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  1. what was so much yes.... its lost to the void...
  2. I'm actually in the same boat as VCM, don't think I'm getting a console this go around. Exclusives are hitting less and less, and there's whole genres of games that work better on mouse and keyboard instead of controllers. Think it might be time to finally hop off the console train.
  3. Can't believe we all still out here... doin stuff...
  4. What the heck does this thing do?

  5. What the heck does this thing do?

  6. Heh. You know what, sure, why not, I'll take a swing at it
  7. Ah, heh. well, one, you should play it, twas an awesome game. And two, lack of comments and such made me think no one was paying attention, heh. One of the various problems all CBUBers have I imagine
  8. I didn't even write for CBUB in the first place, so you all lost nothing from me
  9. Scuffle? Exodus? Why all the conflict inducing words lol? I moving over to the PJJ thing had nothing to do with snark (which I hadn't even heard of till now), it was just a better way to play than over the forums. I like the faster pace, because it means that my character doesn't have to be involved in every single thing that goes on for the sole reason that its the only thing going on at the time, which was always the case on EF. If you read or type slow, then I guess that's a different story, but that's not an issue for me so
  10. So, as in we're still CBUB because of our origins, or as in we're the only thing worth mentioning on cbub? or both?
  11. Huh... Mildly amused that the CBUB in general still cares about us, heheh
  12. Having recently found myself with an abundance of free time, I'd like to take a swing at this, preferably with filling one of the missing character slots. And for point three, I haven't done jack squat with Xochitl after making him, so if people want to use him for cameo purposes in whatever form I'd be fine with and would even encourage it
  13. Can that help include being the new boss since ours is posting slow?
  14. R5 Mind Defends for X'vn The virus made it, at least a small bit. Excellent. Most excellent. His 'ally' was also about to be cleaved in twain. That was decidedly less excellent. Because if the robot was intent on hitting the alien, that meant he was less intent on hitting him. Which was good, and a situation he was intent of preserving. Accessing... Rerouting movement controls... reversing cardinal directions... If the virus worked, Up would be right, left would be right too, and right would be straight backwards for H00k. and if it really worked any finger motions would be relegated to ocular twitches, so unless the cyborg had killer laser eyelashes, his attack would be rendered moot
  15. He wagged a finger in the air with a smile "Sorry, trade secret. So unless you wish to trade secrets about your various weaknesses as well, lets keep mum on the subject"
  16. Yea, my bad, used to the one on one set up >.<
  17. bippity bump for the players not yet posting
  18. "The romance between Yossarian and Bella was hilariously contrived, and it seemed incredibly pointless to have Jacob die in that plane crash, but overall they were equally silly"
  19. "Twilight. Best comedy I have read since Catch Twenty Two, and I got to live through the war that one showed, was as silly as it made it out to be"
  20. R4 Mind attacks mind The virus began its corruption of the cyborg (editted due to confusion)
  21. "Well of course I haven't read a book silly. I've read lots of books!"

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