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T. Hawk vs. Thunderbird (John Proudstar)
T. Hawk: 1
Thunderbird (John Proudstar): 8

Omni-Man vs. Raditz
Omni-Man: 7
Raditz: 4

Zack Fair vs. Kagura Mutsuki
Zack Fair: 5
Kagura Mutsuki: 2

The Great Gonzo vs. T-800 (The Terminator)
The Great Gonzo: 1
T-800 (The Terminator): 4

13:1 - Broken Tusk Predator vs. The Big Bad Wolf
Broken Tusk Predator: 14
The Big Bad Wolf: 4

13:1 - Cthulhu vs. Wintergreen
Cthulhu: 4
Wintergreen: 11

13:1 - Mad Max V8 Interceptor vs. Blurr
Mad Max V8 Interceptor: 8
Blurr: 7

13:1 - 199 Heroes (Super Sentai) vs. The Infected
199 Heroes (Super Sentai): 16
The Infected: 2

13:1 - Dig 'em Frog vs. Barbie
Dig 'em Frog: 8
Barbie: 9

13:1 - Benny The Cab vs. Aston Martin DB5 (007 Car)
Benny The Cab: 6
Aston Martin DB5 (007 Car): 9

13:1 - Kobolds vs. Zombies (World War Z)
Kobolds: 12
Zombies (World War Z): 4

13:1 - Baba Yaga vs. Buddy the Elf
Baba Yaga: 4
Buddy the Elf: 12

13:1 - Chester Cheetah vs. Kool-Aid Man
Chester Cheetah: 5
Kool-Aid Man: 7

13:1 - Captain America vs. Adonis Creed
Captain America: 6
Adonis Creed: 11

13:1 - Gaston  vs. Mickey Mouse
Gaston : 3
Mickey Mouse: 16

13:1 - Ivan Drago vs. John Wick
Ivan Drago: 14
John Wick: 5

13:1 - Master Mold vs. Rommie (Andromeda)
Master Mold: 2
Rommie (Andromeda): 15

13:1 - Cybermen vs. The Hand
Cybermen: 11
The Hand: 3

13:1 - Captain Crunch vs. The Hamburglar
Cap'n Crunch: 14
The Hamburglar: 2

13:1 - Kintaro vs. Samus Aran
Kintaro: 3
Samus Aran: 14

I am aware of the slider issue for season matches, it will be resolve with the conclusion of round 3 of the season draft.

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  1. Battlesphere 2 Part 13 Currently in the Ring: Eliminated: Chloe Bourgeois John Spartan (Strength/skill/pistol) John Wick (Strength/skill/pistol) Kylo Ren Michael Jordan (Strength/skill) Speedy Gonzales (Toon physics/speed) Chucky Kitana (Powers/weapons) Speedy Gonzales (Toon physics/speed) Bride of Frankenstein Miss America (Powers) Fox McCloud (Tech/weapons) Bella Swan Miss America (Powers) Fox McCloud (Tech/weapons) Medusa Sweet (Powers) Sam (Powers) Xena Carmen Sandiego (Abilities/tech) Phantom Lady (Abilities/tech) Hawkgirl Gooey Gus (Powers) Spring Heeled Jack (Powers) Cain Ladybug (Powers/weapons) Callisto Moonwalker (Powers) Lola Bunny None Willy Wonka None Astronema None Emma Peel None *THE FOLLOWING BROADCAST IS BEING PRESENTED BY THE TRANSDIMENSIONAL COMBAT COMMISSION. ALL COMBATANTS MUST AGREE TO FOLLOW TCC GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES. SAFETY OF ATENDEES IS NOT GUARANTEED.* Andel Sanap: Apologies for the interrupted feed, ladies and gentlemen, but we are back from TCC Arena to continue our coverage of this incredible battle! Al Rossi: We’ve got Chloe and Lola trying to double team Emma Peel, only for Medusa to swat them away with her hair. Wonka appears to have taken some fizzy lifting drink to hover out of range of the fray and DUCK! Andel Sanap: A blast from Astronema’s staff takes out everyone! Cain and Callisto are looking impressed by that maneuver! But Kylo Ren doesn’t have much time for scouting! He has the Bride in a Force choke! Al Rossi: He’s using Toon speed! Hey! He’s leapt over the tope rope with the Bride! The Bride’s howling to try to get to Kylo, but he chucks her down and uses his Toon speed and the Force to zoom back into the ring! The Bride couldn’t get flying before she hit the sphere wall! She’s out! Andel Sanap: Miss Swan rushes in avenge her partner only for Chucky to meet her with a Kitana fan to the throat! The vampire’s head, followed by the rest of her body, is dumped over the top rope, as well! Al Rossi: Meanwhile, Astronema is stepping over her fallen adversaries. She moves past Emma Peel and is standing over Medusa. Her enhancements must be at their limit right now! Astronema powers up the staff! Xena: Yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi! Andel Sanap: But here comes the Warrior Princess! Al Rossi: And a slightly slimy Hawkgirl is backing her up! But here comes Cain and Callisto to even the odds! OK: Cain (Full Strength plus Ladybug’s powers/weapons), Callisto (Full Strength plus Moonwalker’s powers), and Astronema (Half Strength) vs Medusa (Half Strength plus Sweet and Sam’s powers), Xena (Full Strength plus Carmen Sandiego and Phantom Lady’s abilities/tech), and Hawkgirl (Full Strength plus Gooey Gus and Spring Heeled Jack’s powers). Team with the least votes gets eliminated, and their powers/abilities/weapons go to the team with the most votes. If there is a tie, both teams take damage and stay in the Battlesphere. Check out the other Rumbles to see how the rest of the match is going. Any questions feel free to ask them. Game On!
  2. The Unforeseen Simulation Joint: Part 13 -------- Summary: The mystery-being known as Cloud X9 has trapped all the CBUB Characters inside the Unforeseen Simulation Joint. The only way the CBUB Characters can get out is for them to fight each other to the death. There can only be one winner that will be allowed to get out of the dome. With no other choice, the CBUB Characters get into one massive battle. -------- Gamera punched the 1987 Leonardo in the face so hard that it broke the ninja’s teeth and sent him flying away. Leonardo landed on Donatello’s back. Donatello was on top of Michelangelo. Michelangelo was on top of Raphael. Gamera was building-up fire within his own body, before he fired a big, powerful plasma fireball. Once all four of the giant Ninja Turtles got hit by the fireball, they exploded into a cloud of fire and smoke. With the 1987 Turtles now dead, Gamera roared in victory. Unknown to Gamera, he was being watched by Quackerjack, who was hiding behind a tree at the Ruins Zone. Quackerjack was scared of all the fights that were happening inside the dome. “This is insane! There is no way I can survive this!” Quackerjack yelled. Quackerjack gets out Mr. Banana Brain and he makes the doll "talk" by using ventriloquism. “Yea, if you can’t beat Darkwing Duck, how are you supposed to win against Superman, Goku, Optimus Prime, Luke Skywalker, Chloe Bourgeois.....” “Ok, ok, I get it! There has to be a way for me to get out of this dome without me fighting!” Quackerjack yelled. “Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t you find a place to hide where no one will find you. That way, when everyone kills each other, you will be the only one left alive that will get to leave here.” Mr. Banana Brain “said” to Quackerjack. That made Quackerjack very happy. “That’s an excellent idea!” Quackerjack looked at the building that was closest to him. “I will hide in there.” After Quackerjack put Mr. Banana Brain away, he made a run towards the building. When Quackerjack opened the doors to the building, he was shocked by what was inside. “A Hall of Mirrors! This place is perfect!” Quackerjack cheered to himself. Quackerjack was walking through the hallway. “Not only can I hide in here, but if anyone comes in here, I can use these mirrors to help me kill them.” But Quackerjack stopped moving as he heard laughter throughout the hallway. Just then appearing on the mirrors was the Joker. “That’s a good idea. Too bad I’ve already thought of it.” Joker said. At first Quackerjack was shocked, then he got mad. “Hey! Get lost! This place is mine!” “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers.” Joker said. “Oh yeah? Well once I kill you, I will have this place all to myself.” Quackerjack said. The Joker laughs again. “A duck kills me? Now that’s funny.” “Yeah, just as funny as DC making you pregnant.” Quackerjack said. That made the Joker mad. “Ok, now it's on! Like a duck for dinner, you’re done!” -------- So, since April Fools’ Day is tomorrow, it gave me the idea to use Quackerjack and the Joker in the next part to my arc. I hope everyone will enjoy this match. Who will win?
  3. Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 13 Currently in the Ring: Eliminated Poison Ivy Daenerys Targaryen (Control of dragons) Sonya Blade (fighting skills/tech) Chloe Bourgeois Katie Ka-Boom (Toon Monster form) Red Claw (Adult sized, fighting skill) Medusa Minerva Mink (Toon physics/tail) Anamaria Tasha Yar (Starfleet training, phaser) Mercy Graves Harley Quinn (weapons, fighting skill) Carmen Sandiego (none) Wednesday Addams (none) Entrapta (none) Roxy Rocket (none) Chel (none) Snow White (none) Cinderella (none) Tinkerbell (none) Baby Doll (none) Phantom Lady (none) *THE FOLLOWING BROADCAST IS BEING PRESENTED BY THE TRANSDIMENSIONAL COMBAT COMMISSION. ALL COMBATANTS MUST AGREE TO FOLLOW TCC GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES. SAFETY OF ATENDEES IS NOT GUARANTEED.* Al Rossi: Oh my God! It’s Ladybug! Racing to the teleporter and beaming into the Battlesphere! Andel Sanap: She hurls her yoyo at Miss Bourgeois who dodges and aims her Venom sting at her! Phantom Lady blasts her with the blacklight projector! Miss Bourgeois is blinded! Al Rossi: But check out Baby Doll! She jumps on the back of Ladybug, swinging that weighted doll! Andel Sanap: Al! Chel has managed to shove Cinderella over the top rope! Chel is pushing and shoving but Cinderella refuses to let go! Snow White is charging in to help but Look Out! Al Rossi: Yowch! Meeting of the minds! Chel ducked and Snow collided head first into Cinderella! Both are staggered! Chel grabs hold of Snow’s leg and heaves! Up and over and out! Andel Sanap: Snow White collides with Cinderella and Chel has eliminated both princesses! The lights surround her as she gets her power ups. Al Rossi: Medusa just snagged Roxy out of the air with her hair! One swift toss and the daredevil is thrown out! Andel Sanap: And Medusa gets her second power up tonight. Entrapta has got Miss Sandiego on the ropes, Poison Ivy is relentlessly pursuing Miss Addams! Al Rossi: Carmen points something at Entrapta. There’s a cloud of smoke! Gas! Entrapta is coughing and trying to get out of trouble! Crowd: 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BZZZZZ P.A.: God Bless America! Andel Sanap: Soaring to the teleporters it’s Miss Americca! Al Rossi: She’s in the Battlesphere and is instantly jumped by Mercy and Anamaria! They’ve got a handle on their new powers. Mercy has got Harley’s boxing glove gun but it just bounces off of Miss America! Andel Sanap: Miss America is not one to be taken lightly! She grabs hold of Miss Graves and takes off into the air! Anamaria is trying to get a clear shot of her with her newly acquired phaser! Miss America throws! Al Rossi: But Mercy pulls out one of Harley’s grappling hooks to save herself! She pulls herself back into the ring as Miss America dodges a blast from Anamaria! Andel Sanap: Miss America’s powers would certainly give Miss Graves and Anamaria an edge in home stretch of this battle royal. But can they succeed in eliminating her to get them? OK: Mercy Graves (with Harley Quinn’s skills and gadgets) and Anamaria (with Tasha Yar’s skills and phaser) (both at full strength) vs Miss America (full strength) Also currently in the ring: Poison Ivy, Chloe Bourgeois, Medusa, Chel, Carmen Sandiego, Wednesday Addams, Entrapta, Tinkerbell, Baby Doll, Phantom Lady, and Ladybug Whoever gets the least votes gets eliminated. Whoever gets the most votes gets that woman’s powers/abilities. Check out my other match ups to see how the rest of the match is going. Any questions, feel free to ask them. Game On!
  4. Zombie Power Rangers: Part 13 -------- Previously: The battle between the villains and zombies came to an end. Master Vile had buried Frankenstein in rubble, and turned Goldar and Spider-Man into statues. While the villains may have won, Lord Zedd got infected by the zombie virus. Master Vile wanted to destroy Zedd before he turned, but Rita refused to let her father kill her husband. However, Rita got killed by the now Zombie Lord Zedd. Before Squatt, Baboo, and Finster could watch the fight between Zedd and Vile, Frankenstein bursted out of the rubble. The zombie monster chased the three aliens out of the Chamber of Command; leaving the two masters of evil behind. -------- Note: This takes place during the same time as the fights in Part 11 and Part 12. -------- Kimberly, the Mutant Pink Ranger didn’t know where she was. One minute, she was on the ground, going to be killed by the Zyurangers, then the next, she’s standing in some kind of room. She then notices there were six people and a robot owl in front of her. As the Badge of Darkness was clouding her judgement, Kimberly was going to attack them. But then a familiar face got in front of the six people and robot owl. “Kimberly Wait!” Tommy yelled. Kimberly was stunned by who she saw. “Tom... Tommy?” The Mutant Ranger looked around, and realized she was back at the Command Center. Kimberly then spotted three other people here as well. "Jason, Zack, Trini?" “Kimberly, it’s alright. You’re safe.” Trini said to her old friend. “No she’s not.” Zordon told the Original Yellow Ranger. He then tells the Mutant Pink Ranger. “Kimberly, you need to power down now. The more you are in that suit, the more the Badge of Darkness will poison you with it’s evil.” Kimberly put her hands on her helmet as she felt a pain in her head. The evil of the badge was trying to change her good nature. “Kimberly! Do as Zordon said! Hurry!” Tommy said, worried about his girlfriend. Without hesitation, Kimberly powered down her Ranger Suit. Kimberly felt so weak, she was about to fall, until Tommy caught her. “Kim! Are You Ok?!” He asked her. “Tommy? Is it really you?” Kimberly asked. “Yes, Kim. It’s me.” Tommy said. “Oh, Tommy.” Kimberly put her head on Tommy’s chest, and started to cry. In response, Tommy hugged the crying teen. “Is she going to be ok?” Jason asked Zordon. “If she were in the suit any longer, or keeps on using the badge, she would be corrupted by the power of the Mutant Ranger. As long as she never uses the Badge of Darkness again, she’ll be fine.” Zordon said. Kimberly looks up at Zordon. “I’m sorry, Zordon. But between those Zyurangers and the zombies, I didn’t have a choice.” “Zyurangers?” Katie asked. “They must come from the same universe as the Ohrangers.” Trip said. Kimberly looks at the six people and the robot owl. “By the way, who are you people?” “We're Power Rangers that work for Time Force.” Lucas said. "Who happens to be from the future." Zack said. "WHAT?!" The Original Pink Ranger yelled. “Yea, we were shocked when we heard about them too.” Trini said. Kimberly then looks at Jason, Zack, and Trini. “While I’m happy to see you guys again, what are you doing back at Angel Grove?” “When we found out about the zombie outbreak on the news, we teleported to the Command Center to see if we could help out. But found out the others have been turned into zombies.” Jason said. They saw Kimberly wasn’t surprised about the bad news. “I take it you already knew about the others?” Zack asked her. “Yes, I saw them as zombies on TV. They were leading an army of zombies against some guy with an army of robots.” Kimberly said. “That would be Ransik. He is a criminal mastermind from our time. Like us, he’s here to stop this zombie outbreak. The bad thing is once that happens, he will most likely try to take over the world of this time.” Jen said. “Speaking of Ransik. We should get back to the fight between him and the zombies.” Circuit said. "Right, I will put it on the Viewing Globe." Alpha 5 said, working at the control panel. Everyone became shocked by what they saw on the Viewing Globe. All the zombies were destroyed. The only ones that were left were the Zombie Rangers, who were back to back as they were surrounded by Ransik, Nadira, Frax, Gluto, and 20 Cyclobots. “Well, looks like we got back just in time to see the climax.” Eric said smiling. “I guess it was a good thing Ransik did come here. Now we don’t have to worry about those zombies anymore. Wes said. While the Time Force Power Rangers were happy about this, the Original Rangers were sad and upset. Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Tommy still saw the Zombie Rangers as their friends. They couldn’t bear to witness their friends getting killed on screen. Billy and the others didn’t choose to become monsters, it was a dumb virus that made them this way. Jason looks back at Zordon. “Zordon, save them!” “Please Zordon, you have to help them!” Kimberly yelled. The Time Force Power Rangers were shocked by this. “I’m sorry Rangers, but there is nothing we can do for them. They are no longer our friends.” Zordon said. “We can’t just abandon them! It’s not their fault they became monsters!” Zack yelled. “None of us would even be here if it wasn’t for Billy. He always figures out ways to help us when we were in tight situations.” Trini said. “I may not know much about Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, but thanks to them, they saved the world from Lord Zedd, while Zack, Trini, and I were in Switzerland.” Jason said. “Please, we can’t lose them this way.” Kimberly said. Zordon let out a sigh; this was against his judgement, but like the Original Rangers, he still has feelings for the zombies. “Alpha, prepare a force field cage, and teleport the zombies into it” “Right away, Zordon.” Alpha said happily, and started working on the control panel. However, the Time Force Power Rangers were enraged. “What Do You Think You’re Doing?!” Jen yelled as she marched towards Alpha to stop the robot. Only for Jason to block her way. “Don’t even think about it.” He told Jen. Eric looked at Tommy with anger. “Hey! You have more experience with the zombies! Talk some sense into these people!” But Tommy just ignored Eric, and watched the Viewing Globe, hoping Alpha will get the Zombie Rangers out of there in time. ***** “So this is how it ends.” Rocky said. “Looks like we’re going to that great diner in the sky.” Adam said. “Any last words?” Ransik asked the zombies. “Burn in Hell.” Aisha said. “You first.” Ransik said. “Hey, wait! Don’t we get one last meal?” Kat asked. “Why of course. For your last meal, you get to eat lasers.” Ransik said. The Cyclobots pointed their swords/blasters at the Zombie Power Rangers. “Smart thinking.” Billy said sarcastically to Kat. “Oh, shut up. I’d like to see you try to get us out of this.” Kat said to Billy. Before the Cyclobots could fire their weapons, the Zombie Rangers were teleported away. Ransik was soon filled with shock and anger. "What?! What happened to them?!" “It looks like they were teleported away, Master.” Frax said to Ransik. “I can see that you golden tin can! I want to know why it happened!” Ransik yelled at the robot. While Ransik wasn’t looking, Frax let out a quite growl. “Don’t worry, father. There is nowhere those corpses can hide from us. We will find them.” Nadira said to Ransik. “I think you all got bigger things to worry about.” Said a voice. The villains looked and were shocked as they saw six more Power Rangers. The color of these Rangers were Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and one that was Red and Black. “The Time Force Power Rangers!” Ransik yelled in anger. “Not quite.” The “Yellow Ranger” said. The villains became confused. “Uh... Why does the Yellow Ranger sound like a guy?” Gluto asked. “Because we’re not the Time Force Power Rangers. We are Mirai Sentai Timeranger.” Time Red said. “Mirai... Sentai... Timeranger? What a dumb name.” Nadira said. “Not as dumb as your pink hair.” Time Blue said to Nadira. Then he looks at Time Pink. “No offense.” “None taken.” Time Pink said. Nadira became angry while her father yelled at the Timerangers. “Don’t you dare talk to my daughter like that! Now, if you’re not the Time Force Rangers, then why do you have the same suits as them?!” “If you must know, we come from another universe. The reason why we look like those Power Rangers, is because we are their counterparts. Our universes are smiler, the only difference is your world is a bad joke.” Time Green said. “We came to this universe to destroy this zombie outbreak before it becomes a threat to our world. Our original targets were those Zombie Rangers. By the time we got here, you were fighting them. We were hoping you would finish them off, but no, instead you let them get away.” Time Fire said. “But its no big deal. We’ll just kill you all first. Besides, we are going to kill everyone on this world anyway.” Time Yellow said. The villains were taken back by this. “Now hold on. Aren’t you suppose to be heroes? Would killing everyone be something against your code?” Gluto asked. “Just because we are heroes, doesn’t mean we have to be nice.” Time Red said. Ransik laughed and said to the Timerangers, “You’re my kind of people. But sadly if you think you can kill me, then you have made the biggest mistake of your lives. The Time Force Power Rangers are no match for me, and if you’re anything like them, what makes you think you can stand a chance against me?” “Because we are more powerful than the Power Rangers, and you are nothing but a reject from a Mad Max movie, who got watered-down versions of enemies to back you up.” Time Pink said to Ransik. She then looks at Gluto. “While you may not be Don Dolnero, I’m going to enjoy killing you the most.” While Gluto got nervous, Ransik said to the Timerangers, “If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get. But I promise everyone of you that you won’t make it out of this alive.” “And I promise you this that we’ll be the victorious ones, and this won’t be a fight, but a slaughter.” Time Red said. -------- So there you have it. It's the Timerangers vs Ransik with Nadira, Frax, Gluto, and 20 Cyclobots. Note: I will post videos of the Timerangers and Ransik under the Callisto Post. Who do you think will win?
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