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Obi-Wan Kenobi: 4
Boba Fett: 0

Kintaro: 2
Baby Zillas: 3

Hunter (Star Wars): 5
Fortnite Island: 0

Wildcats: 2
Ultraforce: 0

Beowulf: 6
Kobolds: 0

Speedy Gonzales: 2
The Rogues (Flash Villains): 1

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 3
Baby Zillas: 2

Cain (Supernatural): 2
Caleb: 0

Mancake: 2
Fortnite Island: 0

Champions (Second Version): 3
Cobra Organization: 1

Aflac Duck: 3
Iago (Disney): 2

Sindacco Crime Family: 0
Forelli Crime Family: 1

Siegfried: 1
Kazuya Mishima: 7

Maulkiller: 4
Dante (DMC): 0

Rugal Bernstein: 4
Raidou: 1

Fox (Gargoyles): 4
Fox (Wanted): 1

Scarlet Witch: 5
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Sophitia Alexandra: 8

Ken Masters: 9
Ash Crimson: 1

Vin: 4
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Match 15972 John Constantine vs. Ghost Rider (Blaze)


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John Constantine vs Ghost Rider

“It’s been a nonstop assault John.”
“No bloody shite Wong! I told you leaving friggin’ Blaze in charge of Hell wouldn’t work!”
John Constantine and Wong kept casting spell after spell, blasting away the demon horde that had come to Hotel Inferno to free their master; the formerly King of Hell, Mephisto.
“We couldn’t just leave the throne of Hell vacant, and we certainly couldn’t let Mephisto return! We thought Johnny would be able keep the realm under control until we could find another solution!”
“Oh yeah? You saw a man get his fucking arm chopped off and your solution was to put a buggering Hello Kitty bandaid on it?” Finally finishing off the last of the last of the demons, John turned to face Wong. “He’s one fucking man Wong! Did you and your lot really think he would understand the full power and duty he now wielded? Or how corrupted he could become staying down there for so long?”
“We thought if anyone would be able to handle it, it would be Johnny Blaze! But if what your saying is true and he is on his way here, maybe their is still a chance to talk him down. If we can just make him see reason-“
“He stripped the Spirit of Vengeance from Danny Ketch and then dropped the poor sod off the Brooklyn Bridge. He’s not coming here to talk Wong, he’s coming to get Mephisto, with or without our consent,” Constantine bluntly explained.
“Then I must call Doctor Strange. Mephisto cannot be allowed to leave,” Wong quickly left to his main office.
“It might be too late for that Wong, a contact from the other side told me something might have already happened to Strange,” Constantine sadly said.
“What? What do you mean? What happened to Stephen?” Wong demanded.
“Their’s no time to explain! Right now you need to get to the Tower of Fate and get our other master of magic here as fast as possible! He’s our best bet to finding a solution to this shite of problem,” John Constantine insisted.
“But Mephisto!” Wong tried to argue.
“I’ll guard the wanking bastard! If I can’t stop Blaze then I’ll be a bloody pain in his arse until you and Fate arrive! Now go!” 
Wong reluctantly nodded and disappeared through a mystic portal. John Constantine was seemingly left alone.
“I never took you for the hero type Constantine”
“Don’t need to be a sodding Boy Scout to know letting you out is bloody mad,” John murmured, summoning several magical artifacts he kept on hand for this occasion.
“Come now Constantine, you’ve never been shy about making deals with devils before. You know their is much I can offer you”
“Considered it for a minute or two, but then I remembered that your a lying sack of piss with a case of chronic backstabbing disorder. Sides, I got more reliable deals then you or Ghost Rider.”
“So you are working with one of my rivals, one who’s promised to get back your pieces of souls right? Tell me mortal, do you truly believe they’ll be any more worthy of trust then I?”
“Trust is for children Mephisto. The only thing I care about is leverage and how well I can use it to my advantage,” Constantine monologued, casting several trap spells as he did.
“Wong! I need to get Mephisto before the next horde arrives! Wong!”
Johnny Blaze, the current King of Hell, stepped off his hellcycle and started approaching the entrance of the Inferno Hotel. Another figure stepped out the hotel to stop Blaze short of the door.
“‘Allo Blaze, long time no see,” John Constantine lit himself a cigarette and took a short drag on the bud.
“What are you doing here? Where is Wong?” Johnny Blaze narrowed his eyes at the British occultist.
“The ole boy had to step out for a bit, I’ll be running this fine establishment for the day, and I gotta warn ya mate; I am one uptight manager,” Constantine puffed out some smoke.
“You won’t stop me from getting to Mephisto,” Blaze growled out.
“Mate can you really not see how utterly mental your acting right now?” The cheeky Brit asked.
“It doesn’t matter. I’m the King of Hell, it’s my job to keep the demons and devils in check and away from Earth and that’s what I plan on doing! And I’ll do it without taking your weasel deal Constantine!” Johnny Blaze’s skull burst into flames as he transformed.
“This is why your a shite ruler of the fiery pits Blaze. Your a narrow minded cunt, who couldn’t see the big picture even if your eyes were stapled open,” Constantine took one last drag of the cigar before flicking it away.
“And your a lying, manipulative sack of shit! And I’m done listening to your fucking mouth!” The blazing biker blew hellfire on Constantine!
“Come off it mate, did you really think it’d be that easy?” Constantine’s incorporeal body flickered as he waved his finger at Blaze. “I’ve taken on bastards with bigger bollocks then yours before.”
“I’ll burn your soul Constantine!” Johnny Blaze roared in anger as he stormed into the hotel.
The cheeky British Hellblazer from DC vs the original Spirit of Vengeance of Marvel
Who is the better anti-hero?
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15 hours ago, JohnnyChany said:

Some great characterization work, Pizzaguy. I am leaning toward Johnny Blaze, but I admittedly only know Constantine from the Keanu movie and one episode of Justice League I believe. 

Come on JohnnyChany this is a Comic Book Universe fight club. I expected better from you.😂

Also just a reminder to all, Constantine doesn’t necessarily have to beat Blaze, holding him off long enough for Dr. Fate and Wong to arrive would also count as a win.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
3.50 - SSJRuss
5.00 - Boratz
4.60 - JohnnyChany

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
13.10 Total Combined Score
13.10 / 3 = 4.37 Final Rating on the match

John Constantine: 0
Ghost Rider (Blaze): 2

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