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Match 14617 He-Man vs. Thor

Guest .Big Game James.

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Guest .Big Game James.

He-Man vs. Thor




Balder: Father, the Frost Giants are storming across Bifrost for battle. Quick, gather all of the Asgardians and prepare.


Odin: Where is Thor? Where is Loki? Heimdall sound the horn. If a battle is what they want a battle we will give them.


Sif (pointing at Heimdall) : The Frost Giants are gaining quickly. Heimdall cannot defend Bifrost alone.


Thor quickly flies into aid his fellow Asgardians as Loki shortly follows behind him.


The battle begins.


Thor: Loki stand behind. These giants will be little work for Mjolnir.


Loki looks on with great disgust as his brother once again takes all the credit for taking down the enemy, while Loki feels like he has gained no respect from the people of Asgard.


While in battle Loki sees his perfect opportunity to flee the battlegrounds and finally get his hands on the Tesseract and escape Asgard.


To flee Asgard he uses the Tesseract to open a portal to another dimension.


Back on Bifrost.


Odin: Where has Loki gone? The Tesseract may be in danger.


Thor: I will go look. Good luck father. Keep the Frost Giants from harming our people.


Odin: No Frost Giant will storm over Bifrost and live to tell about it. (he smiles) Good luck to you my son. Loki must be stopped.


Thor then flees the battle to look for Loki in the palace. As soon as Thor sees Loki, he disappears into a portal.


Thor: Loki, Noooooo!


Loki shows an evil grin before disappearing into the black hole.


Thor then quickly retreats back to the battlefields where the Frost Giants have been defeated by the Asgardians.


Odin: Thor where is Loki? Is the Tesseract still safe my son?


Thor: I'm afraid not father. He has escaped through a portal with the Tesseract. Other worlds may be in grave danger.


Balder: I shall follow you into battle my brother. Loki must be stopped and pay for his doings.


Thor: No Balder, this is between me and Loki. I must embark on this journey alone to find the Tesseract and save the universe from Loki's schemes.


Odin then opens a portal sending Thor through time and space to catch up to Loki.


Meanwhile in Eternia.


Loki falls right in front of the throne of King Randor in the Royal Palace of Eternia where he drops the Tesseract.


Loki then stands up immediately.


Loki: I am Loki, and you are?


King Randor: King Randor, The King of Eternia. You must be one of Skeletors servants. A portal from another dimension has seem to brought you here. Quick call for the guards to imprison this intruder. Skeletor has yet to outsmart the King.


Loki: I have no knowledge of this Skeletor? I have heard no such name.


The guards then take him away...


Queen Marlena (talking to Randor and the other guard): He has dropped what seems to be a significant item of all-power. Bring Prince Adam to the throne room to have Duncan examine this item and its being. It may be worth a fortune.


The guard then quickly retrieves Prince Adam which is ordered to take the glowing orb to Duncan to examine the unfamiliar object. Instead of taking the Tesseract to Duncan he stops by and tells Duncan that he is taking the object to Castle Grayskull to have it examined by the Sorceress herself along with Cringer.


While inside the castle he finds the Sorceress and asks her of the object and its significance.


Prince Adam: Sorceress I have come to you for further information about this orb.


The Sorceress: It is other worldly Prince Adam, it is the Tesseract. It has traveled through space and time from another dimension known as Asgard. It grants its user the ability to reshape reality as we know it. If it ended up in the wrong hands the dangers could be devastating.


Prince Adam: Reshape reality you say? Asgard? What is this Asgard?


The Sorceress: A world much like Eternia. Very much knowledge and power comes from the Asgardian race.


Prince Adam: Thankyou Sorceress I will be sure to tell our people.


As he is walking out of the Castle a bolt of lightning strikes right in front of him. He quickly takes a step back.


Thor emerges from the cloud of smoke and stands up to see Prince Adam holding the Tesseract.


Thor: Where is Loki and how did you get the Tesseract? (as he raises Mjolnir)


Prince Adam: Loki? I have heard no name of such and i will not drop the orb. I have rightfully found the item and I will rightfully give it to my kingdom to maintain peace against Skeletor.


Thor: You do not know the power it wields.


Prince Adam: And you might be who?


Thor: I am Thor of Asgard. Son of Odin. (Pointing Mjolnir to the sky while lightning shoots to the heavens)


Prince Adam: Asgard? So you have came for your artifact i assume? By the power of Grayskull..............I Have the Power! (He transforms to He-man and points his The Sword of Power at Cringer to transform to Battle Cat.)


Thor's eyes open up wide as he is astounded by the sudden transformation.


Thor: The Tesseract belongs in my fathers possession. He is the only one who knows its true power.


He-man: Never!


Who Wins this Epic Battle???


Eternian vs. Asgardian


The Magical Sword of Power vs. The Magical Uru Hammer (Mjolnir)

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Guest .Big Game James.

Part 1 of an arc? Either this will be an incredibly fast arc, or you are extremely optimistic.

well I'm pretty optimistic I guess. Well lets just say their is more story that attaches onto this story... Make sense? ill change it folks. I'm sorry....anyway can you atleast let me know how my storyline was? Thanks
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Nice! Big improvement over your last couple of matches, BGJ. Still, I wonder why King Randor would immediately suspect Loki to be evil. Loki's fooled smarter people in the past. 


As for the match, which version of Thor is being used here? I'm thinking that most versions of Thor would have too diverse of a powerset to lose to He-Man. Still, both He-Man and Thor can be hotheads at times, so this would very likely be a slug-fest at the start. I think both are smart enough, though, to realize their misunderstanding before things get too serious.

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Guest Dinsdale Piranha

And which version of He-Man? Pretty much any version of Thor would be much stronger than most versions of He Man.

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Guest .Big Game James.

Uh cartoon versions of both. Thor is from Avengers: Earths mightiest heroes and He-man is from the 2002 cartoon series.

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Guest Dinsdale Piranha

I did some estimates on those series. There's actually a He-Man thread and an Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes thread with my reasoning.


My estimate for He-Man's lifting capacity is about 10,000 tons. Pretty impressive but my estimate fro Thor is 100,000 tons. I'd also rate Thor as quite a bit more durable. He-Man gets knocked out by attacks (like the snake-possessed Man-at-Arms) that Thor would have shrugged off. (There's nothing the possessed MaA does that suggests his attacks are as powerful as those of Hulk, Red Hulk, Executioner, or others Thor faces in the series.


I think it's fair to give him a skill advantage over Thor based on visual evidence. He-Man is very good at dodging and parrying attacks while Thor takes a lot of punches. Plus, the power sword has deflected some pretty potent energy blasts. It can probably handle lightning.


IMO this fight is a little like Sugar ray Leonard vs. Mike Tyson would have been. He-Man is going to land more blows; nothing that can really hurt Thor, unless he runs him through with his sword. (IMO, if he tries, it will go badly. Thor's adventures in Asgard never show him getting badly hurt by skilled swordsmen.) He will frustrate Thor with his defenses but, once the Thunder gets in a few good shots, it will be all over.

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