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  1. Episode 15: It’s Been A Long, Long Time August 10th, 1947. Catskill Mountains. New York City, NY. Jack knelt at Peggy’s side. Her arms and legs were cut from broken glass, and he could see the serum seeping into the open wounds. She was breathing rapidly and her body twitched in a seizure. “Don’t touch her!” Benton yelled. “Stark! Grab those blankets! Quickly!” Howard gingerly picked up some Army blankets from a pile of discarded supplies. “What’s going on, doc?” asked Jack as Howard started wrapping Peggy up. “It’s the serum. It’s gotten into her body. We need to act quickly. She doesn’t have time.” “What are you talking about? This is the same stuff you gave to yourself and the others! Look what it did to Nefaria!” Benton lifted up Peggy’s head and motioned to Jack to her up by her legs. “The serum was meant to be given with carefully monitored injections. With so many vials shattering, the strain might be too much for her heart.” Jack and Benton carried Peggy’s convulsing body towards the chamber that Nefaria had climbed out from. “You mean she’s gonna die?” asked Jack. Benton gave a look at the chamber. “Not necessarily.” “Whoa, wait a minute, Benton!” interrupted Howard. “You can’t seriously think about putting her in that thing! We don’t need another super powered lunatic running around!” “The choice, Mr. Stark,” snapped Benton. “Is to put Miss Carter in the chamber and let the vita rays try to stabilize her, or to stand here doing nothing while Nefaria runs wild and she dies.” Benton looked at the uneasy pair. “Gentlemen, this is Miss Carter’s only chance. Please. Help me save her, and put an end to this nightmare for good.” Jack looked at Howard then nodded. “I’m in.” Howard gave a deep sigh. “What the hell? Never was one to run away from a lab. What’s the plan, Doctor?” “Help me get her into the chamber, Agent Thompson,” urged Benton. “Stark, you watch that screen and let me know of any fluctuations in the vita rays.” At the foot of the hill the moving van came to a crashing halt just a few feet in front of a large elm. Daniel pushed the door and stumbled out, making best speed up the hill. Jarvis jumped out and chased after him. “Agent Sousa! Wait! I would advise against traveling too fast across this terrain!” Sousa drew a pistol from a shoulder holster and held it out to Jarvis. “I’m sorry, Mr. Jarvis. But right now Peggy needs our help. We don’t know what tricks Nefaria has for us in there. Can I count on you?” Jarvis looked warily at the pistol, but nodded and took hold of it. Daniel pulled another pistol out of a holster and started heading back up the hill. Suddenly a streak speeded past Jarvis and Daniel, and their weapons flew out of their hands. Before them stood Bob Frank, holding a pistol in each hand at the ready. “Hold it right there, fellas! How about you tell me where your boss Nefaria is and no one gets hurt!” Daniel swung with his crutch at Bob who whizzed out of the way, tossing the guns out of the clearing. “Not nice to play with guns, you know.” Jarvis looked over at Daniel. “Another one? I thought Benton said there were only five?” Bob cocked his head. “Benton? You know Benton?” Daniel held out his hands and stepped toward Bob. “We’re here to help him, to stop Nefaria. How do you know Benton?” Bob gave small grin. “Well, mister, for that, you better take it up with my wife.” Bob looked up into the sky, and Jarvis and Daniel followed his gaze. Descending from the sky were Miss America and Fighting Yank. “Miss Joyce and Mr. Carter III, I presume,” muttered Jarvis. They gently landed in front of them, Fighting Yank glaring suspiciously. “This is a secure area. You two need to leave the premises. Now!” “We can’t do that,” said Daniel, trying to stay calm. “We’ve got people in there, including some friends of yours.” “You mean Benton?” asked Miss America. “And Diana? Are they here too?” “Yes, and there are also several armed hostiles in that bunker.” Fighting Yank shoved past Daniel. “Just stay out of our way. We can easily handle a few gun toting criminals!” The metal door of the bunker flew off it’s hinges and crashed into a tree. The five people turned in shock to see Count Nefaria floating out of the doorway. He gave an imperious smirk as he gazed down on Daniel and the others. “Well, well. More of Dr. Benton’s experiments. And I thought I wouldn’t be able to demolish more interlopers today.” Daniel aimed his pistol, and Jarvis fumbled slightly to follow suit. “Count Nefaria! SSR! I order you to stand down!” “Your bullets will do no good against him!” Fighting Yank snapped. “He’s mine!” Fighting Yank launched himself up the hill towards Nefaria. “Bruce, wait!” Miss America cried. Fighting Yank had already flown halfway up the hill with his right fist pulled back ready to strike. But Nefaria delivered a back hand strike that knocked him out of the air. Bob raced to catch Fighting Yank as Miss America took the air. She was able to land some strikes on Nefaria, but he didn’t react to any of them. He grabbed by the throat with one hand and flew down the hill, dragging her along the ground as he went. Back in the bunker, Benton and Jack had placed Peggy within the vita-chamber. Jack looked on in concern as Benton sealed the chamber. “Everything’s looking solid here!” Howard called out. “The chamber is fully charged!” “This thing better work, Benton,” said Jack. Benton took a deep breath a pressed a few buttons on the side of the chamber. “It will, Agent Thompson. It has to. Stark? Turn the dial on the left of the monitor to 46, then throw the green switch on my mark.” Howard made the adjustments as Jack looked through the window of the chamber at the still body of Peggy Carter. “Now, Stark!” The switch thrown, the chamber began to hum to life, and Peggy’s body was lost in a burst of light that made the three men shield their eyes. On the surface, Nefaria delivered blow after blow to Miss America. Jarvis and Daniel opened fire but the bullets harmlessly off him. Nefaria tightened his grip on Miss America’s throat. “I was impressed with your work with Ringmaster. I would have thought you would be more of a challenge than this, Miss Joyce.” Bob sped around Nefaria, grabbed his cape and sped up the hill. Caught offguard Nefaria was yanked backward and released the hold. Bob threw Nefaria forward, but the Maggia boss was able to stop himself and hover in midair. “That’s Mrs. Joyce-Frank to you, buddy!” Bob shouted. Nefaria looked bored at Bob. “Ah, Dr. Harrow’s pet project. I thought he said you were dead.” “Well, that’s what fast living can do to a guy!” Bob raced toward Nefaria, only for him to be dropped by the mighty hands of the empowered Maggia boss. Jarvis turned to Daniel, desperately trying to hold back his panic. “Agent Sousa, I think our best course of action is to retreat.” “Not without Peggy and the others!” Daniel shouted. Nefaria rose off the ground, lifting his arms to the heavens. “You ignorant fools! I am now the most powerful man on Earth! Your weapons are useless! Surrender to the will of Leviathan! To me, Count…! A metallic shield flew out of the demolished bunker doorway and struck Nefaria in the back of the head. The count grunted in pain, and fell a few feet before steadying himself. Everyone turned to the doorway to see Peggy Carter, her eyes focused and determined as she caught the shield. She was dressed in body armor scrounged from the lab, a holster with a fully loaded pistol, and a bandolier with extra ammo and grenades. She looked defiantly up at Nefaria. “Count Nefaria! I am Agent Peggy Carter of the Strategic Scientific Reserve! I order you to stand down! You are under arrest!” OK: Both Nefaria and Peggy have received Benton’s ‘super soldier serum”. Both have enhanced strength, speed, and durability. Nefaria has Yank and America’s power of flight. Peggy has access to the equipment and weapons in the bunker, including a variant of Captain America’s shield. Can Peggy Carter stop Nefaria’s scheme once and for all? Stay Tuned and Find Out! Game On!
  2. Episode 14: Why Don’t You Surrender? August 10th, 1947. Catskill Mountains. New York City, NY. Peggy, Jack, and Howard made their way through the corridors of the bunker. Peggy’s gun was drawn and at the ready as she led the way. “Carter! Slow down!” Jack said. “We don’t know what’s down here!” Peggy continued briskly down the hall. “Just keep up, Chief Thompson.” Jack grabbed her arm to halt her progress as Howard panted as caught up with them. “Peggy, use your head. We could be walking straight into a trap.” “Don’t you think I know that?” snapped Peggy. “We need to find Nefaria and Benton’s serum. The Maggia would be unstoppable if they get their hands on it!” “And what happens if he sicks this Daredevil guy on us? From what you said he’s tougher than Benton and Masque. Do you really want to fight him again?” “I don’t care!” Peggy shouted. Howard put a finger to his lips. “Sorry to interrupt, but could you both keep it down when we’re trying to sneak around an abandoned laboratory?” Peggy turned away from Jack, who released her arm. “I know you are scared for your brother, Carter. And I know you don’t want to hear this. But whatever they’ve done to him, he’s completely under the Maggia’s control now. If he leaves us no choice…” “You let me deal with it, Thompson,” said Peggy. “I do have a plan. If it works, then we may be able to free Michael from Nefaria’s control.” “And if it doesn’t work?” Peggy took a deep breath and turned back to Jack, a tear in her eye. “Then I’ll do I have to do.” There was a sudden cry from Howard. “Look out!” Jack and Peggy had just enough time to duck around the corner as three Maggia mobsters armed with machine guns opened fire. Howard scrambled around the corner opposite them as Jack and Peggy returned fire. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a walkie talkie. “Benton! If you are finished topside we could use you down here! Now, if possible.” A black blur rushed into the corridor as Black Terror jumped into the fray. Bullets ricocheted off his chest and collided harmlessly into the wall. Miss Masque leapt over him and fired two shots to take down two of the mobsters, leaving the third open to a strike from Black Terror. Howard strode into the corridor and walked past Black Terror and Miss Masque. “What took you so long?” Miss Masque grunted in frustration. “Shame I could never say that about you, Stark.” Howard squinted as Miss Masque. “Wait a minute. Didn’t we used to date?” Miss Masque rolled her eyes and stormed down the corridor. “Go with her, Howard,” Peggy said. “You and Dr. Benton scout ahead with Miss Adams to find the serum. Chief Thompson and I will cover the rear.” “What a delightful plan.” The team turned to see Dottie Underwood and Daredevil behind them. Dottie hung on to Daredevil’s arm and laid her head on his shoulder. “Hello again, Peggy. How do you like my new boyfriend?” Peggy aimed her pistol at Dottie, only for Daredevil’s boomerang to knock it from her grasp. “Stark! Move!” Jack yelled to Howard, sending him and Black Terror after Miss Masque. Peggy’s eyes blazed as the boomerang returned to Daredevil’s grip. “My brother is coming with me, Miss Underwood. I won’t let you and Nefaria use him or anyone else.” Dottie’s smile grew wider as she stepped in front of Daredevil. “How very noble of you, Peggy. But Daredevil is staying right here with me. Daredevil, kill Agent Thompson. Leave Peggy to me.” Daredevil drew one of his spikes from his belt and charged toward Jack. He aimed his pistol only to cry in pain as the spike slashed across his wrist. “Jack!” Peggy yelled. In an instant Dottie had run down the hallway, and with a leap, catapulted herself off the wall to deliver a kick to Peggy’s face. Peggy stumbled backward then quickly held up her arms to block Dottie’s strikes. She threw a right hand that Dottie easily dodged before sending her knee into Peggy’s gut. “You aren’t as much as you used to be, Peggy,” she sneered. She swung a backfist at Peggy, but Peggy was able to catch her wrist. She twisted the arm around Dottie’s back and shoved her headfirst into the corridor wall. Peggy spun around to see Jack on his knees, cuts on his face and arms as Daredevil stood over him with the spike. Peggy rushed forward and tackled him to the ground. She wrapped her arms around Daredevil’s throat in a sleeper hold and squeezed tight. “Michael! Stop! Listen to me!” Peggy could feel Daredevil fighting to free himself. She knew it would only be a moment before he had broken her hold. Peggy held on for dear life and closed her eyes. “I’m sorry to do this, Michael. ‘Whites of their eyes!’” Instantly, Daredevil fell still. Peggy loosened the hold and got off of his back. Wells command had worked. She rolled him over so she could see his masked face. “You taught me that hold, remember, Michael? You were the one who told me not to worry about what people thought of me. That there were things worth fighting for.” She slowly pulled off the mask and gazed at her brother. She gasped softly and touched his face. “There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I haven’t thought of you. I know you’re still in there, Michael. You’re the bravest man I ever knew. Dr. Benton and Miss Adams are able to be free. You can be too! Please!” Peggy could hear the sounds of Dottie rising to her feet. Peggy’s pleas became more urgent. “You are Captain Michael Carter of the British Army! You are my brother! I order you to disregard all previous instructions! You are no longer under the control of any man but yourself! Please, Michael! Come back to me! I can’t lose you too. Not again!” Dottie’s hand grabbed Peggy by the hair and yanked her off of Daredevil. She tossed her to the floor and gave a smug look. “How very touching. I’m glad to got to say goodbye to your brother. Before you died.” Dottie picked up Peggy’s gun and pointed it at her. But Peggy’s eyes were locked on what was happening behind the assassin. Daredevil was rising to his feet. He glanced down on the mask that Peggy had dropped, then looked at Peggy. Dottie saw the look in Peggy’s eyes. She turned around to see Michael Carter standing tall before her. “What are you looking at?” Dottie asked, her smile and tone growing shaky. “You have your orders! Kill Thompson! Now!” Michael Carter stood frozen for a moment. Then he drew his boomerang and hurled it. It struck the gun out of Dottie’s hands, and flew speedily back to his hands. Dottie Underwood’s fists clenched. “Hmm. Just like a man. Always has trouble following simple instructions.” Peggy looked on in terror as Dottie and Michael charged toward each other. Can Michael “Daredevil” Carter defeat the Leviathan assassin Dottie Underwood? Stay Tuned and Find Out! Game On!
  3. Episode 13: Pass the Ammunition August 10th, 1947. Manhattan, New York. The laboratory of Doctor Jonas Harrow. Bob Frank winced as he opened his eyes. He was still strapped down to a gurney, a single bulb lamp swinging above him. He could feel a throbbing sensation in his head, as well as the spot on his arm where that madman had… Bob suddenly shot back into consciousness. Maddie! The man who had attacked him and fought with her. The man with the ring who spoke so clear and calm. He had to find Maddie. He pulled up on the straps that held his arms, grunting furiously. He was so focused on the task, he didn’t notice that the leather straps were not just giving way, but tearing. His muscles had grown stronger, and with a mighty flex, the restraints snapped loose. It was so sudden and with such force that Bob started falling off the gurney. He braced himself for the fall, and tried to get his feet under him. Much to Bob’s astonishment, he did land on his feet. Bob looked around in confusion for a moment. There couldn’t have been enough time to stick the landing. But he pushed those thoughts aside. “Maddie?” he shouted and started for the screen covered doorway. In an instant, he had dashed 10 feet from the fallen gurney to the entrance. Bob looked behind him in confusion. He never had been that fast. For that matter, after all he had gone through these past few days, he shouldn’t be able to stand let alone run. Bob started walking back towards the gurney, and again he seemed to reach his destination in a mere second. An exhilaration overcame Bob, who started dashing and darting through the room, past the rows of screeching test animals, around the gurney and back to the doorway. He stopped, not even breathing heavy. “Gee whiz,” he said softly. It must have been whatever that crazy doctor had injected him with. Yes, he had said something about making him fast. Then, Bob could hear voices coming closer from down the hall. He rushed back to the gurney, set it up right, and leapt onto it closing his eyes. He heard the voice clearer now. It was the voice of the man with the ring. “How is Mr. Carter today?” asked Fennhoff. “Yankee Doodle? Heh. Still nutty as ever,” Hammerhead snickered. “Just see to it that he stays in his cage. And what of Miss America?” “Like Sleepin’ Beauty, doc,” said Kangaroo. “Are you sure you couldn’t wake her up? Me and Hammer have been cooped up here ever since the Count left. Couldn’t we have a little fun?” Fennhoff looked disgusted at the two enforcers. “You are not here for ‘fun’. You are here to guard these prisoners. No change on the husband?” Hammerhead pulled aside the screen to reveal Bob Frank, laid out on the gurney. “Nothin’. We checked his ticker like you said. He’s been dead for the last 2 days. Harrow thought he'd wake up, but he just kicked the bucket.” Bob held his breath and tried to be as silent as possible. Fennhoff shook his head. “Such shoddy work. No matter. You will accompany me to collect my notes. I shall then make my final analysis of our subjects. Then we can dispose of them along with Mr. Frank.” Bob exhaled quietly as he listened to the heavy footsteps of Hammerhead and Kangaroo fade off down the hallway. He then cast aside the straps and raced out the door, turning to run the opposite direction of the gangsters. “Got to find Maddie,” he said under his breath, as he ran from room to room. He sped down the hallway and made a turn, then hurried back. Something had caught his eye. It was a one way mirror, through which Bob could see a man with his back to him. He was wearing a cape and mask, and tricorn hat lay discarded on the floor. It was the same man who had attacked Bob and Maddie. He was clutching his head, groaning in agony. “Hey!” Bob shouted. “Hey, you!” The man didn’t answer. The room must have been sound proofed. Bob banged his fist on the glass, then looked down in surprise at it when he didn’t feel any pain. He banged on the glass again, then again and again, faster and faster. He could the glass begin to vibrate with every strike. Bob gave a cry of frustration and finally the mirror shattered apart. Fighting Yank looked up in confusion as Bob peeked through the broken glass. “Hi there. Um, I have a few questions to ask.” Fighting Yank lunged through the windowpane and Bob easily speeded out of his way, holding out his hands. “Take it easy. I don’t know what this is all about and what’s going on, but I know that you aren’t going to beat up on me so easily like you did at my house.” The Fighting Yank glared at Bob. “You. You took her from me!” Bob cleared his throat and attempted to sound braver than he felt. “If you mean Maddie, buddy, she happens to be my wife.” Miss America has been compromised. Eliminate! Eliminate! “Stop talking!” Bob jumped from Fighting Yank’s sudden outburst. He took a deep breath and took step toward the crouched hero. “Look, mister. All I know is you and me have got the same problem. The kooks who run this place sound like they are planning to waste all of us. You understand that?” Fighting Yank nodded. “Typical procedure. Must eliminate all evidence.” “Yeah. Right,” said Bob. “That means you, me, and Madeline need to get out of here. Now, can you help me with that? Then maybe we can find somebody to help you out.” Fighting Yank gave a humorless laugh. “Help. Oh, they’ll help. They’ll throw me a cell like they did before. Lock me away to hide the truth.” Bob held out a hand to Fighting Yank. “Listen to me. Please. I’ve seen you fight. If you help me, then I promise I’ll do whatever I can to get you and Maddie the help you need. You have my word. What do you say?” Fighting Yank looked at Bob’s hand uncertain. Rescuing Miss America is top priority! This civilian will only get in your way. The Carter’s didn’t need any help from…. “Enough.” Fighting Yank looked up into Bob’s eyes and took his hand. “You have a deal.” Bob helped Fighting Yank to his feet and gave a cautious smile. “Wonderful. Now, try to keep up.” Bob started purposefully walking slower, but his speed was so great he still managed to be several feet ahead of Fighting Yank, who jogged to keep up. After a few minutes of searching, the would be rescuers came to a stop some 10 feet away the open door of another cell. Through the doorway and the one-way mirror, they could see Fennhoff circling the chair where Miss America sat restrained and unconscious. “It has been a pleasure to meet you, Miss Joyce,” Fennhoff’s voice floated into the hall. “And I’m sure your country appreciates your service. But, sadly, the time is drawing near for you to depart.” He withdrew a syringe and inserted it into a vial of liquid. “One last tranquilizer should be able to deaden your powers enough to complete the task.” “He’s gonna kill her!” Bob whispered urgently to Fighting Yank. “You wait here. I’ll whizz in there and…” But Fighting Yank had already charged into the cell with a cry. Fennhoff looked up in alarm at the charging hero. He dropped the syringe and reached for his ring, but before he could speak Fighting Yank and shoulder tackled him into the stone wall. By the time he had slid dazed to the floor, Bob had ran into the room to Madeline’s side. “Maddie! Maddie, it’s Bob!” He quickly undid the restraints, allowing Madeline to slide from the chair into his arms. He held her close and stroked her face with his hand, his voice growing more desperate. “Maddie. Please, wake up!” Fighting Yank looked on as Bob fought to hold back tears, then gently kissed her forehead. Madeline’s eyes slowly opened. She looked up at Bob, squinting to clear her vision. “Bob?” she asked wearily. “Is it still my birthday?” Bob gave a soft laugh and hugged Madeline tight. “Yeah, yeah it is. Happy Birthday, Maddie.” Madeline turned and moved closer to Bob at the sight of Fighting Yank. “Don’t worry,” Bob said. “He’s on our side. I think.” Bob slowly assisted Madeline to her feet, while she still looked at Fighting Yank. “Yes. I really think he is. It is you, Bruce?” Bruce Carter III pulled off his domino mask and gazed longingly at Madeline. “Hello, Madeline. I… I’ve… missed you.” Bob moved Madeline to sit in the chair, giving a wary look to Fighting Yank. “You guys wait here. I’ll take a look around to see if I can find an exit around here.” Bob Frank ran out the doorway, only for the sound of a thud to be heard. Madeline and Bruce looked up in alarm at the sounds of a struggle. Madeline struggled to her feet. “Bob? Bob!” Bob Frank tumbled back into the cell and fell to the floor. The doorway was soon filled up with the profiles of Hammerhead and Kangaroo. “Well, well,” said Hammerhead. “Guess the doc was right about this clyde after all. Too bad he doesn’t have enough sense to watch where he’s goin’. He ran right into us!” Kangaroo leered at Madeline. “Too bad about your man. Maybe you’d like a trade in.” Bruce moved to Madeline’s side. “This is going to get ugly. Are you up for this?” Madeline’s eyes narrowed as her glance shifted from her downed husband and his attackers. “For my husband? I’m up for anything.” OK: Miss America is at half strength, Fighting Yank, Hammerhead, and Kangaroo at full strength. Bob Frank (The Whizzer) is unconscious. Can Miss America and Fighting Yank escape the Maggia’s clutches? Stay Tuned and Find Out! Game On!
  4. Episode 12: Anyone Else But Me August 9th, 1947. New York City, New York. The mansion of Howard Stark. “Put it down, Fred,” Peggy said. She could feel her pulse quicken at the sight of Angie’s tear stained face. Wells tightened his grip on her arm and brought the glass shard to her throat. “He smashed the chair,” Angie gasped. “When we came down he had already…” “Shut it!” Wells snapped. He turned to face Peggy, Howard, and Jack. “You will tell Benton and Miss Adams to come down here now. They will leave this house with me. If you attempt to follow us, I will use their programming to order them to kill each other!” Howard stepped past Peggy. “I got to give you credit, Wells. At least you chose a good vintage.” “Stark!” Jack shouted. Wells pulled Angie back with him. “You stay away from me!” “Relax, Freddy,” Howard said, giving a look to Jack and Peggy and his drew closer. “I’m sure we can work something out.” As he spoke, Jack started moving into the row of wine racks behind Wells. “We are not giving you Miss Adams and the doctor,” Peggy said. “But if you tell us who is behind this, we will let you leave.” “Oh please, Peg,” Wells laughed scornfully. “You are in no position to bargain with me. Not while I have your lovely friend here.” A speck of red began to show on Angie’s neck. She closed her eyes tight as Howard took another step. “Well, she isn’t that lovely. You should see the mess she makes on the tiles in my kitchen. But come on. I’d be a much better hostage for you. How about you just let her go, and take me?” “All of you shut it!” Wells screamed. In the next row, Jack slammed full force into wine racks, causing them to tip over. The creaking of wood distracted Wells, and as he turned to see the source of the sound, Angie stamped down on his foot and ran to Howard. Wells’ cry of pain was drowned out by the crashing of wood and bottles as the wine rack fell on top of him. “Angie! Get out of here!” shouted Peggy. Angie took off for the stairs as Benton and Diana met her. Wells shoved the debris off of him and saw Diana with her pistol drawn. “Whites of their eyes!” he yelled. Both Benton and Diana froze, her gun still raised. Peggy turned back in alarm. “Miss Adams! Put down the gun!” Wells looked smug and nodded to Diana. “You know what to do, Miss Masque. Put a bullet in the head of each enemy combatant in this room starting with Miss Carter. Black Terror, if anyone interrupts, snap their necks.” Diana turned toward Peggy as Jack and Howard moved in front of her. “Diana. Listen to me. Fennhoff has been weakening your conditioning. You can fight this!” Wells rose to his feet, tossing aside his glass shard. “Don’t bother, Peg dear. She can’t hear you. But don’t worry. I’ll look after them. And that brother of yours. Miss Masque? Kill her.” Diana took a step forward with Peggy in her sights. Then fired. Wells was sent staggering back by the force of the bullet, smashing into another rack of wine bottles. Jack spun back to look at Diana as she removed a cotton ball from each ear. “Seriously?” Jack said. Diana shrugged and smiled. “I had advice from a friend of yours. Said it works well against hypnotists.” She looked back as Daniel nodded in approval on the stairs. Benton took out his cotton balls as he saw Peggy rush to the fallen Wells, gasping for air. The bullet had gone straight through his heart. Blood mingled with the wine on the cellar floor. Peggy grabbed him by the lapels, eyes blazing. “You don’t have much time, Fred,” she hissed. “Who is behind this? It isn’t the Council, so who?” Wells coughed up blood but managed to choke out the name. “Ne… Nefaria.” “And where is Nefaria with the key? Where is this bunker?” Wells’ eyes were rolling in the back of his head as his breathing grew shakier. “Ca…Cat…Catski….” Wells gave a final shudder, then fell still. Catskill Mountains. New York City, NY. August 10th, 1947. Nefaria stood before what appeared to be a stone outcropping in a clearing on a hill. Nodding to two Maggia henchmen, they pushed aside the foliage to reveal a metallic door. Carefully, Nefaria removed the Arena Club key from his pocket and inserted it into the key hole. He turned the key, and heard the tumblers give way. The door creaked open, allowing the smell of stale air to escape. Nefaria turned to Dr. Harrow, who was swatting at a curious fly buzzing around his head. “Well, Doctor? Are you satisfied that our information is correct now?” Harrow brushed away the fly, and cleared his throat. “I am glad you’ve found this place, Count. But I won’t be satisfied until I see what’s inside of it.” “And you shall, Dr. Harrow. Carlo? Silas? You and your men go ahead. Tread lightly. No telling how many other surprises the Council has for us. Miss Underwood and Daredevil will cover our rear. Dmitri, you will remain with the rest up here. Anyone attempts to intervene, dispose of them in the most efficient manner available.” Ten Maggia mobsters gingerly stepped into the bunker, followed by Harrow and Nefaria. Daredevil stopped at the doorway, looking at it up and down. Dottie smirked. “Feels like home?” The blank eyes of the mask glared at her, then stepped into the darkness. Dottie shrugged and followed after. Dmitri turned toward his squad. “Spread out. Silencers only. I want to be informed the moment anyone is within 100 yards of this hill.” There was a sudden cry from the left, blocked out by the trees. Dmitri tilted his head in annoyance. “Hammond? Bartel? What is it?” There was no response. Dmitri pointed to three Maggia and they took off down the hill, guns at the ready. Then there was the clear sound of gunfire from the other side of the hill. Dmitri’s eyes narrowed behind his mask, as he grumbled. “Unprofessional idiots. You lot, stay here. You six, with me.” Dmitri and his men started off down the hill, leaving three men behind. They stood at the entrance, awkwardly staring at each other. Peggy Carter dived from a tree branch on top of one of the men. Giving a cry of alarm, one drew his pistol, only to be zapped by Howard and his handheld ‘jitterbug’. Another got tackled to the ground by Jack, who delivered a final blow to knock him out. Peggy’s opponent scrambled to his feet and started throwing wild punches which Peggy easily dodged. A hard kick to the right knee and an uppercut, and he joined his associates in unconsciousness. Jack looked impressed as Peggy dusted herself off. “It never gets old watching you do that.” Peggy gave a small smile, before collecting herself and reaching for her necklace. “Are we coming through alright, Mr. Jarvis?” “Crystal clear, Miss Carter,” the butler’s voice rang out. “Chief Sousa and I are ready to assist when required.” “How about Miss Adams and Dr. Benton? Are they doing alright?” Daniel’s voice rang out over the transmitter. “They’ve got their hands full at the moment. But their keeping the Maggia busy.” Jack gave a side eye to Howard. “I guess Bob and Diana's memories are getting better to remember this place. So far so good?” “Of course it is. I came up with the plan, didn’t I?” Peggy pushed past her allies and moved towards the doorway. “It doesn’t matter who’s plan it is! Our mission is to find Benton’s notes and any serum that’s left. Destroy it, and bring in any Maggia members into custody.” “Peggy.” She paused at the sound of Daniel’s concerned voice. “Just be careful.” Peggy looked out, imagining where Daniel and Jarvis were waiting in the van. “You be too, Daniel. Um, Chief.” She looked back at an amused Howard and Jack. “That Sousa is a real lucky guy,” Howard said. “Oh, no doubt,” said Jack. “Are you going to stand there like gossiping hens?” Peggy said briskly. “Or are going to finish this?” The two men nodded, and followed Peggy Carter into the bunker. Can Black Terror and Miss Masque defeat a squad of 20 Maggia and the Chameleon? Or will our heroes plan fall apart before it begins? Stay Tuned and Find Out! Game On!
  5. Episode 11: Feudin’ and Fightin’ August 8th, 1947. New York City, New York. The mansion of Howard Stark. Fred Wells woke up to find himself handcuffed to the chair he was sitting in. A cursory glance revealed that he was in a cellar, casks and bottles lining the walls. Before him stood Daniel Sousa, Peggy Carter, and Dr. Benton. He looked down at the bandage on his shoulder, then back up to Peggy. “Very good work, Peg darling,” he said. “Would it be possible to avail myself of some of Mr. Stark’s stock? Or does his hospitality only extend so far?” Peggy took a step toward the chair, but Daniel held out a cautionary arm. “We’ve treated your injury. Unless you want a few more I suggest you tell us what we want to know.” Wells chuckled. “Oh really? And why do we have resort to such threats? Why not go to your friends at the SSR? Oh wait. Because they still want dear Miss Adams for the little fracas at the theater.” “How did you do it?” Peggy asked steely. “How did you turn these people into super soldiers?” Wells nodded to Benton. “You really should be congratulating the good doctor here. It wouldn’t have gotten off the ground if it wasn’t for his genius.” “What genius?” Benton asked. “What did you make me do?” “Oh, my dear boy. We didn’t make you do anything. You wanted to. Once the Council told you the possibilities of developing a super soldier serum, you practically jumped at the chance. And you weren’t particularly interested in where your subject came from.” Sousa crossed over to the chair. “The Council? You worked for Vernon Masters?” “Of course. Do you really think your War Department was all on board with the SSR? Hardly. If the Council could develop a serum before Erskine perfected his, well. The possibilities would have been limitless. On the battlefield and in Washington.” Peggy walked to the chair, and leaned over, glaring face to face with Wells. She pressed hard on his injured soldiers, making him grown in pain. “How many soldiers are there?” Wells gritted his teeth as he replied. “Five. Your brother, Miss Adams, Benton, Bruce Carter, and…” “Madeline Joyce.” Peggy turned to face Benton, who looked stunned at the words he was saying. “Madeline worked as Masters secretary. Bruce Carter III was an infantryman who had been recovering from shell shock. Miss Adams had been kidnapped from her USO show.” “And Michael?” Peggy asked. Benton held his head and squinted. “It’s all too blurry. They had brought him in, said that he had been given extra combat training. The idea was to take four different individuals, give each different amounts of the test serum I had developed, then examine the effects.” “Wait a minute,” interrupted Daniel. “You say there were four subjects. How did you get the serum?” Benton wiped sweat from his brow, looking at Wells in disgust. “I gave it to myself. I remember now. I thought at first I was doing important work for science, for my country. But slowly, much too slowly God help me, I saw what I was doing. Your precious Council was only interested in gaining power and influence for themselves. You didn’t care what the results of my serum would be. You just kept pushing me to complete the experiment. It didn’t matter that I had my doubts about the serum. For all I knew I might have been injecting poison into their veins!” Wells rolled his eyes. “And in a moment of misplaced chivalry, you injected yourself with your serum, satisfied that if the experiment was a failure and your subjects died, you would pay for overstepping your precious morality. But it wasn’t a failure! It worked! The serum gave you strength!” “And you trained us, and sent us to strike German targets to prove the effectiveness of your new weapons!” Benton snapped. Peggy turned back to Wells. “But in that case, why make them forget their powers?” Wells looked uncomfortable and cleared his throat. “There was a slight… hiccup.” “A hiccup?!” Benton roared. “It all went wrong! The conditioning you gave made us too aggressive! The first mission we went on, we wound up burning a German village to the ground!” Benton stopped short, frozen in shock. “And when it was over, the Council retrieved us, except Daredevil, who had disappeared in the chaos.” “The file!” Peggy said, turning to Daniel. “That must have been the massacre it was talking about! It wasn’t my file. It was Michael’s!” “An unfortunate incident,” Wells went on. “There were those on the Council who thought we should wash our hands of the whole business and eliminate all of you. But powers such as yours would be a terrible thing to waste.” “So, you had Fennhoff erase their memories and forget about their powers?” asked Daniel. “Sadly no. Fennhoff was a genius, and he’s been very helpful in giving the push our subjects needed to remember their powers. But some of the old conditioning meant to keep them all placid and calm is still there.” He grinned and stared at Benton. “What did mother always say, Benton?” “Gentle, gentle,” Benton said without thinking. Peggy and Daniel stared at him in shock. Benton’s eyes went wide. “My God.” Wells chuckled. “Good. Now how about…” A quick right cross from Peggy sent Wells back into unconsciousness. She whirled around to face Benton. “From now on, neither you or Miss Adams is allowed near him. Do you understand?” “Yes, Miss Carter. I’m sorry I…” “I don’t want to hear apologies, Benton!” Peggy snapped. “Who knows how many mental triggers you have in your head? Wells could very have you kill us all!” “Peggy, that’s enough.” Daniel said softly. But Peggy went on. “But at least your damned serum works, doctor! You turned four people into monsters! Women and men with lives that were meant for better things than being tin soldiers!” “Peggy!” Peggy spun to face Daniel, looking at her in stunned silence. Peggy gasped for breath, then turned and ran out of the cellar, tears welling in her eyes. Manhattan, New York City. The mansion of Silvio Manfredi. Count Nefaria strode into the meeting room of the Maggia, flanked by Hammerhead and Kangaroo. Silvio Manfredi sat at the head of the table with the heads of the other families. Behind Silvio’s chair were Dottie Underwood and the Enforcers. No one in the room looked particularly pleased. “Good evening, friends,” Nefaria said cheerfully. He moved to his seat, then looked around the room. “Silvio, where is that boy of yours? I would have thought he would be in attendance.” One of the mobsters coughed as Silvio Manfredi drummed on the table with his fingers. “I have not heard from Joseph these past two days. Since we haven’t heard from the authorities, I can only assume that he has been killed by these vigilantes.” Nefaria bowed his head solemnly. “I’m terribly sorry for your loss, Silvio.” Silvio glared across the table at Nefaria. “I am not interested in your condolences, Luchino. The Maggia was under the impression that your men…” “My men!” Costa interrupted. He fell silent after a stare from Silvio. “You assured us that with Doctor Harrow’s enhancements would be more than a match for these people! Instead, they were sent running with their tails between their legs!” Nefaria held out his hands and shrugged. “Losing the first battle does not mean losing the war, Silvio.” “Perhaps not,” Silvio replied coldly. “But it may mean it is time for a change of tactics.” Suddenly the door to the conference room burst open. Joseph Manfredi ran into the room panting for breath. His suit was torn and disheveled, his hair an unkempt mess. Silvio struggled to his feet. “Joseph! Where have you been, boy?!” Joseph pointed a long finger at Nefaria and his henchmen. “Why don’t you ask him?!” The other Maggia started murmuring amongst each other, and moving away from Nefaria. Nefaria rose and walked toward Joseph. “Joseph, my boy. Your father has been so worried about you.” “Shut up!” Joseph snarled. He started circling the table, not breaking eye contact with Nefaria. “You want to know where I’ve been?” he said to the Maggia. “I’ve been dodging these two jamokes! I overheard Nefaria calling Dmitri to set up a hit, and when I asked him about it, he sent them to try to kill me!” Silvio scowled at Nefaria. “Is this true, Luchino? You tried to kill my son?!” “Silvio, my friend,” Luchino said. “Please, listen to reason.” “Oh, I’ll give you a reason you son of a bitch!” Joseph yelled. He grabbed a gun out of a coat hanging on a hat rack and aimed it a Nefaria. Kangaroo and Hammerhead moved into position and the Enforcers and Dottie drew their weapons. “Stop this! Stop this now!” Silvio screamed, before giving a wheezing cough. Nefaria looked at Sivio, and shook his head. “The leader of the Maggia. You know why I hired Doctor Harrow, Silvio? Because under your leadership the Maggia has become just like you: old, weak. Unable to see what we can truly accomplish.” “Would you like me to kill him now, Mr. Manfredi?” Dottie asked. Silvio returned to his seat, grasping his chest as he attempted to catch his breath. He glared at Nefaria. “Yes, Miss Underwood. And may the devil take you, you… you traitor!” Nefaria’s eyes narrowed and he smiled. “I don’t deal with the devil. The devil deals with me!” Daredevil smashed through one of the tall windows of the room and landed on the table of the Maggia. All the mobsters took a step back in fear as guns were drawn and Nefaria gazed proudly at his living weapons. “Daredevil? Hammerhead? Kangaroo? Kill them all!” Who will win in this battle for control of the Maggia? Stay Tuned and Find Out! Game On!
  6. Episode 10: Why Don’t You Do Right? August 6th, 1946. New York City, New York. The mansion of Howard Stark. A chill came over Peggy as she held the phone to her lips. “Fred? Where are you now?” “I’m staying at a hotel in New York. While I was here I overheard some rather disagreeable chaps talking in the hall. I could only make out bits and pieces, but I heard one of them mention something that sounded like ‘Maggia’. Isn’t that the group of criminals in the papers?” Peggy looked nervously around the room, as Jarvis and Angie looked on worried. “Did those men see you?” “I didn’t think they did. But ever since then I’ve had the strangest feeling someone’s been following me. That’s when I remembered that you had accepted the post with the SSR. I have a feeling they will want to know what I know. It sounded like the Maggia were planning an all out offensive to find these masked characters they’ve been talking about on the radio.” Peggy cleared her throat to steady herself. “Well, then. If you want my advice you need to get yourself to the SSR headquarters at…” Fred’s voice cut her off. “No, Peggy. I don’t want to be seen going into that office. I will turn myself over to you. Please meet me at the Bethesda Fountain tonight at 9. Then I will explain what I know. I need to dash. Would love to chat some more, darling, but you know how it is. Until tonight.” With a click of a receiver, Fred was gone. Peggy slowly hung up the phone. “Miss Carter?” Jarvis asked concerned. “What was all that about?” “Yeah, English,” chimed in Angie. “Who’s the guy?” Before Peggy could reply, the door of the mansion opened and Daniel Sousa and Howard Stark rushed in. “Jarvis!” Howard barked. “Did you forget how to answer a phone?!” Jarvis rushed to his side. “Mr. Stark! I’m sorry, sir. I wasn’t aware that you called.” “We rang this place yesterday afternoon and we got no answer,” explained Daniel. Angie gave side eye glance to the still ruined living room. “Um, we were a little bit busy.” Daniel turned a saw the still shaken Peggy. “Peg? What’s going on? What happened?” “And more importantly,” said Howard, with a dropped jaw examining the damage. “What have you done to my living room?” Manhattan, New York. The laboratory of Doctor Jonas Harrow. Bob Frank regained unconscious to find himself in a nightmare. Leather straps around his neck, chest, wrist, waist, and ankles held him in place on a gurney. His breathing quickened as he looked around the dimly lit room. He could hear the screeching of unknown animals coming from a shelf lined with cages. “Maddie!” he yelled into the dark. “MADDIE!” A screen was pushed aside and Dr. Harrow shuffled into the room. “You! You there!” Bob shouted. “Where’s my wife?” Harrow continued pulled an IV closer to the gurney. “Oh, your wife is just fine, Mr. Frank,” he leered. “She is truly a special woman. A perfect specimen.” Bob pulled on his restraints, but they didn’t budge. “If you’ve hurt her, I swear to God I’ll…” He groaned in pain as Harrow inserted the needle into his arm. “Such spirit! Yes, you will be an excellent subject.” He walked past the rows of cages, and opened one. He stabbed a hypodermic needle into the creature inside and it snarled in response. Harrow quickly drew back and shut the cage. He walked back to the IV, as Bob’s struggles weakened. “The count says that I am free to conduct an experiment on you,” he said as he inserted the blood from the hypodermic into the drip. “I gave him strength with my first two subjects. With you, he shall have speed. And if it doesn’t work… well, I guess I’ll just have to ask for a new subject.” Bob Frank had already fallen back into unconsciousness. New York City, New York. Central Park. Peggy slowly paced around Bethesda Fountain. None of her allies was particularly comfortable with her meeting with Fred Wells, and neither was she. It had been years since she had broken off their engagement, shortly after she had received word of Michael’s death. And now, he calls out of the blue about Maggia? All too coincidental. “Can you hear me alright, Howard?” Peggy said. Her words were picked up by the microphone in the necklace she wore, and were transmitted to the moving van where Howard, Daniel, and Jarvis listened 50 feet away. “Loud and clear, Peggy. Told you this thing works like a charm!” Daniel gave a suspicious look. “Do I really want to know why you put a radio transmitter in a woman’s necklace?” “Just a precaution. When I was seeing Helen Forrest.” “Actually, it was Georgia Gibbs, sir,” chimed in Jarvis from the driver’s seat. Howard looked perplexed. “Did I? I could of sworn I gave her the negligee with the mic hidden in the…” “Gentlemen?” The three men turned to face the monitor in response to Peggy’s voice. “This is a thrilling discussion, but could it wait until after our business is done here? I think I see Fred. Listen carefully, and be ready to assist on my word.” “Don’t worry, Peggy,” Daniel said. “Just be careful. Fennhoff may have gotten to Wells to try to target you. First sign of trouble you call us in.” “Understood, Daniel. I mean, uh, Chief.” Daniel turned embarrassed to look at a bemused Howard. “Glad to see I’ve been a good influence on you.” Fred Wells briskly walked towards Peggy. He opened his arms wide to give her a hug. “Peg, darling. It’s been too long.” Peggy held him at arms length. “We don’t have time for this, Fred. I need to know what the Maggia are up to. Too many people are in danger.” Fred smiled and shook his head. “Look at you, straight to the point. You haven’t seen me in over 5 years, and this is the welcome I get?” “This isn’t a game, Fred,” Peggy said irritated. “What do you know about the Maggia?” Fred rolled his eyes and sighed. “You were so much more calm and reserved when we were engaged. So unlike your brother.” Peggy grabbed Fred by the wrist and pulled him in close. She glared at him, barely keeping her voice level. “Leave Michael out of this!” “Oh, Peg, I’d love to, but I can’t. You see, he was the reason we got together. What better way for me to observe a man, than by proposing to his sister?” Peggy let go of Fred and stepped back in shock. “What are you talking about?” Fred adjusted his coat and gave a satisfied smirk. “Really, darling, your time with the SSR hasn’t improved your skills of deduction as much as I thought. Did you really never think once why I was so willing to give you up after you broke off the engagement?” “I... I thought you understood. That I couldn’t just sit behind the lines. That I had to fight, for our country, to honor Michael’s memory.” Fred chuckled and walked around Peggy to the fountain. “Oh yes, that delightful scene. But what you chose to do with your life in the SSR really meant precious little difference to me. I already got what I wanted.” Peggy’s blood ran cold as she answered. “What did you want?” Fred turned back to face Peggy. “Why, your brother, of course. Would you like to meet him?” Daredevil leapt off of the terrace and dived towards Peggy, delivering a strike with his boomerang. Peggy fell back, clutching the side of her head, feeling blood. She gazed up as Daredevil stood next to Fred Wells. “Isn’t this a charming family reunion? Daredevil, would you kindly kill her, please?” Back in the van, Daniel spun to face Jarvis. “Peggy’s in trouble! Drive! Quickly!” Suddenly there was a loud thud as the indentation of a pair of footprints crashed into the roof of the car. “What the devil?” Howard shouted. “Um, sir?” Jarvis whispered. Howard and Daniel looked out the windscreen just in time to see Hammerhead charged toward them and slam headfirst into the front the van, tearing through metal. Daredevil drew nearer to Peggy, who struggled to her feet. “I was sure you would be impressed, dear,” Fred called to her. “We knew your brother’s record made him perfect for us. He just needed a little… coaching to make him the man he was meant to be.” Daredevil held the boomerang in one hand and one of his spikes in the other. Peggy was breathing heavily, but she readied herself. “I don’t know who you are, or what your game is. But if you are my brother, after I’m done with you, I’m going to kill the man who did this to you!” Daredevil hurled the boomerang and Peggy charged ahead. Who will win this battle of a family reunion? Stay Tuned and Find Out! Game On!
  7. Episode 9: It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie August 6th, 1946. Los Angeles, California. Waverly Memorial Hospital Jack Thompson sat in bed looking through the files that Samberly had delivered to him. Police reports on the attacks in New York. The SSR case files on the incident at the Met Hospital. There had to be a connection. A man who looks like Sousa shows up and shoots him to get his hands on Carter’s file. Then Sousa shows up at Auerbach just as all the other agents are called out to assist at the hospital? Jack Thompson did not believe in coincidences. Especially when they surrounded Peggy Carter. He grunted as he adjusted his pillow, and some files and newspapers slid off the bed the floor. Cursing under his breath, Jack reached down and picked up the newspaper. He saw the picture on the front page and froze. It was a picture of Joseph Manfredi with his father. The caption read, “Joseph Manfredi and suspected mobster Silvio Manfredi refusing to comment on recent slayings on August 3rd.” Jack quickly consulted the files. He found an edition of the LA Times. It’s front page was a picture of the sheriff having a press conference to give their answers for the Arcade incident. In the corner of the picture, just within view of the cameras, was Joseph Manfredi, looking despondent at the passing of Whitney Frost. Jack checked the date of the picture. August 3rd. Either Joseph Manfredi was able to be in two places at once, or… “Son of a bitch,” Jack breathed. Then he threw the covers off him and scrambled to the chair where his clothes were set. Manhattan, New York City. The mansion of Silvio Manfredi. Count Nefaria sat in Silvio’s office, talking into the phone on his desk. “The situation here is developing nicely. I believe it’s time for you to return to New York.” Dmitri’s impression of Joseph Manfredi’s voice sounded low in response. “I wouldn’t have a problem with that, boss. I’ve been getting tired of playing nursemaid to these clowns.” Nefaria smiled. “You really have captured young Joseph’s voice perfectly. Have all of his men been accounted for?” “Yeah, there all here at the restaurant just like I asked ‘em, so’s Nonna. What do you want to do with her? Same as the rest?” Nefaria shrugged. “It’s a shame, but yes. No witnesses. Then take the private plane back to New York. Understood?” “Gotcha, count. See you in a few days.” “Good. See you then, Mr. Manfredi.” Nefaria chuckled and hung up the phone. Then turned in his seat to see Joseph Manfredi leaning in the doorway. The young gangster smirked at the count. “Hey, Nefaria? Are you talkin’ to me?” Nefaria cleared his throat and rose from his seat. “Forgive me, Joseph, but I don’t know what you mean.” “Oh, I think you do, count,” Joseph said dangerously. “I heard you saying something about my voice, and that ‘Mr. Manfredi’ stuff. You were talking to Dmitri, weren’t you?” Nefaria tightened his grip on his cane, keeping his voice calm. “Joseph, my boy. I understand you have a lot on your mind. Your father’s troubles, the tragedy with Miss Frost. You are jumping at shadows.” Joseph drew closer to Nefaria, not breaking eye contact. “You were setting up a hit! Who do you think you are giving out orders to that nut? He works for my pop, not you!” “Your father,” Nefaria said matter-of-factly. “Only sent Dmitri to take your place under my suggestion. As you can tell with your father’s issues with these vigilantes, Silvio is not the man he was. He requires a guiding hand to ensure the continued prosperity of the Maggia.” Joseph snorted. “Well, it ain’t going to be you. You’re two gorillas got trounced by Carter and those other freaks. And when my pop hears your making moves on your own with Dmitri…” “Have a care, boy!” Nefaria snapped. He paused, and took a breath to steady himself. “I only wish to advise your father. And I am willing to advise you, as well. You have a chance to regain a place of honor in the Maggia. It would be foolish to risk that by jumping to conclusions.” Joseph stared unblinking at the count, then smirked and turned to the door. “You don’t scare me, count. You are done. As soon as I let pop know.” The front door of the house slammed shut. Nefaria watched through the window as Joseph got in his car and drove off down the street. Hammerhead and Kangaroo stepped behind Nefaria as he continued to gaze forward. “Young Joseph has become tiresome. Follow him. Make sure he doesn’t reach his father.” Los Angeles, California. Polizzi’s. Jack Thompson pulled up to curb outside of the restaurant. He checked his loaded pistol then replaced it in his holster. He could feel the stiches in his chest tighten under the strain. He breathed deep to calm his nerves. And in the silence, he heard the sounds of multiple gunshots from inside Polizzi’s. Jack jumped out of the car and ran to the door of the restaurant. He grabbed the handle and slowly pushed open the door. The dining room of the restaurant was the site of a massacre. Five Manfredi family enforcers were dead, slumped over on tables and laid out on the floor. Each one had a bullet hole in their head. On the far end of the dining room, Jack could see a man that looked like Joseph Manfredi with gun drawn. He had his back to Jack and was pointing his gun at Nonna Manfredi who was kneeling on the ground, begging for her life. “Giuseppe! Giuseppe, per favore! Sei un bravo ragazzo! Non farlo per favore!” “Calmati,” the man said with barely any emotion. “Fai la pace con Dio. Questo e il tuo momento.” “SSR!” Jack shouted. “Put down your weapon!” Dmitri turned to see Jack and Nonna scrambled away, screaming in fear. Dmitri spun back and took aim at Nonna, only for Jack to fire a warning shot. Dmitri ducked behind a table and returned fire. Jack fired again, aiming for his opponents head. The bullet struck Dmitri in the cheek, sending him flying backward. Jack rose from his cover and slowly walked toward his opponent. He was lying still on the ground. Jack gave a soft kick to the body, causing the head to turn the other way and showing Jack Joseph Manfredi’s face. There was hole and scarring where Jack’s bullet had hit. But there was no blood, no bone. Just a white, ceramic-like material. “What the hell are you?” Jack breathed. ‘Joseph’s’ eyes opened and kicked the legs out from under Jack. Jack groaned as he looked at Dmitri discarded his ruined mask. “Me?” he said in a perfect imitation of Jack. “I’m Agent Jack Thompson of the Strategic Scientific Reserve.” OK: Can Jack capture the Chameleon? Or can Chameleon kill or elude Jack? Stay Tuned and Find Out! Game On!
  8. Episode 8: Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive August 5th, 1946. New York City, New York. The mansion of Howard Stark. “Just when exactly are you planning to show up at the office, Miss Carter?” Peggy winced slightly as Acting Chief Flynn’s voice pierced through the telephone. “I’m sorry, Chief Flynn, but…” “Acting Chief!” Peggy took a deep breath and tried to keep her voice steady as she sat on the couch in the living room. Robert Benton, Diana Adams, and Angie sat around the room, watching in anticipation. “Acting Chief Flynn. But you did tell me to take time off. I’m just following your instructions.” “Well now I’m giving you new instructions! We’re up to our necks in paperwork here! The mayor is having us run clean up on that Stilt Man fiasco, suspected Maggia are flocking to the city like it’s a convention. And we STILL haven’t found that nutty actress!” Peggy looked over at Diana, sipping a cocktail. “Oh, you mean Diana Adams? You don’t have any leads?” Diana coughed and choked on her drink while Angie stifled a laugh. “No, we don’t,” grumbled Flynn. “But we have the situation under control. If she tries to leave town, we’ll get her for sure.” “Don’t worry, Acting Chief,” said Peggy, winking at Diana. “I’m sure she’ll turn up eventually.” “Spare me the sympathy, Carter!” snapped Flynn. “You just make sure to be in the office tomorrow morning at 8 sharp!” Peggy was about to reply only to hear the slamming of a phone being slammed down and the line going dead. “Good day to you, too, Chief,” Peggy said as she hung up the phone. “You are too much, English,” Angie chuckled. “That Flynn guy would have steam coming out of his ears if he knew that that lady he’s looking for is on the other end of the line!” “Well, I don’t think it was that funny!” Diana pouted as she refreshed her drink. “I wasn’t trying to be funny, Miss Adams,” Peggy explained. “You are still wanted by the SSR. I need to know what they know so we can keep one step ahead of them.” “Fair point, Miss Carter,” said Dr. Benton. “But this is still a dangerous game. I just wish we could tell you more about how we have these… abilities.” “Maybe you can,” Peggy said. She rose from her seat and walked over to a table where her purse sat. She reached in and pulled out a picture of a bald man in a white suit jacket and a bow tie. She handed the picture to Dr. Benton. “Take a look at this. Have you seen this man before?” Dr. Benton squinted at the picture, then shook his head. “I don’t know. It’s very strange. It’s as if I’ve seen that face before, but it’s as if something’s stopping me from knowing where.” He handed the picture to Diana, who looked bored but examined the picture anyway. A flash recognition appeared in her face, but then she frowned. “Same here. Maybe at the theater? On the street? He doesn’t look like much to me.” Peggy took back the picture. “His name is Johann Fennhoff. He’s an agent of an organization called Leviathan. He is an expert in hypnosis. When I encountered him before he was able to use his abilities to kill two SSR agents.” “Are you saying this Fenhoff guy hypnotized these to two to give them powers?” asked Angie. “Maybe not the powers,” said Peggy. “But both of you and our boomerang throwing friend seem to have been conditioned to forget you have powers, then use them expertly when threatened. Perhaps Fennhoff or someone with his abilities found you, and tried breaking down those walls for you to access those powers again.” “But where did we get these powers in the first place?!” Diana cried. “I don’t want to live in hiding with a bunch of cloak and dagger nonsense in my head!” Dr. Benton walked to Diana’s chair and put and comforting hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, Diana. We’ll be able to figure this out. Miss Carter will help us.” Peggy looked at the pair with thoughtful expression. “Are you sure you can’t tell us anymore, Dr. Benton?” Dr. Benton looked insulted at Peggy. “I don’t have anything to hide from you, Miss Carter. My only desire is to make sure Miss Adams and any others like her are given the help they need.” “But Diana was saying that she could trust you,” Angie said. “Maybe there’s something else that you might have forgot. Something that you could…” “I’m telling you, I remember nothing else!” Dr. Benton’s outburst silenced the room. He looked at Diana, then cleared his throat. “I’m sorry, ladies. I have been under a lot of strain. If you want answers, why not ask this Fennhoff person?” “That’s what I’ve been waiting to hear,” Peggy replied. “I’ve been in contact with Daniel Sousa and Howard Stark. They should be arriving at the prison where Fennhoff was confined today. Then we’ll know whether or not he was in any position to be involved in this business. Don’t worry, they won’t let us down,” “Ha!” Diana laughed dryly, and sipped her cocktail. “Howard not letting me down. That’ll be a first.” Peggy smiled as the doorbell rang. Jarvis hurried out of the kitchen to the door. “Really, Mr. Jarvis, I could get that,” said Peggy. “It’s not bother, Miss Carter,” said Jarvis, brushing himself off as he approached the front door. “You feel free to continue your strategizing.” Jarvis opened the door and froze in the doorway, a look of terror on his face. Peggy turned to him in concern. “Mr. Jarvis?” Jarvis grunted in pain as the kick to his midsection sent him falling backward into a suit of armor. Dottie Underwood strode into the mansion. She smiled sweetly at Peggy. “Hey, Peggy. Did you miss me?’ Arlington, Virginia. Steadworth Prison. “We’re pleased to have you come to pay us a visit, Chief Sousa.” The guard led Daniel Sousa and Howard Stark down a stone corridor lined with steel doors. “We don’t get many visitors. Well, we don’t get any visitors.” “The SSR just wants to check in on your prisoner, Pierce,” said Daniel. “Your reports have been thorough, but we wanted to see if Fennhoff has been giving you any trouble.” “Oh no trouble at all, sir. Me and Domenetto keep our eyes on him around the clock.” Howard looked behind him and saw the outline of the guard in question. “Yeah, sure you guys do great work. But, um, where are the other guards?” Pierce looked confused. “Other guards? There are no other guards.” Daniel and Howard shared a look. “But there is supposed to be a whole squad stationed here at all times,” said Daniel. “Oh there was, sir. But the squad had been recalled. They received their orders months ago. Domenetto and I were told to stay here. Makes sense, really. Shouldn’t need a whole bunch of soldiers to watch one prisoner who doesn’t even leave his cell.” Howard was about to say something when Daniel nudged him. “Correct, Pierce. That does make sense. Carry on.” Pierce nodded and moved further down the corridor. “I don’t know about you, Sousa,” muttered Howard. “But I’m beginning to feel the way I did when Rita told me Orson wasn’t going to be home.” “You’re right. Somethings off here. Did you see Domenetto? Both him and Pierce seemed confused at the very idea that other guards would be needed.” Howard grinned. “Then I guess we’ll just have to keep our guard up.” Daniel rolled his eyes as the two reached the door where Pierce was waiting for them. “Here it is, gentlemen. This is Dr. Fennhoff’s cell.” Pierce banged his fist against the steel. “Hey, doc!” he shouted. “Company’s here!” There was silence from the cell. Pierce shrugged and turned back to Howard and Daniel. “I suppose he’s resting. Maybe you can come back later.” Daniel took a step to the door. “Sorry, soldier. I need to see him now.” Instantly Pierce had drawn his pistol and aimed it at Daniel. “Please step away from the door, sir,” he said in strained tones. Daniel held out a hand to Pierce. “Stand down, Pierce. We just need to see Fennhoff.” “No! You can’t! I have my orders!” Daniel’s eyes narrowed. “Orders from who?” Sweat beaded down Pierce’s face. His eyes began to have manic look in them boarding on hysterical. “I… have… orders! Step away from the door, or I will shoot!” Daniel slowly moved aside from the door. “Alright, Pierce. Whatever you say.” Daniel swung his crutch, knocking the gun from Pierce’s grip. Daniel lunged forward and pinned Pierce to the wall with the crutch. “Howard!” he yelled. “The door!” Howard pulled out two circular devices from his coat and placed them on the door. Pierce pushed the cane away, knocking Daniel off balance. “Domenetto!” he screamed before swinging a punch that Daniel blocked. The tumblers in the lock clicked, and the cell door swung open as Domenetto ran towards them gun drawn. Daniel swung his crutch to the head of Pierce, then ducked into the cell. The cell was completely empty. A steel frame held a thin mattress and small basin of water were all that were inside. “Hold it right there!” Domenetto commanded, pointing the gun at Daniel’s head. Howard pulled out the ‘zapper’ and jammed it into Domenetto’s neck. The guard convulsed and twitched until he fell to the ground unconscious. “Well, look at us being a team,” Howard said. “Don’t start,” Daniel said, exiting the cell and moving back down the corridor. “These men must have been compromised by Fennhoff. He’s in the wind. We need to get in touch with Peggy.” New York City, New York. The mansion of Howard Stark. Peggy stood at the ready, with Diana and Dr. Benton flanked her. “Angie, get out of here now.” Dottie quickly drew her pistol. “Now, now. There’s no need to be rude. I thought you’d enjoy having the old Griffith gang together again.” “I take it you know this woman?” Dr. Benton asked. “Sadly, yes,” said Peggy not breaking eye contact with Dottie. “What do you want, Dottie?” “Oh, I don’t want anything from you, Peggy,” Dottie said slowly moving into the room. “Let’s just say I’m representing some men who have a problem with your masked friends here.” “You? Working for the Maggia?” Peggy scoffed. “How the mighty have fallen. Leviathan’s top spy becomes Silvermane’s errand girl?” “Think what you like, Peggy. And just in case you think you are going to stop me from leaving here… Boys?” The imposing figures of Hammerhead and Kangaroo walked into the lounge. “What you want, Miz Underwood?” Kangaroo asked. “Be a dear and escort Doctor Benton and Miss Adams to the car.” Dottie turned her gaze back to Peggy. “Then leave Miss Carter to me.” Jarvis leapt up and pushed past the henchmen and grabbed Dottie’s arm. “Miss Carter! Run!” Dottie easily shook Jarvis off her and judo threw him to the floor. “As gallant as ever, Mr. Jarvis.” Peggy charged forward and delivered a punch to Dottie’s face, as Diana and Dr. Benton followed after her. Angie ran to the kitchen and slammed the door, as the battle was joined in the living room. OK: Can Peggy, Black Terror and Miss Masque hold off the Maggia’s hit squad? Or can Dottie and her henchmen succeed in capturing one or both of our heroes? Stay Tuned to Find Out! Game On!
  9. Episode 7: Mighty, Mighty Man August 3rd, 1946. Los Angeles, California. Waverly Memorial Hospital “The movie world was saddened today following reports of the death of Whitney Frost.” Jack Thompson sat in bed looking at magazine and listening to the news over the radio. “Whitney Frost, the starlet who had captured the hearts of millions,” the announcer went on. “Had recently suffered a nervous breakdown, requiring her to be institutionalized at Metropolitan State Hospital. Though authorities have been tight lipped about the details, they have confirmed that the hospital had been the site of an attack that left several doctors, nurses, and patients injured and dead. At this moment, the only confirmed name is Whitney Frost.” “Good,” said Jack, turning a page in his magazine. “One less psycho in the world.” There was a knock outside of the door, but Jack continued flipping through the magazine as he answered. “Come in!” Samberly peeked his head inside and walked in, carrying a small, white box. “Evening, chief,” he said in an enforced cheerful tone. Jack didn’t look up from the magazine. “What do you want, Samberly?” The scientist cleared his throat. “Oh, nothing, chief. I just came to give you this box of fudge, that I… well, actually it was Rose who…” “Just set it on the table. I’ll be sure it eat it later.” Jack looked up to see Samberly, shuffling nervously. “Is that all?” Samberly coughed again. “Well, I mean, chief. The thing is there might be a small problem. I mean, it could be a huge problem, but…” “Samberly!” Jack snapped. Samberly gulped as Jack glared at him impatiently. If you have something to say, say it!” Samberly took a deep breath before continuing. “Well, chief, there was a call at the office for you. It was from Chief Sousa. From London.” Jack tossed the magazine on the side table. “What did he say? Anything about Nick Driscoll?” “I’m sorry, chief. He did mention a Driscoll, but he said that he had been killed.” Jack let his head fall back against the wall. “Damn. All this over a redacted file.” “But, chief, that’s not the problem.” Jack looked annoyed at Samberly. Samberly instantly showed shock as he tried to back track. “I mean, uh, it is a problem about your friend dying and all, but… The problem is that I’m not sure how he could have done it.” “Done what? Died?” “No. Called.” “Called who?” “Me.” Jack took a deep breath then motioned to Samberly. “Samberly? Come a little closer.” Samberly took a step next to Jack’s bed. Jack grabbed a hold of Samberly’s tie and pulled him across the bed. “Now, Samberly,” Jack said dangerously. “Tell me what the hell you’re talking about!” Samberly flailed helplessly for a moment before answering. “Chief! Chief Sousa. He couldn’t have called from London. Because he was at the talent agency yesterday!” Jack loosened his grip on Samberly’s tie. “It was during the attack at the hospital,” Samberly gasped. “He came in and said he found a lead on a… thing that I had been investigating for him. And he asked me to give him the… thing, so I did.” Jack’s expression dropped. “A pin? And Arena Club pin?” Samberly was taken aback. He looked at Jack in shock. “Yes. How did you know?” Jack pointed to the door. “Get to the office now! I want everything we have on Whitney Frost! That includes anything involving Joseph Manfredi! I’ve been sitting in this bed for too long. Time to get to work! Move it!” Samberly quickly scurried to the door, pausing to look at Jack. “Chief? Did I do something wrong?” Jack looked balefully at Samberly. “Well, Samberly, I’m pretty sure you haven’t done anything right.” Collinsville, IL. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Frank. Madeline stood before the stranger who held her husband up by the throat. “Please,” she begged. “Let him go!” “NO!” the man yelled. “Not until we talked.” His voice suddenly softened. “We could always talk, remember? They let us practice flying together. The two of us, alone above the clouds.” “Please, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” “Maddie, just get out of here!” Bob wheezed. “He’s crazy!” “SHUT UP!” the man snapped. “You say another word and I’ll snap your neck right here!” “No! Please!” Madeline pleaded. The man looked back to Madeline. “We were meant to be together. Miss America and Fighting Yank. We fought together! We killed together!” “I’ve never killed anyone!” “LIAR!” Fighting Yank roared. Miss America has obviously been compromised. Proceed to Doctor Benton for check up. “Stop talking!” “Nobody said anything,” said Madeline, her breathing becoming more shaky. “Please, what do you want from us?” Fighting Yank closed his eyes, flinching in pain. “You have to remember. You have to make sense of it all. I keep seeing them. Hearing them. The screams. The blood. So much blood.” He opened his eyes and glared accusingly at Madeline. “And you were there. You left me behind! You let them lock me away! How could you do that to me, Madeline?” Madeline started sobbing in fear. “Look, I don’t know you. I’ve never met you. Please let my husband go! We won’t tell anyone about this! Just go!” Fighting Yank held her gaze as Bob’s hand fumbled around the frying pan on the stove. “Not without you, Madeline. You’ll make it all make sense. And then we’ll be together. Just like we were supposed to.” Bob finally took hold of the frying pan and swung it at Fighting Yank’s head. The clang of metal against skull reverberated around the kitchen. Out of surprise rather than pain, Fighting Yank dropped Bob to the floor. He looked up at the terrified Madeline. “Maddie! Run!” Fighting Yank grabbed him by the leg and hurled Bob across the kitchen. He crashed into the refrigerator door, and within seconds Fighting Yank was over him with fist raised. “She doesn’t belong to you!” he screamed. “You can’t protect her! I will!” The fist rushed toward Bob, who closed his eyes tight. But no impact came. Bob opened his eyes to see Madeline grabbing a hold of Fighting Yank’s arm, preventing the blow from landing. “That’s. Enough!” Madeline shouted. She threw Fighting Yank to the floor behind her, shattering the tiled floor. Bob looked in shock at his wife. “Maddie? How did you…” “No time for that, Bob! You have to go!” Fighting Yank rose to his feet, staring disbelieving at Madeline. “Why did you do that? After all we’ve been through?!” Miss America has been compromised. You must complete the mission. ‘Over there! Over there!’ Fighting Yank gripped his head and groaned in pain. “There’s no way I’m leaving without you!” Bob yelled as he pulled himself up with the refrigerator handle. “Honey, I don’t know what’s going on, but I know that between the two of us I’m the only one who stands a chance with him! Now go!” Fighting Yank’s head suddenly jerked up as he fixed his maddened eyes at Madeline. “TRAITOR!!” He flew toward Madeline crashed through the kitchen wall into the living room. “Maddie!” Bob yelled, but Madeline was already on her feet. She kicked off her heels and let herself rise off the floor. “You’ve invaded my home, you hurt my husband,” she said glaring down on Fighting Yank. “I might not know who you are, but I know you’ve just made your last mistake!” OK: Can Miss America subdue the maddened Fighting Yank? Will Fighting Yank have Miss America and Bob at his mercy? Stay Tuned and Find Out! Game On!
  10. Episode 6: She Floats Through the Air August 3rd, 1946. St. Louis, Missouri. The air was filled with the sound of calliope music as Madeline and Bob Frank made their way arm in arm down the busy midway. They passed the booths holding carnival barkers hawking their wares as parents attempted to guide their children through the crowd. Madeline adjusted her glasses as Bob pointed out the attractions. “How about that? How about I get you one a prize from that milk bottle game? I can win a prize for you.” Madeline shrugged. “I don’t know, Bob. I didn’t think it was going to be this crowded. Maybe we should just head for the tent and sit down.” Bob shook his head and sighed. “Maddie, what’s gotten into you? You’ve been acting odd ever since breakfast.” “I’m sorry, Bob. I’m glad you got us these tickets. I just don’t feel so good.” The couple had reached the sideshow, with a tall man and a short, bearded lady standing on a stage for the crowd to gawk at. “Maybe your just anxious to open up that present,” said Bob, glancing at the stage to watch the two performers dance together. “Why did you bring it with us? You could have opened it up when we got back.” “No!” shouted Madeline, startling the people standing near them. She blushed and lowered her voice. “I mean, I couldn’t have left it there. I need to keep it nearby.” “But why?” asked Bob. “Do you have an idea who sent it?” Before Madeline could reply, the dance finished, and the audience applauded. The two performers bowed and a barker strode onto the stage, twirling his cane. “Let’s hear it for ‘em, folks! But stick around! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Because we got somethin’ for all of you gentlemen in the audience! Come a little closer!” Bob winked at Madeline and walked with her closer to the stage. “Well, this might be fun! Wonder what it is.” Madeline smiled and rolled her eyes. “I’m sure they’ll tell us.” “Yessir, gents!” the barker continued. “You’ll get a real thrill out of this! And you ladies will be impressed, too! 15 years ago, a young Catholic school girl went on a cruise with her class across the Atlantic! The ship was caught in a storm and she was thrown overboard! She was battered and tossed by the waves but found herself on the shores of South America, on the edge of the Amazon! For 13 years, she lived in complete exile from the eyes of men! But she survived and thrived! “How?” you may ask. “How can a young girl exist in such a barbaric place on her own?” Well, friends, she wasn’t alone! She found a protector! A creature that she could bend to her will, to protect her, to hunt for her, yes! Even to kill for her! And that girl, now the most fearsome and flawless female in creation, has been found and is here this very moment! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… Princess Python!” The barker yanked on a cord and a curtain lifted up to a gasp from the crowd, followed by several whistles. On the stage was a beautiful woman with auburn hair. She was dressed in a green leotard with tights painted to resemble scales. And wrapped around her shoulders and torso, was a 10 foot long snake. It bared it’s fangs and hissed at the crowd as Princess Python walked downstage closer to the audience. She extend her arms and allowed the snake to slither around her until it’s head rested in her hands. Bob looked over at Madeline with a grin as Princess Python petted the snake. “Well, gee whiz! That’s something you don’t see everyday. She must have eaten well in the Amazon.” “Oh, really, Bob!” Madeline chuckled. “Don’t tell me you believe that story. 15 years in the jungle with nothing but a snake?” “It’s a very large snake.” The snake hissed as it untied itself from around Princess Python and landed on the stage. It darted toward the audience and snapped it jaws, causing the front row to jump back and cry out in alarm. “Do not be afraid, my friends,” Princess Python said smoothly. “Please, stay still and silent. Precious? Return to me, my dear.” The snake turned back to face Python, watching her sway slowly back and forth. Amazingly, the snake followed her movements. Python stretched her right arm into the air and looked up to the sky, and the snake slithered toward her. The crowd burst into applause as Precious circled around Princess Python, traveling up her body until resting it’s head back on her shoulder. Bob was among those applauding. “Did you see that? I think she was looking at me!” “Yeah,” said Madeline as she turned him toward the main tent. “And wondering if her snake could eat you in one gulp or two. Let’s get to the tent, Bob. The show’s about to start.” Bob shrugged, and gave one last look to Princess Python before letting Madeline guide him. “Whatever you say, birthday girl.” Princess Python waved to the crowd still gathered at her booth, a dangerous look behind her smile. “If you think this was something, you all better head for the big top! It’s almost show time!” She turned and headed offstage and was met by the barker. Her pleasant demeanor dropped instantly. “Bunch of yokels. I bet we won’t even break even in this town.” “Take it easy, Zelda,” the barker said. “The boss got a tip that the people around her have a lot of dough. You just get to center ring with the rest of the crew.” He reached for her arm, but Precious snapped at his hand. He jerked it back in alarm. Princess Python smiled sweetly. “Be careful there! Precious has been quite hungry lately.” The barker glared at Python as she and Precious walked through the cast entrance to the main tent. Madeline and Bob made their way down the bleachers until they reached their seats. The tent was buzzing with excitement. Two acrobats flipped and somersaulted across the center ring, until one came to a stop, and his partner landed standing on his shoulders. The two men waved and exited the ring as the crowd applauded. That is when a man in a green coat covered in a stars and a purple hat entered the ring, encouraging the audience to applaud some more. “The Great Gambonnos, ladies and gentlemen! A thrilling display! Let them know your appreciation!” The crowd roared in approval. The man held his hands high in benediction. “Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages! We, of the Tiboldt Family Circus, are grateful beyond measure that you chose to join us this glorious day! I am your humble ringmaster! Are you ready for the show to commence?” “YES!” the crowd shouted, including Bob. He didn’t notice Madeline taking off her glasses and massaging her temples. She felt the strangest sensation. Something wasn’t right. And it was something about that ringmaster. “Before we begin,” he went on. “I must ask for your complete and utter attention! Focus all your thoughts to the center ring! This is a world all to itself! Let yourself be made a part of it! Absorbed in it!” The Ringmaster slowly started turning in a circle, directing his speech to every side of the tent. And as he turned, Madeline noticed the crowd becoming quieter and quieter, until it had fallen dead silent. The once excited crowd was now sitting in their seats with blank expressions on their faces. What was it about that man? Madeline looked at the Ringmaster again, and was drawn to the back of his hat. Only now the hat seemed to blur. It was as if she could see straight through it, to what was concealed underneath. Positioned inside the hat, was a small mechanical device that look like a radio. For reasons not even Madeline could explain, she knew that that device was doing something to the audience. She got out of her seat and ducked behind the colorful barricade in front of her. “Maddie! What are you doing?” Madeline stayed down, looking into her purse. “Bob, get down! Don’t look at that hat!” “There you go again, Maddie! Relax! It’s all part of the shooooo…” To Madeline’s horror, she looked up to see Bob gazing spellbound at the center ring, along with everyone else sitting with them. A part of Madeline wanted to scream and run for help, but then she felt compelled to stay. Someone needed to find out what was going on. She slowly returned to her seat, and did her best to assume a similar blank look. The Ringmaster had finished his work, and not a sound came from the hypnotized audience. He turned to the crowd of circus performers behind him. “Alright, people! You know the drill! Get out there and get whatever you can lay your grubby hands on!” Madeline fought hard not to blink as the performers swept up into the bleachers. The moved throughout the crowd, emptying wallets and removing jewelry from unresponsive people. Princess Python made her way down the row where Madeline and Bob were sitting, putting necklaces and rings in a satchel. She unclasped Madeline’s own bracelet from her wrist, and looked at it unimpressed. “Hmph. Will surprised if we get 10 bucks for this.” Madeline didn’t flinch as Python moved on to Bob. The snake charmer looked down on him with smirk. “Oh I remember you. You caught my act? Well, I guess it’s only fair if I’m taking something from you, I might as well give you something. Not that you’ll remember anything.” Placing the satchel on the ground, Python straddled Bob, took hold his head in her hands, and forcibly kissed him. Madeline unthinkingly gave a gasp of shock before biting her lip. Princess Python, still seated on Bob, spun to look at Madeline with a glare. She looked up and down as Madeline tried to regain her composure. “Ringmaster!” Python yelled. “I think you might have missed someone! She’s snapping out of it!” Ringmaster strode to the bleachers with a sinister smile. “No matter, Princess. She’ll be in my power again. Look at me, my dear. Watch the hat.” Madeline saw the spinning shapes in Ringmaster’s hat, absorbing her and dulling her mind. She leapt out of her seat, and ran for the entrance to the tent. “Stop her!” yelled the Ringmaster. “Don’t let her get away!” Two clowns jumped in front of Madeline but she leapt over them and landed outside the big top. Princess Python summoned Precious to her as she watched Madeline disappear into the deserted midway. “Maybe we can have her work with the Gambonos.” Ringmaster didn’t acknowledge his snake charmer as shouted orders to his crew. “Bruto! You and Teena take the clowns and search the midway! Ernesto and Luigi! You stay here with Rajah and Princess in case that woman comes back! These people will only be in my power for another 50 minutes! Move!” Madeline ran faster then she thought she was ever capable, until she could feel her feet leave the ground. She zoomed through the midway until she reached the clearing which the circus had made a makeshift parking lot. She tumbled to the ground and landed in a heap a few feet from her car. She jumped in and slammed the door, breathing heavily. What was she to do? Someone had to save those people, to save Bob. Slowly, her panicking expression faded, as she turned to look at the white gift box still sitting in the backseat. Bruto the Strong Man led a group of clowns down the rows of booths. The clowns had armed themselves with pitchforks, bats, and some even held pistols. “Hey, Bruto!” one of them shouted. Bruto turned to address the clown. “What you want? You see woman?” Bruto’s gaze followed the clown’s pointing finger to see Madeline Joyce-Frank, dressed in a red outfit and blue cape. “Hold there!” Bruto shouted. “You come with us!” Madeline continued to walk toward them. One of the clowns pulled out a gun and fired. Madeline held up her hands to her face, only feeling the bullet bounce off her arm and land harmlessly a few feet in front of her. The clowns all stared in shock as Madeline lowered her hands to glance at the bullet, then looking up with a determined smile. “Take it easy, gentlemen. You ain’t seen nothing yet!” Miss America took off into the air, then dived down toward the Circus of Crime. OK: Can Miss America defeat Ringmaster and his gang? Or will she be beaten and fall victim to his hypnotic power? Stay Tuned and find out! Game On!
  11. Episode 5: The Long and the Short and Tall August 3rd. Brooklyn, New York. Benton’s Pharmacy. Diana looked unimpressed through the window of the sedan at the faded sign of Benton’s. “Just how many more of these dumps are you going to drag me to see? I already told you, I don’t know what made me say Benton.” Peggy opened the door and walked over to Jarvis in the driver’s seat with Angie sitting next to him. “You also don’t know how you are able to shoot a gun. At the moment, this is our only lead. Mr. Jarvis, you know the drill. Keep Miss Adams out of sight. Angie, stay with Mr. Jarvis.” Angie shot a salute with a grin. “Yes, ma’am.” Peggy turned and headed for the pharmacy. “Jervis,” Diana moaned. “I’m hungry. Do you think we could get something to eat?” “Our instructions our to wait for Miss Carter, and render assistance as it is needed,” Jarvis said, not turning to look at Diana. “But she’ll be fine! I need some food!” Angie turned around with a look of impatience. “Listen, lady! We’re all hungry! But if you walk out there, someone could see you and call the cops! So just sit there and be quiet!” Diana looked taken aback, then sat back in her seat. “Well put, Miss Martinelli,” said Jarvis approvingly. “Hey, it’s all in the projection. It’s acting thing.” The bell at the door of the pharmacy chimed as Peggy entered. There were no customers inside at the booths or the counter. Jean Benton stood wiping a glass with a towel before she noticed Peggy and set it aside. “Welcome to Benton’s Pharmacy, miss. How can I help you?” Peggy approached the counter and reached in her purse. “Good morning. My name is Peggy Carter. I’m wanting to speak with your husband about an urgent matter.” She pulled out a newspaper clipping with a picture of Diana Adams accepting a bouquet of flowers. “Have you ever seen this lady before? Perhaps she came here as a customer?” Jean Benton took the clipping at examined the picture carefully for a moment, then shook her head. “I’m sorry. I don’t recall seeing her around here. Why? Is she in some sort of trouble?” The door to the backroom swung open and Dr. Benton hurried out. “Jean, I’ve been looking over our supply of penicillin. We might need a few more boxes in case of… oh! I’m sorry, dear. I didn’t know you were waiting on a customer.” “Robert,” Jean said in hushed tones. “She was asking for you. Something about a woman.” Dr. Benton looked uncomfortable at Peggy. “Well, miss, what exactly is this about?” Peggy showed him the clipping. “Dr. Benton, this woman. Have you seen her? Think carefully. It’s most important.” Dr. Benton squinted at the picture. “I don’t know. We do have a lot of customers come through here. Well, not today anyway. But what’s this all about?” Peggy put the clipping back in her purse. “Her name is Diana Adams. She has found herself in a rather difficult situation. She seems to believe you can help her.” Dr. Benton shook his head. “I’m sorry, miss. But I don’t even know any Diana Adams.” “Robert!” Jean interrupted. “Diana Adams! Isn’t that the name they said on the radio? The actress who went crazy?” “That’s what I’m trying to find out, Miss Benton,” Peggy said. Meanwhile, in the sedan, Diana sat up in the backseat and pointed at the window of the pharmacy. “That’s him! That’s Dr. Benton!” Angie looked back in frustration. “Are you sure? Oh wait. Don’t tell me. You don’t know.” “Don’t be ridiculous! I don’t know how but I’m sure of it! I know that man! I need to talk to him!” Before Jarvis could lock the doors, Diana had flung hers open and ran down the street to the pharmacy. “Does this happen a lot with you and Peggy?” asked Angie. “More than you realize,” said Jarvis as they jumped from the car in pursuit. “With all due respect, miss…” “Carter. Peggy Carter.” Dr. Benton nodded as he headed for the door. “I don’t have any interest in getting involved in something that isn’t my business. I don’t know this Adams woman and I’ve never seen…” The door banged open, the force nearly causing the bell to fly off it’s mounting. Diana entered the pharmacy with Jarvis and Angie behind her. She looked at Dr. Benton with the expression of a woman trying to put a name to a face. “Doctor? It is you, Dr. Benton?” “I’m sorry, Miss Carter,” said Jarvis. “She got away from us.” Jean Benton rushed to the phone. “I’m calling the police right now!” “Jean, wait!” shouted Dr. Benton, his eyes fixed on Diana. “But, Robert! She’s a criminal!” “Jean, please!” Dr. Benton looked intently at Diana. “Miss Adams? This seems most unusual, but… I have the strangest sensation I’ve met you somewhere before.” Diana nodded desperately. “Yes! Yes! I feel the same way! I know your name, your face! But I don’t remember meeting you! Please, you’ve got to help me!” Peggy stepped in between the two. “Dr. Benton, have you felt that sensation before? Perhaps memories you can’t quite place? Certain… skills you don’t remember learning?” Dr. Benton gave a worried glance to Jean then back to Peggy. “Can I trust you, Miss Carter?” Angie looked at Jarvis. “Just great. We found another one.” Soho, New York. Sky High Lounge. On the fifteenth floor of a skyscraper, the Sky High Lounge prided itself on serving the richest, most well-to-do clientele. Well-dressed couples chatted as they gave orders to waiters and ate their brunch. Suddenly the large, floor length windows exploded, sending glass flying toward screaming patrons. They ducked under tables and looked where the windows had been to behold the sight of a man in a silver suit, apparently standing as tall as the fifteenth floor. He held a gatling gun and motioned toward the guests. “Alright, ladies and gents! This is a stick up! Kindly hand your money and jewelry to your servers, and they will place them on the window sill. Anyone tries to be a hero, and you’re all dead!” Slowly, the helpless people did as they were bidden, and the pile of valuables was placed before Stilt Man. He let his gatling gun hang by the strap on his shoulder, then lifted up a device that resembled a vacuum cleaner attachment. The device sucked up the loot and deposited it in the canister on his back. He attached the device to his belt, then hoisted up the gatling gun at the terrified guests. “Pleasure doing business with you, folks! Hope you didn’t lose your appetites! Bye for now!” Stilt Man trod away from the building down the street, his metallic footsteps causing reverberations that could be felt for blocks. Suddenly, a boomerang collided with Stilt Man’s helmet. He looked up at the rooftops to see the Daredevil, catching the boomerang with ease. “What’s the big idea?!” Stilt Man yelled indignantly. “This is my score!” The Daredevil leapt off the rooftop and caught hold of Stilt-Man’s leg. Stilt-Man swung the gatling gun into position and aimed. “Get off!” He opened fire, forcing the Daredevil to leap away to avoid a hail of bullets. Benton’s Pharmacy. Dr. Benton sat slumped in a chair, Jean by his side. Peggy and Diana stood in front of the pair, while Jarvis and Angie looked on from the counter. “I have been experiencing some… unusual symptoms,” Dr. Benton said. “It started a couple of days ago. I was having these rather vivid dreams. Scenes of battle, chaos. I assumed it was just aftershocks from the war, but these seemed so real. Not just dreams, but… memories.” “Yes!” interrupted Diana. “Me too! I remember the same thing! See, Carter? I told you I wasn’t crazy!” Peggy held up a hand to silence Diana, then looked back to Dr. Benton. “Anything else you can remember?” Dr. Benton closed his eyes and winced. Jean took his hand comfortingly. “Robert, please. Talk to them.” Dr. Benton opened his eyes, then he got up from the chair and walked to the backroom. Jean looked back at Peggy. “I really hope this is all worth it. I really thought he was getting better. Adjusting to being back home. But now…” Peggy put her hand on Jean’s shoulder. “I assure you, Miss Benton. We are going to find out exactly what’s going on with Miss Adams and your husband.” Dr. Benton returned from the backroom carrying the white gift box. Diana gasped. “What are you doing with that? That looks like the box I got! The one I got delivered to me before I…” Her voice trailed off, as Dr. Benton lifted the lid to reveal the Black Terror costume. “This was delivered to the pharmacy before my nightmares returned. Then a group of racketeers came here to try to force us to pay up. I can’t explain what happened next. It was like I knew instinctively what to do, how to track them, how to fight them.” “Oh, Robert,” said Jean. “It’s alright, Jean,” Dr. Benton said. “But it appears Miss Adams and I have a similar problem. And we may not be the only ones.” “What do you mean?” asked Peggy. “Who else is there?” “While I was dealing with those hoodlums, I came across another gifted, masked individual. People have been spreading rumors of a ‘devil’ in Hell’s Kitchen. He certainly lives up to the name. He would have killed those criminals in cold blood if I hadn’t stopped him.” Suddenly the music on the radio was cut short. The radio announcer’s voice rang out. “We interrupt your music to bring this special police bulletin! Please stay clear of the Williamsburg area! Police say there is a criminal getaway in progress! That’s right! Multiple reports of some looney with a boomerang fighting some hold up man on stilts! Just another day in New York, eh, folks? Well, either way, don’t go there to gawk. Please stay at home until the police give the all clear! We now return to your regular scheduled music entertainment!” The music came back on and Dr. Benton spun to face. “It’s him! I need to stop him!’ “You’re not going anywhere, Robert!” Jean said. “I must agree with your wife, Dr. Benton,” said Peggy. “It’s too dangerous.” “Don’t you understand?” Dr. Benton snapped. “He will pursue that man until he kills him! And he won’t care who gets hurt until he completes his objective!” “And what is his objective, doctor?” Peggy asked sternly. “What else are you not telling me?” Dr. Benton tried to gather his composure. “I don’t know. Honestly. But I can help. I can make sure that whoever he is chasing can be brought in safely. Please. I might not know where my abilities came from, but I can still use them!” Peggy looked at Jarvis and Angie, then back toward Jean Benton. Jean sighed, and hugged her husband. “You promise me you’ll come home.” Dr. Benton returned her embrace. “I promise.” Jean looked to Peggy. “And you make sure he’s alright?” “You have my word, Miss Benton.” “And I’m coming too!” said Diana. “No!” Peggy said firmly. “You’ll stay right here with Angie and Mr. Jarvis. You say you’re an actress? Take that as your direction. Is that clear?” Diana sat in a booth and pouted. “And you be careful as well, Miss Carter,” said Mr. Jarvis. “Whenever possible, Mr. Jarvis.” OK: Black Terror wins by capturing Stilt Man. Daredevil wins by killing Stilt Man. Stilt Man wins by evading both heroes. Peggy will be there to lend assistance to Black Terror. Can our heroes stop Stilt Man? Stay Tuned and find out! Game On!
  12. Episode 4: Don’t Go Nowhere August 2nd, 1947. Los Angeles, California. Metropolitan State Hospital “It’s so lovely to see you come visit Miss Frost like this, Mr. Manfredi,” said the doctor. “You must care about her a great deal.” The man who looked like Joseph Manfredi knelt next to the chair where the once critically acclaimed actress Whitney Frost sat. Ever since her encounter with Zero Matter, she had been reduced to a near catatonic state. She just sat in her straitjacket and gazed out the window with a bland expression on her face. “We go a long way back,” ‘Joseph’ said gazing at her. “I just got to believe that she’s still in there. That one of these days you people could bring her back.” The doctor nodded nervously. “Well, there are always new therapies we try. But it will take time, and I can’t guarantee they won’t be painful. But there is a chance…” ‘Joseph’ rose to his feet, gently stroking Whitney’s cheek. “I got to go now,” he whispered. “You take care of yourself, beautiful. Ok?” Whitney remained silent. ‘Joseph’ turned and walked out of the room, and the doctor locked the door behind them. “We will keep you informed if there are any changes, Mr. Manfredi,” the doctor said as they walked down the hall. They passed a room and heard shouting coming from inside. ‘Joseph’ shook his head. “He’s still going at it, huh?” “Mr. Carter is just having a rough morning,” said the doctor, increasing his pace. “He’s been having a rough morning every time I come here,” remarked ‘Joseph’. “I wouldn’t want Whitney to be disturbed because that nut doesn’t know when to shut up.” “I’m sorry, Mr. Manfredi, but we’re…” “Doing the best you can. I know.” ‘Joseph’ turned down a highway that led to the front door of the hospital. “I can find my way from here. See you next week, doc. You just make sure you let me know if there’s any changes. Got it?” The doctor gulped as ‘Joseph’ walked out the door of the hospital. He gathered himself and turned toward a nurse with black hair pushing a cart with trays of medication. “Nurse? Nurse! I’m sorry, you’re one of the new interns. What was your name again?” “Locke, doctor. Nurse Locke.” “Well, Nurse Locke, if you could find me the doctor in charge of Mr. Carter, please? I want to discuss a possible change in Mr. Carter’s regimen.” Nurse Locke continued on her way. “Yes, doctor.” Outside of the hospital, Dmitri, still disguised as Joseph Mafredi, walked toward a large truck parked a few blocks away. He walked up to the drivers’ side and looked in on the muscular gentleman at the wheel. “Is everything prepared?” Dmitri said in Joseph’s voice. “Everything’s green, Mr. Manfredi. We’re ready to roll,” the man said. “The boss is just waiting for you to give him the word.” Dmitri gave a last look at the hospital. “Do it. He can have his fun now.” The man put his hand to his ear, tapping the small, circular device in it. “Did you hear that, Arcade? Client has given you the all clear.” “Well, goody, Mr. Chambers! Miss Locke! Are the rest of our guests ready to play?” Miss Locke covertly tapped the device tucked in her right ear. “Yes, Arcade. A good assortment of doctors, nurses, patients, and visitors. Should be quite a spectacle.” “Brilliant! And I must say you look quite a treat in that uniform, Miss Locke.” Miss Locke shot a look toward a hidden camera in the ceiling. “Thank you, Arcade.” “Alrighty then! Enough of the chit chat! It’s show time!” As if on cue, large metallic doors started slamming shut in front of each exit of the hospital. People shouted out in alarm as every avenue of escape was blocked by walls of steel. “Yowza, yowza, ladies and gentlemen!” a voice cried out over the PA system. “Step right up! Welcome to the midway! You might be crazy to get in here, but you would be even crazier to try to leave!” “What the hell?” the doctor said in shock. A group of interns rushed to one of the steel doors, but as soon as they touched it they screamed in pain. The sound of electric current and the smell of burning flesh filled the hallway. After a few moments, they fell dead on the tiled floor. “Ah ah ah!” chided Arcade. “Just one of the many shocking things to see, folks! Hurry, hurry! How about trying the shooting gallery? Hit the target, win the kewpie doll!” A panel opened in the wall to reveal a machine gun that peppered the hallway with bullets. People ran and screamed in terror as the sound of a calliope playing carnival music blared over the PA. Los Angeles, California. Auerbach Theatrical Agency (SSR Office). Rose Roberts sat at her desk typing as Aloysius Samberly walked in from the hidden entrance to the SSR. He leaned against the desk in an attempt to be casual. “So, Rose, how you doing today?” “Fine,” she said, not looking up from her typewriter. Samberly cleared his throat. “Well, um… would like to know what I’ve found about that key Chief Sousa gave me?” “Not particularly.” Samberly looked hurt. “Why not?” Rose turned towards him with a look of irritation. “Because you’ve been looking over that key for days and have found nothing. And if you had found something you would have told it to Chief Sousa, and no one knows where he is.” Samberly gave a sigh of resignation. “Ok, fine. I seem to have hit a brick wall. I haven’t learned anything new from any analysis I’ve tried on that key. Which is why, um… I was thinking about taking a break, and I was wondering if um… you could join me for a bite to eat?” Rose smiled at Samberly. “Why, Aloysius, are you asking me on a date?” “What? A date? No! Well, that is… Yes. I suppose I am.” Before Rose could answer, the entrance to the SSR office opened and a number of agents ran out. “What’s going on?” Rose asked Agent Ryan, who was in charge in Sousa’s absence. “We just got an anonymous tip,” he replied hurriedly. “Report of gunfire coming from the Met State Hospital.” “Isn’t that where Whitney Frost is being held?” said Samberly. “Don’t worry, Samberly,” one of the agents said mockingly. “We’re headed over there now. We won’t let her make you faint again.” The other agents chuckled as Ryan put on his hat. “Enough of the comedy! Get your gear! If someone is trying to bust out Frost, it’s our job to find out what’s going on and keep her behind bars! Move it!” Rose and Samberly looked on stunned as the agents all headed out the door. From his car parked across the street, Dmitri watched as the agents ran out of the Auerbach Talent Agency, piled into cars and sped off. He removed his mask of Joseph Manfredi, and looked at the new mask he had sitting on the seat next to him. It was the face of Daniel Sousa. Metropolitan State Hospital Bruce Carter fought against the leather restraints that held him pinned to his bed. He grunted with exertion, but they would not give. He could hear the sounds of screaming and gunfire from outside his door, and the incessant carnival music. People are in trouble. They need your help, Bruce. Bruce closed his eyes tight and tried to block out the voice. “No! I can’t do anything! I can do nothing!” Nothing? A Carter can do nothing?! It was the Carters that fought at Bunker Hill! It was the Carters that fought at Gettysburg! “I’ve already fought! I don’t want to fight anymore!” “Now here this, ladies and gentlemen!” Arcade’s voice shouted over the PA. “You want more thrills and chills? Well, don’t worry! You can find it all with Arcade! In just a moment, we’re going to have some more guests! That’s right, folks! Fresh from the intensive care ward, they’re the most blood thirsty bunch of loonies this side of the Mississippi! And they’re just dying to meet you! And you’ll be dying when you meet them!” Do you hear that, Bruce? That loon is going to release the violent patients! If the traps he’s set up don’t kill those people, then those criminals will! You have to help them! Bruce flexed his muscles and roared as he pushed against the straps. Finally they snapped and flew apart. Bruce fell of the bed, breathing heavily. You see? You do have strength left! Remember, Bruce? “Over there, over there! Send the word, send the word, over there! That the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming, the drums rum tumming everywhere!” Bruce covered his ears to block out the voice singing, gritting his teeth. He screamed in agony. “SHUT UP!!” He slammed a fist into the floor that smashed a hole in it. Bruce looked at his fist, then toward the white gift box sitting on the chair. The voice continued to sing. “So prepare, say a prayer. Send the word, send the word to beware.” Nurses and doctors ran down the hallway as a group of patients chased after them, armed with whatever they could find. They had passed Bruce’s door when the door flew off it’s hinges. The patients looked behind them in confusion. They saw Bruce Carter III, in blue pants, a shirt with an American flag on it, a cape, a tricorn hat and a mask. The Fighting Yank stood boldly with a resolute look on his face as the voice in his head sang all the louder. “We’re coming over, we’re coming over. And we won’t come back till it’s over over there!” OK: Can the Fighting Yank defeat Arcade’s death traps? What are Dmitri’s plans for the SSR? Stay Tuned and find out! Game On!
  13. Episode 3: Headin’ Down the Wrong Highway August 1st, 1947. Somewhere over the Midwest United States. Daniel Sousa looked out the window of Howard Stark’s private plane. The sunlight reflected off the wings and scattered across the clouds below them. “Would you like something, sir?” Daniel turned to see the attractive redhead in a white stewardess uniform smiling down at him. She gestured to the beverage cart in front of her. “Um… no. Thanks.” She shrugged and continued on as Howard Stark, in a airline pilot’s outfit and sunglasses, opened the cabin door that led to the cockpit. He squeezed past the cart and gave a wink to the stewardess as she made her way behind the curtain. “It’s the only way to travel, eh, Agent Sousa?” Howard said, sitting down next to Daniel. “I appreciate you letting me use your plane, Howard, but you really didn’t need to come along.” Howard adjusted his seat to recline back. “Don’t be ridiculous. You said so yourself. Somebody seems really keen to get their hands on Peg’s file. And they don’t care about shooting people to do it. After all she’s done for me, I owe her one. Probably more than one.” Howard then took off the sunglasses and shot Daniel a grin. “Besides, if I help the SSR catch a guy who shot one of their agents, it might give me another feather in my cap with the higher ups.” Daniel rolled his eyes. “I should have known. You’re all heart, aren’t you?” “I’m serious! If I play my cards right, I might wind up running the SSR in a year. Maybe two!” “God helps us all,” Daniel muttered under his breath. But Howard was already getting out of his seat. “Relax, Daniel. I’ve already spoke to my contacts in London about this Driscoll. He’s a boozehound, but he’s a creature of habit. We’ll find him, and then you can ask him all you want to know about Peg’s file. For now, close your eyes and enjoy the flight. I’m going to uh… check the galley. Important to make sure we have enough food.” Daniel gave him a knowing look. “And enough drinks?” Howard’s grin widened. “You’re getting the idea, Agent.” Howard donned his glasses and ducked behind the curtain. Daniel sighed and closed his eyes, trying to ignore the noises from the galley. New York City, New York. Midtown South precinct. “I must say I am shocked, Miss Carter,” said Acting Chief Flynn in a lecturing tone. “I read in your file that you had a tendency to knock over hornet’s nests. But this?! Not even 24 hours back in New York, and you wind up in the middle of a shoot out!” Peggy sat at the table in the interrogation room, watching Flynn pace back and forth in front of her. Her patience had just about reached it’s limit. “Chief Flynn….” “Acting Chief Flynn!” “Sir! I assure you I was not trying to find trouble. I was going to that theater to support a friend of mine. Have the police found Angie yet?” Flynn folded his arms in front of him. “I am sure the NYPD is doing a thorough job looking for Miss Martinelli. They may be a little more preoccupied in the search for this Adams woman.” Peggy got up from the table, walking gingerly after her fight with Miss Masque. “Sir, the SSR needs to assist in this investigation! Miss Adams is not in her right frame of mind, and appears to possess intensive combat training.” “Miss Carter, the NYPD are dealing with the Adams investigation. I’m sure they can handle some woman who obviously suffered some sort of nervous breakdown.” “A nervous breakdown? Miss Adams went from being a one woman army to a scared child. Somethings not right here, Chief, and I’m thinking it might have something to do with these Maggia attacks.’ Flynn scoffed. “Still trying to insert yourself into that investigation, Miss Carter? The reports clearly state that the individual behind these assaults is a man in red and blue costume wielding a boomerang. This is a case of a highly strung actress who snapped, nothing more, nothing less.” Peggy was about to protest, when the door to the interrogation room opened and a police officer stuck his head in. “Miss Carter? We called the Stark house and Miss Martinelli is there, but she says she needs to speak to you.” Peggy breezed past Flynn and out the door. “Don’t think I’m not done with you, Carter!” he yelled. “You get yourself to Stark’s mansion and stay there until you are called upon! Is that clear?” “Oh sod off,” Peggy muttered under her breath. She reached the desk and was handed the phone by the officer on duty. “Angie? It’s Peggy. Where have you been? Mr. Jarvis and I looked for you after the police got to the theater and couldn’t find you!” “Sorry, English,” Angie’s voice replied. “Something came up.” Peggy could hear the nervous tone in Angie’s voice. “Angie, what’s wrong? Is someone with you?” “I don’t have time. You need to come to the mansion, as quick as you can. No cops. Nobody from the telephone company. You understand?” Peggy looked around the precinct, trying to gather herself. “Angie? I need you to stay calm. I’m on my way with Mr. Jarvis. We’re coming to get you.” “Thanks, Peg. Don’t keep me waiting, will ya?” Angie placed the telephone on the receiver. She was sitting in her room in the Stark mansion, and in front of her was Diana Adams. She was still in her Miss Masque attire minus the mask, and her revolver was aimed at Angie. “Well, I did what you asked, Diana,” Angie tried to say calmly. “Could you put the gun down, and maybe we could talk about this?” “We have nothing to talk about it!” shouted Angie. “I need to talk to Carter!” “Why? Why her? She’s just a girl who works for the telephone company!” Diana gave a humorless laugh. “Oh please. It’s obvious. The way she fights, the way she tries to deescalate conflicts. All the marks of an operative. I need her.” Angie looked at the door behind Diana. “And how would you know about that stuff? Listening to the Shadow or something?” Diana’s face grew pale. Her expression became scared and confused. “I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I don’t know how I was able to fight her like I did. Or how I was able to fight off Nefaria’s guards.” Her expression suddenly became more confident and she re-aimed her revolver at Angie. “I also don’t know how I know the most efficient ways to kill someone, but I know them. And I will not be afraid to use them if Carter doesn’t give me what I want.” Angie’s breath quickened and she bit her lip. “And just what do you want?” she sobbed. Diana’s face softened once again. “I want to know.” London, England. The Lady Coleen pub. Nick Driscoll sat at the bar, finishing up his pint. He slammed down his glass, and wiped some of the beer from his mouth. “Barkeep! Another round, if you please!” “And I’ll pay for it!” Driscoll looked in surprise as Howard Stark sat on the stool next to his. “Listen, mate, I don’t need help buying drinks.” Howard gave a friendly smile. “Oh it’s no trouble at all. In fact, I know a great place where you can enjoy that beer. Make your way to the private room on the other end of the bar.” Driscoll snorted and picked up his drink. “Push off, yank. I’m drinking this here.” Driscoll suddenly felt the pressure of an object into his ribs. Howard continued smiling and his tone stayed cheerful as he spoke. “I know you are in government intelligence. So I know you know who I am. And you know what I can make. The item that’s being jabbed into your ribs is a little gadget I’ve been working on. A flick of a switch, and I send an electrical current into your body. The mildest setting might just shock you, but the stronger setting will send you into cardiac arrest. So you can either drop right here and everyone will think you’re having a seizure, or you can get yourself to the back room slowly, and you’ll get to finish your drink.” Driscoll gulped, then rose from his stool and made his way to the back room with Howard behind him. In the private room, Daniel sat at a booth. “Did he give you any trouble?” Howard shook his head, pulling the spoon out from Driscoll’s back. “Oh none at all. Thanks to my latest invention. I think I’ll call it… the spoon.” Driscoll looked in disbelief at Daniel. “What is this? I know he’s Howard Stark, but who the bloody hell are you?” “I’m a friend of Jack Thompson,” said Daniel, his eyes not wavering from Driscoll. “I want to know where you got the file you gave him.” Driscoll looked behind him and gave a nervous laugh. “File? What file? Look, you say you’re a friend of Jack’s? So am I. It was just a mistake, alright?” “A mistake that nearly got Jack killed,” Daniel said rising from the booth. Driscoll fell back into a chair in shock. “Killed? My God. You mean, someone tried to kill Jack?” “And then ran off with the file you gave him. The file on Peggy Carter!” Driscoll held up his hands in front of him pleading. “Look, mate, let me explain! I didn’t mean to give him the wrong file! I didn’t!” Howard and Daniel shared a look, then Daniel turned back to Driscoll. “What do you mean the wrong file?” Driscoll loosened his tie and set his pint on the table. “Jack asked me to do him a favor. He wanted information on Margaret Carter. I searched through the SOE files and found a redacted file under M. Carter and I figured it was hers!” “You handed Jack a file without even knowing it was the right one?” barked Daniel. “It was a redacted file!” Driscoll argued. “I didn’t think he was going to make heads or tails of it anyway! But then I did some more digging, in case he wanted more dirt on Carter. But then I found it! That file wasn’t for Margaret Carter! It was…” Driscoll’s pleas were cut short as a bullet from a silenced pistol pierced his skull. “Howard! Get down!” Daniel and Howard hit the floor as another round of bullets flew in from the bar. Daniel flipped the table over to give them cover and peeked over it. There were 6 men in trench coats at the bar, and all of them were armed. The rest of the patrons were gone, and the bartended was slumped across the counter, dead. Daniel drew his pistol and returned fire. “I hope you have something more threatening than that spoon, Stark!” Daniel shouted. Howard reached into his suit pocket and pulled out a handheld metallic device with prongs on the end. “I certainly do. I have my electric zapper, and I also have a couple of jitterbug grenades. Sonic blasts, non lethal. Haven’t been tested yet, though.” Daniel looked again at the assailants drawing closer. “Now’s as good a time as any.” OK: Daniel Sousa (Pistol and SSR training) and Howard Stark (Gadgets) vs 6 gunmen. Can Daniel and Howard escape this predicament? Stay tuned to find out! Game On!
  14. Episode 2: Pistol Packin’ Mama August 1st, 1947. New York City, New York. New York Bell Company (SSR Office) Peggy Carter strode passed the rows of desks and whispering agents straight to door to the chief agent’s office. She opened it to see a man with slightly balding brown hair and glasses looking over a file. He looked surprised at Peggy before clearing his throat and shuffling the file under some paperwork on the desk. “Miss Carter! Um, I wasn’t expecting you coming in so soon.” He offered a handshake with a bland smile. “John Flynn, Acting Chief of East Coast SSR Operations.” Peggy shook his hand and took a seat in front of the desk. “A pleasure to meet you, Agent Flynn. I would like to get started as soon as…” “Acting Chief Flynn,” he interrupted. Peggy looked confused. “I’m sorry?” Flynn moved to sit at the desk as he explained. “The correct title is Acting Chief. It’s proper protocol. Due to Agent Thompson’s unfortunate… incident, I will be in charge here for the foreseeable future. But enough about that. I trust your flight from California was er… comfortable?” Fighting the urge to roll her eyes, Peggy pressed on. “It was a long flight…, Acting Chief. But it did give me time to go over the files regarding these Maggia attacks.” Flynn coughed nervously. “Really? You are familiar with the Maggia?” “Yes, sir. A collection of criminal families that joined together at the turn of the century. The most prominent of these families were the Manfredi’s, headed by Silvio ‘SIlvermane’ Manfredi. Have you picked up any new information regarding the attacker? The file has an eyewitness account of a man in some sort of costume using a boomerang as a primary weapon.” “You are certainly thorough, Miss Carter,” interrupted Flynn. “Agent,” replied Peggy. “That is my correct title.” Flynn folded his hands and leaned back in his chair. “Miss Carter. We have our best operatives coordinating with the FBI to learn the truth behind these killings. With so many men relegated to this, we will be needing all hands on deck here in the office. I understand you do have some experience in codebreaking?” Peggy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Am I to understand that you had me fly all the way from California to do office work?” Flynn rose from his seat and put his hand on Peggy’s shoulder. “I assure you, Miss Carter, there is no job too small in the SSR. Your assistance here will be greatly appreciated. For now, I would encourage you to rest up after your long flight, and come in ready to go to work tomorrow. That will be all, Miss Carter.” Flynn went back to his seat and started reading the file he had hidden. Peggy got up and walked to the door. But she then turned around with a defiant look in her eyes. “Permission to speak freely, Agent Flynn?” Flynn sighed but didn’t look up from his file when he answered. “Acting Chief Flynn, please, Miss Carter. But granted.” “I know you are new to the New York office. But I can assure you that I could be of more assistance in the field than sitting here sifting through paperwork. And if you’ve read my file you would know that.” Flynn slammed the file on his desk and glared at Peggy. “I did read your file, miss. And it is not your place to decide who goes where in the SSR. I have my best men on this investigation, and you will go where I assign you to go. Is that clear?” Peggy’s grip tightened on the door knob as she turned it and walked out. “Perfectly clear…, Acting Chief.” Peggy walked out of the New York Bell Company building that served as the SSR’s cover. She made her way to the curb, where a black sedan waited for her. Standing alongside it was Edwin Jarvis, Howard Stark’s butler, and Peggy’s loyalist friend. “I trust by your speedy return that things did not go well, Miss Carter?” he asked as Peggy walked towards him. “No, they did not go well, Mr. Jarvis. The man they found to fill in for Jack is a patronizing idiot. All I’ve been through with the SSR and I’m back to being a glorified secretary!” “Well, it won’t be the first time you’ve dealt with boorish persons,” Jarvis mused. “Perhaps you can find a way to still be able to assist in this Maggia business.” Peggy leaned against the sedan and crossed her arms, gazing up at the New York Bell building. “Not if Acting Chief Flynn has anything to say about it.” Jarvis opened the door for Peggy and she sighed and climbed inside. Jarvis then walked around to get behind the wheel. “Where to now, Miss Carter?” Peggy let her head lean back into the soft leather of her seat and gave a wry smile. “Home, Mr. Jarvis. I’ve just had a long flight and I wouldn’t want to overexert myself.” New York City, New York. The mansion of Howard Stark. “English!” Angie Martinelli shouted in delight. Peggy’s roommate rushed down the staircase to give her a big hug. Peggy returned it as Jarvis brought in her luggage. “Angie, it’s so good to see you again.” Angie held Peggy’s hands a took a step back. “Let me take a look at you! Did you get a tan? Ugh, if you weren’t my friend I’d hate you! I’d give anything to go to California! Did you see any movie stars while you were there?” Peggy and Jarvis exchanged a look, then Jarvis went back to get more suitcases from the car. “Well, I really didn’t have the time to do much sightseeing.” Angie gave a knowing grin. “Hard at work with the telephone company, huh? Well, you must have been busy to not reply to my letters. I finally got it!” “Got what?” Peggy asked. “What do you mean ‘got what’? The part! I got the part in the show I was telling you about!” Peggy started walking with Angie out of the lobby to the lounge. “Oh, Angie! Congratulations! What part did you get?” Angie waved her hand dismissively. “Ah, it’s in the chorus. But it’s an actual professional production! They have Diana Adams in the lead for it!” The two friends sat down on the sofa as Jarvis finished carrying in the luggage. “Diana Adams? Well, that is impressive. I hear she is quite a talent.” “Yeah, and you probably heard it from her. Oh, don’t get me wrong, English, she’s good and all, but she’s kind of a stuck up. Goes on and on about doing a USO show with Captain America once.” The clock mantlepiece started to chime 3 o’clock, causing Angie to jump up from the couch. “Yikes! 3 already! I need to get going! Say! Why don’t you come along? We can get Jarvis to drive us and you can sit in on the rehearsal.” “Actually, Miss Martinelli,” interrupted Jarvis as he headed towards the kitchen. “Miss Carter has had a long flight and I was just about to start the preparations for dinner.” Angie quickly ran in front Jarvis and blocked his way. “No! I mean, um, you don’t have to eat here. There’s a great little bakery on the corner across from the theater. Their bagels are to die for. It’ll be my treat for you two.” Jarvis gave a suspicious look. “Miss Martinelli, is there a reason why you don’t want me to go into the kitchen?” Angie glanced from the kitchen door to Jarvis. “Oh, no reason. No reason at all, Mr. Jarvis.” “You wouldn’t happen to have been practicing your tap routines in the kitchen again?” Angie gave a nervous laugh as she walked Jarvis back to the couch. “Oh, come on, Mr. Jarvis. I wouldn’t dream of doing that. After you told me last time. Er… so, what do you say? Will you come?” Peggy chuckled and nodded. “Yes, Angie, we’ll come.” Angie gave a hug to Jarvis and sped towards the stairs. “Great! You’ll love it! I just need to grab my purse and my coat from upstairs, and if we’re lucky we’ll miss the worst of the traffic. Be down in jiffy!” Jarvis turned to face Peggy as Angie’s running footsteps echoed through the mansion. “I know you are friends with Miss Martinelli, Miss Carter, and she is a friendly enough woman. But there are times where she makes me long for Bernard.” Peggy gave a friendly shove to Jarvis’ shoulder. “Really, Mr. Jarvis. Angie is certainly much more pleasant to have around than Howard Stark’s temperamental flamingo.” “At least, Miss Carter, temperamental flamingos do not wear tap shoes that leave black scuff marks all over Mr. Stark’s tiled floors.” Peggy bit her lip to keep from laughing as Angie ran back the stairs to join them with her purse in her right hand and her coat draped over her left arm. “Alright, my two favorite Brits. To the theater!” Manhattan, New York City, New York. 46th Street Theater. Angie pushed open the doors and led Peggy and Jarvis into the expansive theater. They walked passed the rows of chairs and towards the stage where several young women were chatting, stretching, and warming up for the rehearsal. “I still can’t believe it!” Angie said excitedly. “They did “Dark of the Moon” here, and now I’m going to be performing here! Just look at the size of this place!” Peggy grinned at Jarvis as his eyes were drawn to the other chorus girls. “Admiring the architecture, Mr. Jarvis?” Jarvis immediately snapped out of it. “Hmm? Oh! Really, Miss Carter, I am a married man, you will recall.” “MARTINELLI!” Angie winced as a man in suspenders and glasses fumed up the aisle toward them. “Where the hell have you been? You were supposed to be here 30 minutes ago!” Angie quickly set her purse down and took off her coat as she tried to explain. “Sorry, Mr. Hebson. The traffic was worse than I thought and…” “This is New York, Martinelli! You are paid to show up for rehearsals and dance! All we ask is that you try to both of those things on time!” Hebson then turned his eyes on Peggy and Jarvis. “And just what are you people doing here?” Peggy felt bad for Angie as she stammered. “Er…They’re a…couple of friends of mine. I thought they could…” “You aren’t paid to think, Martinelli,” Hebson snapped. “This isn’t some show in your church basement! This is an Equity rehearsal and we don’t need any busybodies snooping around and getting in the way!” Peggy stepped forward to Angie’s side. “Mr. Hebson, I’m sorry, but I don’t think that’s anyway to talk to one of your performers.” Hebson glared at Peggy. “Look, lady, I’m trying to run a rehearsal, here. You and this string bean can clear out right now!” “Is there a problem, Mr. Hebson?” Peggy turned where the voice was coming from. Walking down the aisle was a man in a suit, a ruffled shirt, and an opera cloak. His black hair and beard were well maintained, and the lights glinted off the monocle in his right eye. He had a cane under his right arm, and two imposing gentlemen in suits and fedoras two steps behind him. Hebson’s attitude changed almost instantly. “Count! I’m sorry! I er… forgot you were coming in today. I was just dealing with a late arrival. Miss Adams hasn’t got here yet, and Miss Martinelli thought she could bring her friends here…” The count held up his hand to silence Hebson. “Calm yourself, Mr. Hebson,” he said in his Italian accent, as he gave an elegant bow to Peggy. "Forgive Mr. Hebson. The theater is a place for drama, some of it even on the stage. Permit me to introduce myself. I am the Count Luchino Nefaria. A pleasure to meet you, miss…?” Peggy flushed slightly as Nefaria kissed her hand. “Carter. Peggy Carter. And this is Mr. Edwin Jarvis.” Jarvis gave a small wave, but Nefaria had already turned his gaze back to Angie. “You should both be very proud of Miss Martinelli. She has shown a great deal of talent and potential. I am sure this won’t be the last play we will be seeing her in.” Angie beamed with pride. “Gee! I mean, thank you, sir. I mean, count.” “Think nothing of it, my dear,” Nefaria chuckled. “We didn’t mean to cause any trouble, count,” said Peggy. “We will be on our way and you can begin the rehearsal.” Nefaria waved his hand dismissively. “Nonsense! I am here to observe the process myself. I am sure Miss Martinelli would appreciate seeing some familiar faces in the audience.” Hebson quickly cut between Peggy and Nefaria. “Er, but count! This is a closed rehearsal. What if they went to the papers? The critics would…” “You are not splitting the atom, Mr.Hebson. You are leading a choreography rehearsal. I’m sure Miss Carter and Mr. Jarvis will behave themselves so as to not interfere with the proceedings.” “But, count, I…” Hebson’s voice stopped as he noticed the stern look from Nefaria, and the sterner looks from the two bodyguards behind him. “Um, of course, count. Whatever you say.” Nefaria’s smile returned. “Brilliant! I will take my place in the house and I will leave you to do the same. A pleasure meeting you both, Miss Carter. Mr. Jarvis. Mr. Hebson, come with me. We need to discuss the Miss Adams situation.” Nefaria and his men strode to the back row of the theater and took their seats. Hebson gave a last dirty look to Angie. “Get in your rehearsal gear and get on the stage. We’ll be starting in 5 minutes with or without Miss Adams.” He hurried after Nefaria, and Angie, pausing a moment to share a wink with Peggy, rushed to join the other chorus girls on the stage. Peggy continued to look towards the back row. “So. That’s the famous Count Nefaria.” Jarvis nodded. “He has been in the papers a great deal lately. Donating art. Running charitable balls. And apparently being the bankroller of Miss Martinelli’s play.” Peggy’s expression grew more serious. “I’ve read about him too, Mr. Jarvis, but not in the society pages. In his file at the SSR. He has been investigated by the FBI for possible connections to various criminal organizations.” Jarvis glanced nervously toward Nefaria. “Organizations such as the Maggia?” “Helloooo, everyone!” Before Peggy could reply she was interrupted by the doors of the theater swinging open and a woman’s voice echoing around the room. She was an attractive woman with blonde hair and wore a blue dress, hat and sunglasses. She breezed passed Hebson and made her way down the aisle. Hebson rushed after her. “Miss Adams! We’ve been waiting for you for over 30 minutes! This is the fifth time this week!” “Oh, relax, Walter,” she said nonchalantly. “You’re going to give yourself a heart attack one of these days. Like my mother always said, ‘Gentle, gentle’.” She stopped short when she saw Jarvis. “Well, well! Jervis!” Peggy turned to Jarvis. “You know her?” Jarvis cleared his throat. “Well, somewhat. By association.” Peggy closed her eyes and sighed. “Howard?” “Regrettably, yes.” Diana Adams strolled over to Jarvis with coy smile. “It’s been so long, Jervis. How is poor, busy Howard? Is this his new… friend?” Jarvis looked nervously back and forth from Diana and Peggy. “Um, this is Peggy Carter, an… associate of Mr. Stark. As for Mr. Stark himself, he’s still California working on his picture.” Diana nodded, feigning interest. “Oh, that’s nice. Jervis, when you see poor Howard next, maybe you could give him something for me?” Diana suddenly slapped Jarvis in the face. Peggy moved toward her as Hebson grabbed her arm. “Miss Adams, will you control yourself?” Diana sneered at Jarvis. “That’s for leaving me waiting for an hour at the Onyx! He’s lucky I don’t fly to California to deliver it to him in person!” “Miss Adams!” said Hebson. “Don’t make this any harder than it has to be.” Diana looked confused at Hebson. “What are you talking about, Walter? I’m here now, so let’s get on with the rehearsal.” Hebson looked towards the back row. “Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Not this time. I regret to inform you that you will no longer be a part of this production.” Diana’s eyes flashed in anger. “What are you saying? You’re firing me?!” Hebson held out his hands to Diana. “This is out of my control, Miss Adams. This comes straight from the count himself. You’ve been constantly late for rehearsals and increasingly impossible to work with. You nearly got into a fist fight with a chorus girl at the last rehearsal.” “It was her fault!” Diana screeched. “She was the one out of place in the number! This is real rich! A man like Nefaria, with his two hoodlums is allowed to waltz into the theater whenever they want. Those are some people who’ve been in fist fights and God knows what else!” Peggy touched Diana’s shoulder. “Please, Miss Adams, if you would just take a moment to…” Diana pulled away from Peggy and glared at her. “Keep away from me! I don’t need sympathy from one of Howard Stark’s floozies!” “That’s enough, Diana!” snapped Hebson. “Go to your dressing room and clear it out. You’re done here!” Diana shoved Peggy out of the way past the rest of the chorus girls as she walked onto the stage. “I’m not done, Walter! You can’t throw me out that easily! Nobody pushes aside Diana Adams!” She ran backstage and slammed the door of her dressing room. She leaned against the door, looking to the ceiling in frustration. Then she looked toward the make up table. Sitting on the table in front of the mirror was a large white gift box wrapped in red, blue, and black ribbon. Back in the theater, Peggy tended to Jarvis as Hebson turned his attention to the chorus girls. “Alright, ladies, let get this thing moving. Martinelli! You take the lead for this bit.” Angie’s face lit up in surprise. “You want me to do lead?” “Just for the rehearsal, Martinelli. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Just try to do it right. Okay, Joe, start at the introduction, 5th measure. Places, ladies.” The chorus girls took their positions on the stage with Angie in front. A piano started a ragtime tune and they went into a tap routine. Peggy looked on in approval as she watched Angie seem to effortlessly take to the dance. No doubt after several hours of practice in Howard Stark’s kitchen. A series of gunshots suddenly rang out from the stage. The chorus girls screamed and started running in every direction. Angie ran to the wings out of sight as others ducked behind scenery. A woman in a red trench coat and skirt stormed onto the stage. She wore a domino mask and a red fedora, and she carried a revolver in both hands. Peggy and Jarvis ducked behind the row of chairs as Hebson ran behind the piano. “Nefaria!” the woman yelled. “Face your judgement!” Nefaria stayed in his seat as his bodyguards rushed the stage with guns drawn. The woman in red fired a bullet that struck one of them in the shoulder and the other in the hand. Both yelled in pain and dropped their guns, leaving her free to deliver a kick to the head that sent them collapsing into each other. She marched up the aisle with a revolver aimed at Nefaria. “You will not escape justice!” Peggy leapt from behind the row and tackled the woman to the ground. “Mr. Jarvis!” she yelled as she struggled to pin her to the floor. “Get the others out of here!” Jarvis nodded and hurried to the stage. He stood for a moment in front of the women as they looked frightened up at him. “Um, ladies, if we could all make our way to the exits?” They looked at him in disbelief for a moment before Angie jumped up. “You heard the man! Move it!” Angie took off with the chorus girls, Hebson, the pianist, and Jarvis right behind. The woman in red delivered a backhanded strike to Peggy, forcing her off. Peggy leaned against a chair as the woman stared at her. “This is not your concern. I am here for Nefaria.” Peggy got to her feet. “Is that you, Miss Adams? Why don’t we put a stop to this before more people get hurt?” “The only people who will get hurt are criminal scum like Nefaria. But if you’re going to defend him…” She drew her revolver only to have Peggy kick it aside. She delivered a right hand to the face of the woman who staggered back, but looked back at Peggy with a dangerous smile. “You’ll have to hit harder than that.” She gave a yell and leapt toward Peggy. OK: Can Peggy stop Miss Masque’s rampage? Or will Miss Masque bring Nefaria to ‘justice’? And what is Nefaria’s connection to the Maggia? Stay tuned to find out! Game On!
  15. Last season on “Agent Carter”: Peggy Carter was sent by the SSR to Los Angeles to assist their West Coast branch in solving a bizarre murder. Over the course of the investigation, Peggy uncovered the criminal conspiracy known as the Council of Nine and put a stop to the schemes of the power-mad Whitney Frost. With Frost institutionalized, and the rest of the Council either dead or imprisoned, Peggy and her allies were still left with two clues: a pin from the Council of Nine’s Arena Club that concealed a strange key, and a redacted file found by SSR agent Jack Thompson which appeared to implicate Peggy in a massacre during WWII. As Peggy finally admits her feelings to fellow agent Daniel Sousa, Thompson is shot by an unknown assailant who takes the file and leaves him for dead. Episode 1: There’s a Man of Mystery July 30th, 1947. Los Angeles, California. Waverly Memorial Hospital. Peggy Carter looked through the window into the hospital room where Jack Thompson lay in bed unconscious. He had been through surgery, but the damage had been extensive. Peggy could tell that the doctors were putting a brave face on for her, giving her the same words of comfort to Mr. Jarvis after Ana had been shot. The whole thing seemed like some sick joke. First Ana, now Jack. Maybe it would be Mr. Jarvis next. Or Rose. Or… “How is he?” The familiar voice shook Peggy out of her thoughts. She must have been very distracted to have been unable to hear the approach of Daniel Sousa; the sound of his steps punctuated by the tapping of his crutch. Peggy cleared her throat before she spoke. “The same, unfortunately. It’s not surprising. The techs seem to think he had been shot half an hour before the maid went to his room. If she had been less punctual, Agent Thompson very well could have…” Peggy’s voice trailed off. Daniel put his arm around her shoulders and looked in on the wounded agent. “He’s gonna be alright, Peg. You know Jack. He’ll pull through.” Peggy attempted a wry laugh. “Oh yes. I know him. He’s a stubborn, condescending, insulting…” She caught her breath, then let her head rest on Daniel’s offered shoulder. “And yet he is still an honorable man in his way.” Daniel gave a supporting hug before Peggy cleared her throat again and turned to face him. “Anything new from the SSR? Have they managed to find that file?” “Not at the moment. Whoever the shooter was, they were professional. No shell casings, no prints. The only thing that appears to be missing from the room is your file.” “If it is my file,” Peggy said turning away and massaging her temples. “From the moment Jack told me about it I was sure it was faked by Masters and the Council to blackmail me. But if that were the case, why would someone shoot a man for a fake file?” Daniel walked over to Peggy. “You’ve been hanging around this hospital for two days. You should go back to Stark’s to rest. I hate to say it, but you’re going to need it.” “Why? What are you talking about?” Daniel sighed. “I’ve received instructions from the SSR. You have been ordered to return to New York. They are wanting all hands-on deck over there. There have been some incidents involving some alleged members of the Maggia.” Peggy’s gaze narrowed as she attempted to focus. “Maggia? Those are Manfredi’s people. I would have thought organized crime would be a matter for the FBI, not the SSR.” “Not in this case. Apparently, there have been a number of attacks, some fatal, committed against the Maggia. The FBI have called us in to assist due to their being some…unusual elements to the case.” Peggy gave a frustrated sigh. “Right now, the only unusual elements I want to be investigating are here. A man has been shot over a file that accused me of taking part in a massacre. I need to be here.” “Peg,” said Daniel softly, taking her by the hand. “I understand. And I don’t want to see you go. But the orders were clear. If the situation in New York get’s worse, retaliation from the Maggia could turn the city into a powder keg. I promise you. We will find who did this.” Peggy gave another look through the window before lowering her head and nodding. “If that’s the case, I think you should have this.” She reached into her purse and pulled out the Arena Club pin. She placed it in Daniel’s hand. “If this attack was staged by a member of the Council, they may very well know about the key. Let Samberly give it a once over for any hint of what it belongs to, but keep it in the vault all other times.” Daniel swiftly put the pin inside his breast pocket. “I got it. I’ll make sure Samberly keeps this quiet. We’ll probably have this all sewn by the time you get back.” He gave a small grin. “Then we might be able to pick up where we left off a few days ago.” Peggy returned the smile. “Really, Chief Sousa. Howard Stark must be rubbing off on you.” The two chuckled for a moment before Daniel gave Peggy another embrace. “Take care of yourself, Carter,” he whispered. Peggy felt a tear run down her face. “You too, Daniel.” Brooklyn, New York. Benton’s Pharmacy. Dr. Robert Benton slowly measured out the tablets before sealing them in a paper bag. He turned to face the boy impatiently waiting at the counter. “Now you make sure your mother takes these, alright? I know they don’t taste good, but they will help her. She’ll feel better in no time. Two before each meal. Can you do that for me?” The boy nodded, and Dr. Benton handed over the bag as the boy placed a handful of coins on the counter. The boy hurried toward the door past some customers, taking a moment to wave at Jean, Benton’s wife, as she stood at the register. Jean Benton gave a friendly smile and waved back as the boy disappeared out the door. She was just placing a sundae in front of a man sitting on one of stools that lined the counter when the bell over the door rang out again. Jean adjusted her apron and looked up to see three men enter the pharmacy. One was a gentleman in a suit and fedora who couldn’t have been more than 5 feet tall. Another was a lanky looking man in a cowboy hat with a rope wrapped around his right shoulder. The last was a hulking brute that had to walk sideway to fit through the door. “Welcome to Benton’s Pharmacy, gentlemen,” Jean said, attempting to be unfazed by the somewhat unusual sight. “Are you here to pick up a prescription? Or would you like something to eat?” The short man stepped up to the counter and sat on a stool across from Jean. “Something to eat would be perfect, sweetheart,” he said in oily voice. He turned to his colleagues. “Do you fellas want anything?” The man in the cowboy hat shook his head, but the large man walked up to the counter and sat down, the stool squeaking under his weight. “I’d like some ice cream,” he said dully. The short man turned to Jean. “That’ll be two vanillas. One for me, one for my pally Ox.” Jean slowly started scooping ice cream into two bowls as the man in the cowboy walked over to the stool next to Ox, which was currently occupied by a customer eating his sundae. “Sure is a nice place you got here, lady,” the short man said. “You run this establishment all by yourself?” Jean placed the two bowls in front of them, then pointed to Dr. Benton on the other side the room making notes in a ledger. “No, with my husband. Ever since he got back from overseas.” The short man looked impressed. “Really? He was a soldier?” “Medic actually.” The short man shook his head as Ox took hold of a spoon that was nearly lost in his fist. “Well, I’m glad to see he’s back home. But even with a man back around the house, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared.” Jean tensed up slightly. “Prepared? For what?” The man idly stirred around the ice cream in his bowl. “Well, for anything. I mean, take this place, for instance. Bet you must have a refrigerator or an ice box to keep all this ice cream. If something happened to it, you might have to throw out all your stock. Then my pally Ox wouldn’t get his ice cream. And he wouldn’t like that, would ya, Ox?” Ox put a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth and slowly shook his head. “I like ice cream, Dan.” The man in the cowboy hat leaned in towards the man eating the sundae. “Excuse me, friend,” he said in a southern drawl. “You’re in my seat.” The customer gave an annoyed look over his shoulder. “Your name wasn’t on it. Go sit somewhere else.” Dan continued speaking to Jean. “And what about the medicine your husband hands out? If he gave the wrong amount of medicine or the wrong kind of medicine to the wrong person… Well, that would turn out pretty bad for you too, wouldn’t it?” Jean coughed nervously and looked over at Robert, desperately hoping he would look up from his work. “Just what is it that you want?” Dan’s smile had a touch of steel behind it as he set down his spoon. “All I want to do is help you, Mrs. Benton. My associates and I would like to make sure nothing ever goes wrong around here for you. Our rates are very reasonable. And you would be prepared for any and all incidents.” The man in the cowboy hat leaned in again. “I want that seat, friend.” The man turned around annoyed. “Listen, pal, why don’t you go play with Tonto and Silver and leave me alone?” “I’m sorry, Mr…um Dan. But my husband and I already have insurance. We don’t need more.” The man in the cowboy hat walked back to the door to the pharmacy, unloosed the rope from over his shoulder, and tied noose into it. Dan’s eyes narrowed to slits. “I assure you, Mrs. Benton. Your insurance can’t give you the protection that we can.” Suddenly the man in the cowboy hat hurled the rope with a flick of his wrist. The noose caught the customer around the neck, and started to choke him. The man in the cowboy hat yanked hard and pulled the man off his stool. Ox got up from his seat and grabbed the customer by the collar as the other customers quickly ran out of the pharmacy. “My friend Montana wants that seat,” he growled. “Okay! Okay!” the man pleaded. “He can have it!” “What’s going on here?” said Dr. Benton as hurried from behind the counter over to men. “Robert, be careful!” Jean said in hushed tones. “They’re crooks! They want money!” Dan hopped off the stool and walked casually to Robert as Ox dropped the customer, who bolted for the door. “Oh were not crooks. We’re just wanting to help you make sure this place keeps running smoothly, Mr. Benton.” “Doctor.” Dan’s smile froze. “What?” Robert’s face grew pale as he saw the three men glaring at him for interrupting. “Er…Doctor. I’m a doctor. Doctor Benton.” Dan smirked and turned to his colleagues. “Hear that boys? We got ourselves a college man, here.” Ox and Montana chuckled as Dan turned back to Robert. “Well, maybe you can help me with something, doc. See, it hurts when I do this.” In an instant Dan delivered a punch to Robert’s gut. He doubled over, groaning in pain. “Robert!” Jean cried as she rushed from behind the counter, but Montana was there to grab her arm. In a few swift gestures he had tied his lasso around her wrists, binding them together. He stood behind her, still holding her by the arms. “Take it easy, darlin’. Let your husband make his house call.” Dan delivered another blow to Robert’s gut then a leaping chop across his throat. Robert fell back first against the counter, reeling as Dan took a few steps back. Then he made a running start, then leaped onto a stool to deliver a knee strike to Robert’s jaw. Robert spun out and fell face first on the counter, sending bowls and silverware clattering to the floor. Dan stepped onto the counter, squatting over Robert and swatting the back of his head. “So what do you say, doc? How do I get it to stop hurting when I do that?” Robert could only cough out some blood, some of it landing on Dan’s lapel. He casually removed a handkerchief to wipe it off then stepped down from the counter. “Ox?” The brute pulled Robert off the counter and held him in the air by the throat. “No! Wait! Please!” said Robert gasping for breath. “We’ll give you what you want!” “Robert, no!” Jean begged as she struggled to free herself from Montana’s rope and grip. “We’ll give you the money! Just don’t hurt my wife! Please!” Dan smiled at Jean as she looked away. “See that? Now that’s a real husband. College man, but he still has some brains in his head. Montana, help the lady make their first deposit.” Montana roughly shoved Jean back behind the counter then opened up the register. “First installment is $500, followed by $1000 every month.” Jean struggled to go through the register with her bound hands. “Please. There’s only about $250 in here. Business has been slow, and…” Montana grabbed the money from the register, and slipped it into his pocket. “Don’t worry about it. You can put it on your tab, along with the $1000.” He pulled on the rope and it slid off of Jean’s wrists. She rubbed them to get feeling back in them as Montana walked around the counter back to Dan. Ox still held Robert in the air. “We got it. They understand the terms.” Dan tipped his fedora to Jean. “Pleasure doing business with you, Mrs. Dr. Benton. See you next month. Ox, drop the doctor, and let’s go.” Ox released Robert with a shove that sent him colliding into the counter. He slid to the floor as Jean rushed to tend to him and the three criminals left, Ox grabbing his left over ice cream as he did. “Oh God, Robert. Are you alright?” Robert waved Jean off as she carefully helped him to a stool. “I will be, Jean. Just take it easy. Remember what mother said, ‘Gentle, gentle’.” Jean hurried back to the counter to get some ice for Robert’s black eye. “Oh, Robert, this is no time to be talking about your mother! We need to call the police!” “No! Jean, we can’t. Do you really think men like that can make threats without someone backing them up? If they get arrested, whoever that is will just send more men. To wreck the pharmacy, to hurt you.” Jean looked back at her husband in disbelief. “You can’t seriously mean that we are just going to hand over our money to them! We are having enough trouble making ends meet as it is!” Robert gingerly stood up from the stool and collected Jean’s purse, hat, and coat from the rack. “Jean, I need you to go back home. I’ll close up the place, but I need to look into some things.” “Robert, you’re hurt. There is no way I’m leaving you here by yourself at night!” Robert handed Jean her belongings and walked her out from behind the counter. “I told you, I’m alright. I don’t think those…gentlemen will be coming back. And I need to take a look at our stock. Maybe see where we can raise our prices so we can make their demands.” Jean looked worriedly at Robert as they walked to the door. “Are you sure you’re alright? I couldn’t bear to think of something happening to you.” Robert gave her a hug and looked into Jean’s eyes. “I’m going to do what I need to do to keep you safe. It’s just a few bumps and bruises. It looks worse than it is.” Jean didn’t look convinced, but Robert lifted her head up so she could see his battered but smiling face. “Take my word on it. I’m a doctor, remember?” Jean sighed but yielded to a kiss from Robert. She put on her hat and coat and opened the door, turning to look back one last time. “I’ll be waiting up for you, Dr. Benton. So don’t do anything to strain yourself.” Robert gave a salute, making Jean shake her head and smile, then she was gone. Robert locked the door to the pharmacy, then began to stand up straighter. Almost trance-like he walked behind the counter then into the storeroom. He passed several shelves of medicine, cans, and dry goods before stopping at an old chest. He lifted the lid, moving aside some old books, revealing a large, white gift box wrapped in black, white, and red ribbon. Manhattan, New York. Hell’s Kitchen. The full moon shone down on the busy streets of Manhattan. The air was full of the sounds of honking horns and shouting voices. Out of one of the seedier bars walked Fancy Dan, Montana, and Ox, accompanied by two ladies who looked dressed for dancing. They both clinged to the arms of Montana, giggling as they chatted about what had just occurred. “What a scream!” the blonde prattled on. “That waiter’s face! You snagged that bottle of champagne right out of his hands!” The redhead leaned in closer to Montana’s shoulder. “You sure know how to handle that rope, cowboy.” Montana put his arms around both women as they walked down the sidewalk. “Stick with me, darlins’ and I’ll show you a few more tricks with this rope.” Fancy Dan rolled his eyes as the women laughed at Montana’s ‘wit’. Ox trailed behind, occasionally looking over his shoulder. “Hey, Montana!” called Fancy Dan. “Let’s cut through here. Then we can cross the park straight to the hotel.” Fancy Dan motioned to his proposed short cut: an alley between two apartment buildings. “Oh, I don’t want go in there!” pouted the blonde. “It smells!” “And it’s dark in there, Montana,” said the redhead. “Let’s just get a cab.” Ox looked nervously at the entrance to the alley. “It is pretty dark in there, Dan.” Montana rolled his eyes. “Ah, come off it, Ox! It’s the fastest way to get to the hotel.” Fancy Dan’s eyes grew wide as he spoke in mock concern. “But you never know, Montana. There may be criminals waiting in there.” Fancy Dan and Montana burst out laughing, as the ladies joined in nervously. Then Montana gave them both a shove that sent them sprawling into the alley. The three men followed after them as the women slowly made their way through the darkness, being careful to watch their step. “I told you it smells in here,” the blonde moaned. “I don’t like it!” “Relax, darlin’. You don’t have anything to worry about. Not with ol’ Montana here to protect you.” The women suddenly leapt back and clung to Montana’s arms tightly. “Well, if you little ladies don’t want to wait to get to the hotel then…” He was silenced by slap to his side by Fancy Dan. The three men and two ladies stood staring at what was standing on the far end of the alley. Lit by light shining from an apartment window, stood a figure in black. He wore a mask and cape lined in red, and a cutlass hung by his side. Across his chest was the symbol of a skull and crossbones. The figure slowly walked toward them, and spoke in a commanding voice. “I think it’s time you ladies go home and go to bed. By yourselves, for a change.” The blonde and the redhead turned and ran screaming out of the alley. “Hey! Come back here!” shouted Montana. He turned back to face the man in black with a sneer. “I don’t know who the heck you are, friend, but you better have a darn good reason for ruining my evening.” The man in black walked closer. “Earlier today, you three stole the sum of $256 from a business in Brooklyn. I’m here to see that money is returned.” Fancy Dan laughed in disbelief. “Listen, pally. We don’t have that money anymore. It’s in the hands of people with deeper pockets than you or me, believe me.” The man in the black looked unimpressed at the three men. “You gentlemen all seem rather prosperous. I’m sure that you have enough money between the three of you to make restitution for the damages you’ve caused.” Ox stepped forward threateningly. “You talk too much, little man.” “Take it easy, partners,” said Montana. He smirked at the man in black as he walked up to him. “You either got a whole lot of guts, or not a lot of brains to talk like that, dressed up in some long underwear. What’s with the skull? You trying to be a pirate or somethin’?” The man in black’s face was unchanged. “A pirate? No.” Montana got right in the man in black’s face, as Fancy Dan readied himself and Ox pounded his fist into his hand. “Then what are you?” The look in the man in black’s eyes made Montana’s blood run cold. “For men like you? Poison.” The Black Terror threw a right hand that connected with Montana’s jaw, then a left to his gut. He then delivered a perfectly executed kick that sent him flying backward into Fancy Dan. Ox charged ahead with a roar only to be tripped up by the Black Terror and falling to the pavement. Fancy Dan leaped in with kicks and strikes, but each one was blocked by the man in black, who finally caught him and threw him into a row of garbage cans lined up against the stone wall. “I’m sorry,” the Black Terror said, as Fancy Dan shook his head to try to regain his senses. “But does it hurt when you do that?” Fancy Dan yelled in frustration and leapt back towards the man in black, but he easily sent him careening into the garbage cans on the other side of the alley. “Then I would suggest you don’t do that.” The Black Terror heard the whistle of Montana’s rope over his head. He raised his hand just in time to catch the lasso before it tightened around his neck. With his free hand he pulled the cutlass from it’s sheathe. He thrusted it up between his face and the rope and sliced it in half with a single stroke. Fancy Dan fumbled through the rubbish from the garbage cans until he came across a broken piece of lead piping. He brandished it and swung it at the Black Terror who parried back with the cutlass. But then Ox charged in from behind, sending his elbow right into the Black Terror’s back. The Black Terror fell forward, gritting his teeth from the force of the blow. Ox loomed over him, with Fancy Dan and Montana at his shoulders. “You’re gonna pay for that, skull-man.” He raised up his fist and brought it crashing down toward the Black Terror. OK: Can the Black Terror defeat the criminals? Or will the Enforcers overwhelm our hero? And what will happen to Peggy Carter when she returns to New York? Stay tuned to find out! Game On!
  16. The man in the blue suit ran down the New York City street, panting for breath as he push himself to go faster. The moon was covered by clouds and he desperately tried to avoid the glow from the street lights. He occasionally glanced behind him, and slightest trace of movement drove him onward. His right hand was still wrapped around a revolver, but he knew it wouldn’t do him any good. He heard a creaking noise behind and above him. He looked back and faintly outlined by the street light and crawling along a tenement wall, he saw him. If it was a him. The way it moved, the way it killed, it could have been an it. Or a devil. The man quickly raised his revolver and fired wildly, shooting out the light of the lamp. But in the last explosive burst of light he saw the thing that was hunting him leap from the wall and land on the street. Half of it’s body was crimson, the other half so blue it was nearly black. It’s eyes were two white slits, and it’s face was frozen in a blank expression. And around it’s waist, there was the glint of metal. “Keep away! Stay the hell away from me!” the man yelled. He fired his revolver again twice. The devil dodged the first bullet, but the second struck it in the chest. The devil staggered back by the impact, then looked up and glared with it’s uncaring eyes at it’s prey. In a swift gesture the devil reached behind his back and drew something from a scabbard. “Why don’t you leave me alone?! Why don’t you die?!” The man took aim, then screamed in pain, as the boomerang the devil had thrown collided with his hand and made him drop his gun. The boomerang rebounded back to the devil who effortlessly caught it. The man cradled his injured hand and stared in terror, then took off running down the street again. The devil strode after him, boomerang in hand and ready to throw. A black sedan screeched to a halt into the intersection up ahead. The back door opened and a blond man in a suit and fedora urgently waved to the man. “Come on! Get in the car! Let’s go!” The man in the blue suit sprinted toward the car. It was only a few more feet away. Then he heard a strange whistling sound drawing closer behind. He looked back for moment… just in time for the boomerang to crash into his skull. He stood poleaxed for a few seconds as the boomerang returned to it’s owners grip, then he fell lifeless to the pavement. “NO!” the man in the car screamed. He jumped from sedan and drew a machine gun. He fired a spray of bullets toward the devil, who leapt into the air twenty feet to the wall of a building, then seemed to disappear into the shadows. “Frank!” called the man at the wheel. “We got to get out of here!” Frank ran to the prone body of his fallen friend. Two more men in suits and fedoras leapt out of the sedan and chased after him. “What are you doing? The cops will be here any minute!” Frank knelt down on the ground and bent over the body. Then he straightened up, nearly falling backwards. “He’s breathing! He’s still breathing! Come on! Help me get him to the car!” “What are you, nuts?! You saw that hit! If he’s not dead, he won’t last much longer!” Frank got to his feet and aimed his machine gun at the other men. “And I say you get him in the car! Or there will be two bodies for the cops to find! Get him in the car. Now!” The two men reluctantly picked the man in the blue suit up by his arms and legs and carried him to the car, as Frank kept watch on the rooftop where the devil had disappeared. With the man in the blue suit laid out in the back seat, the other two men got in front and shouted to Frank. “Let’s get out of here already!” Frank backed up a few steps before running to the car and climbing in the back. “Frank, he isn’t gonna make it!” the driver said as Frank slammed the door. “Quit bellyachin’! Get us to Doc Harrow’s! He can fix him up!” The man in the passenger seat looked back in disgust. “That quack? We’d have better luck takin’ him to Doc Frankenstein!” “He don’t have time! Now get us to Harrow’s and…. Oh God! DUCK!” Frank ducked over in his seat and covered his head with his hands just as the boomerang smashed through his car door window. It whistled through the air and crashed through the opposite window and into the night. “Drive! Drive! Go! Go!” Frank’s screams were drowned out by the screech of the tires as the sedan tore off down the streets. On the rooftop of a nearby building, the devil watched as the sedan sped away. He placed his boomerang in the scabbard on his back, then felt the bruise on his chest left by the impact of the gangster’s bullet on his bulletproof costume. The devil was not satisfied with the results of his mission. Those men were scum that polluted this city. None of them deserved to draw breath. The devil knew that there were many such men that needed to be dealt with. But their time was drawing to an end. For now, there was a devil in Hell’s Kitchen. Marvel Studios, in association with ABC and the Broadway Beyonder Presents Agent Carter Season 3 Coming Soon November 2021

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