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  1. Yea, I knew once the Prey movie came out, someone would add the new Predator to the site. Also, nice to see the Feral Predator in a match. I give the setup a 5.0.
  2. Zombie Power Rangers: Part 24 -------- Previously: The Original Rangers and Time Force Rangers were watching the fight between G.I. Joe, the Zombies, and the Super Hero Taisen Army on the Viewing Globe. That is, until they discovered Tanya, as a Power Ranger, was fighting the Moon Rock Aliens. In order to create the Zeo Rangers, they needed Tanya's Zeo shard and the Ohrangers' morphers. So, the Time Force Rangers were teleported to Africa to help Tanya, while the Original Rangers went to the Park to get the morphers. However, the Original Rangers found themselves getting into a fight with the Zombiefied Ohrangers. -------- Note: This takes place during the same time as the fight in Part 22. -------- It was now nighttime with the moon shining down on the ruined city of Angel Grove. There were corpses of civilians, members of G.I. Joe, and unmoving zombies all over the street. The only G.I. Joe left is General Hawk, who is down on the ground as he is badly hurt and weakened. He couldn't believe that all his friends were dead. Standing before Hawk was the Super Hero Taisen Army, made up of Super Sentai teams, Kamen Riders, and Metal Heroes. To make matters worse for Hawk, the Super Hero Taisen Army have not lost a single member. "Ah! So much for your friends." Tyranno Ranger said to Hawk. "Any last words before I put you out of your misery?" Time Fire asked as he pointed his Defender Gun at the General. “Why are you Power Rangers doing this? You’re supposed to be heroes....” General Hawk didn’t get to finish as Time Fire fired the Defender Gun. The laser hit Hawk between his eyes, and came out the back of his head. Hawk’s face hit the ground as his life came to an end. G.I. Joe was no more. “For the last time! We’re not Power Rangers!” Time Fire yelled at the dead body. “Good work, everyone.” Akarenger said. “Yea, we killed all the zombies!” Kiba Ranger cheered. “Only the ones in the city. The only zombies that are left are the Power Rangers, Spider-Man, Goldar, and that Frankenstein monster.” Kamen Rider 1 said. "The last time we saw the Zombie Rangers, they were teleported away. Most likely they are trapped inside the Command Center by their ex-boss. Don’t know about the other three zombies." Time Green said. “So, what’s next? Do we go to the Command Center and kill everyone there?” Blue Beet asked. “It’s already nighttime. It would be best for us to return to our world to rest up for tomorrow. Besides, those zombies have nowhere else to run to once we have destroyed this universe.” Akarenger said. “Fine then, let’s head back home.” Kamen Rider 2 said. Akarenger pulled out a device and pushed a button to open up a very big portal. Once all the Super Sentai teams, Kamen Riders, and Metal Heroes went into the portal, it closed. ****** Back at the Park, the Original Power Rangers (Tommy, Jason, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly) were still fighting the Zombie Ohrangers. However, the zombies were starting to lose the fight as the White Ranger was using the Metallic Armor. "Power Sword!" The Red Ranger yelled as he jumped at Riki and used his sword to cut the zombie down the middle with both halves falling to the ground. Once the rest of the Ohrangers saw what happened to their teammate, they regrouped. “I can’t believe we lost King Ranger!” Shouhei yelled. “You might as well give up. Hand over the morphers, and we’ll put you zombies out of your misery, really quick.” The White Ranger said to the Ohrangers. “We’re not out just yet.” Goro told the Power Rangers. Then he yelled out, “Blocker Robos!” Just then a very big portal opened up, and what came out of it were five giant humanoid robots that look just like the Ohrangers. The Power Rangers were shocked once they saw the machines. “Of course, they would have Zords.” The Red Ranger said. Once the portal closed, the Ohrangers each jumped inside their own Blocker Robo. ****** Back at the Command Center, Zordon, Alpha 5, and Circuit were shocked too as they saw the Blocker Robos on the Viewing Globe. “Are those the Super Zeo Zords?” Alpha asked. “It can’t be. The Super Zeo Zords are supposed to be with Trey.” Circuit said. ****** “Still think, you can beat us?” Yuji said through Blue Blocker as all five of the Blocker Robos have speakers. Blue Blocker was going to step on the Power Rangers, but luckily the hero teenagers were able to dodge the giant metal foot. "Alpha! Please tell me, we got Zords to help us!" The White Ranger yelled into his communicator. ****** "I'm sorry, Tommy. But the Dragonzord, Titanus, and Tor are still going through repairs. I didn’t even get a chance to unlock Billy’s code on the Shogunzords and Ninjazords." Alpha said. ****** “Then we’ll just have to fight without them.” The White Ranger said. The Metallic Armor White Ranger jumped up at Red Blocker and was going to use Saba to attack the machine. But Red Blocker used its hand to swat Tommy like a fly, and sent him crashing to the ground. The two impacts were strong enough to make the Metallic Armor power down from the White Ranger. “Tommy!” The Pink Ranger yelled as she ran to her boyfriend. “Are you all right?!” “Ok, maybe fighting without our Zords is going to be tough.” The White Ranger said. ****** “Aye-yi-yi, this is awful!” Alpha cried as he watched the Power Rangers in a one-sided fight against the Blocker Robos. “Alpha. Is there a way the Time Force Power Rangers can help Tommy and the others?” Zordon asked. Alpha looked at the control panel. “They can’t help either. The Time Force Rangers are still helping Tanya fight the Moon Spiders.” Inside the force-field cage, the Zombie Rangers (Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Billy, and Kat) looked at each other, and smiled as they looked at Zordon. "Maybe we can help." Billy said. Zordon, Alpha, and Circuit looked at the zombies in shock. “What did you say?” Zordon asked. “I said we can help. Let us out of here, and we’ll save Tommy and the others.” Billy said. “Yea, right. Do you expect us to trust you?” Circuit asked. “Well, no. But this is the part where we come up with a deal.” Rocky said. “So, here’s the deal. You teleport us to the Park, and we’ll use the Shogunzords to fight the Ohrangers.” Aisha said. “But in exchange, once we defeat the Ohrangers, you, Zordon, must give us your word that you won’t teleport us back here, and trap us again.” Adam said. “Zordon! You can’t agree to this! If you set them free, they will eat and infect more people!” Circuit yelled. “Well, if it will make you feel better, we’ll be careful on how we eat.” Kat said. “Yea, we don’t need any more zombies hogging up our food.” Aisha said. “Look Zordon, what choice do you have? Tommy and his team aren’t going to last long out there.” Adam said. “Plus, you need the Ohrangers' morphers to create the Zeo Rangers to combat the upcoming threat of the Machine Empire.” Billy said. Zordon let out a sigh. He didn’t like the idea of freeing the zombies, but he was out of options. “Very well, Zombie Rangers. As long as you save Tommy and the others, you all will earn your freedom.” Zordon told the zombies. He then looked at Alpha 5. "Alpha, teleport the zombies to the Park." "Right away, Zordon." Alpha said, starting to work on the control panel. Zordon looked back at the zombies. “Rangers, it has saddened me by what you have become. You all were once heroes. But you can be again. I will do everything in my power to find a way to turn you back to normal.” “Wow, that almost breaks my cold dead heart.” Rocky sarcastically said. The Zombie Power Rangers were then teleported out of the force-field cage. “The guys are not going to like this.” Circuit said as he was thinking about the Time Force Power Rangers. ****** The Pink Ranger was using her Power Bow to shoot arrows at Pink Blocker, but it was like throwing toothpicks at a knight. The Black Ranger was slamming his Power Axe against the foot of Green Blocker. But wasn’t making a scratch on the armor. “It's no good! We’re fighting a losing battle!” The Black Ranger had to dodge from being grabbed by the giant green robot. Just then Zombie Power Rangers were teleported to the Park. “The Zombies!” The Yellow Ranger yelled. Tommy, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly notice the Zombie Rangers as well, and got into a fighting stance, already forgetting about the Ohrangers. “Have no fear. Help is here.” Kat said. “Yea, Zordon sent us to save your sorry butts.” Billy said. This caught the Original Power Rangers by surprise. “What?” The White Ranger asked. “YOU!” Juri yelled as she and the rest of the Ohrangers noticed the Zombie Rangers too. “We’re going to make you pay for turning us into zombies!” Momo yelled. “And we’re going to finish where we left off.” Kat said. "We need Shogunzord Power now!" Rocky yelled. As the Red Shogunzord, Black Shogunzord, Blue Shogunzord, Yellow Shogunzord, and White Shogunzord appeared in the Park, the Zombie Power Rangers each jumped inside their Zord. “You guys set back, and let us handle these Power Ranger Rejects.” Rocky told the Original Rangers through the speakers of the Red Shogunzord. “The only rejects are you Super Sentai Impostors!” Goro yelled. The Original Power Rangers could only watch as the two teams of machines started their fight. -------- So, here it is. My Zombie Power Rangers Arc is back from the dead. I hope everyone enjoyed this part. Notes: -I’m using the Shogun Megazord to represent the Shogunzords, and the Ohrangers to represent the Blocker Robos (the Super Sentai version of the Super Zeo Zords). -The Shogunzords can combine into the Shogun Megazord, and the Blocker Robos can combine into Oh Blocker. -The Original Power Rangers (Tommy, Jason, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly) aren't in the fight, as they will be mostly watching the battle. Who do you think will win here? The Zombie Power Rangers with the Shogunzords, or the Zombie Ohrangers with the Blocker Robos?
  3. Nice to see Zilla Jr. finally in an official match. 🙂 I give the match a 5.0. 😎
  4. I like the ending. 🙂 Nice that the Grinders got a win in their first match. 😎
  5. I’m going with the Captain America with boobs. Also, I give the match a 5.0.
  6. Nice to see the Grinders in a match! I give the setup a 5.0.
  7. Did someone say, Chloe Bourgeois? 😉 Anyway, I give the match a 5.0. 😎
  8. Valkyrie will crush the robots and she has beaten something that was like a ghost. This is the best video I could find of her. See 2:48:03 to 2:51:07.

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