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Lola Bunny: 5
Supergirl: 1

Sydney Bristow: 3
Anton Chigurgh: 0

Jake Sully (Avatar): 2
Feral Predator: 3

Two-Gun Kid: 2
Miles Edgeworth: 3

Zilla Jr.: 4
Cloverfield Creature (Clover): 2

Captain Marvel / Shazam: 1
Superman: 2

Sydney Bristow: 3
Juno Skinner: 1

The Goonies: 2
Hawkins A.V. Club (Stranger Things): 3

Trakeena: 1
Astronema: 3

Loki (Marvel Comics): 3
Sauron: 2

Sydney Bristow: 3
Mike Ehrmantraut: 1

Emperor Han: 4
Ozai: 3

D-Generation X: 1
The nWo: 5

Penguin: 1
Michigan J. Frog: 4

Arsene Lupin III: 2
Loid Forger: 1

Sydney Bristow: 4
Ava Faulkner: 2

Heracles: 0
Darth Bane: 3

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 4
Professor Pyg: 1

The Dominion: 1
Dominators: 3

Grinders: 4
Jem'Hadar: 3

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General characters


Jean Jacket - the ufo thing from the movie Nope

Pop Culture

The 355 - team of highly trained women from different government agencies around the world from the film The 355

Hutch Manson - former assassin who becomes a nobody from the film Nobody


Leo Barnes - former police officer and later secret service agent who fights to survive in the Purge. He was in 2 of the films 



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Heh, I've still got the most posts in this topic ... 

Anyways, two years after EF came back (and since has become Magneticferret), I'm finally able to add characters regularly. It took awhile for me to find a free image editor, but here it is, if anyone's interested: 

Free Online Image Editor

Maybe this one won't force us to subscribe/upgrade/etc. after so many uploads. 

So glad I found this. I was missing out on a good chunk of the CBUB experience by not being able to add characters regularly. :) 

Now there's only one thing left to do that I haven't done since the last closing ...

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But yeah, here are my latest adds: 

Characters added: 


Zhu Li 




Wrecker (comics) How have we gotten this deep into the Database's history without adding him??


Galatea (DCAU) 


Kraang Prime 

Kraang Subprime 

Loki (the original Loki) :D 

Filled out the rest of the Red Lotus and some more of the major TLoK cast, as well as added Supergirl's twisted clone from JLU, some major TMNT 2012 foes and the original Norse trickster god. 

Images added: 

LeBron James (from Space Jam: A New Legacy) 

Red Lotus 

John Kreese 

Poison Ivy (DCAU pic) 

Cheetah (finally, a respectful battle image :) )

Chris Bradford 

Believe me, there's more to come. :D 

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Immortus - an alternate version or variant of Nathaniel Richards/Kang the Conqueror/Iron Lad. Kind of surprised that he wasn't already in the site

Treasure Island

Jim Hawkins - the main protagonist of The story. I added the Disney version from Treasure Planet. Another one I'm surprised wasn't in the site already considering Long John Silver is in the site

Captain Flint - the pirate who is responsible for obtaining the Treasure of Treasure Island and getting it on the island to begin with

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Star Wars: Mustafar: Planet of volcanoes and lava, and later Vader's HQ

Misc: Neverland: Home of Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

Disney: Marina Del Rey: A power hungry evil mermaid, from the subpar Disney prequel: Ariel's Beginning. 

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New characters added: 

Suyin Beifong 

Steven Universe 


Air Nomads 

Desna and Eska 

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Was on a bit of a road trip yesterday/today and got a bit bored in the car. So added an assortment of characters from a young boy who gets lost on an adventure in the Land of the Dead to assassins and alien hunters



Miguel Rivera - the main protagonist of Coco. A young boy that aspires to be a musician and gets stuck in the Land of the Dead

Hector Rivera - Miguel's great great grandfather who is a Trickster in the Land of the Dead, who helps his great great grandson

Ernesto de la Cruz - main antagonist and a famous musician

Army of the Dead

Zeus - the alpha zombie king that started the outbreak

Scott Ward - diner Cook and former mercenary. He is hired to lead team for the heist


Went in with zero expectations for this film. It turned out better than I thought. I really enjoyed it

Naru - the main protagonist. A Commanche hunter that wants to prove to herself and her people that she can be a hunter

Feral Predator - the main Predator of the film. Different than most incarnations we've seen in the film series and even this site


K - from Blade Runner 2049 - a replicant Blade Hunter tasked with hunting older replicants

Paul Serone - a poacher from the film Anaconda that is hunting for the giant snake

John Kruger - From the film Eraser - a U.S. Marshall that specializes in Witness protection

The Gung-Ho Guns - specialized mercenary group from the anime Trigun. They are devoted in hunting Vash the Stampede

Mary Goodwin - from the film Proud Mary - a former assassin

Anna Poliatova - from the film Anna - A KGB Assassin 

Mr. Benedict - main antagonist of the Last Action Hero. A henchmen in the film within a film that becomes the main antagonist of the overall film. With a glass eye and a big gun

The Amphibian Man - from the film The Shape of Water -Creature of the Black Lagoon type creature that the film is centered around

Elliot Stabler - from Law And Order SVU/Organized Crime - a detective

Mary Ann Ellington- main antagonist from the film Ma. She terrorizes the town's high school kids that hang out at her home

Dr. Zoe McConnell - main antagonist of the film The Lazarus Effect. A doctor that dies and is resurrected through a serum. Gains supernatural power and becomes evil 

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Took me a minute to think up some new characters to add, but here we go: 

Saul Goodman 

Never watched Better Call Saul or Breaking Bad, but as much as both shows have been talked about and praised, I'm surprised Saul hasn't been added by now. 

Fat Cat 

Professor Norton Nimnul 

With the Rescue Rangers film coming out a few months back, I figured some may want to see the Rangers' most frequent enemies from the OG show added. 

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New characters added: 

Lincoln Loud 

The star (and usually straight-man) of The Loud House is now in. 

Penny Proud 

Didn't watch The Proud Family that much when it originally aired on TV, but given that millennials that live around my way always talked about it and there's now a reboot out there, I figured "Why not finally add Penny here?" 

Kai (The Legend of Korra) 

The street urchin-turned decent airbending fighter is in the Database.

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New characters added: 

Elle Woods 

The fashion student-turned legal eagle is now in the Database 


The feisty second-youngest of Aang's grandchildren is now in. 

Bébé's Kids 

I've been trying to find a way to add these bad-ass kids since well before the site's last closing, lol. The main issue was finding four good links, but now that it's down to two for a profile, I finally managed it. I'm especially proud of how their pic turned out. :) 

BTW, here some trivia about the film: 

- The director, Bruce W. Smith, went on to work on several other animated films such as Space Jam and several Disney films, and also created The Proud Family. 

- The VA of Lashawn, the girl of the trio, actually went on to become a porn star. :D 

Images added: 

The Seekers 

I just realized I had this pic sitting on my flash drive for all this time, so I just went ahead and added it. 

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From novels adapted to some kind of screen to some lower tier comic book characters, here are some recent additions that I submitted


Mickey Haller - from The Lincoln Lawyer novel series/movie/Netflix show- with @DSkillzadding some different lawyers in Saul Goodman and the Legally Blonde. I thought it would be good to put in the Lincoln Laywer

Mitch Rapp - from American Assassin novel series and film. He is a trained assassin for the U.S. government that specializes in counter terrorism.

Jessica Priest - from Spawn comics/film. A CIA operative and assassin. In the film,  she helps kill Al Simmons which leads him into becoming Spawn. I think that was redone where it happened in the comics as well. She also becomes a hellspawn in the comic

Khonshu (Marvel) - From Marvel comics. Egyptian moon god that grants Moon Knight with his power

Ringmaster - From Marvel comics - a lower tier Villain that is the leader of the Circus of Crime

Bushman - from Marvel comics -another lower tier villain. An assassin and primary antagonist to Moon Knight

Black Spectre - from Marvel comics -a lower tier villain. Like Bushman, primarily an antagonist to Moon Knight. There have been multiple people that have taken of the mantle over the years

Audrey San Fernado - from Day Shift. An ancient vampire that is the main antagonist in the film 

Bud Jablonski - from the recent Netflix film Day Shift.  The main protagonist. He has a front a pool cleaner but in reality, he hunts vampires

Miss Audrey Caroline - from the film Little Monsters. A teacher that went out with her class on a field trip. One thing leads to another and the field trip is ruined by flesh eating zombies. Miss Caroline must not only survive but protect her students

Athena the Zombie Queen - from Netflix's Army of the Dead. I added the zombie king recent in Zeus. I figured what is a king without his queen. 

Las Vengeance - from Army of the Dead. I also added the leader of the group, Scott Ward a little while back. Once again, I figured the group would make a great addition to the site. 

Isla the Occultist - from the recent Conjuring film. She is the main antagonist that is into the occult and curses one of the characters. 



I also added photos to different character galleries. Maybe a way of giving some life to different characters. 

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Heh, the two-link set-up sure makes adding easier. The trick for some of these profiles is if we eventually go back to needing more profile links.

Alright, here are yesterday's and today's adds: 

Cookie Lyon 

CBUB'ers are now free to use Empire's breakout star. 

Korben Dallas 

Leeloo's been in for awhile, so why not also have the actual star of The Fifth Element and one of Bruce Willis's most badass characters? 

Sonny (I, Robot) 

Let's see how the strongest NS-5 fares here. 

Annaliese Keating 

Yes, I'm continuing the adding-lawyers trend, @Boratz. :P Annaliese has won cases on every level in her show, too.

Chris Washington 

Adelaide "Addie" Wilson 

I figured a couple of Jordan Peele's horror characters would be nice to have here.

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I don't know if anyone here remembers the 'Wing Commander' games. But in the 90's they were well regarded, they had novels, a surprisingly great animated series, and a terrible movie that was nothing like the games. But I added.

The Terran Confederation: The human faction of the game, a loose alliance of planets.

The Kilrathi: Large bipedal feline aliens, an expantionist power that has come into conflict with the Terrans. Obviously ripped off the Kzin. 


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