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Trakeena: 1
Astronema: 3

Loki (Marvel Comics): 3
Sauron: 2

Sydney Bristow: 3
Mike Ehrmantraut: 1

Emperor Han: 4
Ozai: 3

D-Generation X: 1
The nWo: 5

Penguin: 1
Michigan J. Frog: 4

Arsene Lupin III: 2
Loid Forger: 1

Sydney Bristow: 4
Ava Faulkner: 2

Heracles: 0
Darth Bane: 3

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 4
Professor Pyg: 1

The Dominion: 1
Dominators: 3

Grinders: 4
Jem'Hadar: 3

Lucy (2014 film): 6
Leeloo: 0

Cad Bane: 6
Peter Pan: 2

Hawkman (Carter Hall): 2
Kharn the Betrayer: 1

Ren: 1
Galtar: 3

Blank: 4
Yugi Mutou: 3

Thane Krios: 1
Jonathan Joestar: 4

Rasslor: 1
Princess Celestia: 4

Spirit Iron-Knife: 4
Skin-walker: 0

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  1. The x-men have been put under a curse by the Villain Pennywise and must face the fears that have terrorized the many, the villains are scattered all over the X-mansion and know the layout of the whole house the X-men mst start from the front door and win back the mansion from the ikes of pennywise, all mystical entities do not need requirements for their powers to a degree(ex; Freddy can his polymorphing on anything but the X-men without them sleeping as Pinhead does not need his cube). So the fighters are: Wolverine Cyclops Storm Rogue Nightcrawler Gambit Colossus Kitty Pride Magik Angel Jubilee Iceman X-23 Havok Banshee [Professor X] [Magneto] [Emma Frost] [Jean Grey(Phoenix mode if they are about to lose)] [s[carlet Witch] Vs. Jason X: New Machete Victor Crowley: Hatchet Michael Myers: Butcher knife Freddy Kreuger Leatherface: Chainsaw Chucky:9mm Pistol(two clips), Switchblade Ghostface(Billy): Switchblade Maniac Cop(Billy club, Desert Eagle) Norman Bates(Dagger) Fisherman(Hook) Miner(Pickaxe) T-800 Exoskeleton(Minigun 400 Bullets) Hannibal Lecter(Scalpel) Leprechaun Carrie White Pinhead Candyman Pennywise Pumpkinhead(Non-immortal) The creeper(Bone shuriken) 20 xenomorphs 5 Blooded Predators(Spear, 2 Explosive disks, Wrist blade, Light Armor) 5 Engineers(Prometheus) Once the X-men enter the mansion they may not leave and they must kill or incapacitate all foes. The X-men in Brackets are only fighting Pennywise, Candyman, and Pinhead.
  2. After the Red Coats had defeated the X-mansion a new target was set in place... The Avengers. For this battle though the Red Coats were going to need some reinforcements. This fight takes place in an abandoned New York city with team Red Coats starting in Hells Kitchen, whilst the Avengers are in Brooklyn. A fight to the death/K.O Teams Avengers Iron Man (Standard suit) War Machine Hulk Iron Fist Captain America Hawkeye Black Panther Spiderman Venom She-Hulk Red Coats Alucard Dante Vash Vincent Valentine Tetsuo (Akira) Edward Elric Itachi Uchiha (w/regeneration technique on) Akuma Lazengann FIGHT!
  3. So I heard that Punisher, Ghost Rider and Blade are now back to Marvel after being loaned to other companies. Now that they are back, a reboot of would definitely sound good considering how the audience reacted to their films negatively *coughGhostRidercough* So how would the Punisher, Ghost Rider and Blade fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It would be interesting to see Marvel Studios reboot at least one of these characters, hell let's just make Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe about these bad asses. Your thoughts?
  4. Time: ??? Location: ??? Deadpool is in his house, screwin' around with his teleporter, when Bob walks up to him, noticing Wade messing with his trusty teleporter. "Um... Deadpool, you COULD be able to transport yourself to other universes using that, right?" Bob asked, curious to see if Deadpool knew what he was doing. "Absolutely freaking not. I'm trying to teleport items to me. I want to steal the most chimichangas EVER." Deadpool replied, in his insane way. "Well, let me see it." Bob says, taking the teleporter, tweaking with it, "Okay, yeah... done!" Bob shows Deadpool the teleporter, with a new feature to take him to universes other than his own. "Sweet! Well, I'm going to another universe now. See ya, sucker." Deadpool pressed the switch, and he was on his way. Time: 12:00 Midnight Location: ??? The Spider was mercilessly beating his latest victim, enjoying every second of it. "Now this is the life! HAHAH!" The Spider laughed, as he finished off the poor soul who messed with him, as Deadpool shows up. "...Spider-Man? Wow, this is weird. You look... eh... more insane. And bloody, definitely bloody." Deadpool joked, not really caring about the consequences. "Oh, Spider-Man? Who the hell's that? I'm the Spider, plain and simple. And you... you're my next dead fool... tell me your name." "Deadpool, not Deadfool, [email protected]$$. Now, put them up! You're in for a boss battle, sucker!" Deadpool responded, throwing his hands up. "...Andbuymygameformorebossbattles." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spider's arsenal -- His fists. Deadpool's arsenal -- Pistols, knives, katanas, and grenades.
  5. Is it me, or did the ending just seem to kind of rip off from Goku vs Superman? -Rakai'Thwei
  6. 'Ello 'ello 'ello, my name's Officer Collapse and I've decided to create a lil battle. One that I think might intrigue you, or not. It is an interesting selection I've gathered and it will take place in a little town not to different from your own. Each team will consist of two pairs starting at different parts of the city. Now each team know who their allies and enemies are so that they don't accidently attack a team member. They can also pair up if they come across one and other. Now for the lineup: Sub Zero & Scorpion + Akuma & Raiden Vs Static Shock & Cyborg + Deathstroke & Booster Gold Vs Spiderman & Venom + The Thing & The Human Torch Vs Kakashi & Itachi (Naruto) + Vash & Dante _________________________________ Morals off! Fight to the death/KO COMMENCE!!!!!
  7. ADMIN EDIT: Attention, CBUB. This match has been plagiarized from a match-up made on another site, so disregard this as something original from this user. Here is the original match-up: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/battles-7/wolverine-vs-deathstroke-read-564739/
  8. You’d think being a space cop would come with a bigger reward than a pat on the back and a “job well doneâ€, in Guy’s case come with more than a lecture every time you get your job done. And you’d think those blue midgets had some sort of interplanetary currency, good on any planet, so they could actually PAY the Lanterns for the work they do. But nope, just they sit in their fancy little tower, with their stupid little robes, and remind Guy that’s his ego and recklessness endangered the mission, despite the fact that Guy did better than any other frikkin’ Lantern on the mission. Since lectures don’t pay bills, or put food of the table, or pay your medical expenses after you just went 9 blasted rounds with an entire fleet of Red Lanterns, Guy had to find himself a day job; a day job with medical benefits. He wanted to go back to his old job, gym teacher, but it seems most schools consider the possibly of “alien enemies raining down lasers like hell fire and kidding children in a desperate attempt to settle old scores with the space cop who stopped their plans,†a liability and don’t want to “endanger the childrenâ€. But, there was one school just careless, crazy, or desperate enough to take their chances on Guy. And so, Guy started his first day as Mr. Gardner. Pulling into the parking lot, he found himself actually excited to be working with kids again. “Would you like at that, I even got myself a parking space,†he said, “Finally, some bosses who appreciate me.†Stepping out of the car, he was greeted with, “Morning Mr. Gardner.†“Good morning principle,†he replied. “I see you drove,†said the principle, adjusting his tie and straightening his glasses. “Well yeah, what else was I supposed to do? Fly here like a big green beacon, yelling to everyone, ‘Hey if you ever had a problem with a GL in the past, there’s one headed to this school full of innocent middle school kids’? ‘Cause I didn’t think that was the best idea, do you?†“Well, no… Good thinking there.†“What can I say? I’m practically a freaking genius.†“Glad to hear you say that. A genius like you wouldn’t happen to want to chaperone a field trip to science expo, would you?†“Science expo? Uh, doesn’t really sound like my thing. Besides, I got a class to teach.†“Well, yes, technically. But you see our usual science teacher got sick, and I figured since P.E. is a much less important class, we could cancel it today while you go on the trip.†Guy took a second to himself. Not important? Not important? In a world with an obesity epidemic P.E. wasn’t important? What kid couldn’t benefit from a little exercise, all while learning how to work and play as a team? It’s attitudes like this that are making sure our kids grow into out of shape losers who die of heart attacks at the age of 30. But Guy didn’t say that. He was already on thin ice being a Green Lantern. He had to make a good impression. So he turned his scowl into a smile, as best he could, and said, “Yeah, sure, I’ll go on the field trip; since you couldn’t just higher a sub or anything.†“Well, you see, it was so last minute that….†“Save it, I said I’ll go, geez.†The expo went alright. There were some neat new gadgets, but most were unimpressive after dealing with so many intergalactic freaks. After an hour into the show, Guy had enough and decided it was time to excuse himself to the rest room, leaving the kids in the hands of their parents and guardians who were able to come along on the field trip. On his way back, some bozo in a lab coat turned a corner sharp, bumped into Guy, and dropped a briefcase. “Hey! Watch where you’re going!†Guy snapped “Oh, no, oh no,†the guy muttered, dropping to his hands and knees and opening his briefcase. “Hey buddy, you could at least say you’re sorry.†The scientist opened the briefcase, releasing some sort of smoke. He pulled out a pile of papers, each one with a hole burnt, or being burnt into it, “No, my work, my research!†“Enough!†Guy said and stepped on the lid to the briefcase, closing it, and almost taking the man’s hand off. “What are you doing?†The man asked, “I need to try and save my work!†“Yeah, well I need an apology.†“Apology?†The man asked, “You RUINED YEARS of research. And any chance I had a saving it is DISSAPEARING because you won’t let me open the brief case.†“What are you talking about? I didn’t ruin nothin’! You’re the one who ran into me!†From down the hall, at the main stage, the female host called, “And next up we have Doctor Bruce Banner!†“Oh no,†the man said, “There’s no time left. I need…†He stood quickly and started walking to the stage. Guy grabbed his shoulder, “Look here - Bruce! – you better apologies, because I’m running out of patience.†“So am I…†Doctor Banner said. Suddenly, his muscles began to expand, his skin turned green, his cloths ripped. And in seconds, Guy was standing before a giant, hulking, monster. “Oh, you’re THAT Banner…†Guy said, “I thought your name was David.†Guy was sent flying through a wall with one punch (ONE PUNCH!) and just barely had time to put his shield up. Pulling himself out of the wall, Guy looked at the Hulk right before he screamed and said, “HULK SMASH BAD HAIRCUT MAN!†------------------------------------------------ Guy Gardner vs The Hulk. Can Guy protect the kids, and the rest of the innocent people? Can Guy calm the Hulk down and get his apology? Will Guy keep his job??
  9. In another multi-verse… 11/02/12 The Beast was scarfing down some roast beef. Centuries later and still, the Beast had not broken the spell. It was more savage and uncivilized than it had been centuries ago, as well as more depressed. He had lived as an immortal Beast for over 600 years, but all those 600 years, he had the same nightmare…one that no matter how powerful he was, he never had the strength to shake away… ** “GET OUT!!!†The Beast bellowed at the beautiful brunette woman for intruding in the West Wing. “Where are you going?†asked Lumiere. “Anywhere’s better than here!†cried Belle. Belle had had enough. Despite these unusual servants who had told her again and again, “He’s not a bad guyâ€, it was, without a shadow of a doubt, too hard for her to believe. Belle rode on her steed as fast as she could through the cold winds of the world outside of the Beast’s gargantuous castle. Finally, she fell off. When the Beast arrived, he saw some wolves walking off, their heads turned away from him. He saw two things that completely shocked him. He saw a horse with gaping, yet empty eyes, and some huge tears in his stomach, where he could see that some flesh had been torn out of him. But the second thing he saw was worst of all. It was Belle. Her limbs had been torn apart and dark red blood was stained at her mouth. Her eyes, once beautiful, were now pale and lifeless. Her clothes torn almost completely apart. The Beast loudly roared in shock at the sight of the woman as his last hope that had been stripped from him by this cold pack of wolves. * * The Beast was savoring his large dinner. But it wouldn’t last long. Dr. Bruce Banner walked into this ancient castle on this freezing cold night. He was relieved to have finally found some shelter, still living his days with “that monster†inside him. And not having a shirt to wear didn't make things any easier for him He walked upstairs and found himself a very soft bedroom. Desperate for some rest, he rolled into the bed and immediately, his eyes got heavier, and heavier, until he had fallen asleep. But then he woke up with a start. The door burst open and the Beast roared at him loudly. “Why did you come here?†asked the Beast. Bruce rolled out of the bed and backed away. “What the hell are you? Get away from me!†cried Bruce as he ran out the hole where the door had been. Bruce ran hastily down the stairs, but the Beast made chase. As Bruce made it down the last step, the Beast made one last jump and tackled him. “YOU WILL STAY OUT OF MY CASTLE!!†it cried. “Please! Don’t make me angry! You don’t wanna know what’s inside!†Bruce had warned the Beast too late. Thus, his skin turned into a dark green hue and his shirt and pants were torn to shreds. The Hulk bellowed with an astounding amount of rage: “FURRY MAN LEAVE HULK ALONE!!â€
  10. They meet up in the sky high above Metropolis, flying opposite directions. Tony makes a snarky comment on her lack of a "suit." Diana takes exception, and it's on. A win is a knockout. They aren't trying to kill each other. Just an exhibition that Tony's thoroughly enjoying. However, Diana wants to end it quickly and move on with her day. Iron Man has his usual yellow and red suit, and Wonder Woman has her usual weapons. If necessary they can both fly down to Metropolis to get stashed upgrades. Iron Man's would be extra weapon attachments, and Wonder Woman's would be a sword, shield and javelin. If they upgrade then the fight can be won by gaining a killing advantage OR knockout. Killing advantage would be Wonder Woman getting her sword on Iron Man's throat, at which point he would stand down in defeat.
  11. Welcome one & all! This is Marvel's Corner! Today we tackle a pillar of Marvel folklore, Captain America, as we examined who will play him on the big screen. Don't know who it'll be yet? Then check our the blog! ------------------------------------ Today's Topic: Captain America Let's get to it. His name is Chris Evans, and you will forever know him as... THE HUMAN TORCH?! Wait, let me check. Gah! It is him! Darn. I guess this officially retcons the Fantastic Four movies. Unless... Chris Evans is also planning on being Namor! The one man Invaders! But seriously, is Marvel doing the right choice here. He's a lot younger than Downy Jr & Ed Norton, but he's better than some of the rumored choices (which included that guy off GI Joe?!). Anyways, here's a pic some guy photoshopped. Ultimate Cap + Chris = Meh. I'll still see it. Until next time, this is Marvel Man, signing off. Excelsior!Â
  12. Welcome one and all, this is Marvel's Corner! Today we celebrate a very special occasion. We celebrate one of my favorite hero's birthday! And who is this hero? Well, if you haven't read the topic title yet, it is none other than the Merc with a Mouth, DEADPOOL! To truly celebrate, I dug into the Marvel archives and found his first appearance: New Mutants #98. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today's Topic: Happy B-day Deadpool/REVIEW: New Mutants #98 For those of you who don't know who Deadpool is, here's a quick summary: Deadpool was once just a regular cancer stricken dude who volunteered for some weird Canadian program (which, I imagine, involved injecting him with Mapple syrup). For some odd reason, the Canadian FBI/CIA was also responsible for creating Wolverine, and in this experiment they decided to inject Wade with some of Wolverine's DNA/Substance. Due to Wolvie's healing factor and sheer badassery, this substance was succesful in saving Wade from cancer. On the negative side, his whole body was brutally scarred. He also ended up being tortured and experimented on many more times (His body survived only due to his insane healing factor. His mind however, did not make it. This whole thing made him the insane guy he is now). A few years later, Deadpool emerged with his new name (Wade Wilson) as the world's deadliest mercenary! And so began his adventures in the Marvel Universe! But in reality, this month, on this day, 20 years ago, the world saw Deadpool for the first time. Created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, the character was somehow able to avoid Rob's power of terrible comics (he was bitten by a radioactive DC comic. BOOM! Take that DC!). Although a minor character in his first appearance, in twenty short years, Deadpool has moved onto to rival Wolverine, and Spider Man for "Being in the most comics a month" title. Having said that, the character is definitely one of the staff's favorites. So once again, from the Marvel's Corner Staff and myself, Happy Birthday Deadpool! Next year he'll finally be old enough to drink! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And now for the highly anticipated review of New Mutants #98! Published Feb 10, 1991 Writer: Fabian Nicieza Penciller (cover): Rob Liefeld Colorist: Steve Buccellato Letterer: Joe Rosen Editor: Tom DeFalco Alright, right off the bat, I can tell this will be a good comic. Look at the cover. You got three characters being introduced, while a bunch of other people gasp out of shock. Well, all of them except Cable, who looks kind of confused. On a seperate note, is Gideon a sumo wrestler or something? He's got the looks for it. Okay, so first two pages have Gideon in some weird training room. Tons of robots show up, which of course, Gideo rips through. He is also talking to some guy named Adam. He then flies down and talks to Adam, who looks like he's a young butler or something. They talk about some chick named Eve, and some guy who's name is really hard to spell. The scene then shifts to Cable and Cannonball training in the Danger Room. Cable is acting pretty unheroically here, and even goes into a speech about how all life is war. Cannonball is clearly disturbed at how Cable talks about two other mutants who died (and honestly, who wouldn't? Cable doesn't even seem to care that two kids died under his command). The scene shifts again, and we see Eve kill that really hard to spell guy's name. Her weapon of choice, poisoned coffee, of course! Only the really hardened assasins use coffee. It is, after all, a serious health hazard. BEWARE! Anyways, the scene goes back to the X-Mansion (I think). There's some really bad art in these pages, so I really didn't pay much attention to the words. However, I did see Boom Boom (yes, that's her name), and Rictor talking. They then walk out and talk to Cable about something (weather?). Finally, things get real. Out of nowhere, Cable gets blasted! By whom? DEADPOOL! Can I get a "YEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!"? Anyways, Deadpool and Cable talk some smack before they actually start throwing punches. Cannonball, Hispanic guy, Boom Boom, and Rictor all show up to watch history be made (Deadpool takes out Cannonball and Rictor with some weird cables). Seeing that his team of mutant kids is no match for a trained assassin, Cable finally decides to do something. He breaks Deadpool's jaw, to which Deadpool responds: Yep. How he talked with a broken jaw, I don't know or care. But take that Cable! You know Deadpool could'be hit you in a different spot... That's mercy right there. Anyways, three pages later and Deadpool goes down. He gets attacked from behind by Domino (sadly). Despite expecting more Deadpool action, this is the last time he's mentioned in the comic: Domino and Cable then talk about who they could recruit for their team. They run down a list of superpowered teens, but most are brainwashed by an evil organization, or captured by villains. Being the hero, Cable decides that they aren't worth rescuing and then plays Domino in Jenga (I assume). Meanwhile, Rictor leaves for somewhere, and the Hispanic dude is visited by Gideon in the middle! Gideon tells him that his Dad was killed by poisoned coffee. The comic then ends. I was in no way interested in continuing the Deadpool-less story... Had it not been for Deadpool, this comic would have gotten two Stan's. With Deadpool, it gets three Stan's. Anyways, that's it for today. Until next time, this is Marvel Man, signing off. Excelsior!
  13. Welcome one and all! This is Marvel's Corner! Now, I normally don't report things that are happening right now. No. I actually wait a couple weeks. However, the news I have, begs, nay, DEMANDS that I report it. What is it? Galactus has a kid. ------------------------------------------- Today's Topic: Galacta Alright, let's take this from the top. I want all my readers to understand. 1. What's a Galactus? This is a Galactus: The Big G is the top rung of the Marvel Universe (usually). He's from the Universe before ours, where he was just a regular chump (Named Galan). When his Universe was about to die, the little G plunged a spaceship into the "Big Crunch" (the place where the Universe was dying). Luckily, he lived. Emerging from the Big Bang, Galan was reborn as Galactus, Devourer of Worlds! How'd he get that nickname? The guy eats planets. ... Let me say that again. The guy eats planets. Nuff said. Anyways, now that we've gone over that I can move on. Like I was saying, I don't usually keep up to date on comics (surprise), but recently I browsed Marvel's upcoming comic covers and spotted something amazing. I had to do some research on it, but now I'm certain. You see, a few months ago, Marvel ran this contest where assistant editors could write stories and have them published. However, only one would continue. This was decided by an online poll, which, to my surprise, was won by Adam Warren. His story? Galacta, Daughter of Galactus! Yes. Let that sink in. Anyways, I too, felt a mix of feelings. Digging deeper, I uncovered the following scans from her original comic. Is it just me, or does this concept boggle the mind? Seriously, who's her mother? When did this happen (I'm gonna go with: A rough day, and a six pack.)? I must buy this book! And you should too! Just check out the description: I just hope I can add her to the database... Until later, this is Marvel Man, signing off. Excelsior!

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