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Jack Frost (Shin Megami Tensei): 4

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Match 15700 The Crypt Keeper vs. Gooey Gus


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Slappy the Living Dummy had been invited by the Crypt Keeper to his mansion, despite Slappy starting a fight during his last visit that left both beings furious with each other. The Crypt Keeper appeared to want to make peace with Slappy by luring a party of teenagers to his mansion and allowing Slappy to torment them.  In reality, it was a trap for Slappy, as well, as the Crypt Keeper unleashed Gooey Gus the Slime Monster in the mansion to destroy Slappy for good. 



Slappy burst through the kitchen door, followed by his three remaining converted puppets, one of whom was carrying a blonde girl in a torn cheerleading outfit over his shoulder.  She kicked and punched at the wooden thing that was once her friend as the other two puppets closed the door and stood guard on either side of it.  “Let me go!  Please, Johnny!  I know you’re still in there!  Please let me go!”  Slappy spun around and snarled at the puppet.  “You heard the little lady.  Let her go!”  The puppet proceeded to lift the girl off it’s shoulders, then dropped her on the floor.  She groaned in pain, scrambling to get away from Slappy, who laughed hysterically.  “Hahahahaha!  Well, he let you go!” 

The girl hunched over in the corner, fear etched in her face as she gazed at Slappy.  “Please,” she begged.  “I won’t tell anyone about this.  Just please let me out of here!  I won’t call the police or anybody!  I promise I won’t!”  Slappy pulled out his knife and drew closer to the girl.  “Oh I know you won’t, dearie.  Just know that the only reason I haven’t turned you into a blockhead like your buddies here is that I plan on getting out of here in one piece.  It’s always more fun to have a slave if they have a spirit you can break!  Hahahaha!”  Slappy’s face and tone grew serious as he the knife close to the girl’s tear stained face.  “But don’t think I won’t use my magic on you and send you to face grape boy out there if you don’t SHUT!  UP!”  The girl cowered and sobbed silently as Slappy turned around to see the door handle starting to turn.  He yelled to his puppets.  “Hold that door shut, sawdust brains!  And get ready!”  The puppets locked arms across the door frame to keep the door from opening.  From the other side Slappy could hear Gooey Gus’ voice.  “I’M BURNING MAD!  I’M STEAMING MAD!”  The door shook for a few moments, then stopped.  The girl shrieked as purple slime started to seep under the door into the kitchen.  Rising out of the puddle, rose the body of Gooey Gus, his eyes glaring down on Slappy.  “YOU LAUGHING AT ME?  YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!”  “Yeah, purple puss!”  taunted Slappy.  “You think you’re tough just cuz you slimed all my slaves?  You are nothing compared to me!  I’m invincible!”  Gooey Gus twisted it’s head back and forth, as if straining for strength.  “I’M….SLIME!  I’M….GUS!” 

The girl looked in stunned disbelief.  “Why did he say that?  I thought he couldn’t say anything but…”  “Shut it!” snapped Slappy, looking back at Gus with near wonder in his voice.  “I knew you got bigger and stronger when you got hotter.  Guess you get smarter too.  Hahahaha!  That’s just fine!  You’ll have enough brains in your ugly head to realize what’s gonna happen to you!”  Slappy exhaled a breath of his magic green smoke at Gooey Gus.  Gooey Gus recoiled in pain, waving it’s arms in front of itself in a vain attempt to disperse the smoke.  “BURNING…STEAMING…” it moaned.  “You got that right, ya grape goof!” mocked Slappy.  “And your night’s just about to get a lot more painful.  And colder.  Grab em, boys!”  The two puppets at the door grabbed Gooey Gus by the arms.  Gooey Gus growled, thrashed, and spit slime around the room, sending Slappy and the girl dodging out of the way as the puppets dragged Gooey Gus to the refrigerator, where the third puppet was waiting.  The puppets shoved Gooey Gus into the refrigerator and slammed the door, it’s legs and arms sticking out and flailing frantically.  The puppets pressed against the door to try to force it shut.  “COLD!  COLD!”  the Slime Monster screeched.  Slappy clapped his hands and laughed victoriously.  “Hahahahahahaaaa!  A little time in there and he’ll be shrunk back to doll size.  A little longer and he’ll be just a toy again.  Then we can toss him down the garbage disposal and have some REAL fun, dearie.  What you have to say to tha…” 

Slappy was interrupted as a broom swatted him across the kitchen into the sink.  The girl held the broom out towards one of the puppets as it left the refrigerator door to stop her.  The girl tried her best to stop her voice from shaking and to sound brave.  “Leave me alone!  I’m getting out of here right now, and you aren’t going to stop me!  I’m warning you!”  The puppet grabbed the broom and yanked the girl into it’s waiting arms.  Slappy jumped out of the sink as the girl struggled to free herself.  “Very heroic and very stupid of you, dearie.” Slappy sneered as he readied his knife.  “I guess I’ll just have to find someone else to be my slave.” 

Then the door of the refrigerator burst open.  The two puppets who were guarding it clattered to the floor and stumbled over each other as the Gooey Gus spun around to face them.  “SLIME ANYONE?”  A torrent of purple ooze blasted out of Gooey Gus’ mouth and covered the puppets in seconds.  Slappy leapt forward and slashed with his knife, cutting a gash in Gooey Gus’ jacket exposing the twisted, purple gum form beneath.  Gooey Gus lunged forward and lifted up Slappy with one hand.  “Put me down!” Slappy raved.  “Put me down, you bubble brain!  You walking eggplant!  You… you…”  Gooey Gus took it’s free hand, shoved it in Slappy’s mouth, and forced it open.  Then, the Slime Monster ejected gallon upon gallon of slime down Slappy’s throat.  The Living Dummy thrashed his body to free himself, tried to beg for mercy, but Gooey Gus was too strong and his mouth was filled with slime.  The girl covered her eyes as Slappy’s suit began to rip and tear as slime began leaking out of his body.  His ceramic buckled as slime poured out of his eyes.  Still Gooey Gus unleashed his fury on the Living Dummy, until the pressure was too great.  Slappy’s head exploded in a blast of purple goo, and his green magic smoke rose from the remains and disappeared into the walls of the Crypt Keeper’s mansion.   The puppet holding the girl let go of her and fell to the ground unconscious, it’s appearance slowly returning to the form of a teenage boy.  She went to the boy’s side and held him close.  “Oh Johnny!  You’ll be alright.  Just take it easy.  We’ll get you and the others out of here.” 

Gooey Gus dropped what was left of Slappy’s slime stained body to the floor, then turned to the girl.  Green smoke rose like steam off it’s body as Gooey Gus stumbled forward before falling to a knee.  The girl slowly stood up against the wall, looking at the now pitiful looking creature before her, head twitching and hands covering it’s face in pain. “I’M BURNING MAD!  I’M STEAMING MAD!”  The girl cautiously took a step forward.  “Thanks.  The creepy doll would have killed me if you hadn’t done that.”  Gooey Gus looked up from it’s hands at her.  “YOU LAUGHING AT ME?  YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!”  She fell back to her still unconscious friend, holding him in her arms.  “No, I swear I’m not.  Nobody is.  If you let us leave now, we’ll never say anything about you.  You can have this house to yourself.  Nobody will bother you, or laugh at you again.  What do you say?”  For a moment, Gooey Gus seemed to consider the girl’s words.  No more people laughing, no more cold.  But then it looked down at it’s shriveled hands.  It’s eyes narrowed into slits at the two teenagers before it.  “SLIME ANYONE?” 



“AHHHHHHahahahahahahaha!”  The Crypt Keeper cackled with glee.  From the comfort of his creepy crypt below, he watched on the screen as Gooey Gus’ slime encircled the two remaining humans.  “Good old Gus!  I always knew he was hot stuff!  Heh heh heh heh heh heh!  And knotty Slappy!  He’s no different than the kiddies when they see Gus!   One look, and they go to pieces!  Heh heh heh heh!  Now that Slappy’s spirt has been absorbed by my mansion, I will never have to deal with that talking doorstop again!”  On the screen, Gooey Gus had finished trapping the ‘kiddies’ in a slime cocoon.  It turned it’s attention to the refrigerator, ripping the door off it’s hinges then shoving the remainder to the tiled floor.  “My, my,” smirked the Crypt Keeper.  “Guess my grape guest still has some anger issues to sort out.  No matter.  I have enough ice in my crypt to shrink ‘em down to size.  Then I’ll put him in the cooler and I’ll…” 

The Crypt Keeper’s plotting was interrupted by a strange sound from the television.  He looked to see Gooey Gus standing in front of the slime cocoon which held two of Slappy’s puppets.  The same green mist that had been hovering over Gooey Gus, was now glowing around the mass of gum.  And something was moving within the slime ball, pushing forward against the membrane, as if something   was trying to get out.   Gooey Gus cocked it’s head in confusion.  “SLIME?  STEAMING…SLIME?”  Suddenly 2 pairs of shriveled purple hands burst from the slime.  The hands forced the opening wider and wider, until the owners’ the hands could step through.  The two teenagers that Slappy had converted were no longer wooden puppets.  Now their clothes were tattered and torn, their hair left patchy, and their skin purple and twisted.  Gooey Gus’ eyes widened.  “YOU…SLIME?  YOU…Gus?”  The remains of the Crypt Keeper’s jaw dropped.  Then he began banging on the table in rage.  “No fair!  Curse that Slappy!  Curse that kindling klutz’s magic!  It’s mixed with the magics that make Gooey Gus live and now…”

More ripping and tearing came from the second cocoon, revealing the boy and the cheerleader, both of whom also had been converted to slime like Gus.  The girls hair was now a mass of purple tendrils, and her smile had been reduced to 3 decayed molars.  The girl slime monster lurched toward Gooey Gus.  “I’M BURNING MAD!  I’M STEAMING MAD!”   The other monsters picked up the chant as they drew closer to Gooey Gus, holding out it’s arms before it.  “NO!  ME SLIME YOU!  YOU SLIME!  I’M SLIME!”  The girl slime monster crouched on her hands and knees, eyes glaring.  “YOU LAUGHING AT ME?  YOU LAUGHING AT ME?”  The Crypt Keeper returned to his seat to face the screen, and rubbed his hands in anticipation.  “Well, well, well.  I guess we’re in for a battle of the sexes.  Maybe they’ll destroy each other!  A race of monsters sliming themselves into extinction!  I just love real life drama!  Heh heh heh heh heh!” 

“SLIME ANYONE?” the girl slime monster shrieked, followed by a stream of slime at Gooey Gus.  Gooey Gus’ upraised arms blocked the slime which now coated the sleave of it’s jacket.  It stared amazed at the purple substance as it dripped from it’s arm to the floor.  With it’s other hand, Gooey Gus grabbed at the slime splatter and ripped it off, looking at the globby mess in it’s hands.  Slowly the slime itself started to recede, mingling with Gooey Gus’ slimy skin until merged with it completely.  The girl slime monster lunged toward Gooey Gus with hands outstretched, but Gooey Gus grabbed it’s challenger by a lump of purple curls and twisted her face up to look at it.  “YOU SLIME!”  bellowed Gooey Gus.  “I’M SLIME!  I’M GUS!  YOU NO SLIME ME!”  Gooey Gus let the girl slime monster go, and turned to face the three others.  “WE…SLIME!  WE SLIME!  WE…SLIME…ANYONE!”  The Crypt Keeper rose from his chair as Gooey Gus and his new friends marched out of the kitchen and made their way into the mansion, continuing the chant as they went.  “SLIME ANYONE?  SLIME ANYONE?  SLIME ANYONE?”  The Crypt Keeper scurried to a door in the crypt and quickly unlocked it.  Inside the room were piles and piles of ice.    He turned to face the screen with a dangerous grin as the 5 monstrosities trampled through the mansion, sliming everything in their path.  “Hey, Gus.  Do you know what killed the dinosaurs?  The ICE Age!  AHHHHHHahahahahahaha!  Heh heh heh heh heh heh!” 



The Crypt Keeper: All abilities/tools he used on TV.  He knows the mansion, and he knows Gooey Gus’ weaknesses.  He also has a large supply of ice and a refrigerated room.  He wins by destroying Gooey Gus and it’s converted monsters. 

Gooey Gus: All it’s abilities from the previous fight plus slightly more intelligence.  It only has the four converted slime monsters, who have the same lack of intelligence Gus had in the previous fight.  It wins by sliming and destroying the Crypt Keeper. 


Game On!

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Heh heh heh heh!  Hello, kiddies!  That's right.  Your old pal the Crypt Keeper was victorious over that pile of goo and his slimy sycophants.  I lured them all into my refrigerated room and sealed it so tight that they couldn't even get out in their slime form.  After a few hours all of them returned to lifeless dolls.  Although it's a shame about that cheerleader.  You gotta love a ghoul who'll stick by her man.  Heh heh heh!  Speaking of which, turns out that Gooey Gus isn't made from bubble gum, but chewing gum.  Yes, it surprised me too, kiddies.  I didn't think he looked chewish!  AHHAHAHAHAHA AHHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Heh heh heh heh heh heh.   

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