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Trakeena: 1
Astronema: 3

Loki (Marvel Comics): 3
Sauron: 2

Sydney Bristow: 3
Mike Ehrmantraut: 1

Emperor Han: 4
Ozai: 3

D-Generation X: 1
The nWo: 5

Penguin: 1
Michigan J. Frog: 4

Arsene Lupin III: 2
Loid Forger: 1

Sydney Bristow: 4
Ava Faulkner: 2

Heracles: 0
Darth Bane: 3

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 4
Professor Pyg: 1

The Dominion: 1
Dominators: 3

Grinders: 4
Jem'Hadar: 3

Lucy (2014 film): 6
Leeloo: 0

Cad Bane: 6
Peter Pan: 2

Hawkman (Carter Hall): 2
Kharn the Betrayer: 1

Ren: 1
Galtar: 3

Blank: 4
Yugi Mutou: 3

Thane Krios: 1
Jonathan Joestar: 4

Rasslor: 1
Princess Celestia: 4

Spirit Iron-Knife: 4
Skin-walker: 0

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  1. Zombie Power Rangers: Part 22 -------- Previously: On the moon, the Terror Toad was losing to the Moon Rock Aliens. The frog-like monster teleported away, only to have the giant insects go with him. The Terror Toad and the bugs ended up in a village in Africa that was Tanya’s home. Once the Moon Rock Aliens had finished off the Terror Toad, they started attacking the villagers. Before Tanya could go to get some help, her mentor, Ashala gave her the shard of the Zeo Crystal to protect her. But then Ashala got killed by an alien. Saddened by the death of her mentor and angry at the aliens, the Zeo shard reacted to Tanya's emotions, and allowed her to become the Yellow Zeo Ranger. -------- Note: This takes place during the same time as the fight in Part 20. -------- Inside the Command Center, the Time Force Rangers and the Original Rangers (Tommy, Jason, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly) were looking into the Viewing Globe. They were watching the fight between G.I. Joe, the Zombies, and the Super Hero Taisen Army. The fight was going in the Taisen Army's favor as both G.I. Joe and the zombies were losing their numbers. While the army of Super Sentai teams, Kamen Riders, and Metal Heroes have not lost a single member. Just then the alarm for the Command Center went off. "Does that have to go off every time?! We know! Its doomsday!" Eric yelled. Alpha 5 went to the control panel. "Aye-yi-yi, something is happening in Africa!" This shocked everyone. “Please tell me, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Zeo shard that we need.” Wes said. “Afraid so. I’m getting a reading on a shard of the Zeo Crystal. I will put it on the Viewing Globe.” Alpha said. Once the image on the Viewing Globe changed, the Original Rangers and Time Force Rangers was shocked as they saw a Yellow Ranger was fighting five giant insects. However, the Yellow Ranger started to lose badly. “That’s a Zeo Ranger!” Lucas yelled. “That has to be Tanya.” Katie said. “But what are those things she is fighting? They look like giant bugs.” Zack said. “Oh, no! Those are Moon Spiders.” Jen said. “WHAT?!” The Original Power Rangers, Wes, and Eric yelled. “Oh, yea. You all wouldn’t know about them since this is 1995, and Wes & Eric are from 2001. In 2011, lost footage of the Apollo 18 mission got leaked onto the internet. Turns out, there are spiders living on the moon.” Trip said. “But wait, if those spiders are from the moon, then what are they doing in Africa?” Jason asked. “No idea. But what matters is Tanya is in danger. If she dies, we could lose the Zeo shard.” Lucas said. Jen looks at Zordon, “Zordon, I need you to teleport me and my team to Africa.” “We’ll go with you.” Tommy said. “No. Someone needs to go to the Park to get the Ohrangers' morphers.” Jen said. “Jen is right. If we’re going to create the Zeo Power Ranger, we’re going to need both the Zeo shard and the Ohrangers' morphers. Tommy, you and your team go to the Park to get the morphers, while the Time Force Power Rangers fight the Moon Spiders.” Zordon said. “Hey, what about us?” Rocky asked as he and the rest of the Zombie Rangers (Adam, Aisha, Billy, and Kat) were still trapped inside a force-field cage. “You just be good corpses, and don’t cause any problems while we’re away.” Eric said. The Zombie Power Rangers each let out a growl. “Let’s get going. Tanya needs our help.” Katie said. “Right.” Wes said. "Time For Time Force!" Wes, Jen, Trip, Katie, and Lucas yelled together. "Quantum Power!" Eric yelled. Soon the six future warriors morphed into their Ranger Forms. ***** The Yellow Zeo Ranger fell and rolled onto the ground. The Moon Rock Aliens moved towards Tanya to finish her off. But then the aliens stopped moving as the Time Force Power Rangers teleported in front of them. Tanya was shocked as she saw other people in suits similar to her’s. “Who are you?” The Yellow Zeo Ranger asked as she got back up on her two feet. “We’re the Time Force Power Rangers.” The Green Time Force Ranger said. “And we’re here to help you crush these spiders.” The Blue Time Force Ranger said. -------- So there you have it. Notes: -The Red Time Force Ranger can use the Battle Warrior Armor. -The Quantum Ranger can use the Quantum Mega Battle Armor. -This is Tanya as Zeo Ranger II Yellow. -This is Tanya's first time as a Power Ranger in this story. -There are five Moon Rock Aliens in the match. -The Moon Rock Aliens in this fight are the size of humans. -I will post videos of the Battle Warrior Armor and Quantum Mega Battle Armor under the Callisto Post. Who do you think will win?
  2. Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 22 Currently in the Ring: Eliminated Chloe Bourgeois Katie Ka-Boom (Toon Monster form) Red Claw (Adult sized, fighting skill) Tinker Bell (Flight, Pixie dust) Miss America Mercy Graves (Fighting skills) Anamaria (Weapons, fighting skills Elsa (Ice powers) Medusa Minerva Mink (Toon physics/tail) Roxy Rocket (Rocket pack) Chel Snow White (Control of birds) Cinderella (Control of birds) Phantom Lady Chell (Aperture Science Portal Device) Elsa (Ice powers) Ladybug Chell (Aperture Science Portal Device) Baby Doll (Tech) Carmen Sandiego Poison Ivy (plant manipulation) Wednesday Addams Entrapta (prehensile hair, tech) Ruby Rose (none) Cassie Cage (none) Tracer (none) Trini Kwan (none) *THE FOLLOWING BROADCAST IS BEING PRESENTED BY THE TRANSDIMENSIONAL COMBAT COMMISSION. ALL COMBATANTS MUST AGREE TO FOLLOW TCC GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES. SAFETY OF ATENDEES IS NOT GUARANTEED.* Andel Sanap: Al, we are in the home stretch! We’ve got multiple brawls, Phantom Lady and Miss America have gotten their ice powers from eliminating Elsa, and Ladybug has gotten a new skirt and toy gimmicks from eliminating Baby Doll. Al Rossi: And through this entire match, Andel, two women have been in it since the beginning! Medusa and Carmen Sandiego are now both pushing 50 minutes in the Battlesphere, and from the looks of things they’ve realized that, too! Andel Sanap: Medusa flies in with her rocket pack and unleashes her hair! Miss Sandiego responds with her Ivy vines! Who will eliminate and outlast the other?! OK: Medusa (Minerva’s Toon physics and tail) (Roxy’s rocket pack) (Half strength) VS Carmen Sandiego (Poison Ivy’s plant manipulation) (Half strength) Also currently in the ring: Chloe Bourgeois, Miss America, Chel, Phantom Lady, Ladybug, Wednesday Addams, Ruby Rose, Cassie Cage, Tracer, and Trini Kwan. The winning combatant(s) will be given the powers/abilities of the competitor(s) that they eliminate. Check out my other match ups to see how the rest of the match is going. * Any questions, feel free to ask them. Game On! *Due to the number of matches going on at once, the set-ups will be shorter.

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