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  1. Wow, for someone so new to the site you have made some impressive set-ups, a natural. Sadly I must confess I know nothing of these characters so I won't be voting, but I will be giving the setup a 5* rating. You should consider doing a write up for the challenge you would be a great contender to be sure.
  2. "3: The reason for the change of heart MUST fall in line with their character" That would take them away from their character, so no. A "Trick" Origin story (EX: Captain Hydra) could be a way to subvert that though. But again, you have to make that feel original.
  3. Not a tournament, a one write up challenge. Who ever wins, wins.
  4. The theme for the challenge will be - "Heel Turn". The write up MUST include the following to qualify: 1: A Character normally portrayed as the hero, will become the villain by the end of the write up. 2: The Character must NOT have been a villain in the before regardless of version. (Injustice Superman knocks ALL versions of Superman out of the challenge.) 3: The reason for the change of heart MUST fall in line with their character, mind control and black mail are NOT allowed for this challenge. 4: The Competitor does not matter, the focus will be on the character who is now evil. The type of competition does not matter as long as an act of evil is being portrayed. A good example for a Heel turn would be Superman from the Injustice comics, obviously this means Superman will not be usable as the villain in this challenge. I will personally be reading and judging EVERY entrant and will give bonus points for the following: Originality - Have I seen your reason used before. Unexpected - Is this a character I could foresee having a change of Heart. Quality writing - Above all, the write up must keep me engaged, if everything in the challenge is there but your writing is not, you will lose points. I will also be giving constructive criticism to every write up, if I appear nit picky, that means you did a good job and I'm looking for faults - try to give me nothing to complain about May the best story win!
  5. So let's just go ahead a name this the OFFICIAL CBUB Discord.
  6. Don't forget to hit edit and add your story in that first comment. Welcome to the site!
  7. Just reminding everyone to be prepared it will start in 3 days!
  8. HHH turns heels and nails Shawn in the back with a sledge Hammer. He then goes on to join the NWO. NWO wins. But I'm still voting DX because I like them more.
  9. No, those we just examples the topic will not be given until the 15th.
  10. Due to it taking a bit to understand and execute the draft code (It's getting there I promise I am trying.) I will hold a writer's challenge to help bring some competition! Here is how it will work: On 8/15/22 I will Update this with a topic to use as a baseline for you write up, this will be the base of your setup! Ex: Romance - Write a setup to include a romance that leads into the conflict of the narrative, Betrayal - Write a setup that involves a team that separates due to a betrayal leading to the conflict, etc. You will then have until 8/30 to make a write up using that as you baseline. The characters you use do not matter, it's all about the write-up here. Only ONE match will count during this time, YOU are responsible for posting a link to YOUR write up in the comments below for it to count. The person with the highest score will win, should there be a tie we will have a tie breaker to be resolved the following month. I will use my discretion to decide if a rating was given in an attempt to sabotage a score, as well if a score was given to give someone an unfair advantage. The winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift code. If you have any questions please comment below, thanks! Contenders (Will update as more are added):
  11. Imagine you being the tiebreaker in an election heh
  12. It's funny because that's they way I originally submitted them, but it didn't work. In any case, separating them wouldn't do much good as long as they know they are playing a game, several times throughout the show they freak out and shut down when they aren't playing the game, but during the game they maintain the "Blank never loses" mentality.
  13. I will be working on the site THIS weekend, it may go down for a bit as I update/reset things.
  14. Sora: Shiro: Both are masters of thousands of different games, even beat the god of play in Chess.
  15. Appreciated, who do you think takes it in the end?
  16. “So, you say blank never loses right?” Tet teases Sora and Shiro “I hear there is someone else who is being hailed as the king of games.” “Blank never loses!” They both reply in sync. “We are the best at games!” “Oh, but I found a potential challenger, in fact some even call him the King of Games!” “NO NO NO NO.... I am the King of Games!” Sora quickly reacts! “And I am the Queen of Games!” Shiro follows. Sora realizing the implication of what was just said, quickly redacts. “I meant.... BLANK is the King of Games!” “So could you beat someone at Duel Monsters?” Shiro and Sora, again in sync reply “What the Censored is Duel Monsters?” “Well, you see...” Tet goes on to explain the concept of Duel Monsters, the Millenium Puzzles, and briefly Yugi and Atem. “I see, well Blank could not lose!” A few days later Yugi is teleported to the land of Disboard and was told the rules before being led into a full digitalized arena. “We “blank” challenge you to a D-d-dddddd duel!” “Both of you vs me?” Yugi interjects. “I hardly think that’s fair.” “OBJECTION!” Sora yells while pointing at his pointy haired foe. “We are neither Sora nor Shiro, we are Blank!” “O... kay?” Yugi replies Dumbfounded at their random response. “Besides, you have another player with you anyway, Isn’t that right Atem?” Shiro bluntly points out. Yugi’s demeanor changes and Atem accepts the duel. Both sides raise their hands and yell, ”Ashante!”! Can Blank defeat Yugi, Or will Yugi show that he is the true King of games.
  17. It went really well, had tons of people by the booth. I'm sure some of our new members came from the Summer Bash. On top of that, the twitch account is now only 9 followers away from hitting affiliate which is what will be used to fund the website. The Official Match (Which will be shared here soon) Ended in a dead 17-17 Tie at the end of the day and it had people talking. So I think we're looking good on keeping this site moving forward into the future. In fact, I was invited back to both conventions free of charge next year - I'll probably sponsor the Downriver Comic and Collectors Show 2023 - and Otaku Summer Bash 2023 is going to be a multi-day event. So Assuming everything stays the course, we'll have nothing to worry about! As for the matches that had the most Chit Chat - Samurai Jack vs. King Furher Bradley, Class 1-A vs. Class 3-E, Byakuya and Soi-Fon vs. Ulquiorra Cifer were all hot picks. Plus I got in touch with someone who may be making us a new Logo that I can actually sell Merch with. Everything is looking up at the moment. The sooner I hit Affiliate though the better we'll be.
  18. Welcome to the site. This site is not always about fights, the setup tells a story and creates a conflict to which you choose the answer. Conflicts can be games, fights, competitions, etc. It's important to read the setup to grasp what is really going on.
  19. Fine next time I'll give you a 1 to even it out lol.
  20. Working on understanding all the different codes. So I'll just say soon, but idk how soon.

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