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Commando Droids vs. Imperial DeathTroopers
Commando Droids: 5
Imperial Death Troopers: 1

Read more about Commando Droids vs. Imperial DeathTroopers (Still working on it...)
Raditz vs. Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
Raditz: 0
Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.: 3

Read more about Raditz vs. Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (Still working on it...)
Corvo Attano vs. The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)
Corvo Attano: 2
The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers): 3

Read more about Corvo Attano vs. The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers) (Still working on it...)
Lothar vs. The Enforcers (Jackie Chan Adventures)
Lothar: 4
The Enforcers (Jackie Chan Adventures): 0

Read more about Lothar vs. The Enforcers (Jackie Chan Adventures) (Still working on it...)

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  1. Battlesphere 2 Part 7 Currently in the Ring: Eliminated: Chloe Bourgeois John Spartan (Strength/skill/pistol) John Wick (Strength/skill/pistol) Kylo Ren Michael Jordan (Strength/skill) Chucky Kitana (Powers/weapons) Bride of Frankenstein Miss America (Powers) Bella Swan Miss America (Powers) Carmen Sandiego None Gooey Gus None Lola Bunny None Phantom Lady None Xena None Sweet None Moonwalker None Michigan J. Frog None *THE FOLLOWING BROADCAST IS BEING PRESENTED BY THE TRANSDIMENSIONAL COMBAT COMMISSION. ALL COMBATANTS MUST AGREE TO FOLLOW TCC GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES. SAFETY OF ATENDEES IS NOT GUARANTEED.* Andel Sanap: A blast of fire shoots from Sweet’s fingertips and Moonwalker anti-gravity leans out of the way! Al Rossi: Jumps into a kick that catches Sweet right in the face! Lola and Carmen are going at it in the corner, Phantom Lady gives another projector blast to an even madder Gus, and Look out! Chloe’s trying to get Xena over the ropes! Andel Sanap: But it seems that Kylo and Chucky have caught the eyes of our monstrous brides! Bella and the Bride have been using Miss America’s flight to hover above the ring, but here they come! Crowd: 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BZZZZZ P.A.: Arriba! Andale! Eppa eppa YEEHA! Al Rossi: The fastest mouse in all of Mexico! Speedy Gonzales is here! He tears around the ring, hopping onto the ring ropes! Andel Sanap: He breezes past Mr. Frog, who looks annoyed that his dance routine on the middle rope was interrupted. He goes back into his routine, but look out for Moonwalker! Al Rossi: Goes into a spin that kicks the legs out from Sweet and sends Moonwalker flying towards the ropes! Spinning backfist clobbers Michigan and that frog is history! Andel Sanap: Already the Battlesphere is starting to give Moonwalker his earned upgrades. Toon power mixed with the considerable magics that Moonwalker possesses? A dangerous combination! Al Rossi: Speaking of dangerous combos, look at Bella and the Bride! They cornered Speedy at the turnbuckle! Looks like there’s a disagreement over who should eliminate the Toon and get his powers! Andel Sanap: But Kylo and Chucky are right there, as well! Chucky brandishes his Kitana fans and you can see the look of determination on the face of the Knight of Ren! Crowd: 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BZZZZZ P.A.: Let’s rock and roll! Al Rossi: And another new combatant! At #20 it’s Fox McCloud! He sees Speedy surrounded by some unpleasant company! Whips out his blaster and fires! Andel Sanap: Kylo blocks with his lightsaber, Chucky leaps for Speedy who darts away! Chucky slams into the Bride and Bella lunges for Kylo! Al Rossi: Two thirds of the way through the field of 30, and this battle royal has no signs of slowing down! OK: Kylo Ren (Michael Jordan’s strength/skill) and Chucky (Kitana’s weapons/powers) vs The Bride (Miss America’s powers) and Bella Swan (Miss America’s powers) vs Speedy Gonzales and Fox McCloud All are at full strength and also possess their normal weapons and powers. Also currently in the ring: Chloe Boureois (John Wick and John Spartan’s abilities and weapons), Carmen Sandiego, Gooey Gus, Lola Bunny, Phantom Lady, Xena, Sweet, and Moonwalker. The combatant with the most votes gets the powers/abilities/weapons of the combatant with the least votes. Ties for most votes means the two teams share the bonus powers. Ties for least votes means both teams are eliminated, and all their powers go to the winners. A team who finishes 2nd in the voting takes damage, but stays in the Battlesphere. Check out the other Rumbles to see how the rest of the match is going. Any questions feel free to ask them. Game On!
  2. The Unforeseen Simulation Joint: Part 7 -------- Summary: The mystery-being known as Cloud X9 has trapped all the CBUB Characters inside the Unforeseen Simulation Joint. The only way the CBUB Characters can get out is for them to fight each other to the death. There can only be one winner that will be allowed to get out of the dome. With no other choice, the CBUB Characters get into one massive battle. -------- Edward Cullen couldn’t believe it as all seven members of his family were killed by the Reapers. The vampire-eaters themselves didn’t lose a single member. Now alone, Edward was facing the 20 Reapers. “Come on guys. Let’s talk about this.” Edward said as he was backing away. The Reapers were about to attack, until suddenly they got scared, and ran off. Edward was confused at first, but then he smiled to himself. “O yeah, you all realize that you’re no match for Edward Cullen.” He spoke. Edward noticed a shadow over him, and looked up to see a giant metal yellow foot up above him. "Oh, crap!" Edward yelled before he got crushed to death by the foot of the Turbo Megazord. Inside the cockpit of the Turbo Megazord were the Red Ranger (Tommy), Green Ranger (Adam), Blue Ranger (Justin), Yellow Ranger (Tanya), and Pink Ranger (Katherine). “If we can kill everyone in the dome, X9 will have to let us live, since the five of us are part of the Turbo Megazord.” The Red Ranger said to his teammates. Yeah, when the CBUB Members create profiles of giant robots and vehicles for the database, the machines would come with their own crew to pilot them. “Guys, we got company.” The Green Ranger said. Just then appearing in front of the Turbo Megazord is another giant robot that is being piloted by 15 people. “Ok, you Power Rangers. Get ready to face the might of Voltron.” Jeff said through the speakers of the robot. The Turbo Power Rangers were confused when they heard the name of the robot. “That’s not Voltron. He’s made up of five robot lions.” The Yellow Ranger said through the speakers of the Turbo Megazord. “Grrr.... This is the Vehicle Voltron.” Krik said. “Oh... THAT Voltron.” The Pink Ranger said as she and her team were not impressed. “Hey now, our Voltron may not be as rememberable as the lion one, but he is very powerful.” Cliff said. “Besides, Power Rangers Turbo wasn’t that good of a show.” Wolo said. That made the Power Rangers very angry. “Oh yeah, well we’re going to send that imitation of Voltron back to the junkyard!” The Blue Ranger yelled. “Yeah - right, lion or vehicle, Power Rangers cannot beat a Voltron.” Lisa said. -------- So, here is the next part to my arc. While there are other characters fighting each other in the dome, this match will focus on the Turbo Megazord and Vehicle Voltron. Think of the other fights as obstacles for the giant robots. I hope everyone will enjoy this match. Who will win between these two machines?
  3. Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 7 Currently in the Ring: Eliminated Medusa Minerva Mink (Toon physics/tail) Poison Ivy Daenerys Targaryen (Control of dragons) Carmen Sandiego (none) Katie Ka-Boom (none) Tasha Yar (none) Anamaria (none) Mercy Graves (none) Harley Quinn (none) Wednesday Addams (none) Entrapta (none) Chloe Bourgeois (none) *THE FOLLOWING BROADCAST IS BEING PRESENTED BY THE TRANSDIMENSIONAL COMBAT COMMISSION. ALL COMBATANTS MUST AGREE TO FOLLOW TCC GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES. SAFETY OF ATENDEES IS NOT GUARANTEED.* Andel Sanap: Miss Ka-Boom fires lasers from her eyes at Miss Bourgeois and Entrapta. The rest of Entrapta’s drones continue their assault. Al Rossi: Chloe springs off the ropes into the air! She has the Venom sting ready! She strikes! A howl from Katie, but it was ineffective! Is it Toon physics kicking in? Is Katie too angry for the Miraculous to work? Andel Sanap: A final scream from Miss Ka-Boom! Duck and cover! KABOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Al Rossi: Good grief! The force of that blew all the competitors into the ropes! Unbelievable no one got eliminated! Katie is staggering around delirious in human form! Here comes Chloe to force her to the ropes! Crowd: 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BZZZZZ P.A.: Sonya Blade! Reporting for duty! Andel Sanap: Just as the crowd reached 4, Miss Bourgeois was able to lift Miss Ka-Boom up and over the ropes! Now she’s standing in the ring laughing at Miss Ka-Boom as the sphere gives the power up. Al Rossi: Meanwhile, Sonya has beamed into the Battlesphere, surveying the damage caused by Katie’s explosion. Poison Ivy seems to be the first up! She gestures to her dragons! Andel Sanap: General Blade is ready for them! A blast from her gauntlets causes the dragons to veer off! Al Rossi: So now here comes Ivy to get her hands dirty! She charges in and Sonya meets her with a punch to the jaw! Another to the midsection! Andel Sanap: Poison Ivy is reeling! General Blade is possibly the most experienced fighter in the Battlesphere. Al Rossi: Goes to the handstand! Grabs Ivy with the legs and PLANTS her head first into the canvas! Andel Sanap: You’ve been waiting to say that, haven’t you? Al Rossi: Yeah. All night. Whoa! Ivy just blew a cloud of dust into Sonya’s face! Andel Sanap: Not dust, Al. Spores! General Blade is blinded! Al Rossi: Now it’s Ivy’s turn to get some shots in, as the other competitors have started to rise to their feet! Crowd: 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BZZZZZ P.A.: Yes! YES! YES!!!! Al Rossi: The ultimate thrill seeker! Here come’s Roxy Rocket! Also, in the Battlesphere, Chloe is looking a little green around the gills. Andel Sanap: Yes, Al. She’s acquired some of Miss Ka-Boom’s monstrous attributes, along with her powers! But Miss Rocket pays her no mind as she goes straight to Poison Ivy! Al Rossi: A flurry of thorns flies towards Roxy and Whoa! Roxy has taken to the air! Roxy has a rocket pack! She might not fit her favorite rocket, but she can still fly! Andel Sanap: Clearly Miss Rocket hasn’t forgotten Poison Ivy mocking her in their interview. She pulls out her pistol and opens fire! And here comes General Blade for another attack! OK: Poison Ivy (Almost at full strength; her powers plus control of Daenerys’ dragons), Sonya Blade (Full strength), Roxy Rocket (Full strength; rocket pack, laser pistol) Also currently in the ring: Medusa, Chloe Bourgeois, Carmen Sandiego, Anamaria, Mercy Graves, Tasha Yar, Harley Quinn, Wednesday Addams, and Entrapta. Whoever gets the least votes gets eliminated (If there’s a tie, both get eliminated). Whoever gets the most votes gets that woman’s powers/abilities (If there’s a tie, both get powers of the eliminated). If there are no ties the odd woman out simply takes damage, and will need to compete in the next round of the battle royal. Check out my other match ups to see how the rest of the match is going. Any questions, feel free to ask them. Game On!
  4. Zombie Power Rangers: Part 7 -------- Previously: OhRed tried to use the Giant Roller to destroy both the Time Force Power Rangers and Zombie Power Rangers. While the Red Time Force Ranger and Quantum Ranger were able to hold back the giant wheel, the zombies used the Power Blaster to send the tire back at the Ohrangers. Being hit by their own weapon, the Ohrangers were too hurt and weak to fight anymore. Before the Zombie Rangers could attack the Time Force Rangers, the future warriors were teleported away by Zordon. However, the Zombie Power Rangers were able to get a victory meal out of the Ohrangers. Meanwhile in the city, the number of zombies had died down 50 to 3. The White Ranger and Ninjor were winning against Spider-Man and Goldar, while Frankenstein had crushed Bulk’s head, only for the zombie’s blood to get into his mouth, nose, and eyes. Before Tommy could finish off Goldar and Spider-Man, he got attacked by the Zombie Frankenstein that knocked the Sword of Power out of his hand. Spider-Man grabbed the sword before he and Goldar teleported away, leaving the White Ranger and Ninjor to fight Frankenstein. -------- Note: This takes place during Tommy’s and Ninjor’s fight with Frankenstein in Part 6. -------- Inside the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and Master Vile were not happy as they saw what happened to the Frankenstein Monster. “I can’t believe that fool got himself infected!” Lord Zedd yelled. “Great idea. Bring back a monster with anger issues that was beaten before by teenagers to become a zombie.” Master Vile said sarcastically. “Shut Up, Father! At least Frankenstein was the closest monster to ever beat the Power Rangers, unlike any of your creations.” Rita yelled at Master Vile. “What did you say to me?!” Master Vile yelled back at his daughter. Before Rita could yell at her father some more, Spider-Man and Goldar teleported inside the room. “Hey, honey, what’s for dinner?” Goldar said. “Goldar!” Lord Zedd yelled, mixed with shock and anger, while Rita, and Master Vile were just shocked. “So Goldar, this is your old place. I have to say this place could use a plant.” Spider-Man told him. “YOU!” Rita pointed at Spider-Man. “You’re the reason why my brother is dead!” “Uh,... Brother?” Spider-Man asked. “She’s talking about Rito. The skeleton guy that got eaten by the Tenga Warriors.” Goldar told him. “Really? I don’t see the resemblance.” Spider-Man said. "Goldar, stand down or you’ll be destroyed!" Lord Zedd yelled. “Like you haven’t already tried to kill me with that Frankenstein Monster. Sorry, Zedd, but I no longer work for you. I’m now a free man.” Goldar told his ex-master. “Well I see becoming a zombie gave you a backbone, but less of a brain.” Rita said to Goldar. “Do you zombies think you’ve got a chance against us?” Master Vile asked. “With this, yes.” Goldar said as Spider-Man handed him the Sword of Power. “Ah, yes. The Sword of Power. Image my surprise when I saw Tommy using it against you walking corpses. Soon that weapon will be mine once again.” Lord Zedd said. “Is it just me, or are you three so stupid that you can’t see you’re going to be eaten?” Goldar asked. “Maybe we would be worried if we didn’t have a backup plan in case the Frankenstein Monster failed us. But luckily we do.” Master Vile said. “Putties!” Rita yelled. Soon nine Putties ran into the room and stood in front of Lord Zedd, Rita, and Master Vile. “Uh, did we get into Gumby’s family reunion or something?” Spider-Man asked. Goldar started to laugh. “Putties! That’s your backup plan?! Heck, these are just regular Putties, weaker then the Z-Ones that get taken out in one punch.” “Who said it was just Putties?” Said Twin Man as he and Commander Crayfish walked into the room, and stood next to the Putties. “A giant lobster and the Tin Woodman from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz?” Spider-Man asked. Then it hit Goldar. “No, it can’t be!” “Let’s show them what they’re up against.” Twin Man said as he used his powers turn himself and four Putties into the Evil Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. “You’re up next, my fellow Mutants.” Commander Crayfish said to the rest of the Putties as they each pulled out a Badge of Darkness, and the five clay humanoids morphed into the Mutant Power Rangers. Standing before the zombies were Two Black Rangers, Two Pink Rangers, Two Blue Rangers, Two Yellow Rangers, One Red Ranger, and One Green Ranger. “Ok, so can anyone become a Power Ranger in this universe?” Spider-Man asked. “As you can see, we came prepared.” Master Vile said. “So you recreated the Evil Power Rangers and Mutant Power Rangers. Big deal. We can handle the real Power Rangers. These fakes will be no problem. Especially with one team having a seafood platter instead of a Red Ranger.” Goldar said. “What was that?!” Commander Crayfish yelled angry. “We’ll see about that, won’t we, Goldar.” Rita said. “Evil Power Rangers! Mutant Power Rangers! Destroy These Zombies!” Lord Zedd ordered them. “As you command.” Twin Man/Evil Red Ranger said. “With pleasure. We'll send them to a watery grave.” Commander Crayfish said. “Bring It! It’s been a long time since I ate something from Red Lobster.” Spider-Man said. -------- So there you have it. It's Zombie Spider-Man and Zombie Goldar vs the Evil Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Mutant Power Rangers. Notes: -Zombie Spider-Man doesn't have the Cosmic Powers. But he can use veins and arteries as webbing. -Zombie Goldar is using the Sword of Power. Here is information on the Sword of Power: https://powerrangers.fandom.com/wiki/Sword_of_Power -I will post videos of the Evil Power Rangers, Mutant Power Rangers, and the Sword of Power under the Callisto Post. Who do you think will win?
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