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Commando Droids vs. Imperial DeathTroopers
Commando Droids: 5
Imperial Death Troopers: 1

Read more about Commando Droids vs. Imperial DeathTroopers (Still working on it...)
Raditz vs. Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
Raditz: 0
Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.: 3

Read more about Raditz vs. Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (Still working on it...)
Corvo Attano vs. The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)
Corvo Attano: 2
The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers): 3

Read more about Corvo Attano vs. The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers) (Still working on it...)
Lothar vs. The Enforcers (Jackie Chan Adventures)
Lothar: 4
The Enforcers (Jackie Chan Adventures): 0

Read more about Lothar vs. The Enforcers (Jackie Chan Adventures) (Still working on it...)

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know Thanksgiving is actually tomorrow, but I figured I'd give you guys a treat early, cause why not? A good old fashioned Thanksgiving brawl is on the table here, as a killer Turkey, a gluttonous, sentient pumpkin, and a living, cute, but still living ice cream cone Pokémon have come to battle for supremacy. Who makes it out of this feast, who gets eaten up, who will be left in one piece? Gobble, gobble, gobble, Thanksgiving is upon us Pilgrim!.... Or something like that? Heh.
  2. “Good news everyone!” The professor entered the Planet Express common room in high spirits. Bender let out a loud, flaming belch. “This better not be like your last piece of good news. You know, the one that ended with Fry and Amy temporarily fused by their scalps.” “I washed my hair 10 times since then and I still can’t get rid of all his dandruff,” Amy says, her face contorting into a disgusted grimace. “You should try peanut butter, I hear that works,” Fry pipes in. “No, no. Nothing that ends with anyone connected in ways they don’t want. At least, that shouldn’t happen… No, I think you’ll find this good news to be good news, everyone. The attractive young friends who moved into the building across the street have agreed to come over for Thanksgiving today.” As the professor finishes his explanation the door whooshes open and 6 friends walk in. “Hi, thanks for having us,” the woman with dark hair attempts to introduce the group. “It’s really nice to- Ah, Ah, ACHOO!” “Are you feeling OK Monica?” the man next to her says, putting his arm around her shoulder. “Sniff. Yeah Chandler, I’m fine. Just a little sneeze. Anyway, I’m Monica. This is my husband Chandler, my brother Ross, and my friends Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe.” “Introduced last, I see where I stand,” Phoebe interjects. “Well, we’ll see how you feel when you get picked last to play Turkeystuffers later.” Chandler looks at Phoebe quizzically. “And what, pray tell, is Turkeystuffers?” “Oh wouldn’t you like to know,” she responds with a smile. The professor ushers the Friends in towards the table. “This is the Planet Express team. I’m sure from the descriptions I gave you’ll be able to tell who’s who.” Phoebe walks over to Dr. Zoidberg. “Aw, you must be Amy. The professor said you were pretty, but I didn’t think you would be this pretty.” “Why, thank you young lady.” Zoidberg turns to the rest of his colleagues. “No one correct her, or else!” His frill stands straight up as he finishes talking. “Fry,” the Professor says, “when will Elzar be here to prepare dinner?” Fry takes out his phone. “Let me check… Let’s see, I asked him to be here around… 10 minutes ago. And his response was ‘Hell no I’m not coming to cook your Thanksgiving dinner.’ Huh, guess I should have read his response sooner. I assumed when I told him he could keep the leftovers that would be enough payment for him.” “Makes perfect sense to me,” Joey says. “But now who’s gonna make dinner? It’s Thanksgiving and I’m in my stretchy pants, someone better get cooking.” “Don’t worry Joey,” Monica says. “You are friends with a chef, remember? Professor, where are your-Ah, ah, AAACHOOOO!!” Monica lets out another Titanic sneeze. “I don’t like the sound of those sneezes,” Leela says. She pulls out a small laser emitting tool. “Here, let me scan you.” The machine lays out a grid over Monica’s face, beeps a few times, and comes back with a reading. “Hmmm, Covid-19,0000. That can’t be good.” “Oh, it’s perfectly safe,” Professor Farnsworth reassures her. “The Covid viruses stopped being contagious after we switched away from 5G. It’s actually a bit of a mystery how Monica here has it.” “See guys, not contagious. Sniff. So, where’s the food? I’ll start cooking.” “It’s in the fridge over there,” the Professor points towards the kitchen. “Though I should warn you, the Covid viruses are no longer contagious, but they do make the infected very susceptible to combustion. The gas grill may be a bit of a risk.” “Then who the hell is making dinner!?” Joey demands, slamming silverware onto the table. In unison, Bender and Rachel speak up. “I can make it!” The two glare at each other. “Look lady, this is my company and that’s my kitchen. I’ll be making dinner.” “Rachel, why don’t you let the robot cook?” Ross pleads. “We all remember your, um, interesting take on a trifle.” The rest of the Friends gang nod their heads in agreement. “No, no,” Leela says. “She can take care of it. After all Bender, you don’t want to work on Thanksgiving, do you?” “Nonsense,” Bender responds. “I would love to show off my culinary expertise to our new neighbors. Besides, I can get this dinner done in 20 minutes.” Joey perks up at the claim. “20 minutes? LET THE ROBOT COOK!” “No, Joey. I can handle this.” With that, Rachel marches towards the kitchen. “I’ll show you human. I’m gonna cook the crap outta Thanksgiving.” “That’s what we’re afraid of,” Amy sighs. “Do you folks know any places that will deliver?” Chandler asks. The sound of crashing and burning soon starts to emanate from the Planet Express kitchen. “I have a feeling we may be ordering in for dinner.” Bender Bending Rodriguez and Rachel Green are locked in a culinary battle for the ages. Which of these terrible self-described amazing cooks will win the day?
  3. Happy Thanksgiving“Hello and welcome to the 1st Annual CBUB Thanksgiving Day Blow Out. I’m Adam Richman. And joining me as always for the first time is Patton Oswalt”“I’m not getting paid enough do this,” complained Patton.“Too bad. We’ve got an eating contest like nothing you’ve ever see today. Two giants of gluttony,” said Adam.“Yes, Goku the Super Saiyan Sucker and ‘don’t bother with the utensils, they’ll only get in my way’ Volstagg,” added Patton.“Well, are contestants are ready and so are the EMTs with the Pepto-Bismol, so let’s get started.”“What ever happened to my career?” groaned Patton. He continued, “We’re going to start off the boys with a chef salad severed in a foosball table with five gallon on ranch dressing, 15 buttermilk cheddar biscuits, deep fried jumbo shrimp and a few corn dogs.”“The corn dogs are to counter the healthiness of the salad,” added Adam.“Sure, you tell yourself that,” said Patton. “Next up they’ll be getting baked potatoes, that’s plural. Stuff with melted cheese, butter, bacon and more bacon. These potatoes are so stuffed you’ll never taste the potatoes.” Patton noticed they were both getting the meat sweats just talking about what Goku and Volstagg had to eat.Adam took over for the next bit. “Then they’ve got bratwurst, I mean a lot of bratwurst. There enough of them to fill a duffle bag. If you listen closely, you can hear Homer Simpson’s erection.” “You stopped being funny years ago!” quipped Patton. “After that comes the main course. A 64 oz steak. This is what they feed pumas in the zoo, and these guys are going to eat that with chicken fried habaneros.”Adam added “That’s an actual item, somebody actually said ‘300,000 Scovilles isn’t enough, I want clogged arties too.’”“And for dessert is a gauntlet of funnel cakes, hushpuppies, Elephant ears, sopaipillas, beignets, churros, and of course P?czkis”“Wow,” said Adam. “Its like the Four Horseman of Fried Dough, if they brought three friends”“And a Diet Coke. A deep fried Diet Coke.”“Well, good luck to our contestants and remember there are no winners here today, just degrees of indigestion.”^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This is not a fight it's an eating contest.Simple set up; who ever eats the most in 2 hours wins.They can skip a course if they want to.They don’t have to survive.
  4. I thought I would try this again after we had a good turn out for my last challenge. This Challenge is simple, Just make a match with 2 characters with records of 0-3 or worse, post it here and we will vote for the best one. You can only post one match for consideration and you can not vote for yourself(im talking about you NOVA). We can start now and Vote for the winner starting Black Friday. Aslo dont forget to vote for the the best set up in the unused character "challange".
  5. Another Thanksgiving match. Basically, who wins with the best cooked food and can anyone win this without cheating.
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