along time ago, objects like Captain America’s shield were added to the site. But then members had complaints about it, and the objects were deleted from the database. But like I said, that was along time ago, and I would be ok about letting Mjolnir in. But to @IKA, how would you feel about having Mjolnir and other objects in the site?
  9. Ouch! Talk about bad timing. Hope things had work out for your computer.
  10. Hey, a match with the Baby Zillas! So, I take it there's going to be a setup?

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