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  1. Power Rangers vs Alien: Part 6 -------- Previously: After the Astro Megazord defeated the Space Jockey Alien and destroyed the Derelict, the Space Power Rangers left LV-426. However, Carlos found himself in a world of pain as a Chestburster came out of him. But luckily Alpha 6 was able to use the Repair Healer to save Carlos’ life. The Rangers tried to use D.E.C.A. to find the Chestburster, but her mainframe was damaged in the fight with the Space Jockey Alien. So, the Power Rangers had no choice, but to search out the Astro Megaship to find the Chestburster. Unknown to them, the Chestburster has already grown into a full adult Xenomorph. -------- Inside the passage of the Astro Megaship, the Yellow Ranger was pinned down on the floor as the Alien was on top of her. The Xenomorph was going to use its inner jaws to break through the Ranger’s to kill the teen. That is, until the Red Ranger came flying through the air, and kicked the monster off the Yellow Ranger. The Blue, Pink, and Black Rangers joined with the other two teenagers. “You ok, Ashley?” The Pink Ranger asked as she helped her friend up. “Yes, thanks to Andros.” The Yellow Ranger said. The Alien got back up, and let out a hiss at the Space Power Rangers. “Let’s finish this thing off.” The Red Ranger said as he got out his Astro Blaster. “Right.” The rest of the Rangers said together as they each got out an Astro Blaster as well. The Alien looked up at the ceiling and saw an opened vent. “Fire!” The Red Ranger yelled as the five Rangers fired their Astro Blasters. However, the Alien jumped into the vent and the lasers hit a wall instead. “NO!” The Blue Ranger yelled. The Space Power Rangers could hear the Alien running away in the ventilation system. “It got away again!” The Black Ranger yelled. “That’s like the 10th time.” The Pink Ranger said. Suddenly the Astro Megaship shook, and the Power Rangers almost lost their footing. “Now what’s going on?!” The Yellow Ranger yelled. The Red Ranger heard the ringing from his communicator, and he answer it. “What is it, Alpha?” “(Andros! You and the others need to come to the bridge quickly!)” Alpha yelled through the communicator. “We’re on our way.” The Red Ranger said. “We can never catch a break.” The Pink Ranger said. ****** The Power Rangers then came onto the bridge. “What’s going on?” The Red Ranger asked Alpha. “We are caught in some kind of tractor beam. We’re being pulled towards that space station.” Alpha said. The Rangers looked at the big screen in front of them, but became confused. “But Alpha, there’s nothing out there. The only thing I see is that moon.” The Blue Ranger said. “That’s no moon.” Alpha said. As the Astro Megaship was drawing closer to the object, the Rangers froze as they saw the moon was actually a space station. “How can something that big exist?” The Black Ranger asked. “Uh... Guys. What are we going to do?” The Yellow Ranger asked. “There is nothing we can do. The tractor beam will keep the ship from transforming into the Megazord. Even if we use the ship’s canons to attack the station, I doubt that would free us from the beam.” Alpha said. “So, what can we do?” The Blue Ranger asked. “Let’s see whoever it is, wants with us. For all we know, it’s a misunderstanding.” The Red Ranger said. The Astro Megaship was pulled into a docking bay and landed on the floor. Alpha heard a beeping sound and looked down at the control panel. "We're getting a call from someone within the station." "Let’s answer it. Put it on the screen." The Red Ranger said. After Alpha hit some buttons, the image on the screen changed, showing a middle-aged man. “This is Grand Moff Tarkin of the Galactic Empire. Which one of you is the leader?” He spoke. “That would be me.” The Red Ranger said. “You and your crew are to prepare your ship to be boarded for inspection.” Tarkin said. “May I ask why.” The Red Ranger said. “We need to make sure you’re not spies for the Rebel Alliance, or if you’re carrying any illegal cargo.” Tarkin said. “Look, we don’t know what this Rebel Alliance is, and we’re not doing anything illegal. We’re just trying to get home. There is a dangerous alien life-form hiding somewhere in our ship. If you send people in here, the alien could kill them, and could run loose on your station.” The Red Ranger said. “Do you take me for a fool? I think your hiding something in your ship. Since you won’t cooperate, you will be considered as enemies of the Empire. You will be prisoners and your assets will belong to the Empire.” Tarkin said. “Now hold on just a min....” The Red Ranger didn’t get to finish as Tarkin ended the call. Just then ten Stormtroopers came into the docking bay. Three of them went to the Astro Megaship and were trying to open the door with their tools. Luckily, the Power Rangers could see what the Stormtroopers were doing on their screen. “The door won’t hold forever. It’s only a matter of time before they get in here.” Alpha said. “Can’t we just fly out of here?” The Black Ranger asked. “We can’t. The tractor beam is still holding the ship.” Alpha said. “Maybe I can help.” D.E.C.A. said. The five teenagers were filled with joy to hear the ship’s on-board computer. “D.E.C.A., you’re ok!” The Pink Ranger yelled happily. “Oh, yea, I forgot to tell you all. Before we got captured, I was able to fix D.E.C.A.’s mainframe.” Alpha said. “You said you could help us. How?” The Blue Ranger asked the computer. “I have scanned the Death Star and was able to make a map of it.” D.E.C.A. said. “Death Star?” The Yellow Ranger asked. “That is the name of the station.” D.E.C.A. said as she put the map on the screen. “There is a generator powering the tractor beam. If you destroy the generator, that will free the ship.” “With this map, D.E.C.A. and I can help guide you through the Death Star with your communicators.” Alpha said to the Power Rangers. “Alright! We have a plan!” The Black Ranger cheered. “But something tells me that this isn’t going to be easy. This station is probably full of those armored-guys.” The Pink Ranger said. “And even if we do get the ship free, we still have our alien problem.” The Red Ranger said. “My scanners are picking up the alien. It is in the passage, heading towards the door.” D.E.C.A. said. This surprised everyone. “The alien must be hearing those guys outside.” The Blue Ranger said. This gave the Red Ranger an idea. “D.E.C.A., go ahead and open the door.” The three Stormtroopers kept on working on the door, until it opened on its own. “Hey, its opened.” One Stormtrooper said. “They must have realized it was hopeless to go against the Empire.” Another Stormtrooper said. Just then the Alien jumped out through the door, and pinned one of the three Stormtroopers down. The Stormtrooper didn’t have time to scream as the Alien used its inner jaws to break through the helmet, and killed the soldier immediately. Before the two Stormtroopers could snap out of their shock, the Alien used its hand to knock one of the trooper’s head right off, while using its tail to stab through the other trooper's chest. “Open Fire!” The seven other Stormtroopers fired their E-11 Blaster Rifles. But the Alien was able to dodge their lasers as the Xenomorph was moving too fast for the Stormtroopers to hit. “Well, we did warn them.” The Yellow Ranger said as she and the rest of the Power Rangers watched the fight between the Alien and Stormtroopers on the screen. “Let’s get to the generator, while our alien ‘friend’ keeps them busy.” The Red Ranger said. "Right." The rest of the team said together. -------- So there you have it. Notes: -So like in Star Wars: A New Hope, the Death Star has many Stormtroopers within it. -In order for the Space Power Rangers to win, they need to get to the generator & destroy it, and get back to the Astro Megaship without all five of them getting captured by the Stormtroopers, or killed by the Alien. -For the Stormtroopers to win, they need to capture the Power Rangers and kill the Alien. -Now for the Alien to win the match, the Xenomorph just needs to kill all five Power Rangers. -To let everyone know, Darth Vader is not in the match. Who will win here?
  2. Power Rangers vs Alien: Part 5 -------- Previously: Andros, T.J., and Ashley were able to knock out Cassie, who was mutated by the black liquid. After they took Cassie to the medical room, Alpha 6 was able to use the Repair Healer to restore her body. Carlos was freed from the Facehugger, as it had gotten off him and died. Before the Power Rangers could leave LV-426, they wanted to destroy the Derelict. In order to do that, they transformed the Astro Megaship into the Astro Megazord. Just as the Megazord was about to destroy the Derelict, the Space Jockey Alien had shown up and attacked the giant blue robot. -------- It was a long tough fight between the Astro Megazord and the giant monster. While the zord had the weapons and size advantage, the monster was very fast and strong. They were almost equally matched. That is, until the Megazord powerfully kicked the monster and it roared in pain as it crashed right onto the alien ship. "Astro Saber!" The Red Ranger yelled. The sword in the robot’s head started to glow with energy. The Astro Megazord swung the saber and cut across the creature’s body as well as cutting the spacecraft. The giant monster let out one last roar as it and the vessel exploded. As a big black cloud of smoke and fire went up towards the sky, the monster’s acid blood rained down on the Astro Megazord. The acid had burned holes into the robot’s armor, but not enough to do any real damage to the machine. The Space Power Rangers cheered as they rid the universe of the alien ship and its cargo. "Now that's over, let's get off this moon." The Red Ranger said. ****** Later, the Power Rangers had transformed the Astro Megazord back into the Astro Megaship. The blue ship had just left the extra solar moon as the Rangers were now on a four hour journey back to Earth. Inside the bridge of the Astro Megaship, the Rangers had powered down to their civilian form. After Andros had hit some buttons on a control panel, he told everyone, “Ok, I have set the Astro Megaship on auto pilot. Come on Carlos, let’s get you to the medical room.” “But I feel fine, you guys. I think you all are worried over nothing.” Carlos said. “Look, we don’t know what that spider-thing could have done to you. Besides, Alpha should have the Repair Healer ready by now. It won’t take long for him to scan you.” Andros said to Carlos. “Fine. Let’s just get this over.” Carlos said. The five Rangers left the bridge, and were walking through the passage to get to the medical room. But Carlos stopped moving as he felt a sharp pain in his chest. The other Rangers stopped walking as they noticed there was something wrong with Carlos. “You ok?” Ashley asked him. “Yea, I just have this pain in my.....” Carlos didn’t get to finish as the pain got worst. Carlos fell to his back and started to cry out in pain. “Carlos!” Everyone yelled. “Hold him still! He could hurt himself!” Andros yelled. T.J. and Ashley bent down and grabbed Carlos by his arms, while Cassie was holding down his legs. “Alpha! We need the Repair Healer now! We’re in the passage between the bridge and the medical room!” Andros yelled into his communicator. “(I’m on my way!)” Alpha replied. Carlos was trying to get out of T.J.’s, Ashley’s, and Cassie’s grip. “Hold on Carlos; everything is going to be ok.” T.J. said as he tried to calm his friend down. “O My God!” Cassie yelled as she saw a spot of blood growing on Carlos’ shirt at his chest. “What’s happening to him?!” Ashley yelled. “I’m here guys!” Alpha yelled with the Repair Healer in his hands. But before the robot could use the device, Carlos' chest burst open. A loud screech was heard, followed by blood splattering all over T.J., Ashley, and Cassie. The four Rangers and Alpha were stunned by not just the sudden death of their friend, but by the creature that came out of his chest. It looked like some kind of worm with a mouth. The creature was just setting on Carlos’ body as it was looking at everyone with its unseen eyes. Andros was the first one to get out of the state of shock. “Someone grab it!” Andros yelled. Once the others had snapped out of it, T.J. tried to make a grab for the creature. But the worm-like thing zoomed off of Carlos, and ran past everyone. But before they knew it, the creature was gone from their sight. “G... Guys...” Everybody looked and saw Carlos was still alive, but barely. “Carlos!” Cassie yelled. “Everyone stand back!” Alpha yelled, pointing the Repair Healer at Carlos. Without hesitation, T.J., Ashley, and Cassie moved away from their nearly dead friend. Alpha shot out a beam of light from the Repair Healer and used it to scan Carlos. The Black Ranger started to glow, and soon the hole in his chest was gone. Carlos let out a groan and opened his eyes. “He’s alive!” T.J. yelled as he and the others were happy. “Guys, please tell me a worm did not just come out of me.” Carlos said. ****** Later, the Rangers and Alpha were in the medical room. T.J., Ashley, and Cassie had cleaned the blood off their bodies. Carlos was setting on a medical bed with Alpha using a scanning device to scan him. “Is this really necessary?” Carlos asked the robot. “After what we’ve been through today, I’m not taking anymore chances.” Alpha said. “Well we can take a guess of what happened to the pilot of that alien ship. One of those spider-creatures had impregnation him.” Andros said. “The worm that came out Carlos looks like an infant version of that giant monster.” Ashley said. “So the giant monster was born from the pilot.” T.J. said. “Ok, Carlos. The scanner shows your body is clear.” Alpha said. “That good. But something tells me I’m going to be having nightmares for a long time.” Carlos said. “So now what?” Cassie asked. “We look for the creature. If it’s anything like it’s big brother, it will cause us problems.” Andros said. “But where do we find it? It could be anywhere on the ship.” T.J. said. “D.E.C.A. should be able to locate it.” Andros told everyone. “D.E.C.A., do a search for other life-forms on the ship.” He said to the on-board computer of the Astro Megaship. “@#&%#%*&%@#&%#*&%$#^%#” D.E.C.A. was saying. Everyone became confused. “D.E.C.A.?” Andros asked her. “*&%$#^%@#&%#%*&%@” D.E.C.A. tried to talk. “What’s wrong with her?” Carlos asked. “Oh no. That fight with the giant monster must have damaged her mainframe. Its going to take me hours to fix her.” Alpha said. “We don’t have hours. Who knows what that thing could do to the ship.” Cassie said. “We’re going to have to search the ship. To be on the safe-side, let’s go ahead and suite up.” Andros said. "Right." The other four Rangers agreed. "Let's Rocket!" Andros yelled as he and the team opened the lids to their Morphers, and entered in the code. Soon the five teenagers became the Space Power Rangers. “We can cover more ground if we split up.” The Red Ranger said. “Yea, the faster we get rid of this thing, the better.” The Yellow Ranger said. “Be careful, Rangers. As you know, the Repair Healer takes an hour to recharge, and can only heal one person at a time. Plus, you all should know that the device can’t bring someone back from the dead. The only reason Carlos is alive now, is because I was there in time to save him. Any longer, and Carlos would have been gone for good.” Alpha said. “We’ll be ok, Alpha. Besides, the thing is only a baby. What’s the worst it can do?” The Blue Ranger said. ****** Somewhere on the Astro Megaship, the creature has grown into its adult stage. -------- So there you have it. As you may have guessed it, the creature is a Xenomorph. However, this is the Xenomorph from the first Alien movie; just with a different origin in the match. Now depending on the winner of this match, this could be the last part of this arc. Once the match ends, I will let everyone know if this is the end, or if I will make more parts to the story. Until then, who do you think will win here? The Alien or the Space Power Rangers?
  3. Power Rangers vs Alien: Part 4 -------- Previously: Things were not looking good for the Space Power Rangers; Carlos had a Facehugger on him, Cassie was missing, and the rest of the team were on the run from a swarm of Facehuggers. But Alpha was able to save the Rangers as he used the ship’s cannons to kill the spider-like creatures. After Andros, T.J., and Ashley got Carlos to the Astro Megaship, they learned from D.E.C.A. that Cassie was on her way back to the vessel. The three teenagers went outside to meet their friend, only for them to get attacked by Cassie, as she was mutated by the black liquid. -------- Inside the medical room of the Astro Megaship, Alpha 6 has been trying to find ways to get the creature off Carlos. But no matter what the robot did, the creature refused to let go of the teen’s face. It all seemed hopeless. Alpha heard the door open behind him, and he turned around to see the Space Power Rangers. Andros, T.J., and Ashley entered the room with the Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger carrying Cassie. While Alpha didn’t get a good look, he could tell that the Pink Ranger didn’t have her helmet on. After Cassie was put on a medical bed, Alpha was stunned as he saw her whole body was deformed. Cassie was alive as she was still breathing, but was unconscious. "Aye-yi-yi! What happened to Cassie?!" Alpha yelled. Andros, T.J., and Ashley took off their helmets. “We don’t know. She was like this when we found her.” The Red Ranger said. “Then she attacked us. We tried to reason with her, but she wouldn’t listen. We had to fight back.” Ashley said. “Not only had her appearance changed, but she got super strong. Even with it being three to one, she was giving us trouble.” T.J. said. “We were able to knock out Cassie. But we don’t know how long we have until she wakes up? Alpha, is there a way to change her back?” Andros asked. “I might have something.” Alpha said as he got out a device. “After the whole Barillian Bug incident, I have been working on this. Meet the Repair Healer. I had D.E.C.A. scan everyone’s DNA, and put the data inside this device. What it does is restore your bodies from any changes made to them. But I’ve never tested it.” "I guess now would be a good time. Go ahead, Alpha." Andros said. Alpha used the Repair Healer to shoot out a beam of light and used it to scan Cassie. The Pink Ranger started to glow, and soon she had transformed back to her human self. “It worked!” Alpha cheered. Cassie groaned as she woke up and said, “Guys?” “Cassie! You’re Ok!” T.J. yelled as he, Andros, and Ashley were happy to have their friend back. “Please, don’t yell. My head hurts.” Cassie said. Then the Pink Ranger noticed she was back inside the Astro Megaship. “How did we get back here?” “Don’t you remember what happened?” T.J. asked. “I remember going into that alien ship; found the pilot dead; went onto this deck; there were these eggs... Oh My God! Carlos!” Cassie tried to get off the bed, but Andros grabbed her shoulders. “Easy there. You’ve been through a rough time. We’re doing everything we can to help Carlos.” Andros said to Cassie. Cassie looked behind Andros, and had a confused look on her face. “But Carlos looks ok.” She told the Red Ranger. Andros, T.J., Ashley, and Alpha became confused as well. They looked behind and were shocked to see Carlos was free from the creature. “Where did it go!?” Ashley yelled. The four teenagers and robot looked around the room. “Over There!” T.J. yelled. The others saw the creature was slowly moving towards a corner of the room. But the creature stopped as it turned onto its back with its legs curled. “Uh... What just happened?” Andros asked. Alpha grabbed a scanner device and walked towards the creature. “Be careful, Alpha.” Ashley said. Alpha used the device to scan the creature. The robot became shocked by what he was reading from the scanner. Alpha looked back at the four teens. “It’s ok, everyone. The creature is dead.” This surprised the Power Rangers. “Hold up! It’s dead? Just like that?” T.J. asked. “Well since the creatures came from the alien ship, it’s a possibility that they aren’t native to this moon. Maybe because the creatures are outside their environment, they can’t survive here.” Alpha said. The four Rangers and Alpha heard a groan and looked to see Carlos sit-up on the medical bed. “What happened?” He asked. “Carlos!” Ashley yelled happily as she hugged her friend. “Thank goodness you’re alright.” “Please Ashley, not so hard. I feel like I got ran over by a zord.” Carlos said. “Oh, sorry.” Ashley said as she let go of Carlos. “So, what happened? Last thing I remember is, we were fighting in a room full of spiders.” Carlos said. “Well one of those things jumped on your face, and we had to get you back to the Astro Megaship. Thankfully, it’s dead now. For some reason.” T.J. said to Carlos. Alpha then used the scanner device to scan Carlos. “Hmmm.....” “Is there something wrong, Alpha?” Carlos asked. “From what the scanner is showing, you’re ok. But I’m getting some odd readings. I can’t make heads or tails of what they’re saying. We may need to do some testing on you to make sure the creature hasn’t done anything to you.” Alpha said to Carlos. “Why don’t you just use the Repair Healer? That way, if the creature did do something to Carlos, the device will fix his body like you did with Cassie.” T.J. said to Alpha. “Wait, what?” Cassie asked. “Let’s just say that you were not yourself.” Andros told her. “Find, I’ll use it.” Alpha said as he got the Repair Healer. The robot tried to turn on the machine, but couldn’t get it to work. “Oh, shoot.” “What’s wrong?” Andros asked. “The Repair Healer is already out of power. I’m sorry Carlos, but it’s going to take at least an hour to recharge this.” Alpha said. “It’s ok, Alpha. Besides, I feel fine. I don’t think there is anything to worry about.” Carlos said. “Still, we need to make sure that creature has not done anything to you. But since it’s going to take an hour, how about we use this time to get off this moon?” Ashley asked. “I’m with you. I’ve had enough of this place for one day.” T.J. said. “We’ll be leaving here alright. But first we need to do something about that alien ship. If we received the distress call, others will as well. We may have dodged the bullet here, but someone else won’t be so lucky. Not to mention we can’t take a chance of that cargo falling into Astronema’s or Dark Specter’s hands.” Andros said. “So what should we do?” T.J. asked. “We need to destroy the ship. We’ll use the Astro Megazord to do it.” Andros said. “Count me in. After the trouble that ship caused us, I’m ready to scrap it.” Carlos said. “I’m ready for some payback as well.” Cassie said. “Are you two sure you can pilot the Megazord with us?” Andros asked. “I’m fine. I can do this.” Cassie said. “I’m good to go. Besides, I have some time to kill.” Carlos said. “Alright then. Let’s do this.” Andros said. ****** Later, the Power Rangers had transformed the Astro Megaship into the Astro Megazord. Andros, T.J., and Ashley had their helmets back on, while Carlos and Cassie were wearing new ones. The Megazord was holding the Astro Blaster, and was standing in front of the alien ship. “Ok, everyone. A couple of shots should do it.” The Red Ranger said. But before the Astro Megazord could fire the weapon, a loud roar was heard from behind the blue robot. “What was that?!” The Black Ranger yelled. “Let’s turn around!” The Red Ranger yelled. The Astro Megazord turned around and the Power Rangers were shocked by what they saw. Far away from the blue robot was a giant monster that looked like across between an insect and a reptile. “What is that thing?” The Pink Ranger asked. “Is that another one of Astronema's monsters?” The Yellow Ranger asked. “If it is, then it’s her most ugliest monster yet.” The Blue Rangers said. The giant monster let out another roar before charging at the Astro Megazord. “Great, looks like we have to fight this guy first. Get ready for action.” The Red Ranger said. -------- So there you have it. As you may have guessed it, the monster is the Space Jockey Alien; which is a giant Xenomorph. Note: There is a Chestburster inside Carlos, but it won’t come out of him during the fight. Who will win this match?
  4. Power Rangers vs Alien: Part 3 -------- Previously: After the Megarangers were defeated, the Space Power Rangers had made it to LV-426. The five Rangers and Alpha had found out that the distress call was coming from an unknown spaceship. They tried to make contact with the pilot, but there was no reply. So the next best thing for the Rangers to do is go inside the alien ship. -------- Inside the bridge of the Astro Megaship, Alpha 6 was walking back and forth. Just about an hour ago, the robot had finished up the repairs to the vessel. However, Alpha was getting worried about his friends. “Aye-yi-yi! I don’t like this, D.E.C.A.! The Rangers should have been back by now!” Alpha yelled to the on-board computer of the Astro Megaship. “Perhaps, they are trying to get the alien ship working again for the pilot.” D.E.C.A. said. “Maybe so, but we should have heard something from them. I tell you D.E.C.A., I don’t like this moon. Even with the storm having died down and the fog lifted up, this place gives me the creeps.” Alpha said. “Alpha, my scanners are picking up the Rangers. They are heading back towards the ship. But there are only four Rangers, and there are unknown life forms with them.” D.E.C.A. said. “WHAT?!” Alpha yelled. The robot looked at the big screen, and was shocked by what he saw; There was only the Red, Black, Blue, and Yellow Rangers. They were running from a swarm of spider-like creatures that were right behind them. However, for some reason, T.J. and Ashley were carrying Carlos. “(Alpha! Do you read me!)” The Red Ranger yelled through his communicator. “Yes, Andros, and I can see you too. What are those things?” Alpha asked. “(I have no idea! Alpha, I need you to fire the cannons!)” The Red Ranger yelled. "Right away." Alpha said as he hit some buttons. After the Astro Megaship fired its cannons, there were huge explosions behind the Space Power Rangers. All the spider creatures were killed as they were either burned alive or just vaporized. “(Good work, Alpha! Now we need you in the medical room. Carlos needs help.)” The Red Ranger said. ****** Later, the Space Power Rangers entered the room with Alpha already there. The robot could see there was a big hole in front of the Black Ranger’s helmet. The Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger put the Black Ranger on a medical bed. Andros, T.J., and Ashley then took off their helmets, followed by the Red Ranger removing Carlos’ helmet. Alpha was stunned as he saw one of those spider creatures were on Carlos' face with its tail wrapped around the teen’s neck. “Aye-yi-yi! What happened out there?! Where’s Cassie?! Did you find the pilot?!” Alpha yelled. “Oh, yea. We found the pilot alright. But turns out, we were thousands of years too late.” T.J. said. “The guy was nothing more then a fossil with a weird hole in his chest.” Ashley said. “Weird Hole?” Alpha asked. “The way the hole looked, it was like the guy had a bomb the inside his body.” T.J. said. “Then we found a hole in the floor, and discovered there was a deck below us. We went down there, and saw that the platform was full of eggs. When we were checking out a few of the eggs, they opened up with those things jumping out at us.” Andros said. “No matter how many we took out, more and more of them would come out of the eggs to attack us.” Ashley said. “And to make matters worst, they had acid for blood. We had to be carful how we killed them.” T.J. said. “Then that thing got on Carlos, ate through his helmet, and got on his face.” T.J. said. “We were getting overwhelmed, and with the state Carlos was in, we had no choice but to retreat.” Andros said. “Then when we got out of the ship, we noticed Cassie wasn’t with us. Somehow she got separated from us.” Ashley said. T.J. slammed his fist against the wall. “We should have gone back in there to look for her! But with those things hot on our tail, we couldn’t do that!” Ashley put her hand on T.J.’s shoulder to comfort him. “Alpha, we need to know what that creature is doing to Carlos.” Andros said. Alpha got out a device and used it to scan Carlos and the creature. “From what I’m reading, the creature is feeding oxygen to Carlos. But it could be doing something else.” “Is there a way to remove it?” Andros asked. “If we removed the creature, there is a chance we could kill Carlos. Even if we wanted too, we can’t cut off the creature because of the acid blood. I’m sorry Rangers, but I’m at a loss.” Alpha said. “So, for all we know, we could lose Carlos?” Ashley asked as she was sad about her friend. “We’re not going to loose anyone. Alpha, try to find out if the creature has any weakness we could use to force it off Carlos. The rest of us are going back out there to rescue Cassie.” Andros said. “That won’t be necessary. My scanners are picking up the Pink Ranger. She is heading towards the Astro Megaship.” D.E.C.A. said. The three teenagers and robot were filled with joy as they heard the news. “Cassie is Alive!” Ashley yelled happily. “She may need some help. Let’s go outside to meet her.” T.J. said. Andros looked at the robot. “Alpha, stay in the medical room incase Cassie does have injures.” “Right.” Alpha said. Andros, T.J., and Ashley put their helmets back on, and made their way to go outside. ****** When the three Power Rangers got outside, their happiness for their friend turned into horror. “Ca... Cassie?” The Yellow Ranger said in fear. Standing before the heroes was Cassie. But her whole body was deformed. While Cassie was still in her Pink Ranger Suit, she didn’t have on her helmet. Even though there is no atmosphere on the moon, Cassie was somehow still breathing. Cassie was no longer human. She had became something else. “You... Did this to me! You... Left me to die!” Cassie yelled. The Space Rangers were not just stunned by Cassie's appearance, but by the anger in her voice as well. “Cassie hold on! We didn’t know you had gotten separated from us! We wanted to go back for you, but...” The Blue Ranger tried to reason with his friend. “Liar!!!” Cassie yelled. “Cassie, calm down! We’re still your friends! Let us find a way to help you!” The Red Ranger yelled. “You... Want to help me? Then... Let me kill you!” Cassie yelled as she ran to attack the three Power Rangers. -------- So there you have it. As you may have guessed it, Cassie has been infected by the black liquid from Prometheus. I will post a video of what the black liquid did to Fifield, under the Callisto Post. So its Andros, T.J., and Ashley vs Cassie. The four of them are in their Space Ranger Suits. Carlos isn’t in this fight as he has a Facehugger on him. Who will win here?
  5. Power Rangers vs Alien: Part 2 -------- Previously: While using the Astro Megaship to search for Zordon in space, the Power Rangers received a distress signal. There was a message with an unknown language, but the Rangers did find out that the signal was coming from an extra solar moon. But before they could start the rescue mission, a very big portal opened up in front of the Astro Megaship. What came out of the portal was the MegaShip being piloted by the Megarangers. The heroes of the Super Sentai Universe wanted to kill the Rangers as the Megarangers saw them as poor imitations. But the Space Power Rangers weren’t going to back down, which started a dogfight between the MegaShip and Astro Megaship. -------- In space, the two vessels had transformed into their robot modes. The Astro Megazord and Galaxy Mega were about equally matched. That is, until... “Astro Saber!” The Red Ranger yelled. The Astro Megazord charged the sword with energy, and used the weapon to cut across Galaxy Mega’s chest. The Megarangers and the INET Crew Members screamed in horror as explosions were going off inside Galaxy Mega. Soon there was a huge explosion as Galaxy Mega blew up into many pieces. The Space Power Rangers cheered as they won the fight. “Now that’s over, let’s head for the source of the distress signal.” The Red Ranger said. Once the Astro Megazord transformed back into its ship mode, and the Rangers powered down to their civilian form, the Astro Megaship took off for the extra solar moon. ===Three Hours Later=== The Astro Megaship had entered the moon’s gravitational pull. The Rangers were having a difficult time flying as they entered a storm, and to make matters worst, everything was dark and foggy. “Man, no wonder this guy needs help. How can anyone get on or off this moon?” Carlos said. “We should be getting close to the signal.” Alpha 6 said as he was looking at the control panel. “Hey, I see something up ahead.” Cassie said as she pointed at the big screen. As the Astro Megaship was drawing closer to the source, the Rangers were getting a clear view. The five teens and robot were stunned by the appearance of a giant spaceship. “Alpha? Andros? Have you two seen anything like this before?” T.J. asked them. “I’ve never seen anything like it.” Andros said. “And I have no record in my memory bank to tell me what race this ship belongs to.” Alpha said. “Still, we’re here to help. Let’s land the ship.” Andros said. The Astro Megaship made a safe landing on the hard rocky surface of the moon. “Alpha, open hailing frequencies to all channels. Even if we can’t understand this guy, maybe he can understand us.” Andros said. “Right away.” Alpha said as he hit some buttons. “This is the Power Rangers. We have received your distress call. We’re here to help. Please respond.” Andros said. The Rangers waited for a reply, but things remained quite. “Ok, I don’t like this. Maybe this guy doesn’t want help.” Ashley said. “Or maybe he’s too hurt to answer back.” T.J. said. “I guess we should go inside.” Andros said. “But how do we get in?” Cassie asked. “Hey, what’s that?” Carlos asked as he pointed at the screen. “Alpha, zoom on it.” “On it.” Alpha said. The screen zoomed in on the spaceship, and it showed there was a big hole on the vessel. “Looks like a way in. Ok everyone, let’s head on out.” Andros said. “Hold on guys! According to the system, there is no atmosphere here to breath!” Alpha yelled. This shocked everyone. “That’s weird. Most of the worlds we have been onto were breathable.” Ashley said. “So now what?” T.J. asked. “You just need to use your Ranger Suits. The suits will allow you to breath just fine out there.” Alpha said. “Might as well. We would need the suits to protect us in case there is something dangerous in the ship.” Carlos said. “Alright, Let's Rocket.” Andros said as he and the rest of the team opened the lids to their Morphers, and entered in the code. The five teenagers then became the Space Power Rangers. “Alpha, finish up the repairs to the Astro Megaship, while we check out the alien ship.” The Red Ranger said. “I will. Just be careful out there.” Alpha said. “We will.” The Blue Ranger said. The Power Rangers left the Astro Megaship, and were making their way towards the unknown spaceship. -------- So there you have it. As you guessed it, the Space Power Rangers had landed on LV-426 and are entering the Derelict. Notes: -There are Facehugger eggs and the black liquid inside the Derelict. -In order for the Derelict to get a win, the Power Rangers (or one of them) will have to get impregnation by Facehuggers, and/or if the teens (or one of them) gets infected by the black liquid. -The Power Rangers win, if they don’t get impregnation by the Facehuggers, and don’t get infected by the black liquid. So what’s going to happen to the Space Power Rangers?
  6. Power Rangers vs Alien: Part 1 -------- The Astro Megaship was flying through space as the Power Rangers (Andros, T.J., Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley) were searching for Zordon, who was taken by the evil forces of Dark Specter. “Rangers, come here!” Alpha 6 yelled, working on a control panel. “What is it, Alpha?” Andros asked as he and the rest of the team moved close to the robot. “I just received a distress signal.” Alpha said. “Distress Signal? Could it have something to do with Zordon?” Cassie asked. “I don’t know, but there is a message.” Alpha said. “Well let’s here it.” Carlos said. After hitting some buttons, Alpha played the message. Everyone was starting to hear some kind of male voice. But what they were hearing was something that was not human or even humanoid; a language they couldn’t understand. For some reason it was sending a chill up their spines. The message went on for six minutes, until it finally ended. “What was that?” T.J. asked. “D.E.C.A., can you translate the message for us.” Andros asked the on-board computer of the Megaship. “I’m sorry Andros, but I am unable to do that, since I do not understand it myself.” D.E.C.A. said. This shocked everyone. “But How?! You are articulate in 3000 known languages!” Andros yelled. “Unfortunately this language is not one of them.” D.E.C.A. said. “So what do we do?” Ashley asked. “Whoever sent the signal needs help. Besides maybe this person knows where we could find Zordon.” Andros said. “If we can understand him.” T.J. said. “But what if it’s a trap setup by Astronema?” Carlos asked. “You think she would use some kind of unknown language to draw us somewhere?” Cassie asked Carlos. “If it’s not Astronema, then she or anyone else that works for Dark Specter, could pick up the signal as well, and go after this guy. We can’t just ignore this.” Ashley said. “Alpha, where is the signal coming from?” Andros asked. “According to the system, the signal is coming from an extra solar moon. It should take us three hours to get there at top speed.” Alpha said. “Alright, we got a rescue mission. Let’s head on out.” Andros said. But before the Astro Megaship could head for the destination, a very big portal opened up, far away and in front of the ship. Everyone within the blue spaceship was able to see it on a big screen. “Guys, what is that?” Ashley asked. “It looks like some kind of wormhole.” Andros said. Then what came next shocked everyone as another blue spaceship like theirs emerged from the portal. “Another Astro Megaship?!” Cassie yelled. “How is that impossible?!” T.J. yelled. Alpha heard a beeping and looked down at the control panel. “We’re getting a call from the other Astro Megaship.” “Might as well find out who it is. Put it on the screen.” Andros said. After Alpha hit some buttons, the image on the screen changed. The five teenagers and robot were shocked once again, as on the screen was the Space Power Rangers. “Please tell me it’s not the Psycho Rangers again.” Carlos said. “Oh, don’t worry you fools. We are not them” The “Red Ranger” said. “Hey! Don’t call us fools! Who are you?!” T.J. yelled. “We are Denji Sentai Megaranger.” Mega Red said. The Rangers and Alpha were caught off guard. “Ok, weird name.” Carlos said. “What is it that you what?” Andros asked. “Why, to destroy you.” Mega Black said. “WHAT!” Cassie yelled. “Why? What did we do to you?” Ashley asked. “You breath, that’s what.” Mega Pink said. “You guys are nothing more than a poor imitation of us.” Mega Yellow said. “What are you talking about? How are we an imitation of you? We never heard of you, until now.” Andros said. “That’s because we come from another universe. A true universe.” Mega Blue said. “Your universe is a bad joke, and you all are nothing more than garbage, that needs to be taken out.” Mega Red said. “Once we take you all out, we will do the other Sentai Teams a favor by killing those other Power Rangers.” Mega Pink said. “Not going to happen! Come guys! Let’s show these wanna-be’s what real Power Rangers can do!” Andros yelled. "Right!" Everyone yelled. “Let’s Rocket!” Andros yelled as he and the team opened the lids to their Morphers, and entered in the code. Then the five teenagers became the Space Power Rangers. “You’re going to be sorry for messing with us.” The Red Ranger said to the Megarangers. He then looked at the robot. “Alpha, end the call.” Alpha did what Andros said, and the screen changed back, showing the Megarangers' vessel, the MegaShip. The Space Rangers went to their seats and control panels. “Let’s hope whoever sent the signal, can wait a little longer.” The Black Ranger said. The MegaShip and the Astro Megaship were flying towards each other, and were using their cannons to fire at one another. -------- So there you have it. As you read, the Megarangers are using their MegaShip in this fight. The Astro Megazord starts off in its ship mode, but can transform into its robot mode. The same thing, as the Megarangers can have the MegaShip transform into Galaxy Mega. This is an new arc I’m going to be working on. So as you can see, this is a Power Rangers and Alien crossover with a few other franchises into the mix. Sorry, there are no Xenomorphs in Part 1, but we will be seeing them as we move on with the arc. Anyway, who will win here? The Astro Megaship/Astro Megazord or the MegaShip/Galaxy Mega?

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