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  1. I'm still here... Although I am not doing Predator anymore but am more focused on TMNT.
  2. Nah, I would say let only the members vote on matches.
  3. Submitted the following. Marvel Mjolnir It would be an interesting change up of things incase we all wanted to figure out to who would be worthy of lifting Mjolnir and possessing the power of Thor with characters outside of the Marvel Universe.
  4. Submitted in Bobby Nelson from Aggressors of Dark Kombat!
  5. I could write up a Venus vs Venus fight, but the reason why I won't at the moment is because-- A.) I am not particularly fond enough of the character at this time to write up such a match. B.) While the NM Venus has been established and can be worked with, the current canonical IDW Venus currently has very little to be worked with until she is further expanded in the IDW TMNT Universe. C.) It's not so much that the database needs, but rather what the community wants. I mean the same question could be posed if someone has submitted in Raimi Spider-Man (Tobey), Webb Spider-Man (Andrew) and MCU Spider-Man (Tom) to be used in a Spider-Man vs Spider-Man vs Spider-Man fight. They're separate characters that have been featured in multiple films and share one movie-- and we only have... I think one Spider-Man that actually uses battle images of their respective versions... So if someone wants to do a Spider-Man vs Spider-Man vs Spider-Man match, or in this case... Venus vs Venus, or IDW Venus vs say... Jennika... Why kneecap it, thus limiting creativity?
  6. I... kind of disagree with this since in TMNT lore, it's been established that each and every incarnation of the Turtles is practically separate and their own character. The only difference between IDW Venus and NM Venus is that well, IDW Venus is CANON while NM Venus is not due to legality reasons, and the fact that Peter Laird outright said that Next Mutation isn't canon in even in the context of the TMNT Multiverse. Also... Turtles Forever happened, so... Turtles vs Turtles fights have been known to happen. And if IDW's summaries for newer issues are anything to go by... we might get something of ANOTHER TMNT Multiverse event happening.
  7. Which version of 2003 Shredder are we talking? Utrom? Demon? Or Cyber Shredder... Because if it's Demon Shredder, I'm betting on him. Seriously, look at the shit he's been known to do!! Right here... 44 minutes of Strength, Skill, Speed, and Magic feats in this video! In one instance, he takes out the Silver Sentry, a Superman analogue in the TMNT 4Kids series.
  8. Honestly, it was nice to come back here to a place where I felt like I truly, truly belonged... I really wished that my main goal of having either a film character or an independent publishing character defeating a popular Marvel or DC character would've come to fruition here but... I dunno if that's gonna be happening here anymore. I'm not sure where my readers are but... I hope the future of the CBUB is a bright one.
  9. I'm currently on a Sailor Moon kick as I've been watching Sailor Moon Crystal... If we go with the Manga version of the character, this is arguable the most powerful version of Sailor Jupiter that there is. I haven't read the manga but general rule of thumb is that according to the Sailor Moon fandom community, the manga versions of the characters are generally pretty high up there. If we go with the 90's anime version, and I have a pretty good memory of that series-- she's toned down from the manga version. She's displayed some level of superhuman strength but as far as I know, it's nowhere near compared to Norman Osborn. The most we've seen her do is lift a Monster of the Day clear overhead with moderate effort in her civilian form right when her senshi powers were awakening. This leads me to believe that this version of Jupiter is somewhere close to peak or above peak human conditioning. Also, she does have some level of durability but she's not bullet proof or anything, and can be hurt. Seeing as she's going up against the 1987 TMNT who are surprisingly ridiculous with their own physicalities and feats... they actually have a decent chance... Assuming this is the 90's anime version. See the 1987 TMNT Respect Thread to see what they're capable of... No seriously, they're not as much as goofy idiots people especially even TMNT media itself makes them out to be partly because Peter Laird hated them. https://www.reddit.com/r/respectthreads/comments/fy2pyn/respect_the_teenage_mutant_ninja_turtles_teenage/ When viewing that link, view each Turtle's FULL respect threads... the feats there are INSANE for each individual Turtle. And then there's the Sailor Moon Crystal version of Sailor Jupiter-- who is an adaptation of the Manga version of Sailor Jupiter, and as far as I can recall from freshly watching the series, she's at the same level of physical strength as her 90s anime counterpart. Durability is pretty high up there from what I've seen. As far as energy based attacks go, it's likely that they are on par with the manga version of the character. Oh! And then there's the Live Action Sailor Jupiter from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, who might be the weakest-- since this is a Live Action television adaptation of Sailor Moon we're talking about here. From the clips I've seen, she's no stronger than a girl who regularly engages in athletic activity nor is her durability level that high either aside from maybe taking energy blasts. This version of Jupiter is arguably the weakest version of the character. So question is... Which version of Jupiter are we talking? Manga? 90's Anime? Crystal? PGSM?
  10. Why Sailor Moon? What's the reason? This is before Sailor Moon's abilities become "broken" with the Eternal Sailor Moon form and abilities. Sailor Moon to Super Sailor Moon is still balanced from what I recall.
  11. As some of you may have figured out, I LOVE crossovers and one crossover I would love to see with Sailor Moon is a crossover with one of Capcom's flagship gaming titles... Street Fighter! It's something which I've been wanting to see since childhood and inspired by the Marvel vs Capcom games, at least in my head anyway. So here is my question... Who wins in this particular battle? In the blue corner, we have the Sailor Guardian of Love and Justice, defender of Azabu Juuban and the World as we know it-- Sailor Moon! In the red corner, we have the self-appointed dictator, the leader of the criminal organization Shadowloo and Master of Psycho Power-- General M. Bison! Who wins in a battle between the Senshi of Love and Justice and the Dictator of Shadowloo? -Battle Conditions- The battle will be held in Azabu Juban, Tokyo, Japan. There is no time limit. The version of Sailor Moon represented will be the 90's Anime Sailor Moon from the Dark Kingdom to Dead Moon Circus arc. Sailor Moon can access her Super Sailor Moon form. Eternal form is not accounted as that form is considered overpowered. Manga Sailor Moon and Crystal Reboot Sailor Moon are NOT considered for this battle. The version of Bison used will be from the Street Fighter games from Street Fighter Alpha to Street Fighter V. Bison has access to his Final Bison form. Additional powers from game lore is also considered. Winner is determined by submission, knock out or death. Character Personalities are considered! That means morals or lack thereof are accounted for!
  12. Know what... I'm not gonna advertise the CBUB on this group I am on over at Facebook... Buncha fuckin' pervs who say the fights end sex are rampant over there. Mostly when matches between male and female characters are proposed.

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