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Obi-Wan Kenobi: 4
Boba Fett: 0

Kintaro: 2
Baby Zillas: 3

Hunter (Star Wars): 5
Fortnite Island: 0

Wildcats: 2
Ultraforce: 0

Beowulf: 6
Kobolds: 0

Speedy Gonzales: 2
The Rogues (Flash Villains): 1

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 3
Baby Zillas: 2

Cain (Supernatural): 2
Caleb: 0

Mancake: 2
Fortnite Island: 0

Champions (Second Version): 3
Cobra Organization: 1

Aflac Duck: 3
Iago (Disney): 2

Sindacco Crime Family: 0
Forelli Crime Family: 1

Siegfried: 1
Kazuya Mishima: 7

Maulkiller: 4
Dante (DMC): 0

Rugal Bernstein: 4
Raidou: 1

Fox (Gargoyles): 4
Fox (Wanted): 1

Scarlet Witch: 5
Cybermen (Mondasian): 0

Momiji: 2
Sophitia Alexandra: 8

Ken Masters: 9
Ash Crimson: 1

Vin: 4
Korra: 3

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  1. Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 11 Currently in the Ring: Eliminated Poison Ivy Daenerys Targaryen (Control of dragons) Sonya Blade (fighting skills/tech) Medusa Minerva Mink (Toon physics/tail) Chloe Bourgeois Katie Ka-Boom (Toon Monster form) Carmen Sandiego (none) Tasha Yar (none) Anamaria (none) Mercy Graves (none) Harley Quinn (none) Wednesday Addams (none) Entrapta (none) Roxy Rocket (none) Chel (none) Snow White (none) Red Claw (none) Cinderella (none) *THE FOLLOWING BROADCAST IS BEING PRESENTED BY THE TRANSDIMENSIONAL COMBAT COMMISSION. ALL COMBATANTS MUST AGREE TO FOLLOW TCC GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES. SAFETY OF ATENDEES IS NOT GUARANTEED.* Crowd: 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BZZZZZ P.A.: The second star to the riiiiight… Al Rossi: Darting to the teleporter is Tinkerbell and instantly she beams in to the Battlesphere! KABOOOOM! Andel Sanap: By the Force! There goes Miss Bourgeois and out goes Red Claw! The ka-boom knocked her right over the ropes and out of the ring! Al Rossi: Check out Tasha and Harley! They stayed in but they’re staggered near the ropes! Here comes Anamaria and Mercy! Double clothesline! Andel Sanap: And both of them fall to their eliminations! Al Rossi: Tinkerbell has been zipping over the ring and has finally landed on one of the turnbuckles. She’s sitting down to watch as Snow White and Cinderella continue to try to hoist Chel over the rope. Andel Sanap: You can see the princesses calling to her for help, Al. Some pixie dust would make this job a lot easier. But it appears Tinkerbell is just enjoying watching them struggle on their own! Al Rossi: Chel is flailing and kicking wildly but she can’t get loose! The princesses look like their gonna try to swing her up and over. A one, a two, a three! Andel Sanap: Up and over! She’s out. Wait! No! Chel’s holding on! She holding on to the bottom rope with both hands, desperately trying to get back up to the apron! Al Rossi: Snow and Cinderella are jumping up and down, hugging each other! They think they eliminated Chel! Tinkerbell sees her, but she’s not talking! Crowd: 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BZZZZZ P.A.: I didn’t mean to! Al Rossi: Gotham’s littlest criminal, Baby Doll! We’ve now got the power ups from the latest eliminations! Chloe appears to have grown to adult size, gotten some red accents on her Queen Bee costume, and presumably the fighting skills of Red Claw to boot! Andel Sanap: Anamaria appears to have acquired an outfit that’s part pirate/part Starfleet. I don’t think she’ll be using a pistol now that she has Lieutenant Yar’s phaser! But the most dramatic change is Miss Graves! Her outfit is now red and black, patterned like Miss Quinn’s. She even has her painted face and mischievous look! Al Rossi: Baby Doll finally has beamed in, but look at Chel! She’s climbed up the post to the top turnbuckle over Tinkerbell! Snow and Cinderella are still celebrating! Andel Sanap: Tinkerbell is calling to them! They turn, and here come’s Chel! Al Rossi: Crossbody off the top! Chel fighting tooth and nail! Tinkerbell looks like she’s laughing her head off! But uh oh! Don’t look now, Tinkerbell! You’ve got problems of your own! Andel Sanap: In the form of Baby Doll! She’s got her eyes on Tinkerbell! She pulls out her doll-concealed pistol and fires! Tinkerbell takes off with Miss Dahl trying to get another shot! OK: Snow White/Cinderella VS Chel All at half strength. Also currently in the ring: Poison Ivy, Chloe Bourgeois, Medusa, Anamaria, Mercy Graves, Carmen Sandiego, Wednesday Addams, Entrapta, Roxy Rocket, Tinkerbell, and Baby Doll Whoever gets the least votes gets eliminated. Whoever gets the most votes gets that woman’s powers/abilities. Check out my other match ups to see how the rest of the match is going. Any questions, feel free to ask them. Game On!
  2. Zombie Power Rangers: Part 11 -------- Previously: At a hotel in Florida, Kimberly found out her friends had become zombies on the news. Things got worst for the teenager, as a zombie attacked her gymnast trainer, Gunther Schmidt. Kimberly ran out of the hotel, but didn’t get far as she came across a Zombie Putty. She was able to beat the clay figure with a couple of hits. The Putty pulled out a Badge of Darkness to morph, but he didn't have a chance to use it as the Zyurangers appeared, and cut the humanoid’s head off. Before the Zyurangers could attack Kimberly next, she used the badge to become the Mutant Pink Ranger. The only downside was the badge was making her evil. Just as Kimberly and the Zyurangers were about to fight each other, 20 zombies appeared, making it a three-way battle. -------- Note: This takes place during the fight in the Moon Palace from Part 9. -------- Inside the Command Center, the Original Rangers and Time Force Rangers were watching the Viewing Globe. They were seeing the fight between the forces of Ransik and the zombie army being led by the Zombie Rangers. The fight was going in Ransik’s favor as the zombies were losing in numbers. While Ransik's forces have lost a great number of Cyclobots, they hadn’t lost as many as the zombies had. “I don’t believe it! Ransik is winning!” Jen yelled in a mix of both shock and anger. Eric smiled as he crossed his arms. “Ah, looks like Ransik is going to take care of the zombie problem for us.” Jason, Zack, Trini, and Tommy couldn't help but feel sad; their friends may have become monsters, but they didn’t want to see them gone like this. Just then the alarm to the Command Center went off. "What's going on now?!" Lucas yelled. Alpha 5 went to the control panel. “Aye-yi-yi, something is happening in Florida!” This shocked the Original Power Rangers. “Florida?! Is that where Kimberly is at?!” Trini yelled. “But what could be happening in Florida?” Trip asked. “I will put it on the Viewing Globe.” Alpha said. Once the image on the Viewing Globe changed, everyone was shocked by what they saw. “Ok, can someone tell me what I’m looking at?!” Jen yelled confused. “Well... Besides the ground being littered with zombies that are dead. Well... the dead that doesn’t move, anyway. It looks like... The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are fighting another Pink Ranger.” Wes said. “But how can that be? The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are zombies, fighting Ransik in Angel Grove, and the original ones are standing right here.” Katie said. “Plus, the group has a Green Ranger, instead of a White Ranger.” Trip said. Trini then noticed something about one of the Pink Rangers. “Hey, look at the belt, gloves, and boots on that one. They’re black.” “You’re right. That’s a Mutant Ranger.” Zack said. “Mutant Ranger?” Eric asked. “The Mutant Power Rangers were Putties that used these Badges of Darkness to become an evil version of ourselves. Their goal was to kill us. But we took care of them a long time ago.” Jason said. “But if that’s so, how can there be a Mutant Ranger fighting these other Power Rangers?” Wes asked. “Well I wouldn’t call this a fight as that Pink Ranger is losing badly.” Lucas said. “Aye-yi-yi!” Alpha cried at the control panel. “What is it, Alpha?” Zordon asked. “According to the system, the Mutant Ranger isn’t a Putty! It’s human, and if I’m reading this correctly, that’s Kimberly!” Alpha yelled. This shocked everyone in the Command Center; Tommy the most. “Kimberly?! But why is she a Mutant Ranger?!” Zack yelled. “Who cares why! She’s in danger! Alpha, get her out of there!” Tommy yelled. “Right away! I hope that badge hasn’t messed with her mind.” Alpha said while working on the control panel. ***** The Pink Ranger fell and rolled on the ground. She tried to get up, only to stop as a sword was pointed down at her. Standing above her was Tyranno Ranger with his teammates behind him. “Sorry Pinky, real powers or fake, you are no match for us.” He said to her. “You know, after thinking about it. We don’t need her alive to get her boyfriend to come out. A corpse would do just find.” Ptera Ranger said. “Sounds find to me.” Mammoth Ranger said. The rest of the Zyurangers agreed as well. “Any last words?” Tyranno Ranger asked the Pink Ranger. “Yea, I hope you all burn in Hell! When my boyfriend finds out what you have done, he will slaughter you all like the animals you really are!” The Pink Ranger yelled. “The only ones going to Hell is you, followed by that fake Kiba Ranger, and your zombie friends.” Tyranno Ranger said, before holding his sword up, getting ready to cut Kimberly’s head in half. But then the Pink Ranger was teleported away. The Zyurangers were filled with shock and anger. "WHAT! NO!" Tyranno Ranger yelled in rage. “What happened?!” Tiger Ranger yelled. “AkaRed did say these Fake Zyurangers do have ways to teleport. Most likely she’s at that Command Center they use.” Tricera Ranger said. “Then I say we find this Command Center, and destroy anyone in it.” Ptera Ranger said. “I think you all got bigger things to worry about.” Someone said. The Zyurangers turned around, and were shocked by what they saw. Standing before them at a far distance was a Power Ranger that looked like a mix of the Green Ranger and White Ranger. “Who are you?” Dragon Ranger asked in anger. “The name’s Lord Drakkon.” The Power Ranger said. “Well Drakkon, what do you want with us?” Tyranno Ranger asked. “Originally, I came to this universe to destroy this zombie outbreak before it causes me problems in the future. Along with stealing the powers of the Rangers of this world. But before I doing any of those things, I will take your powers first. You may not be Power Rangers, but you are something else, and whatever powers you are using will be mine.” Drakkon said. The Zyurangers were once again shocked. “Wait, there are other Power Rangers in other universes?!” Ptera Ranger yelled. “Great, looks like we got our work cut out.” Mammoth Ranger said. “But what I find funny is that this guy thinks he can beat us.” Dragon Ranger said to his teammates. Tiger Ranger then said to Lord Drakkon. “Look around you. Don’t you notices the zombies on the ground? We have beaten them, and was close to killing the Pink Ranger of this world.” “Do I look like a corpse or a weak Pink Ranger too you? In each universe I’ve been to, I have beaten plenty of Power Rangers. You guys will be no different from them.” Drakkon said. “Power Rangers are weak. We are not.” Mammoth Ranger said. “Come on, everyone. Let’s show him the differences between Power Rangers and Super Sentai.” Tyranno Ranger said “Right!” The rest of the Zyurangers yelled together. “Let’s kill this guy.” Dragon Ranger said. “Just try it, fools.” Drakkon said. -------- So there you have it. Who will win this fight?

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