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  2. You certainly haven't lost your touch Rakai, good work on this one as well. In particular, I liked how you wrote for each character specifically from their perspectives in this fight, such as the Predator looking at everything as foreign, an undiscovered world, ripe with possibilities, while Deedlit is more familiar, accustomed to her surroundings, and knows when something is out of the ordinary by virtue of her own knowledge and experiences, she's used to it. By comparison, and approximation, the Predator is akin to two types of figures for me, the familiar one of the hunter who is stalking his prey for sport, connected to nature but also connected to the thrill of the kill, and oddly enough the explorer, the Lewis and Clark individual, whose desire to learn about the unknown around him is almost as powerful, almost as potent as his urge to both hunt and kill prey, in that your writing works in both conveying the character's backstory and your personal writing as whole, by bringing a sense of familiar and a sense of intrigue to the character, you encourage the reader to read because of the way you portray the character as a whole. Deedlit too is interesting to me, as she is portrayed about the same as most Elven characters, but is equally a naturalist in her own right, an appreciator of the world around her and the things in it as a whole, she does desire to hunt nor to kill others, only getting violent when necessary from what I gather, but she nonetheless see's nature as something wonderful, in a different way than the Predator does, but a no less similar sense as a whole. The connection between them, these two remarkably different beings in their mutual appreciations for nature and this world, is certainly palpable to me, and works, again, to draw the reader into each character as a whole, and into the story as well, as it isn't the particular connection one would expect from their interaction, but is an important one to behold. A great match to be sure here too, as Deedlit may have a greater familiarity and sense of experience through her time in this particular world of hers, but the Predator still possesses its skills and its own experiences, not the same as Deedlit's here, and not in this world, but enough to back up on, that it can hold its own, in spite of the unknown surrounding it is placed in here. That said, I think in a clash between these two Deedlit might be slightly under the gun, but I think that her ability to fight and hold her own in this world, may present her the edge she needs to win, especially with the usage of magic and teleportation available to her from her original media.
  3. The recap/battle between Mikey and Aska was all that I had hoped for and more, complete with flying butts, never thought I be saying that in my response. That said, it was a great fun read, and also an interesting detour from what I may have otherwise expected from the likes of Michaelangelo, usually the immature goof ball in most media, to not only get serious, but also to begin getting angry or irritated in a fight. It is different, and all in all, it brings a different and unique flavor to things, as well as a decent reminder that while Mikey does enjoy having fun and playing around, he too, can get serious in a fight when necessary. For this next upcoming fight, I do believe that Raph has the sufficient ability and experience to take the win in this fight if he plays it straight and goes all out from the start, a brutal attack against an opponent might just be what is required to win here. Barring that however, Raph will have to duel Shermie carefully, as her gymnastic style combined with her dancing moves make her quite an unpredictable foe for him to contend with. He'll have to watch her movements at every turn, to even get an idea of what she might do next, and maybe Raph might even need to be somewhat more unpredictable himself in their fight, switching between different moves and fighting styles as the need requires. Either way, this seems to be a fight that will play out quite uniquely from most we have seen before.
  4. Cool stuff man, I always liked National Treasure, one of Nick Cage's best films, I don't know what to stay about the new remake/sequel eh... It's also cool that you brought in Belloq, an underrated character, I wish we saw more of his and Indy's conflict from before Raiders of the Lost Ark though, a prequel is in order, in my opinion.
  5. Genius vs genius, inventor vs invention, who's the smartest? Gru, the former super villain, now super spy and super dad, or Sox, the android cat, who created a hyperspace crystal capable of light speed travel? In a challenge of brain vs brain, who outsmarts the other and reaches Planet Zero first? Gru or Sox?
  6. Hey guys, So, out of interest in the website's history, I looked up the previous web captures over the years on the Internet Wayback Machine and discovered links to old pages, some very different from the site many of us knew when we first started, and some pretty much the same with oddities here and there over time. Its like going back in time to see how you were when you were 8, or even 12, for example, heehee, yeah some of it is awkward to see, some is quite interesting, and all of it fits well in a neat mishmash of history, pre-past, early past, and late past, to see how you, and in terms of this topic, the site has changed and evolved over the years from conception up to this point. In regards to this forum topic, I was inspired by one of the older pages on the site, titled, "Tempting Suggestions", it is inaccessible now, but from 1998 until 2006, it was a topic archiving many of the suggestions made for weekly battles that you can see on the site's Back Issues now. So, why do I bring this up here? What is the point and purpose? Truthfully, and with respect to Fox for this page, I would like to propose this as a creative exercise thread, a forum for users to propose their own "Tempting Suggestions" to others for potential matches that they would like to see in the future. In three forms, this thread is meant to showcase some screen caps from the old days to bring back nostalgia for fans of the site new and old, act as an companion piece to my ever popular, "Upcoming Matches" thread, and work to unleash and transform user's creativity by proposing match ideas that are interesting, weird, and overall special to the proposers and the proposees alike. So, have fun guys, and let's see what you come up with.
  7. It's all good man, heh. Just playing with you is all.
  8. Mickey who? Mickey Mouse aint fighting Aska, even though that would be quite the sight to see, lol.
  9. It's great to see you back to writing old friend, it's been a while but I can tell you haven't lost your touch all that much. Even without a recap for this one, the emotions of the characters and their reactions to the outcome from the previous fight, feel natural and authentic to me, Raphael, Leonardo, and Donatello all feel real. It works out quite well, and bridges the gap between the fictional realm and the real world, making the Turtles feel much more real and much more relatable. Leo's leadership and balance, Raphael's kind of assholish tough love for his brother, with a touch of understanding and compassion, and even Donnie's reaction to the notion that even sometimes his intelligence isn't enough, all feel like honest reactions that people can relate to. For this match, Mikey does have his hands full, to some extent, as Aska is quite skilled in speed, and is capable of generating wind attacks, whirlwinds, and providing some decent uppercuts within her moveset, however, I have a feeling he can find ways to match her in skill and capability. If he needs to as well, the roofs might even offer a vantage point in this fight that will be invaluable, in my opinion anyway, as the advantage of height will give him an even greater chance of winning than even fighting on the ground would, although I could be wrong on that too.
  10. Hey guys, so back in 2010, our old friend, Ivan, created a thread titled, "I love _____", with the simple enough premise of talking about the things people love or feel great affection for as a fan, and such things ranged from TV shows to Video Games, to just about anything really. As you can see, it was just a positive thread talking about the things that people enjoy, and if they so chose why they enjoyed them, less debate and argument and more positivity and for some information. So, what is the point Z? Why bring up a topic created about 11 years ago in a new form? Why not just bump it up again? Why? Well, "Thread Necromancy is bad", as my old buddy, C.T., used to say, for sure, but also because I think that we all miss out on that sense of getting to know each other sometimes, in the sense of the other things we enjoy that we may not always express. That is to say, that even I for example, have interests that you guys may not always know about, or would have even considered at all, but if you like to read and find out, might find them interesting, and perhaps insightful into the mind of me. Likewise, you may very well be the same, as I can guarantee we barely scratch the surface on getting to know each other and each other's interests from our casual conversation. Aside of all that psychology/sociology, guidance consular stuff, heh, this thread is just about the same thing as it was in Ivan's original, expressing positive expressions of what we each love and enjoy, and by in large learning something new about one another, that one is new, but was also hidden in the background of the old one in my opinion.
  11. Summoned from the depths of existences, from realms beyond the confines of "standard imaginations", Pulled away, flung from their homes, their lives, their very existences, two fighters are dropped into an ancient forest. A place littered with the remains of all those who trespassed within its tendrils, within its very aura, they none the less have been left here. Skeletons, swords, shields, the remnants of the dead, the last aspirations of their former state of life, lay everywhere, and in everything. It is a place of conflict, a place of war, a place of destiny, and those who do not succeed in conquering it, are successfully conquered by it, and mounted among its necropolitan halls. Dead, dying, and death are here, but one must rise from amongst it all, one must succeed, who is the one? Who rises from among the dead to proclaim itself alive, to proclaim itself the true outsider of the ancient forest?
  12. Round 1B: Johnny Lawrence vs Master Shake Who seizes power? Who is the Best Fit? You decide.
  13. Z451


    Probably a decent chunk late, but some interesting and weird flicks have come out this year. DBS Super Hero was great, some people had issues with it, but overall I loved what they were able to do with both Gohan and Piccolo, Pan too, as the show shouldn't always be the Goku and Vegeta show. GT is the textbook example of that, at least in Goku's regard. The animation was visually inspired too, as the new 3-D perspective was a great addition to make the world pop out more to the viewer and provide new perspectives and camera angles in various scenes, that 2-D would struggle more with. Bob's Burgers was great too, they put a lot of work into and it shows there too, as the story very much fit in with the shows' mythos over the years, bringing back concepts and ideas from the various seasons in different and impactful ways. The writers didn't just stitch something together to me, they tried to make it fit in with the show, and it really shows. The Batman, that was an impressive film too, it felt more Noirish than a typical Batman movie to me, but it has its own appeal and works well with it. The only problem with it, is that it will take more time to expand outward, to really get into things, probably not a problem depending on how you see it, but that's my take. The Munsters, by Rob Zombie, is a toss up for me though, it looks okay, save for much of the teaser scenes, but overall, its low budget might not work in its favor. The Munsters really are kind of a niche 60's staple, something that fits only within a certain context, they have tried at least a few times to revive or reboot the concept into modern times but all of which have been met with mixed results. Throwing Zombie in the mix, eh, it could not pan out as well or as successfully as they might think. Zombie is a wild card, and pairing him with The Munsters, is an even wilder proposition, in spite of how much of a fan he is of the original work.
  14. Heh, true, but Herman does have a knack for getting out of certain hijinks, which would otherwise turn out bad for him, a sort of plot armor I suppose. That being said, it's good to be back, and I'll try to make a habit of it some things have happened personally they kept me away but, that is a discussion for another time.
  15. Round 1A: Five Yellow vs Herman Munster Who escapes first? Who escapes Best? You decide.

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