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Trakeena: 1
Astronema: 3

Loki (Marvel Comics): 3
Sauron: 2

Sydney Bristow: 3
Mike Ehrmantraut: 1

Emperor Han: 4
Ozai: 3

D-Generation X: 1
The nWo: 5

Penguin: 1
Michigan J. Frog: 4

Arsene Lupin III: 2
Loid Forger: 1

Sydney Bristow: 4
Ava Faulkner: 2

Heracles: 0
Darth Bane: 3

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 4
Professor Pyg: 1

The Dominion: 1
Dominators: 3

Grinders: 4
Jem'Hadar: 3

Lucy (2014 film): 6
Leeloo: 0

Cad Bane: 6
Peter Pan: 2

Hawkman (Carter Hall): 2
Kharn the Betrayer: 1

Ren: 1
Galtar: 3

Blank: 4
Yugi Mutou: 3

Thane Krios: 1
Jonathan Joestar: 4

Rasslor: 1
Princess Celestia: 4

Spirit Iron-Knife: 4
Skin-walker: 0

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  1. Rasslor vs The CBUB: Part 2 -------- “Live from the Shipodrome, I’m Spike from My Little Pony.” “And I’m the fly guy, Probodor.” “If you’re now just joining us, here’s the rundown. Everybody from the Database has been kidnaped by Rasslor. The only way we can get our freedom back is for someone to beat Rasslor in a match. As we speak, the first match is still going on with Rasslor fighting the legendary Power Ranger, Tommy Oliver.” Spike said. “But unfortunately, the Power Ranger proves he’s no match for the champ.” Probodor said. “I’m afraid my co-host is right. No matter what ranger-forms and weapons Tommy is getting from the Master Morpher, he is barely putting up a fight against Rasslor. Right now, Tommy is using his Green Ranger Powers.” Spike said. “Well, this is a disappointment. But I guess I should have known that this is what I get for fighting a Power Ranger.” Rasslor said. “Don’t count me out just yet, Rasslor!” The Green Ranger yelled. The Green Ranger jumps through the air and is going to kick Rasslor in the chest. However, Rasslor uses both his hands to grab Tommy’s leg, and gives it a tight squeeze causing the Ranger to cry out in pain. “Don’t count on beating me.” Rasslor said before he slammed the Green Ranger to the floor with the Ranger’s leg being twisted and bent in the opposite direction. Tommy couldn’t help but scream in pain. “Tommy, No!” Kimberly and Kat cried out in horror. “Tommy, Yes!” Lord Zedd cheered. All the Power Rangers give angry looks to the Emperor of Evil. “What? I’m his enemy.” Lord Zedd said. “Ouch, Deja Vu.” Major Glory said as he, Monkey, Valhallen, and The Infraggable Krunk, remember what happened to Sam-Ur-I with his encounter with the alien wrestler. “So do you give up?” Rasslor asked. “Never! I will fight you to the very end!” The Green Ranger yelled as he tries he’s very best to ignore the pain in his leg. “Sadly, this match is already at its end.” Rasslor said. Rasslor uses one hand to pull away the Master Morpher from the Green Ranger’s body, making Tommy de-morph back to his civilian form. Rasslor then crushes the Master Morpher like a tin-can. Still holding onto Tommy's leg, Rasslor spins the Ranger around, before throwing him out of the ring, and onto the floor. “Tommy!” Jason yelled as he, Zack, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, Rocky Adam, Aisha, and Kat ran to their friend. “Are you alright?” Trini asked as Zack and Billy helps Tommy back up. “Did... I... win...?” Tommy said as he is hurt and dizzy. “Uh... To Be Continued.” Rocky said. “So, who’s next to go against my might?” Rasslor asked as he throws away the crushed Morpher. “We’ll be your opponents.” Leonardo said as he and his three brothers jumped into the ring. “It’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!” Spike yelled with joy. “The 1987 ones to be exact.” Probodor said. “Hey, wait? Is more than one opponent allowed to fight Rasslor at once?” Spike asked. “I will allow it. Anything to give me a challenge.” Rasslor said. “You’re going to be sorry that you said that, pal.” Donatello said. “Yea, we’ll be the ones to beat you.” Raphael said. “Never send a Power Ranger to do a turtle’s job.” Michelangelo said. “I hope their shells break.” Andros, the Red Space Ranger said. “Well then come at me bros.” Rasslor said. “With pleasure.” Leonardo said as he and his brothers pulled out their weapons. “Let’s make this fast so we can get back home to eat some pizza.” Michelangelo said. “Turtle Power!” Leonardo yelled as the four turtles came charging towards Rasslor. -------- So, here is the next part to my Rasslor arc. As you just read, Rasslor’s next opponents are the Ninja Turtles from the 1987 Animated Series. Can Rasslor beat the Turtles, or will his arc end here?
  2. Power Rangers vs Alien: Part 2 -------- Previously: While using the Astro Megaship to search for Zordon in space, the Power Rangers received a distress signal. There was a message with an unknown language, but the Rangers did find out that the signal was coming from an extra solar moon. But before they could start the rescue mission, a very big portal opened up in front of the Astro Megaship. What came out of the portal was the MegaShip being piloted by the Megarangers. The heroes of the Super Sentai Universe wanted to kill the Rangers as the Megarangers saw them as poor imitations. But the Space Power Rangers weren’t going to back down, which started a dogfight between the MegaShip and Astro Megaship. -------- In space, the two vessels had transformed into their robot modes. The Astro Megazord and Galaxy Mega were about equally matched. That is, until... “Astro Saber!” The Red Ranger yelled. The Astro Megazord charged the sword with energy, and used the weapon to cut across Galaxy Mega’s chest. The Megarangers and the INET Crew Members screamed in horror as explosions were going off inside Galaxy Mega. Soon there was a huge explosion as Galaxy Mega blew up into many pieces. The Space Power Rangers cheered as they won the fight. “Now that’s over, let’s head for the source of the distress signal.” The Red Ranger said. Once the Astro Megazord transformed back into its ship mode, and the Rangers powered down to their civilian form, the Astro Megaship took off for the extra solar moon. ===Three Hours Later=== The Astro Megaship had entered the moon’s gravitational pull. The Rangers were having a difficult time flying as they entered a storm, and to make matters worst, everything was dark and foggy. “Man, no wonder this guy needs help. How can anyone get on or off this moon?” Carlos said. “We should be getting close to the signal.” Alpha 6 said as he was looking at the control panel. “Hey, I see something up ahead.” Cassie said as she pointed at the big screen. As the Astro Megaship was drawing closer to the source, the Rangers were getting a clear view. The five teens and robot were stunned by the appearance of a giant spaceship. “Alpha? Andros? Have you two seen anything like this before?” T.J. asked them. “I’ve never seen anything like it.” Andros said. “And I have no record in my memory bank to tell me what race this ship belongs to.” Alpha said. “Still, we’re here to help. Let’s land the ship.” Andros said. The Astro Megaship made a safe landing on the hard rocky surface of the moon. “Alpha, open hailing frequencies to all channels. Even if we can’t understand this guy, maybe he can understand us.” Andros said. “Right away.” Alpha said as he hit some buttons. “This is the Power Rangers. We have received your distress call. We’re here to help. Please respond.” Andros said. The Rangers waited for a reply, but things remained quite. “Ok, I don’t like this. Maybe this guy doesn’t want help.” Ashley said. “Or maybe he’s too hurt to answer back.” T.J. said. “I guess we should go inside.” Andros said. “But how do we get in?” Cassie asked. “Hey, what’s that?” Carlos asked as he pointed at the screen. “Alpha, zoom on it.” “On it.” Alpha said. The screen zoomed in on the spaceship, and it showed there was a big hole on the vessel. “Looks like a way in. Ok everyone, let’s head on out.” Andros said. “Hold on guys! According to the system, there is no atmosphere here to breath!” Alpha yelled. This shocked everyone. “That’s weird. Most of the worlds we have been onto were breathable.” Ashley said. “So now what?” T.J. asked. “You just need to use your Ranger Suits. The suits will allow you to breath just fine out there.” Alpha said. “Might as well. We would need the suits to protect us in case there is something dangerous in the ship.” Carlos said. “Alright, Let's Rocket.” Andros said as he and the rest of the team opened the lids to their Morphers, and entered in the code. The five teenagers then became the Space Power Rangers. “Alpha, finish up the repairs to the Astro Megaship, while we check out the alien ship.” The Red Ranger said. “I will. Just be careful out there.” Alpha said. “We will.” The Blue Ranger said. The Power Rangers left the Astro Megaship, and were making their way towards the unknown spaceship. -------- So there you have it. As you guessed it, the Space Power Rangers had landed on LV-426 and are entering the Derelict. Notes: -There are Facehugger eggs and the black liquid inside the Derelict. -In order for the Derelict to get a win, the Power Rangers (or one of them) will have to get impregnation by Facehuggers, and/or if the teens (or one of them) gets infected by the black liquid. -The Power Rangers win, if they don’t get impregnation by the Facehuggers, and don’t get infected by the black liquid. So what’s going to happen to the Space Power Rangers?
  3. Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 2 Currently in the Ring: Eliminated Medusa (none) Carmen Sandiego, (none) Minerva Mink (none) *THE FOLLOWING BROADCAST IS BEING PRESENTED BY THE TRANSDIMENSIONAL COMBAT COMMISSION. ALL COMBATANTS MUST AGREE TO FOLLOW TCC GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES. SAFETY OF ATENDEES IS NOT GUARANTEED.* Andel Sanap: Miss Mink lunges toward Miss Sandiego who sidesteps out of the way. Minerva runs into the ropes and is caught by Medusa! Al Rossi: A strand of hair tosses Minerva over the ropes but she catches the middle rope with her tail! She doesn’t look particularly comfortable, but she’s trying to pull herself back into the ring as Medusa turns her attention to Carmen! Crowd: 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BZZZZZ P.A.: Dracarys! Al Rossi: The Mother of Dragons! Daenerys Targaryen! And look who’s perched on her shoulders! Andel Sanap: She has her dragons! Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion! The TCC would never allow her to bring them into the Battlesphere fully grown, so they appear to have compromised and let her bring them at a younger age. Al Rossi: Smaller or not, that’s a lot of literal fire-power being brought in to the battle sphere! She beams in, and with a gesture all three dragons charge into the fray! Carmen is dodging Drogon’s fire while Medusa tries to catch Viserion and Rhaegal! Andel Sanap: But look at Miss Mink! She’s charging straight for Daenerys! Claws are out! Al Rossi: Yowch! Toon or not, those claws still cut deep! Uh oh! Daenerys is looking enraged! The dragons are turning to see! They can sense she’s been hurt! Andel Sanap: Miss Mink knows she’s in trouble! All three dragons with a blast of fire! But…what a moment! Miss Mink is still standing! Al Rossi: Minerva must be feeling grateful for Toon physics right now. Her dress is burnt, her face is covered in soot and she’s coughing smoke rings, but she’s still in there! Andel Sanap: Daenerys grabs Miss Mink by the back of neck to toss her over the rope! Mink reverses! They’re jockeying for position as the dragons return to pursue Miss Sandiego and Medusa! Crowd: 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BZZZZZ P.A.: I am Nature's arm. Her spirit. Her will. Hell, I am Mother Nature! Andel Sanap: A woman who proclaimed that she and Miss Quinn were the only ‘Gotham girls’ in the battle royal that mattered, Poison Ivy! Al Rossi: She quickly teleports in and throws some seeds that instantly sprout into vines! Daenerys pulls out a sword and starts hacking away! Minerva is running for cover but there isn’t anywhere safe in the battle sphere! Andel Sanap: She runs right into Medusa who tries to toss her out only to be stopped by a punch from Miss Sandiego! Now the dragons are focusing on Poison Ivy, who’s creating more and more vines to shield herself! She dives through them and lands a kick on Daenerys! She loses her grip on the sword and falls into the corner! Al Rossi: The dragons’ breath reduces the vines to ashes! They send another stream of fire towards Poison Ivy but she cartwheels out of the way! Andel Sanap: Medusa and Miss Mink are attempting to eliminate Miss Sandiego! There she goes! No! She fired a grappling hook that caught the top rope! She’s pulling herself back in! Al Rossi: Meanwhile, Daenerys grabs her sword and charges toward Ivy! She misses with her swing and Ivy blows something in Daenerys’ face! Must be some kind of spores! Now she’s blinded! Andel Sanap: But the dragons are there to keep Ivy at bay and from capitalizing on Daenerys! Crowd: 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BZZZZZ P.A.: I’M A TEENAGER!!!! Al Rossi: Uh oh! It’s time for a temper tantrum! It’s Minerva’s co-star from Animaniacs! Katie Ka-Boom! Andel Sanap: She looks to be excited to be here, Al! Pumping her fists, waving to the crowd! Hits the teleporter to beam in as the dragons are readying another flame attack! Al Rossi: OH! Katie beamed right into the line of fire! Daenerys and Ivy looked shocked as Katie stands in the flames! She’s a Toon like Minerva, so it isn’t doing much harm to her, but the outfit is ruined! And for Katie that’s even worse! Andel Sanap: Now she’s getting mad! She’s starting to transform into monster mode. Bulging muscles, flaming eyes! And she looks ready to tear Ivy and Daenerys apart! With power like that, who could eliminate her? OK: Poison Ivy, Daenerys (three baby dragons), and Katie Ka-Boom All have normal powers, abilities, and equipment. Also currently in the ring: Medusa, Carmen Sandiego, and Minerva Mink Whoever gets the least votes gets eliminated (If there’s a tie, both get eliminated). Whoever gets the most votes gets that woman’s powers/abilities (If there’s a tie, both get powers of the eliminated). If there are no ties the odd woman out simply takes damage, and will need to compete in the next round of the battle royal. Check out my other match ups to see how the rest of the match is going. Any questions, feel free to ask them. Game On!
  4. Lord Zedd’s Revenge: Part 2 -------- Previously: After having the same nightmare over and over again, and some help from Goldar, Lord Zedd realized that he was tricked into marrying Rita, which freed him from the effects of the love potion, and was turned back to the way he was before the wedding. Later, after luring Rita, Rito, and Master Vile to the Chamber of Command, Lord Zedd revealed to them that he knew about the love potion, and he kill it’s creator, Finster, in front of them. Then Lord Zedd with the help of Goldar, and 10 Tenga Warriors launched an attack against Rita and her family. -------- The Chamber of Command was nearly destroyed by the battle between Lord Zedd’s Force and Rita’s Family. Lord Zedd was able to over power Master Vile and used the sharp end of his staff to behead the father of Rita. Goldar and Rito were in a sword fight, and the golden alien was able to knock the skeleton alien unconscious. As for the Rita and the Tengas, the evil sorceress was using her staff to blast away at the Bird Warriors. The Tengas were either unconscious, or too hurt to fight anymore. "You Bird Brains! If you couldn’t beat the Power Rangers, what chance do you all have against me?!" Rita yelled at the Tenga Warriors. "O Honey." Lord Zedd said behind Rita. Rita turned around and was shocked by what Lord Zedd was holding. While Lord Zedd had his staff in his right hand, he was using his left hand to hold Master Vile’s head. Lord Zedd used Master Vile’s head to hit Rita across the face, sending her sliding across the floor and making her lose her grip on her staff. As Rita was down on her chest, she saw her staff was a few feet away from her. Rita tried to reach for her staff, but Lord Zedd kicked it away from her. Rita looked up at Lord Zedd and saw he was pointing his staff down at her. "Any last words before I send you to Hell?" Lord Zedd asked. "Zeddy, please don’t do this." Rita said as she used both her hands to grab each of Lord Zedd’s feet. "Remember the good times that we had." "Sorry, Rita. But between you and the Power Rangers, I never had a good time." Lord Zedd said as he fired lighting from his staff, down at Rita, causing the evil sorceress to yell in pain as she was being electrocuted. Within seconds, Rita was nothing more than a pile of ashes. "Consider that a divorce." Lord Zedd said as he kicked the ash pile. Goldar walked up to Lord Zedd and smiled evilly as he looked at the ashes. "Congratulations my lord. You are now a free man." Goldar said. Lord Zedd was about to say something, until he heard someone say, "Sis No." Both Lord Zedd and Goldar looked and saw Rito getting back. Rito had woken up in time to see what had happen to Rita. "Ed, how could you?" Lord Zedd got real angry. "For The Last Time! My Name Is Lord Zedd!" He yelled as he fired a bolt of energy from his staff at Rito, blowing the skeleton warrior up into many pieces. Rito’s head hit the floor and rolled next to Lord Zedd’s foot. Lord Zedd then used his foot to crush Rito’s head. "Finally, the legacy of Rita Repulsa is over." Goldar said. "Never thought I would be so happy to be free from that cursive family." Lord Zedd said. Lord Zedd looked around and saw how bad of shape the Chamber of Command was in. Then the Evil Emperor looked at the bodies of Master Vile and Finster, and the remains of Rito. Lord Zedd then looked at the Tenga Warriors as they were getting back up. "Tengas. For your hard work, you can eat these bodies." Lord Zedd said. The Tenga Warriors cheered. "Thank You, Lord Zedd!" One of the Tengas yelled happily. Then the Tenga Warriors began to eat the bodies of Master Vile and Finster. Like the vultures of Earth, the Tengas would eat things that are dead. Lord Zedd turned around to see Squatt and Baboo peeking though the hallway. The two of them had watched the battle between the two groups of villains, and were holding each other in fear as they saw how Rita and her family got killed. "You two. Come out of there." Lord Zedd ordered. Squatt and Baboo did what Lord Zedd said and stepped out of the hallway. "Yes, Lord Zedd?" Squatt asked in fear. "Are you two still loyal to me?" Lord Zedd asked. "Of course we are, Lord Zedd." Baboo said. "Yea, we would never betray you." Squatt said. "Very good. Here, make yourselves usefully. Catch." Lord Zedd said as he threw Master Vile’s head to Baboo. The tall and slim alien caught the head and almost dropped it, but was lucky enough to hold on to it. "I want that head mounted on my wall." "Yes, Lord Zedd. We’ll get right on it." Baboo said. "Good, and after you two do that, I want my Chamber of Command cleaned and fixed back up." Lord Zedd said. "Sure thing, Lord Zedd." Squatt said. For the truth, both Squatt and Baboo didn’t want to do those things, but the two of them knew that they dare not get on Lord Zedd’s bad side, especially after what they just saw. "So, now that Rita and her family are dead, what about the Power Rangers?" Goldar asked. "Yes, the Power Rangers. Those teenagers are next on my revenge list." Lord Zedd said. "Are you going to send a monster to attack them?" Goldar asked. "Why? So the Power Rangers can destroy it?" Lord Zedd said as he turned away from Goldar, and walked up to the balcony, looking at the Earth. "For far too long, those Power Rangers have beaten every monster that Finster and I have ever created. Well no more. I’m going to do something I should have done a long time ago. I’m going to destroy the Power Rangers myself." Goldar was shocked by what Lord Zedd just said. Lord Zedd turned around and looked back at Goldar. "Tomorrow, we will launch an attack on Angel Grove. If the Power Rangers want to save their precious town, they will have no choice but to fight us." Lord Zedd said. "Yes, Lord Zedd. This will be the end of the Power Rangers for sure." Goldar said. Lord Zedd then looked back at the Earth, "Enjoy your final day Power Rangers, for tomorrow will be your last." The Next Day. Adam, Aisha, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy had taken Kat to the carnival to celebrate her birthday. The six teenagers were enjoying themselves, until they heard and saw explosions in the city very far away. Soon all the Rangers’ wrist communicators beeped, and they went to a hiding spot where no one would see them. Tommy hit the button on his communicator, and said, "This is Tommy. We read you, Zordon." "Power Rangers, prepare for teleportation to the Command Center immediately." Zordon said on the communicator. "Right." Tommy said. The Rangers each hit a button on their communicator, and they were all soon transported to the Command Center. "O, thank goodness you’re here. Ai-Yi-Yi! It’s just terrible." Alpha said. "What is it, Zordon?" Tommy asked. "I’m afraid we have a serious situation on our hands. Look at the Viewing Globe." Zordon said. As the Rangers looked at the Viewing Globe, they were shocked as they saw that the city was under attack by Lord Zedd, Goldar, and 10 Tenga Warriors who were all giants. "I don’t believe this!" Rocky yelled. "Lord Zedd is attacking the city! As a giant!" Aisha yelled. "Along with giant Tenga Warriors to boot." Adam said. "And Goldar to make it worst." Billy said. It showed on the Viewing Globe that buildings were on fire, people were running in the streets, and most people on the ground were dead. "Guys, we need to get out there and stop Lord Zedd." Kat said. "Rangers, I should warn you that fighting Lord Zedd will be a dangerous challenge." Zordon said. "I know Zordon. We shouldn’t take Zedd so lightly." Tommy said. Tommy remembered the time when Kimberly got kidnaped, he had to fight Lord Zedd to save her. It wasn’t a easy battle for the White Ranger, but by shear luck, Tommy was able to beat Lord Zedd by damaging the Evil Emperor’s staff, which forced the red alien to retreat. As Rocky was looking at the Viewing Globe, he noticed something about Lord Zedd. "Hey guys. Is it just me, or is there something odd about Lord Zedd?" "Now that you mentioned it, Lord Zedd is like the way he was before he marred Rita." Billy said. "Everyone, this is no time to be admiring Lord Zedd. We need stop him right now." Aisha said. "Aisha is right. We need to get over there." Tommy said. "Good luck Rangers and may the power protect you." Zordon said. "Its Morphin Time!" Tommy yelled "White Ranger Power!" Tommy yelled as he morphed into the White Ranger. "Black Ranger Power!" Adam yelled as he morphed into the Black Ranger. "Pink Ranger Power!" Kat yelled as she morphed into the Pink Ranger. "Blue Ranger Power!" Billy yelled as he morphed into the Blue Ranger. "Yellow Ranger Power!" Aisha yelled as she morphed into the Yellow Ranger. "Red Ranger Power!" Rocky yelled as he morphed into the Red Ranger. After they morphed, the Power Rangers teleported to the city. "We need Shogunzord Power now!" The Power Rangers yelled. As the Red Shogunzord, Black Shogunzord, Blue Shogunzord, Yellow Shogunzord, and White Shogunzord appeared in the city, the Power Rangers each jumped inside their Zord, but with the White Ranger and Pink Ranger sharing the same Zord. "Shogun Megazord Power Now!" The White Ranger yelled. Soon the five Shogunzords combined into the Shogun Megazord. "Billy, we need the Ninjazords." The White Ranger said to the Blue Ranger. "They’re on their way." The Blue Rangers said as he used the Falconzord-Remote to control the Ninjazords. As soon as the Falconzord, Bear Ninjazord, Crane Ninjazord, Wolf Ninjazord, Frog Ninjazord, and Ninjazord Ape arrived in the city, they combined into the Ninja MegaFalconzord. Lord Zedd, Goldar, and the Tenga Warriors stopped attacking the city as they saw the two Megazords. "Well, well, it’s about time you Power Rangers showed up. I knew that if we keep on attacking the city, you Rangers would eventually come." Lord Zedd said. "You’ve gone too far this time Lord Zedd." The White Ranger said. "So get ready to face two times the Megazord." The Yellow Ranger said. Lucky for the Power Rangers, they were able to talk through the Shogun Megazord by using it’s speakers. "Ah, that’s what you all think. For today, you Rangers don’t fight some measly monster, but me, Lord Zedd: Emperor Of All That I See." Lord Zedd said. "Looks like your ego got bigger along with your body." The Red Ranger said. "Joke all you want, for this day will be our final battle Power Rangers, and I intend to win it." Lord Zedd said. Goldar then tells the Power Rangers, "That right. With me and these giant Tenga Warriors here to help Lord Zedd, there is no way you Power Rangers will win this time. Besides, even with those Megazords, we still got you out numbered, 12 to 2." But then flying though the sky was Ninjor in his giant size, riding on a cloud. Ninjor jumped off the cloud and landed next to the Megazords. "Make That Three." Ninjor said. "Nice to have you with us, Ninjor." The Black Ranger said. "Zordon called me and told me what is happening. So I came here to help you all beat these villains." Ninjor said. "So what if you’re here, Ninjor. I’ve beaten you before and I will do it again." Goldar said. "That was then and this is now. I won’t lose to you twice, Goldar." Ninjor said. "As for you Tengas, just because your now big, doesn’t mean you guys are any better. Your still the same old bird brains we keep on beating." The Pink Ranger said. "Oh yea, well compared to us, you Rangers are just worms in a can." One of the Tengas said. "Enough Talk. It’s time for your death, Power Rangers. The same goes for you, Ninjor." Lord Zedd told the Power Rangers and Ninjor. Then Lord Zedd ordered Goldar and the Tenga Warriors, "Destroy These Pests!" -------- So there you have it. It’s Giant Lord Zedd, Giant Goldar, and 10 Giant Tenga Warriors vs Shogun Megazord, Ninja MegaFalconzord, and Giant Ninjor. Who do you think will win?
  5. Tommy’s Awesomeness vs The CBUB - Part 2 --------- "If you’re now just joining us. Tommy Oliver as the White Ranger is fighting Edward Cullen." Venom 2009 said. "However, thanks to the Metallic Armor and the Sword of Power, it looks like Tommy is winning." Spike said. "And kicking Edward’s butt allover the place." Venom said. The White Ranger punched Edward in the chest, sending the vampire flying backwards and falling to the ground on his back. Edward got back up and yelled, "How can I be losing! Especially to a Power Ranger!" The White Ranger tells Edward, "Because I’m not just any Power Ranger. I am Tommy Oliver, the greatest Power Ranger there is. Now Edward Cullen, its time to end this battle. Get ready for a kick of Awesomeness." The White Ranger jumps at Edward and uses his foot to kick Edward in the face, knocking the vampire’s head off and sending it flying out of the stadium. "It’s a home run!" Spike yelled. The audience was cheering for the White Ranger. "NO! Edward! My Love!" Bella Swan-Cullen yelled. "So does this mean you’re available?" Jacob Black asked Bella. Groundskeeper Willie came to the arena and used a broom to push the headless body of Edward off the arena. After the White Ranger put the Sword of Power away, he powered down the Metallic Armor and his Ranger Form, and was back as Tommy. "Well that was a nice warm-up. Now that I won this match, who else wishes to take on my Awesomeness." Tommy said. "I will be your next opponent." Walking down to the arena was the Live Action Version of Goku. "It’s that watered-down version of Goku from Dragon Ball Evolution: The Black Sheep of the Dragon Ball franchise." Venom said. "I thought Dragon Ball GT was the black sheep?" Spike asked. "Oh, believe me, that movie is so bad, it makes Dragon Ball GT look good." Venom said. The audience was booing at Goku. "Oh, Shut Up!" Goku yelled at them as he reached the arena. "So you’re my next opponent. The Wannabe Goku." Tommy said. "I’m here to show everyone in the CBUB what I can do. I may not be powerful as my anime counterpart, but I’m still powerful enough to crush you. Once I take you down, everyone on the site will show me respect." Goku said. "Is that so. Well then lets see how you handle this." Tommy said as his Wrist Morpher appears on his arm "Dino Thunder Power Up!" Soon Tommy morphed into the Black Dino Ranger. "So you’re using you’re final Ranger From, but you still won’t beat me." Goku said. "You maybe a washed-out version of your anime counterpart, but I better go all out. Super Dino Mode!" Soon the Black Dino Ranger was in his Super Dino Mode. "So you have spikes now, big deal, I’m still going to win this." Goku said. "As if. In order for you to beat me, you will need to be a Super Saiyan. Oh wait, you can’t transform into Super Saiyan. Only your anime counterpart can do that, and he can transform to all four levels of Super Saiyan." The Black Dino Ranger said. "Why You!" Goku yelled. "Get ready you lame version of Goku, because like your movie, you’re going down." "Looks like these two are ready to fight." Spike said. "So lets get the next match started." Venom said. Then the bell rings to start the second fight. ---------- So there you have it. It’s Tommy as the Black Dino Ranger in Super Dino Mode vs the version of Goku from Dragon Ball Evolution. Note: I will post a video of Tommy/Black Dino Ranger in Super Dino Mode under the Callisto Post. Who do you think will win?
  6. Zombie Power Rangers: Part 2 -------- Previously: Betrayed by Malcolm, the Zombie Spider-Man was sent to the Power Rangers world. Once there, Spider-Man had encounter Goldar, Rito Revolto, and the Tenga Warriors, who were attacking the park. Trying to be a hero again, Spider-Man was going to fight the villains. However, driven by the Hunger once again, Spider-Man was turned back into a flesh eating monster, and had infected Goldar and the Tenga Warriors with the zombie virus, turning them into zombies. As for Rito, he got eaten up by the Zombie Tenga Warriors. Later in the park, the zombies went on a rampage as they were attacking and eating people. But then the Power Rangers and Ninjor showed up and engaged the zombies in battle. -------- At Angel Grove Park, the White Ranger and Ninjor were fighting the Zombie Spider-Man and the Zombie Goldar, while the rest of the Power Rangers had just destroyed all of the Zombie Tenga Warriors. However, during the fight, the zombie birds were able to bite through the Power Rangers’ suits. Soon the Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Ranger were feeling sick, and fell down to the ground. The White Ranger, Ninjor, Spider-Man, and Goldar had stopped fighting as they saw there was something wrong with the rest of the Power Rangers. "Guys, what’s wrong?" The White Ranger asked. Then the White Ranger noticed the bite marks on his friends. "OH NO! You all were bitten!" Soon the Power Rangers were getting back up. "I’m so hungry." The Blue Ranger said. "Me too." The Red Ranger said. The Power Rangers looked at Ninjor and the White Ranger. "You two look good enough to eat." The Pink Ranger said. "NO! Don’t tell me that you guys are....." The White Ranger tried to say. "You know, it’s going to be hard for us to eat with these helmets on." The Black Ranger said. "Yea, lets take them off." The Yellow Ranger said. Soon the Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Ranger each took off their helmet and threw them away. The White Ranger was shocked as he saw his friends were now zombies. "Guys, No! This can’t be happening!" The White Ranger yelled shock. "I’m afraid so, Tommy. They have become zombies and now our enemies." Ninjor said. "Come on Tommy. It’s not so bad." Rocky said. "Yea, Tommy. Just let us take a couple of bites and you can be one of us." Kat said. "And the same goes with you, Ninjor." Adam said. "No way! I won’t become a zombie and eat people!" The White Ranger yelled. "The same goes with me." Ninjor said. "Well that’s to bad. For you two." Billy said. "But don’t worry. We’ll always remember you two. In our stomachs." Aisha said. "Well we may have lost the Tengas. But it looks like we have some new friends." Goldar said. "So lets seal our new friendship with a meal." Spider-Man said. The zombies got together and were getting ready to attack both the White Ranger and Ninjor. "Man, this doesn’t look good." The White Ranger said as he got ready to fight. Ninjor got ready to fight as well, but tells the White Ranger, "I hate to say this Tommy, but we may not make it out of this one." Ninjor said. "Lets get them!" Rocky yelled. Soon the zombies ran towards the White Ranger and Ninjor. But then lasers hit the ground, making explosions in front of the zombies, forcing them to stop. "What the!!!" Aisha yelled. "You did that?!" Adam yelled. "Over here, you corpses." Said a female voice. The zombies, the White Ranger, and Ninjor looked, and were shocked to see six more Power Rangers. The color of these Rangers were Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and one that was Red and Black. Each one of them were holding what looked like a gun (which are the Chrono Blasters and the Quantum Defender in gun mode). "Who the hell are you?" Aisha asked them. "We are the Time Force Power Rangers." The Pink Time Force Ranger said. "Time Force Power Rangers?" The Goldar asked. "What kind of name is that?" Rocky asked. "We are Power Rangers from the future." The Red Time Force Ranger said. This shocked the zombies as well as the White Ranger and Ninjor. "Future Power Rangers?!" Kat yelled. "That’s right. We have been sent here to the past to stop you zombies from starting a Zombie Apocalypse that will destroy our future." The Blue Time Force Ranger said. "And the only way to stop it from happening is to destroy you walking corpses." The Yellow Time Force Ranger said. "Ah, so what if you’re Power Rangers from the future. You’re no match for us." Spider-Man said. "Tommy, we have to help these Time Force Power Rangers to destroy these zombies. I know it’s going to be hard, but you have to understand that our friends are already dead, and their bodies have been taken over by these flesh eating monsters." Ninjor said. "I know your right, Ninjor. The friends that we know are now gone. In order to save the world from a Zombie Apocalypse, we need to put these zombies down for good." The White Ranger said. "Remember everyone. We can’t let them bite us, or else we’ll become zombies like them." The Green Time Force Ranger told everyone. "I’m getting so hungry. Let’s eat these Time Force Power Rangers already." Adam said. "And along with eating Tommy and Ninjor too." Kat said. "Bring it on you freaks." The Quantum Ranger said. -------- So there you have it. Notes: -Both Tommy/White Ranger and the Zombie Power Rangers are powered by the Ninja Coins. -The Zombie Power Rangers are still suited up, but they don’t have their helmets on. -Zombie Spider-Man doesn’t have the Cosmic Powers. But he can use veins and arteries as webbing. -The Red Time Force Ranger can use the Battle Warrior Armor. -The Quantum Ranger can use the Quantum Mega Battle Armor. -Both Tommy/White Ranger and the Zombie Power Rangers can use the Metallic Armor. Who do you think will win?

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