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Match 15414 Nina (Bulletproof Monk) vs. Sydney Fox


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“Et tu, Brute?”


In the Shakespearean play Julius Caesar, these words were uttered by the dying Caesar. These words signify betrayal by the closest of friends and these words signify at the hands of brothers. It is uncertain if these words were truly uttered by the great Caesar, they have become all too familiar with his death. On the Ides of March, Caesar was pierced 23 times by conspirators. It was the dagger from Marcus Brutus that some believe truly took the life of Julius Caesar. "Et tu, Brute?" The words echoed in the heart of Brutus for the rest of his days as they became a curse upon him. On that day, he became immortalized in infamy as the worst of traitors. While Brutus took his own life in October of 42 B.C., his name lived on for its treachery. What many do not know, the dagger that he carried lived on through the ages.


Through wars, famine, pestilence and death; the dagger that carried out an act of ultimate betrayal carried on a life of its own. It is believed that this Dagger of Brutus is cursed with a magic that has long since been forgotten. Others believe that the Dagger contains power; the very power that was taken from Caesar can bestow power upon whomever wields it. Throughout centuries, secret societies fought for this blade and most of these societies have been destroyed with the passing of time.


In 1943, the Dagger found itself back in Rome. A group that has dedicated its very existence to secrecy. They have fought to guard relics that have been sought after by the forces of darkness in this world. One these dark forces was led by a Nazi SS officer, named Stucker. He led his forces through the lands, seeking out this Dagger of Brutus. The secret society also know as the Sacred Knights fought against these Nazi forces. Through blood shed, the Nazi forces broke through the line of the Sacred Knights. They knew that if they did not disappear with the Dagger, it would fall into the hands of evil. The remaining Knights disappeared in the shadows of the world, fleeing from the forces of darkness.


73 years later...


It has been some years since Sydney Fox has truly gone out on an adventure. She was slightly older now but strived to keep herself physically fit. Her former students; now all graduated and gone out into their own careers, were all but memories. While she found fulfillment in teaching her new students, she found that she did not have the enjoyment that she once had as a relic hunter. Almost ten years have passed since she went on a hunt and she could feel the boredom growing each day.


As she longed for the thrill of adventure, she was haunted by her last hunt for an ancient relic. As she dived into teaching her students, she grew discouraged with the thought of allowing another one of them to get into the same dangers that took the life of one her own. Believing that those days have long passed, an unexpected surprise soon found a way to greet her. Adventure was soon to come back into her life once again.


During one of her classes, Sydney's eyes wandered the classroom as she taught her students. To her surprise, in the back of the classroom she saw one of her former assistants. She was shocked for a moment as Claudia gave her a little smirk, but Sydney eventually caught her composure and went back to her lesson. As the class came to an end, slowly all the students had disappeared from the room. All that were left were Sydney and Claudia. 


"It has been a long time, Claudia!" Sydney said with a smile.


"It definitely has, Sydney!" Claudia exlaimed as she went to give her former professor a hug.


"So, what brings you here?" Sydney asked with that same smile.


"Well... I'm actually here to ask for your help!" Claudia replied.


"My help? What kind of help are you looking for?" Sydney asked as she leaned back against her desk.


"Well the company that I work for was going to partner with a human rights organization. I did a bit of digging and found some things that are... well… a bit off." Claudia replied with a worried look.


"I don't think you necessarily need my help. If there is something off, that might be a better job for authorities." Sydney replied.


"I thought about that, but the leader of this organization... she puts on a great front but after digging deeper, I found that she is the granddaughter of a Nazi SS officer!" Claudia replied.


"We can't choose our families, does not mean that she is in the wrong!" Sydney said as she looked away.


"True, but I also found that her grandfather is still alive. For decades they have been trying to find ways to keep him alive." Claudia said.


"I'm guessing that is why you are coming to me now!" Sydney said as she looked back at Claudia.


"In my research, I have found that this organization has funded terror groups all over the world, and they are searching for an artifact!" Claudia replied as a worried look fell over her face.


"What kind of artifact?" Sydney asked.


"The Dagger of Brutus! The Dagger that killed Julius Caesar!" Claudia responded.


"Hmmm... I know there are beliefs out there that the Dagger can grant power and bring life, just as it took the life of someone with great power... there are also some that believe that it is cursed!" Sydney said as she paced around the front of her classroom.


"What else do you know of it?" Claudia asked as her eyes followed Sydney.


"It traveled the world and was eventually lost around World War II." Sydney responded as she stopped and looked back at Claudia. "You said this human rights organization person... her grandfather was a Nazi officer?"


"Yes... her name is Nina... Nina Strucker..." Claudia responded.


"Look, Claudia, it was good seeing you again! I just don't do this anymore." Sydney said as he turned away from Claudia. "I can't do this anymore!"


"I know what happened, Sydney! I am sorry about what happened! But we must do something! We have to stop this!" Claudia pleaded.


"I... I can't... I'm sorry!" Sydney said as a tear rolled down her face.


"The Sydney that I remembered would not be afraid and she definitely would not let this relic fall into the wrong hands!" Claudia said as she dropped her head and started walking away. "It was good to see you, Sydney." Claudia said as she let out a sigh.


For a moment, Sydney took a deep breath. "Claudia, wait!" 


New York City - HRO Headquarter


After giving what seemed to be a heartfelt speech, Nina walked down into crowds of people that waited to donate to the organization. With a fake smile, she greeted many that were under the impression that they were donating to something for the good of mankind. The facade was enough to throw off the masses. From within the flock of people, a man silently made his way through the crowd. He walked up behind Nina and whispered something in her ears. For a moment, a look of distress came over her face, but she quickly put on her fake smile as she excused herself from the banquet. 


She left with a group of men and went to a private apartment in the center of the city. Her heart was beating fast as she entered the room of her grandfather. Heart monitors and oxygen tanks surrounded the weak and elderly man. Her eyes caught his as she approached him. With what little strength he had left, he pushed himself up and waited for his granddaughter to get closer to him.


"Wh... what news do you have?" The elderly Strucker asked in a weak voice.


"We are close... the Dagger is not far from here, actually. Those fools stashed it away in a church somewhere in this wretched country! We are verifying the exact church that it was hidden in." Nina said as she leaned down closer to her grandfather.


"For so long; I have seen the failures of many, including your parents!" Strucker said as he looked upon Nina.


"But you've never had me by your side! I will not fail you, grandfather!" Nina said with assurance.


"That is not comforting, and being my granddaughter will not protect you, if you fail me." Strucker said as he laid back against his bed.


Nina had a look of annoyance as she stood over the elderly man. "I will not fail you! I will secure the Dagger and you will rise to power once again!" 


Days later, at a Gala event at HRO...


Once again, Nina stood before crowds of people and gave a speech on the humanitarian work of her organization. With the craftiness of her facade, many applauded as her speech at come to an end. As she walked through the crowds; greeting many of the benefactors, she saw a representative from one of the companies that had recently pulled out of a partnership with her organization. She casually strolled up to the woman and stood before her with that same fake smile.


"Claudia, my dear, I am sorry that I heard your company no longer wants to partner with us!" Nina said.


Claudia took a sip from a drink and glanced over at Nina. "It just did not seem to work out. Maybe too many skeletons in the closet!" Claudia said as she sat down her glass.


"Interesting...well hopefully none on our end." Nina said with a crooked smirk. "And who is this?" Nina asked as she looked at the woman next to Claudia.


"This is..." Claudia said before being interrupted.


"Sydney Fox... I'm one of Claudia's former professors from college. She actually did some work for me as an assistant for a couple years!" Sydney said with a smile.


"Oh really?!" Nina said as she gave a quick glance at Claudia. "What kind of professor are you exactly?"


"Ancient studies and archeology!" Sydney responded as she looked into Nina's eyes.


"Interesting. The history of man and their atrocities must intrigue you then!" Nina said with a stand-offish look.


"Not really... I am more interested in the good that mankind is capable of!" Sydney responded with a strong smile.


"I am glad you are here then, Ms. Fox! That is exactly what our organization is about bringing to the world!" Nina said with a crooked smile.


"Something I have noticed is that when some humanitarian groups promise peace, they actually mean something else entirely." Sydney replied.


"Well... I can assure you that we are not one of those groups." Nina said as she looked away. "I must get going now! Claudia, it was so good to see you again! And Ms. Fox, it was a pleasure."


"Pleasure was all mine!" Sydney responded with a smile.


Nina disappeared into the crowd and Sydney gave a nod to Claudia. As they left the gala, Sydney told Claudia that she found the location of the Dagger. An ancient group known as the Sacred Knights hid the dagger away in a church in Boston, Massachusetts. The two set their sights for Boston. Before they left for their journey, they were getting their equipment ready. "Hello, old friend!" Sydney said to herself as she opened a crate with her old crossbow.


Boston, Massachusetts 


Nina and her men were able to locate a church that has dated back since the American Revolution. As they made their way inside of the church, Nina commanded that her men stay alert. "We are not the only ones here, and we are not the only ones hunting for this Dagger!" Nina sauntered up the church aisle and looked at the altar. She rolled her eyes upon seeing the altar. She heard a noise from behind as one of her men yelled, "We found something!"


She quickly made her way into the direction of the one that yelled and found that someone has busted a whole into the ground. She gazed down and saw that there was a labyrinth of tunnels underneath the church. She looked up at her men and nodded. The men proceeded to go down into the tunnels, and she followed close behind. The farther they went, the thinner the air became. Cobwebs hung from the walls and ceilings. Suddenly, the roaring of gun fire went off, as Nina's men started shooting at something. "It is just a shadow!" Nina exclaimed as she shined her light down the tunnel. 


As her men proceeded forward, several traps sprang to life. Several of Nina's men dropped to the ground with their lives fading away. Eventually, it was just Nina and one last henchman left. They continued through the tunnels until they reached an open area. A smirk formed across her face as she saw Claudia up ahead. She nodded at her henchmen. The henchmen lifted his pistol and was about to open fire on Claudia. Suddenly, the pistol flew out of his hand as an arrow came from the shadows. Nina and the henchmen looked over to see Sydney standing in one of the corners of the underground tomb. 


"CLAUDIA, GET THE DAGGER!" Sydney yelled as she started loading another arrow into her crossbow.


Claudia sprinted off further into the tomb.


"AFTER HER!" Nina yelled.


The henchmen started running across the tomb before he was met with an arrow to his knee. The henchmen fell to the ground in pain. Sydney walked over to him and kicked him across the face, knocking him out instantly. "Still got it." Sydney said under her breath with a smirk.


"Well hello, my dear! Fancy meeting you here of all places!" Nina yelled as she jumped down in front of the Relic Hunter. Nina said with a smile on her face ready for a battle. Sydney glanced down at her crossbow and threw it over on the ground. She looked at Nina and prepared herself for a fight.




This take place in an underground tomb beneath a church in Boston.


It is a hand to hand battle.


Nina does have a small club weapon holstered around her ankle. 


Sydney is older and hasn't done a whole light of fighting in the last 10 years

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Nina (Bulletproof Monk)
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Sydney Fox
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It's been a while since I saw Relic Hunter fight scenes. And they have not aged well. Not everyone can have fights like Xena I guess. Her best feats are against the lamae cult in Possessed, though it's hard to see whether anyone there had the appropriate strength of the usual vampire besides the leader. Against agents, her results have been mixed, with some of her wins due to outside interference. And being aged up won't help.

I'll have to give this one to Nina just because she moves a lot quicker and has a weapon in hand.

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59 minutes ago, Mercenaryblade said:

Fun setup with some globe trotting adventure! 

I'm going with Nina, Sydney got knocked out and captured I don't know how many times



Thats what I was going for in this one, a globe trotting adventure

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Relic Hunter always came across as discount tomb raider to me. but I remember enjoying the episodes that I saw. Tia Carrere will always be Cassandra in my eyes. Although she was also great in True Lies. 

A good setup and as always I like that you go for the deep cuts.

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Very good and fun set-up, Boratz! I haven't seen Bulletproof Monk, but this story definitely feels a good deal like the Relic Hunter episodes I remember seeing.

As for the match, while Sydney is a pretty good fighter, as mentioned I do seem to remember her losing her share of fights as well. Looking at a clip from Bulletproof Monk, Nina's attacks seem a little crisper than Sydney's. Given that and the facts that Nina is younger and Sydney's likely at least a bit past her prime, I think Nina wins after a fairly tough fight, leaving Claudia on her own to retrieve Brutus's dagger.

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18 hours ago, DSkillz said:

Very good and fun set-up, Boratz! I haven't seen Bulletproof Monk, but this story definitely feels a good deal like the Relic Hunter episodes I remember seeing.

As for the match, while Sydney is a pretty good fighter, as mentioned I do seem to remember her losing her share of fights as well. Looking at a clip from Bulletproof Monk, Nina's attacks seem a little crisper than Sydney's. Given that and the facts that Nina is younger and Sydney's likely at least a bit past her prime, I think Nina wins after a fairly tough fight, leaving Claudia on her own to retrieve Brutus's dagger.


I actually never watched Relic Hunter except a clip here and there. Thought it'd be a fun idea

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