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Supergirl: 1

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Anton Chigurgh: 0

Jake Sully (Avatar): 2
Feral Predator: 3

Two-Gun Kid: 2
Miles Edgeworth: 3

Zilla Jr.: 4
Cloverfield Creature (Clover): 2

Captain Marvel / Shazam: 1
Superman: 2

Sydney Bristow: 3
Juno Skinner: 1

The Goonies: 2
Hawkins A.V. Club (Stranger Things): 3

Trakeena: 1
Astronema: 3

Loki (Marvel Comics): 3
Sauron: 2

Sydney Bristow: 3
Mike Ehrmantraut: 1

Emperor Han: 4
Ozai: 3

D-Generation X: 1
The nWo: 5

Penguin: 1
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Arsene Lupin III: 2
Loid Forger: 1

Sydney Bristow: 4
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Darth Bane: 3

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 4
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The Dominion: 1
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You find yourself in an unfamiliar area, the temperature is so cold that it actually burns your skin, immediately you already fear the worst. You don't know how you got here, but you know if you can't find help immediately you are going to die. As quickly as the pain begins however, it comes to an abrupt end. A cloaked figure approaches you, the dimly lit area makes your ability to even tell if the figure is a man or woman impossible. You can only assume that they must be there to help you and that is why the pain has been eased, but before you can mutter a word, you're interrogated by the cloaked figure.

"I was the one who brought you here, but even I don't know from where you came," The Figure explains, "Tell me, When and where exactly are you from?"

The question is an odd one, but you give your answer...

 Or at least you try, but you memory is cloudy, you have memories of your past, but the memories are vague at best. The voices you can remember seem to be dulled, the faces blurred. Nothing you remember gives you a sense of time. You look towards the figure.

"I see, you can't remember can you?" The figure inquires. You nod your head as she continues, "Oh well, we can work on you memories later, for now I must take you home." You attempt to ask about what that mean, but, before you can ask her hand is raised and you are covered in a dark fog and quickly lose consciousness once more. Some time later, you wake to find yourself inside some sort of cabin, the crackling of a fire can be heard as you sit up and see a lit fire place to your left and a robe to your right. On the robe sits a note - Come find me when you wake. - You stand up and look out the window near the foot of the bed. Outside the home you find yourself in a very active village, some men in suits of armor carrying firearms walk passed the wind, on the other side of the road from them a hooded man with a sword in hand barters at what can only be presumed to be some kind of market stand. In the distance you can make out some sort of castle behind some tall trees. As you turn to walk out the door, you see a map pinned to the wall, it only shows the town you are in, which strangely in unnamed on the map.  


You head out the door, no direction in particular. You're not sure what to make of this place yet, and you're not sure if you can even trust anyone. While you walk aimlessly lost in your thought, you find yourself lost in the middle of a forested area, you turn back the way you came only for the path you were on to suddenly disappear. You can hear footsteps cracking the leaves around you and can hear whispers, but can't make out what they are saying.

You try to run, but from seemingly out of nowhere a goblin jumps at you swinging a hatchet for your head. You instinctively move out of the way and you can hear the goblin hit the ground behind you. You turn towards where the goblin landed, but just as soon as it appeared to attack it again vanished. You know it must still be near, you have no weapons, and you don't know where you are. 


You decide to turn tail and run as fast as you can. The goblin, gives chase and repeatedly tries to attack. The winds begins to pick up and the leaves begins to violently fling through the air blurring your vision and kicking dirt into your eyes. The forest seems to never end. Suddenly the weather becomes completely calm and you can see a dirt path in front of you. As you get to the path you see a carriage approaching your way, you wave your hand in an attempt to get their attention, but you hear a screech come from your side. As you turn to see what it was you see the goblin jumping at you and its axe swings towards your head. You instinctively cover your face but you know your end is near. For a moment you thought you were dead, but nothing happened. you lower your arms to see the goblin suspended in the air, the woman in robes you met before is standing behind it. Her hand reaches towards the goblin.

"This didn't need to happen," She says as the goblin explodes into a bloody mess. "I thought I told you to come find me"


You try to explain to her why you didn't search for, you were overwhelmed by this new world, and you weren't sure who you could even trust at...

She didn't let you finish speaking before she reached out her right arm and wrapped her hand around your throat, her grasp was firm and her nails like small daggers pierced the skin of you neck like paper. You knew it was pointless to resist, if she wanted you dead she would have made you explode like that goblin before you. You lost all feeling in your body. She lifted you from the ground effortlessly as if you weighed nothing to her. While holding you in the air she took a few steps back and leaned against a tree behind her.

"Let me explain how this world works..." She scowls at you "I tell you what to do and you do it! If I tell you to find me, you find me, If I tell you to kill, you kill, If I tell you to die, then you die for me!" She takes notice to the carriage headed your way and snaps her fingers, instantly the horses stop, the family - A man, his wife and two children, a son and daughter approach her quivering in fear. "Kneel!," She demands and they follow her command with no hesitation, "Let's make this simple," she says turning you around to face your original location, to your shock your headless body stands motionless in front of your face, you attempt to scream, but only nothing comes out. She again forces you to face her as she shoves you back towards your body. You fall back in a panic now having your body back. You grab your chest and feel your heart beating faster than it ever has before and look back up to her. She pull a dagger from her robe and throws it to your feet. "Now that you see what I can you must finally see there is nothing you can do but what I demand of you." You try to gather yourself getting back to your feet. "Now I give you a simple demand," She says pointing at the family still kneeling at her feet. "I want you to slit all of their throats and I want you to do it now!"


You grab the dagger still in shock of the events that have been rapidly occurring, your hands trembling as uncertainty of your own fate in this world, let alone the seemingly willing victims of the woman in robes as the kneel at her feet, not even begging for their lives to be spared.

"Do not make me repeat myself!" She demands. You look at her and all you want at this moment is to plunge that very dagger into her chest, but having just witnessed only a taste of her abilities you know that would not be an option. Instead, you hesitantly walk behind the man who still obediently stayed silent on his knees, even though he knew his life would end he still did not dare defy her. You place the dagger to his throat, your hand still shaking. You look to the woman as if begging for her to not make you do this, but her sadistic and unbroken glare ensures you that you have no choice.

"I'm Sorry..." You whisper to the man struggling to retain what little composure you have left. You grip the dagger harder trying to get your body to just slit his throat already, but your body betrays you and you remain unable to commit this heinous act.

"Pathetic, you are weak!" The woman yells out! The man begins to let out a blood curdling scream, the likes of which only true pain could bring. His flesh begins to peal off bit by bit, as if were being undone like thread, the color of his eyes become a dark red and his screams become more of a gargling gasp for breath as steam starts to come from his mouth, the man was being simultaneously torn apart while his blood had begun to boil. Still despite the amount of pain he was enduring, he was not dying as any normal person would, clearly the woman was doing something to keep him alive while putting him through all of this suffering. Without another thought you reach back and slide the dagger across his throat in hopes that it will end his suffering, and indeed, it did. The man fell instantly face first o the ground, an instant death. Despite you actions you felt  justified in knowing you may have saved him from an eternity of torture. "Finish the job," the woman demanded, "Or would you like to see them suffer the same, I have even more suffering to bring them if you wish." She looked at the children with an exceptionally devilish grin. Rather it haven been out of pity to spare them the suffering, or to save your own life... even you are unsure now, but you do as she demanded. First the mother, then the son, and then the daughter all slain by your hand.

"You..." You began speaking from hatred directed at the woman, it just came out, you hadn't even thought of what you were going to say.

"I, what?" The woman brought her hand to her still shrouded face and began to let out a chuckle. "Are you going to blame me for your actions? You could have tried to run, you could even have tried to kill me, yet instead of that you let this man get tortured and then killed this family with your own hands, I simply told you what to do, I did not make you do anything." The sad truth of the matter is that she was indeed correct, why didn't you try to save them? "It's because you.." She once again dropped her hand as if leaving herself defenseless, "are weak." Without thought you charged at the woman dagger in hand, but she reached her hand out as if to tell you to stop, and again without thought you did just that. "You are weak," She snaps her fingers and the blood that covered the ground began to reverse course and return to the family you just killed, before long they were very much alive again with all except their mental wounds healed. "But I can make you stronger, all you have to do, is do exactly what I ask of you." She waves her hand as if to shoo the family away, they get up and return to their carriage as if nothing had happened. "Now, follow me."

She began to walk away not even looking back to see if you would follow her. Still unable to process what happened you...


You hesitantly walk behind her, silently feeling defeated. What else could you possibly do? If You ran, she'd find you, if you attacked she'd kill you, and if you demanded answers from her, she may do worse than that. For now, you decide it is best to follow along. You looked forward to see where you were going, but to your surprise, you seemed to have already arrived at your destination. 

"We're here," She said with a smile. somehow in that short amount of time you ended up in some sort of tavern... no more like a barracks maybe? There sure were a lot of soldiers in this building. "I want you to head over to the desk over there and do what is asked of you." Now more curious than scared you head in the direction of a table in front of you. An older man sat behind a table dressed in robes similar to that of the woman you have been following, though his robes seemed to be more worn down than hers.

"My lady, you've returned!" The man gasps, "I'm afraid we have some bad news about the bandit situation." The man not even acknowledging you hand you a piece of paper rolled up like some sort of scroll. "I also received a letter addressed directly to you." The bad news didn't seem to catch her attention, but the letter, that did spark her interest.

"A letter?" She inquired reaching her hand out to receive said letter. Without so much as a pause the man handed her the letter and she opened it. A smile came across her face, it was obviously good new for her. "Now this could be interesting, I've been expecting this or sometime, but not like this." She turns her attention towards you. "It seems I may have use for you if you make it back."

"...Make it back?" You ask. But again she just chuckles walking passed the desk, her eyes staring excitedly at the letter she just received.

"Well then, another recruit I see," The Man stares at you as if to tell you that you were nothing special, "well now, Hurry up then fill your paperwork so I may give you a task to do." You unfold your scroll and prepare to fill out your paperwork just as you had been asked to do. 

After filling out the paperwork, you hand it to the robbed man. He grabs it to scan over your work. "So, Azazel you're an "Angel" you say," He looks at you with a curious glare before returning to the paper. "Well it doesn't look like you were meant for any worlds, if you've died before, I doubt you'll do much better here." He throws your paperwork into a pile of others behind him. You can't help but noticed he threw it onto a pile mark, "Probably Dead on Arrival". "Well, Sir," He says in a mocking tone that seems to have no faith in you," Lucky for you, I happen to still have a job open." He hands a you a piece of paper with a map hastily scrawled onto it. "We've had a small bandit problem nearby, and I'm going to need you to take care of it, I don't really care how, just as long as I don't see them again."

"Didn't you just say there was bad news about the bandits?" You ask.

"I did," He points to a hallway on his left, "Just has a party come back, of the twelve men I sent, five were killed in action, and three were severely wounded."

"I see," It wasn't the answer you had hopped for, "So who will I be traveling with?" The man let out a small chuckle.

"Now why would I bother sending anyone else? You're as good as dead anyway." He points towards a bow and quiver hanging on the wooden beam beside you. "There is your weapon, now begone with you don't even think about returning until those bandits are dealt with, oh and if you try to run, we will have you killed, so, have fun." He chuckled again before returning to his paperwork. You don't bother asking him anything else. Grabbing your bow you...

Head out the door running directly towards the Bandit camp. If the soldiers came back that bad off, it probably wasn't worth asking for their advice anyway, on top of that, you didn't want to run the risk of offending them and being attacked before you even left. Coming to a cliffside that hangs over the camp you lay on the ground to get a good look at the camp. You can see 15 bandits scattered across a square shaped camp that has only one way in. Nine men and 6 Women. The gate leading in has two men looking outside the gate from a tower on either side. One bandit is crafting weapons, Four are carrying what looks to be chests of valuables onto the back of  a wagon. The man you assume to be in charge is looking down at a map inside of a brightly lit tent. The rest are sitting around a campfire singing songs while drinking booze. Planning out your attack you see a figure in the distance running towards the camp. As soon as the Two in the towers notice the figure you can see throwing knives plunge into their chest. It then crouches next to a tree outside the camp presumably planning it's next move. Having to make a quick decision you....


You climb down the side of the cliff carefully making sure not to fall. As you reach the ground you rush to the forested area where you had seen the figure previously. As you approach the last known location of the figure,  you are ambushed from behind. The figured you a sought to help had snuck up behind you, twisted your arm and slammed you to the ground. 

"Do not make a sound," The voice, clearly that of a woman demands, "If you move I will not hesitate to end your life." "What are you doing here," She asks, "Who are you, and why should I not kill you this instant." She has made it clear that if you struggle or attempt to lie to her that you will end up dead. Before you can respond however, you can hear a horn blown from the bandit camp, they have found the remains of their fallen allies that the woman had slaughtered. Despite the commotion from the bandit camp however, the woman remains fixated on you and does not ease her grasp. 

With Bandits raging in your direction, and being pinned to the ground a dagger held to your back, you...


You stop struggling against her grasp and explain to her that you had seen her kill the two bandits and that you were sent to kill them yourself. You thought that you might be able to work together to accomplish the common goal.

"Really?" She replies letting go of you preparing to defend herself against the oncoming bandits, "Is that so? Who sent you here?"

One of the bandits rushes at her and swings a sword at her head, she gracefully ducks below the strike and stabs her dagger into his ribs. He falls to the ground and she pull two knives from under her cloak and throws them at two more bandits hitting both in the head killing them instantly. The bandit hat had fallen earlier was still alive, that is until she stomped on his head crushing it beneath her feet and pulls the dagger from his ribs. She picks up his sword and Rushes four more that had caught up to her, one swings for her ribs, but she jumps over him and while flipping forward cuts the head off of one of the bandits before landing on her feet. A second one swings for her head, but she dodges to the side and stabs another bandit through the chest. A third tries to swing at her, but she grabs his wrist and throws him to the floor before turning around and kicking the fourth bandit down. As the bandits try to stand up she slits the throat of one with her dagger before throwing it into the heart of the other. As five more bandits approach, you take your bow and shoot one in his head. She rushes forward and effortlessly slays the remaining four. 

"Thirteen to One" She smirks, "I'm glad I had your help"

"Who are you," You ask in amazement of her talent.

"My name is Willow," She replies "I've no doubt you've heard that name before."

"I have not."

"I see, you must be new around here, oh well, follow me, the leader never left his camp." You say nothing and just follow her into the camp. Inside by the fire pit the Bandit leader sits almost waiting for his death.

"I knew you would come for me eventually Willow," He says slurring his words in a drunken manner. "Go ahead and kill me, just please make it quick."

"I didn't come here to kill you old friend, your friends though, they had to die."

"If you didn't come to kill me, then why is the famous assassin doing in my camp and why did she" He pauses for a moment and looks at you, "Who the hell is he?"

"I came to make you an offer," She replies "As for him she says pointing at you, I assume he is one of Vel's new pets."

"Oh? and what is your offer," He asks.

"I want you to become a captain in my crew, in return I shall let you live." He stands up and walks over to her.

"As much as I would love to accept your offer, I would rather die now, than suffer later. That Bitch is just too powerful, I wish you good fortunes, you may have whatever is in this camp, I won't need it anymore." He pulls out a dagger "To better days."

"To better days," She replies before turning her back to him and walking into his tent. The Bandit leader then slits his own throat and and bleeds to death at your feet. "You better run home little dog, before your master send out her scouts." Your mission is technically done although you didn't actually do much. You take her advice and begin to head back to the tavern. "Try to learn how to bite before the next time we meet little dog, I may have use for you yet." She says before disappearing into the shadows."

CHAPTER ONE COMPLETE!   - Chapter two coming soon.

Character Profile
Name: Azazel
Race: Angel
Combat preference: Ranged
Weapons: Bow (Common)
Stats: Currently Unknown
Abilities: Heal (10 points HP added 100% max cost 25 Mana)

HP 100% (200/200)
Stamina 100% (150/150)
Mana 100% (50/50)

(Stats will be updated as story is progressed.)

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