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Shogun Megazord: 4
Choriki Sentai Ohranger: 1

Lola Bunny: 5
Supergirl: 1

Sydney Bristow: 3
Anton Chigurgh: 0

Jake Sully (Avatar): 2
Feral Predator: 3

Two-Gun Kid: 2
Miles Edgeworth: 3

Zilla Jr.: 4
Cloverfield Creature (Clover): 2

Captain Marvel / Shazam: 1
Superman: 2

Sydney Bristow: 3
Juno Skinner: 1

The Goonies: 2
Hawkins A.V. Club (Stranger Things): 3

Trakeena: 1
Astronema: 3

Loki (Marvel Comics): 3
Sauron: 2

Sydney Bristow: 3
Mike Ehrmantraut: 1

Emperor Han: 4
Ozai: 3

D-Generation X: 1
The nWo: 5

Penguin: 1
Michigan J. Frog: 4

Arsene Lupin III: 2
Loid Forger: 1

Sydney Bristow: 4
Ava Faulkner: 2

Heracles: 0
Darth Bane: 3

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 4
Professor Pyg: 1

The Dominion: 1
Dominators: 3

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  1. -Story- .(Author's note: This is an alternate reality so that is why some characters that should be dead otherwise will be mentioned and why the sayians have a new 'king' and such.) All across the universe a conflict simply referred to by some as 'The War' is breaking out and spreading across the universe. The android Tekit has established a steady fortress and command center utilizing the Big Gete Star as well as his resources. Currently he is expanding his reach and control through the universe as he seeks out other powers to gain control of so that they may serve him and his growing machine/android empire well. . Meanwhile, he is giving the orders for his troops to try and take over Earth and Namek since they are putting up the most resistance with their fighters that have sprouted up in large numbers over the years. Right now, it seems his sights are set on a somewhat small planet with only five billion inhabitants called Kiera. Rumor has it though, that Kiera is protected by a man the Kierans only refer to as 'The Chosen One'. Saliz, a general amongst Kuriza's henchmen, has been sent to Namek with some henchmen in order to seek out the Dragon Balls. They are meeting a strong resistance from the powerful Namekian Warriors as the peaceful race as been forced to fight back and train in anticipation of these attacks. Kuriza debates sending his right hand man Yogurto to end this but decides to wait to see if Saliz can crush this resistance. Although, unknown to Kuriza who believes that he is the only spawn of his father Frieza, making his moves through a Namekian thanks to a unknown at moment deal, is Frieza's other son Celsiuser. Operating on a moon near Namek, Celsiuser was exiled by his father Frieza before his younger brother Kuriza was born. Now, though while in exile, Celsiuser has come across a Namek who seems to also grow a hate for Kuriza-for reasons unknown. Celsiuser notices that this Namek in particular seems quite strong compared to some of the others and making a deal, with him the Namek now leads guerilla forces to attack Saliz's forces and then-if they have to forcibly convert any surviving Namekians into their ranks. Like his younger brother, Celsiuser also has a right hand man whose name happens to be Brute. Meanwhile, Crescent and his small team of Saiyans are being sent wherever they are needed by their current employer: Lord Catsu , to any planet that needs a lesson taught and they bring with them a large force of Brute-Saibamen that they were able to produce thanks to Catsu's scientists. Many Saiyans in the band are against the idea of being ruled, at the same time they don't really have a choice at the moment. Many of them also like the chance to fight and kill, their position as mercenaries serving under each of the various factions and Raizo has done much to sate their bloodlust. Some have rebelled, few have been strong enough to have been successful. Finally, the two Majins known as Gegix and Biretsu are traveling the universe, taking glee in all of the destruction this is causing and if they find somebody they think could be fun to have as a possible punching bag for later, Gegix restrains them while Biretsu turns them into a Majin. Right now, it seems they have their eyes set on the planet Crescent and his men are heading to. So to recap: Tekit is an android which has the Big Gete Star as a base and uses it to make his machine soliders though those that are willing to aid him, can be converted into cyborgs. He and his forces are currently making their way toward the planet known as Kiera who apparently has a protector nicknamed 'The Chosen One'. Kuriza(Now head of the Planet Trade Organization)has sent one of his top generals; Saliz to Namek to find the Dragonballs but Saliz's forces are meeting heavy resistance and surprise attacks by guerrilla forces lead by a Namek who is working for Kuriza's older brother. Reasons are unknown as to why. Crescent is a sayian and is leading a small team of fellow Saiyans to some strange planet, on orders by their employer; Lord Catsu, unaware of the Majin Threat..

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