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Trakeena: 1
Astronema: 3

Loki (Marvel Comics): 3
Sauron: 2

Sydney Bristow: 3
Mike Ehrmantraut: 1

Emperor Han: 4
Ozai: 3

D-Generation X: 1
The nWo: 5

Penguin: 1
Michigan J. Frog: 4

Arsene Lupin III: 2
Loid Forger: 1

Sydney Bristow: 4
Ava Faulkner: 2

Heracles: 0
Darth Bane: 3

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 4
Professor Pyg: 1

The Dominion: 1
Dominators: 3

Grinders: 4
Jem'Hadar: 3

Lucy (2014 film): 6
Leeloo: 0

Cad Bane: 6
Peter Pan: 2

Hawkman (Carter Hall): 2
Kharn the Betrayer: 1

Ren: 1
Galtar: 3

Blank: 4
Yugi Mutou: 3

Thane Krios: 1
Jonathan Joestar: 4

Rasslor: 1
Princess Celestia: 4

Spirit Iron-Knife: 4
Skin-walker: 0

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  1. Rasslor vs The CBUB: Part 3 -------- “Oh, man. Things are not looking good for the 1987 Turtles.” Spike the Dragon said. “Even with it being four against one, they’re still no match for the might of Rasslor.” Probodor said. Rasslor held Leonardo up in the air with just one finger, and used his other hand to spin the turtle around. “Leonardo, No!” April O'Neil cried out in horror. “Hey, everyone. It’s Gamera.” Rasslor said as Leonardo was still being spun around. But no one laughed at this; not even Gamera himself. “Hmm.... Tough Crowd.” Rasslor said as he threw Leonardo away. Leonardo landed on Donatello’s back. Donatello was on top of Michelangelo. Michelangelo was on top of Raphael. The four turtles were badly hurt, as each one of them were seeing slices of pizza spinning around their head. “My Sons!” Master Splinter yelled. Rasslor put his foot on Leonardo’s back. “And like pizza, they’re done.” The alien wrestler said. “Another win for the champ.” Probodor said. “Yes! The turtles have been beaten!” The 1987 Shredder cheered. “Shredder, you moron! With the turtles defeated, we’re still trapped in the Shipodrome!” Krang yelled. “Please, Krang. Just let me have this for once.” Shredder said. Groundskeeper Willie came into the ring and used a broom to push the four turtles off the stage. “Ok, enough with the warm-ups already. Someone give me a challenge.” Rasslor said. “You want a challenge? I’ll give you one.” Rey said as she entered the wrestling ring. “Next up is Rey from the Star Wars sequel trilogy.” Spike said. “BOO!!!” The Star Wars Fanatics were booing at Rey, who was doing her very best to ignore them. “I guess the Fanatics don’t like the sequel trilogy.” Spike said. “Who does?” Probodor asked. “Alright, Rasslor. You may have made it this far, but now you’re facing the most powerful Jedi in the Star Wars franchise.” Rey said. “But I’m right here.” Luke Skywalker said. Rey tries her best to not get angry. “So, you want to be my next opponent? So be it. But tell me this little missy. Do you have what it takes to beat The Great Rasslor?” Rasslor said to Rey. “Oh, believe me.” Rey said as she pulls out and turns on her Lightsaber. “I do.” -------- So, there you have it. Part 3 of the Rasslor arc. I hope you all like the match. Will Rasslor win once again, or will Rey be the one to end his arc?
  2. Power Rangers vs Alien: Part 3 -------- Previously: After the Megarangers were defeated, the Space Power Rangers had made it to LV-426. The five Rangers and Alpha had found out that the distress call was coming from an unknown spaceship. They tried to make contact with the pilot, but there was no reply. So the next best thing for the Rangers to do is go inside the alien ship. -------- Inside the bridge of the Astro Megaship, Alpha 6 was walking back and forth. Just about an hour ago, the robot had finished up the repairs to the vessel. However, Alpha was getting worried about his friends. “Aye-yi-yi! I don’t like this, D.E.C.A.! The Rangers should have been back by now!” Alpha yelled to the on-board computer of the Astro Megaship. “Perhaps, they are trying to get the alien ship working again for the pilot.” D.E.C.A. said. “Maybe so, but we should have heard something from them. I tell you D.E.C.A., I don’t like this moon. Even with the storm having died down and the fog lifted up, this place gives me the creeps.” Alpha said. “Alpha, my scanners are picking up the Rangers. They are heading back towards the ship. But there are only four Rangers, and there are unknown life forms with them.” D.E.C.A. said. “WHAT?!” Alpha yelled. The robot looked at the big screen, and was shocked by what he saw; There was only the Red, Black, Blue, and Yellow Rangers. They were running from a swarm of spider-like creatures that were right behind them. However, for some reason, T.J. and Ashley were carrying Carlos. “(Alpha! Do you read me!)” The Red Ranger yelled through his communicator. “Yes, Andros, and I can see you too. What are those things?” Alpha asked. “(I have no idea! Alpha, I need you to fire the cannons!)” The Red Ranger yelled. "Right away." Alpha said as he hit some buttons. After the Astro Megaship fired its cannons, there were huge explosions behind the Space Power Rangers. All the spider creatures were killed as they were either burned alive or just vaporized. “(Good work, Alpha! Now we need you in the medical room. Carlos needs help.)” The Red Ranger said. ****** Later, the Space Power Rangers entered the room with Alpha already there. The robot could see there was a big hole in front of the Black Ranger’s helmet. The Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger put the Black Ranger on a medical bed. Andros, T.J., and Ashley then took off their helmets, followed by the Red Ranger removing Carlos’ helmet. Alpha was stunned as he saw one of those spider creatures were on Carlos' face with its tail wrapped around the teen’s neck. “Aye-yi-yi! What happened out there?! Where’s Cassie?! Did you find the pilot?!” Alpha yelled. “Oh, yea. We found the pilot alright. But turns out, we were thousands of years too late.” T.J. said. “The guy was nothing more then a fossil with a weird hole in his chest.” Ashley said. “Weird Hole?” Alpha asked. “The way the hole looked, it was like the guy had a bomb the inside his body.” T.J. said. “Then we found a hole in the floor, and discovered there was a deck below us. We went down there, and saw that the platform was full of eggs. When we were checking out a few of the eggs, they opened up with those things jumping out at us.” Andros said. “No matter how many we took out, more and more of them would come out of the eggs to attack us.” Ashley said. “And to make matters worst, they had acid for blood. We had to be carful how we killed them.” T.J. said. “Then that thing got on Carlos, ate through his helmet, and got on his face.” T.J. said. “We were getting overwhelmed, and with the state Carlos was in, we had no choice but to retreat.” Andros said. “Then when we got out of the ship, we noticed Cassie wasn’t with us. Somehow she got separated from us.” Ashley said. T.J. slammed his fist against the wall. “We should have gone back in there to look for her! But with those things hot on our tail, we couldn’t do that!” Ashley put her hand on T.J.’s shoulder to comfort him. “Alpha, we need to know what that creature is doing to Carlos.” Andros said. Alpha got out a device and used it to scan Carlos and the creature. “From what I’m reading, the creature is feeding oxygen to Carlos. But it could be doing something else.” “Is there a way to remove it?” Andros asked. “If we removed the creature, there is a chance we could kill Carlos. Even if we wanted too, we can’t cut off the creature because of the acid blood. I’m sorry Rangers, but I’m at a loss.” Alpha said. “So, for all we know, we could lose Carlos?” Ashley asked as she was sad about her friend. “We’re not going to loose anyone. Alpha, try to find out if the creature has any weakness we could use to force it off Carlos. The rest of us are going back out there to rescue Cassie.” Andros said. “That won’t be necessary. My scanners are picking up the Pink Ranger. She is heading towards the Astro Megaship.” D.E.C.A. said. The three teenagers and robot were filled with joy as they heard the news. “Cassie is Alive!” Ashley yelled happily. “She may need some help. Let’s go outside to meet her.” T.J. said. Andros looked at the robot. “Alpha, stay in the medical room incase Cassie does have injures.” “Right.” Alpha said. Andros, T.J., and Ashley put their helmets back on, and made their way to go outside. ****** When the three Power Rangers got outside, their happiness for their friend turned into horror. “Ca... Cassie?” The Yellow Ranger said in fear. Standing before the heroes was Cassie. But her whole body was deformed. While Cassie was still in her Pink Ranger Suit, she didn’t have on her helmet. Even though there is no atmosphere on the moon, Cassie was somehow still breathing. Cassie was no longer human. She had became something else. “You... Did this to me! You... Left me to die!” Cassie yelled. The Space Rangers were not just stunned by Cassie's appearance, but by the anger in her voice as well. “Cassie hold on! We didn’t know you had gotten separated from us! We wanted to go back for you, but...” The Blue Ranger tried to reason with his friend. “Liar!!!” Cassie yelled. “Cassie, calm down! We’re still your friends! Let us find a way to help you!” The Red Ranger yelled. “You... Want to help me? Then... Let me kill you!” Cassie yelled as she ran to attack the three Power Rangers. -------- So there you have it. As you may have guessed it, Cassie has been infected by the black liquid from Prometheus. I will post a video of what the black liquid did to Fifield, under the Callisto Post. So its Andros, T.J., and Ashley vs Cassie. The four of them are in their Space Ranger Suits. Carlos isn’t in this fight as he has a Facehugger on him. Who will win here?
  3. Tommy’s Awesomeness vs The CBUB - Part 3 --------- Down at the arena, it was an one-sided fight as Tommy Oliver as the Black Dino Ranger in Super Dino Mode was beating up the version of Goku from Dragon Ball Evolution. The Black Dino Ranger was throwing punches and kicks against Goku. The Power Ranger was even using his spikes/fins to cut allover Goku’s body. The Wannabe Goku tried to fight back, but he couldn’t lay a finger on the Black Dino Ranger. Goku tried a number of times to use a Kamehameha against the Black Dino Ranger, but every time he used that attack, the Power Ranger always dodged it. "How can I be losing to a Power Ranger?! I am a character from the Dragon Ball franchise! How can this be happening?!" The Beaten Up Goku yelled. "You what to know why? Because you and your movie are the most lameness things that ever happened to the Dragon Ball franchise. Now you washed-out version of Goku, I’m going to do all DBZ Fans a favor by putting you out of your misery. Get ready for a Knuckle Sandwich with an extra helping of Awesomeness." The Black Dino Ranger said as he jumped at Goku. "Oh Shi....." Goku tried to say as the Black Dino Ranger punched him right through his head. Ending the Lame Goku’s life. As the Black Dino Ranger removed his hand out of the Dead Goku’s head, the corpse hit the floor. The audience was cheering as the Black Dino Ranger won the match. "Once again, Tommy wins a match!" Venom 2009 yelled. After the Black Dino Ranger kicked the Dead Goku off the arena, he powered down his Ranger Form, and was back as Tommy. "Man, and I thought that beating Edward Cullen was very easy. That was hardly a fight." "Now that Tommy won another match, who will his next opponent be?" Spike asked. "I think I know who it is! Look down there!" Venom yelled. Even Tommy was shocked as walking onto the arena was the Runner Alien. "Is that a Xenomorph?!" Spike asked. "Not just any Xenomorph. It’s the Xenomorph from Alien 3." Venom said. Some of the audience were cheering for the Runner Alien as most of them were Alien Fans. But others didn’t what to boo at the Runner Alien in fear that the Xenomorph would kill them if they did. "Well it’s about time that I fight a real opponent. I hope you’re more of a challenge then the last two." Tommy said. Then Runner Alien was talking to Tommy, but no one could understand the Alien. "What did he say?" Spike asked. "He said to Tommy that ‘I’m going to rip out your skull and use it to drink your blood’." Venom said. "You understand that!" Spike yelled. "Since you’re an acid blood monster, I better use these." Tommy said as he got out his Power Morpher with the White Falcon Power Coin in it. "Its Morphin Time! White Ranger Power!" Soon Tommy morphed into the White Ranger. "Next up, Metallic Armor Power Up!" Then the White Ranger was covered up by the Metallic Armor. "Tommy is starting off as the White Ranger again along with using Metallic Armor as well." Venom said. "Get ready Xenomorph because I’m going to crush you like the bug that you are." The Metallic Armor White Ranger said. The Runner Alien just roared at the White Ranger. "Lets get the next match started." Venom said. Then the bell rings to start the third fight. ---------- So there you have it. Notes: -Tommy/White Ranger is powered by the White Falcon Power Coin. -Tommy/White Ranger has on the Metallic Armor. Here is information on the Metallic Armor: http://powerrangers.wikia.com/wiki/Metallic_Armor -I will post two videos of the Metallic Armor under the Callisto Post. Who do you think will win?
  4. Zombie Power Rangers: Part 3 -------- Previously: While the White Ranger and Ninjor were fighting the Zombie Spider-Man and Zombie Goldar, the rest of the Power Rangers had destroyed all of the Zombie Tenga Warriors. However, during the fight, the zombie birds were able to bite through the Power Rangers’ suits, and infect them with the zombie virus. Soon Adam, Aisha, Billy, Kat, and Rocky became the Zombie Power Rangers. It looked bad for the White Ranger and Ninjor as they were out numbered by the zombies, until the Time Force Power Rangers showed up and saved them. The Future Power Rangers had come to the past to stop the zombies from starting a Zombie Apocalypse that would destroy their future. Knowing the stakes, the White Ranger and Ninjor teamed up with the Time Force Power Rangers, and together the heroes engaged the zombies in a second battle. -------- At Angel Grove Park, the Time Force Power Rangers, the White Ranger, and Ninjor were having trouble fighting the zombies. Every time the heroes would knock down a zombie, that zombie would immediately get back up. But then the Red Time Force Ranger used the Battle Warrior Armor, the Quantum Ranger used the Quantum Mega Battle Armor, and the White Ranger used the Metallic Armor to help them fight the zombies. With the Three Powered-Up Rangers, the heroes were winning against the zombies, until the Zombie Power Rangers also used the Metallic Armor, turning the tables on the battle again. Soon all the heroes regrouped. "It’s no good. Every time we knock them down, they just get back up again." Ninjor said. "Face it you chumps, you’re no match for us." Spider-Man said as he and the rest of the zombies got together as well. "Yea, you’re good as dinner." Rocky said. "That’s what you corpses think." The Quantum Ranger said as he held the Quantum Morpher near his mouth. "Q-Rex Arrives!" Soon a giant portal opened up and stepping out of it was the Q-Rex in it’s Dinosaur Mode. This shocked the zombies as well as the White Ranger and Ninjor. "Those Time Force Power Rangers also have a Zord!" Goldar yelled. "Q-Rex Attack!" The Quantum Ranger yelled. The Q-Rex opened its mouth and fires a laser down at the zombies. However, the zombies jumped out of the way, which made the laser miss them and explode against the ground. But the aftershock from the attack blew the zombies away and knocked them down to the ground. "Not so tough now." The Yellow Time Force Ranger said. "Grrr... These Time Force Power Rangers are getting too hard to eat." Goldar said as he and Spider-Man got back up. Goldar looked at Spider-Man and said to him, "How about we go somewhere else to eat." "Good idea." Spider-Man said. Goldar put his hand on Spider-Man’s shoulder and the two zombies teleported away. "NO! Come Back!" The White Ranger yelled. "They got away." Ninjor said. "Cowards." Kat said. "Looks like your friends abandoned you all." The Blue Time Force Ranger said to the Zombie Power Rangers. As the Zombie Power Rangers got back up, they powered down their Metallic Armor. "We don’t need those losers to help us win." Aisha said. "Yea, especially since we got our own Zords." Billy said. "We need Shogunzord Power now!" Rocky yelled. As the Red Shogunzord, Black Shogunzord, Blue Shogunzord, Yellow Shogunzord, and White Shogunzord appeared in the park, the Zombie Power Rangers each jumped inside their Zord. "Ok, that’s bad." The Green Time Force Ranger said. "Shogun Megazord Power Now!" Rocky yelled. Soon the five Shogunzords combined into the Shogun Megazord. "Lets make it worst for those Time Force Power Rangers." Billy said as he used the Falconzord-Remote to control the Ninjazords. As soon as the Falconzord, Bear Ninjazord, Crane Ninjazord, Wolf Ninjazord, Frog Ninjazord, and Ninjazord Ape arrived in the park, they combined into the Ninja MegaFalconzord. "And to make it even more worst, we need Titanus." Rocky said. Soon Titanus arrived in the park as well. The three Mighty Morphin Zords stood next to each other, and were facing the Q-Rex. The Time Force Power Rangers along with the White Ranger and Ninjor were shocked by this. ***** At the Command Center, Zordon and Alpha had been watching the events on the Viewing Globe. It hurt both Zordon and Alpha to see what has happened to their friends, but they also knew that these zombies needed to be stopped. "Alpha, we need to shutdown our Zords." Zordon said. "Yes, Zordon." Alpha said as he went to the controls. As Alpha tried to shutdown the Zombie Power Rangers’ Zords, nothing was happening. "Oh No! For some reason the Zords can’t be shutdown!" "Then let’s try to teleport the zombies out of the Shogun Megazord." Zordon said. "Right." Alpha said as he worked on the controls. But... "I can’t do that either! It’s like something is blocking us!" ***** "I have entered a code in all the Zords’ system that stops the Command Center and Tommy from taking over the Zords. Also, I have entered another code in the Shogun Megazord’s system that blocks Zordon and Alpha from teleporting us out." Billy said. "Now nothing can stop us." Aisha said. "Let’s crush that lizard." Adam said. As the three Mighty Morphin Zords were about to attack the Q-Rex, the Pink Time Force Ranger yelled, "Circuit! We need the Zords!" Setting on a tree branch was the blue mechanical owl, Circuit. "There on their way." Circuit said. Soon another portal opened up in the sky, and coming out of it were the Time Flyers and the Shadow Winger. The Red Time Force Ranger powered down his Battle Warrior Armor, and he along with the Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink Time Force Ranger each jumped inside their Time Flyer. "Time Force Megazord: Mode Red!" The Red Time Force Ranger yelled. Soon the Time Flyers combined into the Time Force Megazord: Mode Red. Then the Shadow Winger transformed into the Time Shadow Megazord. The Time Force Megazord and Time Shadow Megazord got together with the Q-Rex, and the three Time Forces Zords were ready to fight the Shogun Megazord, Ninja MegaFalconzord, and Titanus. "Wow, those are some awesome Zords!" The White Ranger yelled. The Quantum Ranger looks at the White Ranger and Ninjor, and tells them, "We can handle things from here. You two need to go and find those two other zombies." "Your right, we need to find Goldar and Spider-Man." The White Ranger said. Then he looked at Ninjor, "Let’s head back to the Command Center. Hopefully Zordon and Alpha can find them for us." "Right." Ninjor said as he and the White Ranger teleported back to the Command Center. "So those Time Force Power Rangers got more Zords." Kat said. "Lets break them." Adam said. -------- So there you have it. Who do you think will win?

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